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Doc24.vnCOMBINE THESE SENTENCES BY USING RELATIVE PRONOUN1. Chinese people have very special kind of soup. This kind of soup is made from shark’s fin.2. lot of fish died everyday. They live in the polluted sea.3. We have new teacher. really like her.4. Many people get sick or die every year. These people eat puffer fish, very poisonous species.5. She ‘ll tell you the story. That story will surprise you.6. The Nile is the home of great variety of fish. The Nile is in Egypt.7. Yesterday, visited Tri Nguyen aquarium. It has various species of fish.8. The movie Harry Potter is coming soon. I’m longing to see it.9. Then he was caught in the mouth of while shark.It is one of the most dangerous sea creatures.10. The most beautiful park is opposite my house. It has lot of big trees.11. The girl was injured in the accident She is now in hospital.12. man anwered the phone. He told me you were away.13. waitress served us. She was very impolite and impatient.14. building was destroyed in the fire. It has now been rebuilt.15. Some people were arrested They have now been released.16. bus goes to the airport. It runs every half an hour.17. Peter is studying French and German. He has been abroad.18. You’ve all met Michael Wood. He is visiting us for couple of days.19. We are moving to Manchester.Manchester is the north west.20. I’ll stay with Adrian. His brother is one of my closet friends.21. John Bridge is one of my oldest friends. He has just gone to live in Canada.22. The Earth is planet. It can support life.23. The book is about the girl. She runs away from home.24. dictionary is book. It gives you the meaning of words.25. The man was very kind. talk to him yesterday.1Doc24.vn26. She is the woman told you about her.27. The man works in the hospital. told you about him.28. The picture was very beautiful. She was looking at it.29. I’ll give you the address. You should write to it.30. The movie is very fantastic. They are talking about it.31. The woman teaches me English. You are listening to her.32. The scientists are making progress. They are reseaching the causes of cancer.33. Do you know the woman? Who is coming toward us?34. The people are getting wet. They are waiting for the bus in the rain.35. The fence is made from wood. It surrounds our house.36. The first person is Mr. Smith. We must see him.37. He is famous doctor inmy neighbour. You have just met his daughter last night.38. Tet is big occasion. The members of family gather on this occasion.39. New York is famous city. Everybody want to live in this city.40. The country is very peaceful and fresh The old people enjoy living there. 41. Trinh Cong Son composed songs. They are greatly liked by millions of Vietnamese people.42. William is my uncle. went fishing with william last Sunday..43. Her book is widely read It is well- written.44. He is famous writer in our time. read many his books.45. Cuc phuong is famous nation park. came there along time ago.46. He is manager in this factory. You have talked to his mother in the company.47. Alice is my friends. Alice’s mother died in an accident last year.48. These flowers are roses. bought them for my sister on her birthday.49. The female mosquito can suck blood and transmit maralia. It can survive in new and differentenvironments.50. remember the day. was afraid to use my new computer then.51. work in an office. In my office the software changes frequently.52. The secretary give you information. She sits at the first desk on the right.53. The Southam Chess Club meets weekly on Friday evenings. It has more than 50 members.2Doc24.vn54. My son is very intelligent. His friends all are good citizens.55. Lan is my classmate. She lives near my parents’ house.56. The young man is talking to our teacher. He is Ba’s brother.57. We visited the monument. The famous engineer built it more than 50 years ago.58. the victims of the club need help. They were hafl-starved for many days.59. The baby was still alive. He was lifted and put down hundred meters away by the tornado.60. Ninety per cent of the earthquakes occur around the Pacific Rim. It is known as the Ring of Fire.61. In the 1960s, huge tidal wave hit Anchorage. The tidal wave travled from California to Alaska.62. The weather forecast program take place at 8:oo pm every day. Some people like to watch it.63. Hoa’s parents buy lot of candles and food. They’ll use them in case the market is closed becauseof the hurricane.64. Mr Phong is our geography teacher.He has been teaching in our scchool for ten years.65. typhoon is violent tropical storm. It can cause great destruction.66. Violent tropical storms are called hurricane in America. They reach 120 kilometers per hour.67. Mr. Tuan teaches us chemistry. His friends are also my friends’ father.68. The children talked about the clowns and his animals. They saw them at the circus.69. The tornado struck with great force. It lifted the houses off the ground.70. My classmates had so much fun at the carnival. They wanted to go there again.71. Lan took some change. She wanted to buy some drink.72. The boys are very interesting in football. It is popular games all over the world.73. The tourists visited China. They went to see the Great Wall and the old Kingdom in Beijing.74. Her grandma wanted to listened to the news on TV. She was interested in the newsreel.75. Dolphins are sometimes caught and killed in fishing nets. They often swim with other fish.76. This is the simple house. Uncle Ho had lived there for long time ago.77. Mrs Lien is very smart. met the son of her on the stage last night.78. Mr. Quang is famous cheft cook. His food can be enjoyed all over the wold.79. Phong met that movie tar in the perform. She looked really beautiful in her costumes.80. Children like to eat ice-cream.It can cause toothache if they have too much everyday.81. Thu wants to drink some medicine.She had headache.3Doc24.vn82. Lan went back home. Her child was seriously ill after the rain.83. Mr. Tuan is very tall and thin. He is our gymmaster.84. The lady in black is famous writer. You met her at the party last night.85. The little boy lost his way. He is crying over there.86. The children are playing soccer in the stadium. Do you know them?87. The river is the Saigon river. It flows through Ho Chi Minh city.88. Mona was painted by Leonardo De Vinci. It has been popular for long.89. SaPa is famous city. Many visitors travel to this city for their holiday.90. Easter is festival. People will have lot of fun in this occasion.91. Quynh Dao is famous writer. Quynh Dao’s works are widely read all over the world.92. Nam is an excellent student. His father’s death made him sad lot.93. Teacher’s Day is day. All the students show their gratitude to their teacher on that day.94. Australia is cotinent. It consists of many kind of animals all over the world.95. Vu Quoc Viet is famous artist. love his works very much.96. Ha Noi is an ancient city. Many customs are still on this lovely area.97. Kim Lien is village. Ho Chi Minh was born and lived there.4Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.
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