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hi ển nh lớ NN ăm học 2014 2015S ÁO DỤC TẠOTH NH HỐ HỒ ÍM KỲ THI UY NH ỚP TR ỜNG CHU ÊN ẦN ẠI NGHĨAN HỌC 2014-2 15 ôn IẾ NG oá gày 29/ 6/2014Th an ài 60 hú an giao )( Đề thi ày g)Đ ÍNH CC hứ ký giám thị hữ ký giám thị SỐ CỦ MỖ IT Gi iHọ và tên thí sinh ường: nh: SỐ HÁC Hd CT HĐ iĐi số Đi hữ ký giám kh hữ ký giám SỐ HÁC Hd CT HĐ iSỐ MỖ IT Gi ịg iĐi ần Đi ph ần II Đi ph ần III Đi ph ần IV Đi ng Lưu ý: Thí sinh hi lời ình vào trả lời cho sẵn tr ng ỗi ần.PART 1Look at the words in box. Ch ose the or ect words nd write th on the nes. Th re is one ex e.ch la cu ar new az he pl mt he ga en elbow rh pi ew tr blo wh st he ry dEx ple: his ood is usual br wn. eat or dri it.1. There are nine of th our olar .2. This eet il fo od is real delicio s.3. Children enj idi this. 4. This is ield event.5. You rt his hen runni or pl ng soccer.ch te6. You see them when you go to the sea. You can swim and play in them. 7. This pe son es ourn in outer spa e.8. The kind of clothing worn girl or n.9. It is like rain, it cause da mage.10. This nd of an lives on and and it is in danger of extinct on.11. Flowe and get bles are pla ted here.12. You get wp pers and gazines he e.13. The eeling ou ve when are su pr sed.14. This is place wh re passenge get to and trains.15. People see m/her at tennis match e/she is not pl .PART 2Read the onver ati bet een three stud nts and hoose he be ans er. Write let er M) reach ans er. You do not need use ll the letters. ere is ne ex ple.Laura: (0)E go ng back to Argentina oon.Emily (1) Laura ret on. going to iss ll of ou .E ily Me, too. 2)Laura going to ee hat out ou?Emily (3) Mel Luc u! Can e, too? A. hat are go ng to do in mmer?B. n’t we le rate next we k?C. just atched V.D. know. Such trip costs lot.E. Oh, on’t say that. (Ex ple)E ily and La ra (4)_ F. hen are le vi g?Mel Hello! You ee to be havi go e.Emily (5) Mel Oh, orgot! ngratulati ns on ur ssingthe inal ex !Laura )E ily Great ideal! el, ou are making tr pto London, right?Laura )Mel I’d ve to. (8)Laura )Mel Yeah. have an dea. can elebrate now!Emily (10) Laura K! “Ch ese” eve e. G. Of course, we o.H. ould like to ee the captial?I. Oh, hi, Mel!J. Not bad! Let’s ve group oto.K. Oh, Mel!L. But ed litt more on .M. an are oi to th our ous inBriston.PART 3Read the xt. oose the right words and wr ite them on the lines. here is exa ple.W alla ree that tre are mpo tant. In 1) untries, the is even ad to cel brate tr es. This is call Arb wever, do know 2)important? trees are oFirst of all, trees help (3)_ our enviro ment. The leaves on tree take in airpollution. is akes our air cleaner. Tr es also absorb. O2 ontribu to obal wa ing, e(4) the Earth’s mpera ure. Thus, tre help event too (5) CO2from being in theair.Trees also natu al ol down the en iro ment. (6)to sc enti ic research, oney ou ng healt tree is quivalent to ten ize air condit ers op rating twen ours da he leaves ona tree also cr ate (7), which coo the gr ou nd. This makes the air less hot. Also,(8) aporates tree le ves. This helps to ol the air urther. All of these keep esurroundi gs cool ere trees (9)_ In additio trees lp (10) _.p ants. he roots of trees su rt the soil(11) th If there is ea in or strong 12), the tree oots keep il inplace. This prevents osion and 13)f looding.Final ees ntribu to our person (14)_. cut own oise lution. isdecreases the stre on our bodies. As ou can see, trees make contri uti ns to us nd our(15) Have ou hugged tr late ?Ex ple (0) agree agreeting agreed(1) ch almostmost(2) what thatwhy(3) clean to ess improving(4) decrease balance increase(5) ch little(6) Due According Owing(7) shadow an shade(8) ste water liquid(9) plant cut grow(10) other the other another(11) through across around(12) wind cloudsun(13) theneven(14) character happiness health(15) worldareaRead the passa and rite the missing ords. Write ONE ord on each ne. ere is one ample.W ere wat efr be ore it arrived in our kitchen? Is ur glass fwater as (1)round and round, th morning or as old as the dino aurs? ter Ear al vinga wheel turning. Th is called “the water cle and it(3) beginning or end. We will start (4)of water on Earth. the ocea s, the largest diesIn this part of the (5)_, the sun heats the water in the oceans, and then he wa mwater evapo ates in he air. The water in he air eventua (6)tog ther to orm ve largeclouds. then ves the clouds ver the land. hen clo ds inal meet cold air, he water es wnin the orm of (7)or now.S of this rainwater will st on the land, ut st of the water goes down (8)rivers and te s. Fin it goes (9) to oc ans, where he ble gins again.The water cle is bill ons of ears d. So, ink (10)in our gl ss is! It much, uch older th ou though about how old hat waterTrên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.