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Tiếng Anh thư tín thương mại bài 1: Thư hỏi hàng (Business Enquiry Letter)

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Doc24.vnTiếng Anh thư tín thương mại: Thư hỏi hàng Business Enquiry Letter )I. Các cấu trúc câu dùng trong thư hỏi hàngDoc24.vnII. Mẫu thư hỏi hàng1. Sample 1To,Jackson Brothers.3487 23rd StreetNew York, NY 120009September 23, 2010.Dear Kenneth,With reference to our telephonic conversation, we are writing to enquire whether yourcompany can send us the catalogue for the latest types of slab casting machines. Wewould like to see which type will suite our organization.If we found any specific machines design and features then we are looking forward topurchase the same from you. We have some outdated slab casting machines at our factoryside which are still in working position can you give us some discount in replacement ofthis machines. On the receipt of the information we would place order for your machines.Please send your representative at our factory side to check out the place where thesemachines would be placed to check out the out dated machines. Please send us thedetailed catalogue of the machines with the price list. We hope to hear from you soon.Yours SincerelyMax A. Webster.(Marketing Manager)2. Sample 2From:Robert Lake1327 Euclid AvenueGuadalupe, CA 93434January 11, 2011To:Samurai Industry3645 John Daniel DriveJefferson City, MO 65101Doc24.vnDear SirRE: Business InquiryI am writing to inquire the business offerings of Samudra Industry, as have received aleaflet on your company recently through the mailers.I read with interest the various types of products related to home comfort and safety, andwish to enquire further about the sales offer as displayed on the leaflet. am particularlyinterested in the electronic gate system which is listed as on offer during this season.I would be extremely delighted if you could furnish me with more information on thetype of design, colour and functionality based on my budget of $250.00. would like toknow the availability of product MD3940 as advertised on your leaflet.I look forward to hearing from you on my enquiry soon.Yours sincerely,Robert Lake