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Tuần 22. Hưng Đạo Đại Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn (1)

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Doc24.vn SỞ GD&ĐT HÀ TĨNH TRƯỜNG THPT HỒNG LĨNH -------****------- KỲ THI THỬ THPT QUỐC GIA NĂM 2016 MÔN THI: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) SECTION (8 points) Choose the answer among A, B, C, whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: 1. A. father B. healthy C. other D. another 2. A. washed B. matched C. intended D. walked Choose the answer among A, B, C, whose stress position is different from the others: 3. A. appear B. decide C. require D. cancel 4. A. eradication B. resolution C. contradiction D. similarity 5. A. reformulate B. scientific C. considerable D. exclude Choose the answer among A, B, C, to complete each of the sentences below: 6. The book___________ you are reading is really useful for all the exams A. which B. who C. what D. it 7. When passed their house, all the lights had been turned off. They_____________ to bed already. A. must go B. should have gone C. must have gone D. need have gone 8. __________ really worn out from hard work, she managed to amuse us with funny story. A. Despite B. Because of C. Because D. Although 9. By this time next year, my new house___________, and we can move into it. A. will finish B. will have been finished C. will have finished D. will be finished 10. It is no good____________ to him about the problem. He’s as deaf as pole. A. complain B. to complain C. complaining D. complaint 11. am wondering what____________if our ecosystem were completely destroyed? A. will happen B. would have happened C. happened D. would happen 12. Jane: “Did you step on her foot by accident or________ purpose?” Mary: “Delibrately” A. on B. in C. by D. through 13. My sister has just bought a___________at that shop, which is situated at the corner of Tran Phu Street.Doc24.vn A. pullover beautiful pink woolen B. pink beautiful woolen pullover C. beautiful pink woolen pullover D. woolen beautiful pink pullover 14. Could you please give me lift to work tomorrow? My motorbike is____________today. A. out of date B. out of work C. out of mind D. out of order 15. We put his rude manner___________ignorance of the local customs A. down to B. up with C. up to D. off at 16. He has devoured to learn English the past months ___________getting chance to study abroad. A. with view of B. with view to C. in regard of D. on account of. 17. The more distance star happens to be, ______________ to us. A. it seems dimmer B. the dimmest it seems C. the dimmer it seems D. it seems dimmest. 18. The job was done____________, and we were extremely displeased. A. incompetence B. incompetent C. competently D. incompetently 19. His change of job has___________ him with new challenge in life. A. presented B. introduced C. initiated D. led 20. Not until my mother got home________________that she had left the purse at the office. A. that she realized B. she realized C. did she realize D. did she realized 21. In order to grow vegetables productively, gardeners must know______________. A. that the requirements for each vegetable B. what the requirements for each vegetable are C. what are each vegetables’ requirements D. that is required by each vegetable 22. David: The final exams are coming. seem to be too nervous!” Linda: “___________________. It will be not so hard as you’ve expected. A. Be careful B. Good Luck C. Congratulations D. Take it easy 23. Son: Why don”t we buy new car, Dad? This one is too old to go out with my friends.” Dad: ______________. We don’t have much money.” A. It is out of the question now B. have to think it over C. You are right D. That’s great idea. 24. Kenny: Your hairstyle is terrific!” Linda: “____________” A. It’s nice complement. Thank you. B. Not at all B. The same to you D. Really? Congratulations!Doc24.vn Choose the best answer among A,B,C,D whose meaning is CLOSEST to the underlined part in each sentence below: 25. The population of the United States is roughly 240 million. A. unfortunately B. ideally C. approximately D. usually 26. legal combination of Delta Airlines and Air France was approved at joint board of directors meeting. reconciliation B. strike C. memorandum D. merger 27. According to federal regulations, it is required that all canned and packaged food have list of the items used in the recipe printed in the label. A. ailments B. blandishments C. remnants D. ingredients Choose the best answer among A,B,C,D whose meaning is OPPOSITE to the underlined part in each sentence below: 28. We didn’t plan to meet each other. We just met accidently. A. intentionally B. simultaneously C. hurriedly D. coincidently 29. The smell of the fish put me off the meal. A. interested me B. made me unable to eat the meal C. made me want to eat the meal lot D. made me feel hungry Choose the answer among A,B,C,D whose underlined part needs correcting to make sentences below complete: 30. Jim was upset last night because he had to do too many homeworks. 31. The professor told him to write short but it must be comprehensive paper about the experiment. 32. This table is not sturdy enough to support television, and that one probably isn\'t neither. 33. Lectures for the week of March 22-26 will include the following: The Causes of the Civil War, The Economy of the South, Battle Strategies, and Assassinating Lincoln. DDoc24.vn 34. In 1975, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average life expectancy for people born during that year is 72.4 years. Read the passage and choose the best answer among A,B,C,D for each gap to complete it. Most people feel that when they dream, they are (35)________ off to another world. On the (36)________, dreams are often connected to our daily lives. When our whole (37)_________ is filled with something, when we are either very upset (38)________ when we are in good spirit, dream will represent this reality in symbols. It is often (49)_______ that we benefit from dreams because they help the spirit to heal itself when things (40)__________ wrong. Dreams are therefore kind of escape, almost holiday from (41)__________ life, with its fears and responsibilities. It is, however, strange kind of holiday because whether we have wonderful time or whether it turns (42)_________ to be nightmare, we quickly forget it. Most dreams disappear forever, (43)_________ you are one of those people disciplined enough to write them down as soon as you (44)_________. 35. A. taken B. guided C. brought D. carried 36. A. contrast B. contrary C. other side D. opposite 37. A. spirit B. mind C. brain D. soul 38. A. unless B. but also C. or else D. or 39. A. said B. spoken C. declared D. started 40. A. become B. go C. turn D. get 41. A. real B. factual C. genuine D. actual 42. A. off B. up C. out D. down 43. A. except that B. therefore C. thus D. unless 44. A. wake up B. arise C. awake D. rise up Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question 45-54) below. It is estimated that over 99 percent of all species that ever existed have become extinct. What causes extinction? When species is no longer adapted to changed environment, it may perish. The exact causes of species’ death vary from situation to situation. Rapid ecological change may render an environment hostile to species. For example,Doc24.vn temperatures may change and species may not be able to adapt. Food Resources may be affected by environmental changes, which will then cause problems. For species requiring these resources. Other species may become better adapted to an Environment, resulting in competition and, ultimately, in the death of species. The fossil record reveals that extinction has occurred throughout the history of Earth. Recent analyses have also revealed that on some occasions many species became extinct at the same time mass extinction. One of the best-known examples of mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago with the demise of dinosaurs and many other forms of life. Perhaps the largest mass extinction was the one that occurred 225 million years ago, When approximately 95 percent of all species died, Mass extinctions can be caused by relatively rapid change in the environment and can be worsened by the close interrelationship of many species. If, for example, something were to happen to destroy much of the plankton in the oceans, then the oxygen content of Earth would drop, affection even organisms not living in the oceans. Such change would probably lead to mass extinction. One interesting, and controversial, finding is that extinctions during the past 250 Million years have tended to be more intense every 26 million years. This periodic extinction might be due to intersection of the Earth’s orbit with cloud of comets, but this theory is purely speculative. Some researchers have also speculated tat extinction may often be random. That is, certain species may be eliminated and others may survive for no particular reason. species’ survival may have nothing to do with its ability or inability to adapt. If so, some of evolutionary history may reflect sequence of essentially random events. 45. The word “it” in line refers to A. environment B. species C. extinction D. 99 percent 46. The word “ultimately” in line is closest in meaning to A. exceptionally B. dramatically C. eventually D. unfortunately 47. What does the author say in paragraph regarding most species in Earth’s history A. They have remained basically unchanged from their original forms. B. They have been able to adapt to ecological changes. C. They have caused rapid change in the environment. D. They are no longer in existence.Doc24.vn 48. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in paragraph as resulting from rapid ecological change? A. Temperature changes B. Availability of food resources C. Introduction of new species D. Competition among species 49. Why is plankton” mentioned in line 15? A. To demonstrate the interdependence of different species B. To emphasize the importance of food resources in preventing mass extinction. C. To illustrate comparison between organisms that live on the land and those that live in the ocean D. To point out that certain species could never become extinct. 50. According to paragraph 2, evidence from fossils suggests that A. extinction of species has occurred from time to time throughout Earth’s history. B. Extinctions on Earth have generally been massive C. there has been only one mass extinction in Earth’s history. D. dinosaurs became extinct much earlier than scientists originally believed. 51. The word “finding” in line 18 is closest in meaning to A. published information B. research method C. ongoing experiment D. scientific discovery 52. The word “demise” in line 11 is closest in meaning to A. change B. recovery C. help D. death 53. In paragraph 3, the author makes which of the following statements about species’ survival? A. It reflects the interrelationship of may species. B. It may depend on chance events. C. It does not vary greatly from species to species D. It is associated with astronomical conditions. 54. According to the passage, it is believed that the largest extinction of species occurred A. 26 million years ago B. 65 million years ago C. 225 million years ago D. 250 million years ago Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question (55-64) below. By far the most important United States export product in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was cotton, favored by the European textile industry over flax or wool because it was easy to process and soft to tile touch. Mechanization of spinning and weaving allowed significantDoc24.vn centralization and expansion in the textile industry during this period, and at the same time the demand for cotton increased dramatically. American producers were able to meet this demand largely because of tile invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793. Cotton could be grown throughout the South, but separating the fiber or lint from the seed was laborious process. Sea island cotton was relatively easy to process by hand, because its fibers were long and seeds were concentrated at the base of the flower, but it demanded long growing season, available only along the nation\'s eastern seacoast. Short-staple cotton required much shorter growing season, but the shortness of the fibers and their mixture with seeds meant that worker could hand-process only about one pound per day. Whitney\'s gin was hand-powered machine with revolving drums and metal teeth to pull cotton fibers away from seeds. Using the gin, worker could produce up to 50 pounds of lint day. The later development of larger gins, powered by horses, water, or steam, multiplied productivity further. The interaction of improved processing and high demand led to the rapid spread of the cultivation of cotton and to surge in production. It became the main American export, dwarfing all others. In 1802, cotton composed 14 percent of total American exports by value. Cotton had 36 percent share by 1810 and over 50 percent share in 1830. In 1860, 61 percent of the value of American exports was represented by cotton. In contrast, wheat and wheat flour composed only percent of the value of American exports in that year. Clearly, cotton was king in the trade of the young republic. The growing market for cotton and other American agricultural products led to an unprecedented expansion of agricultural settlement, mostly in the eastern half of the United States---west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Mississippi River. 55. The main point of the passage is that the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were time when A. the European textile industry increased its demand for American export products B. mechanization of spinning and weaving dramatically changed the textile industry C. cotton became profitable crop but was still time-consuming to process D. cotton became the most important American export product 56. The word \"favored\" in line is closest in meaning to A. preferred B. recommended C. imported D. includedDoc24.vn 57. All of the following are mentioned in the passage as reasons for the increased demand for cotton EXCEPT A. cotton\'s softness B. cotton\'s ease of processing C. shortage of flax and wool D. the growth that occurred in the textile industry. 58. The word \"laborious\" in line is closest in meaning to A. unfamiliar B. primitive C. skilled D. difficult 59. According to the passage, one advantage of sea island cotton was its A. abundance of seeds B. long fibers C. long growing season D. adaptability to different climates 60. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage about cotton production in the United States after the introduction of Whitney\'s cotton gin? A. More cotton came from sea island cotton plants than before. B. More cotton came from short-staple cotton plants than before. C. Most cotton produced was sold domestically. D. Most cotton produced was exported to England. 61. The word \"surge\" in line 14 is closest in meaning to A. sharp increase B. sudden stop C. important change D. excess amount 62. The author mentions \"wheat and wheat flour\" in line 17 in order to A. show that Americans exported more agricultural products than they imported. B. show the increase in the amount of wheat products exported. C. demonstrate the importance of cotton among American export products. D. demonstrate that wheat farming was becoming more profitable. 63. The word \"unprecedented\" in line 18 is closest in meaning to A. slow B. profitable C. not seen before D. never explained 64. According to the passage, the Mississippi River was A. one of the boundaries of region where new agricultural settlement took place B. major source of water for agricultural crops C. the primary route by which agricultural crops were transported D. main source of power for most agricultural machinery SECTION (2 points)Doc24.vn I. Finish each of the sentence below in such that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. 1. The car costs too much. can’t afford it. => If the_______________________________________________________. 2. “Why don’t we go out and have drink?” said David => David suggested_______________________________________________. 3. People say that many species of animals and plants are in danger of extinction. => It ___________________________________________________________. 4. He has been working very hard for years. However, he has not been promoted. => No matter ____________________________________________________. 5. It is not worth trying to explain anything to Johnny. => It is waste___________________________________________________. II. In about 140 words, write paragraph about what kind of job you would like to do after you finish your education? The cues below may be useful to your writing: Name of the job Reasons that make you like the job benefits of the job opportunities in the job.Doc24.vn ANSWER KEYS 1-B 17-C 33-D 49-A 2-C 18-D 34-D 50-A 3-D 19-A 35-D 51-D 4-A 20-C 36-B 52-D 5-B 21-B 37-B 53-B 6-A 22-D 38-D 54-C 7-C 23-A 39-A 55-A 8-D 24-A 40-B 56-A 9-B 25-C 41-A 57-C 10-C 26-D 42-C 58-D 11-D 27-D 43-D 59-B 12-A 28-A 44-A 60-D 13-C 29-B 45-B 61-A 14-D 30-D 46-C 62-C 15-A 31-B 47-D 63-C 16-B 32-D 48-C 64-A