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Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh (lần 1) có đáp án

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Chủ đề: đáp án đề thi tiếng anh   

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Bên trên chỉ là 1 phần trích dẫn trong tài liệu để xem hết tài liệu vui lòng tải về máy. Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh (lần 1) có đáp án

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh (lần 1) có đáp án

Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2015 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh (lần 1) có đáp án


Tóm tắt nội dung
Sở GD-ĐT Tỉnh Phú ên THI TH THPT QUỐC GIA LẦN 2015 Tr ường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh Môn: TIẾNG ANH Th ời gian: 90 phútMã đề: 138I. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct word for each ofthe blanks from (1) to (10). PROACTIVE JOB HUNTING Once upon time, people left school or university, joined company and stay ed with it until theyretired. The concept of job for life is now long (1)_______, and nowadays many employees find it hardto stay loyal to their companies for even relatively short per iod of time. According to recent survey,this is particularly (2)_______ in London, where more than half of those asked said that they constantly(3)_______ one eye on other job opportunities, (4)_______ they are fairly happy in thei existing job. Ahigh number of London workers say that they are always on the (5)_______ alt hough they are contentand motivated in their current position. Job seekers find that the internet (6)___
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GD-ĐT Tỉnh THPT QUỐC 2015 ường THPT Chuyên Lương Chánh Môn: TIẾNG gian: phútMã 138I. Read following passage mark letter indicate correct word each ofthe blanks from (10). PROACTIVE HUNTING Once upon time, people left school university, joined company stay with until theyretired. concept life long (1)_______, nowadays many employees find hardto stay loyal their companies even relatively short time. According recent survey,this particularly (2)_______ London, where more than half those asked said that they constantly(3)_______ other opportunities, (4)_______ they fairly happy thei existing job. Ahigh number London workers that they always (5)_______ hough they contentand motivated their current position. seekers find that internet (6)_______ them with quick easy find what'savailable, percent said that they applied registered with employ ment agency inthe past months. This proactive (7)_______ means that people look perfect match withthe (8)_______ effort. while this good hunters, growing lack company loyaltycould (9)_______ being problem employers .Perhaps surprisingly, (10)_______ factorsattracting seekers more money, challenging interesting 1.A. finishedB. doneC. overD. gone 2.A. trueB. realC. rightD. actual 3.A. putB. keepC. holdD. place 4.A. just asB. even ifC. wellD. that 5.A. searchB. pursuitC. lookoutD. watch 6.A. deliversB. servesC. fulfilsD. provides 7.A. mannerB. customC. approachD. style 8.A. minimumB. lowestC. smallestD. least 9.A. runB. comeC. endD. lead 10.A. biggestB. highestC. widestD. largestII. Choose word whose stressed syllable different from others each group 11.A. occupationB.individualC. competitiveD.documentary 12.A. innovateB. incentiveC. inevitableD. insecticide 13.A. mysteriouslyB. originallyC. necessarilyD. elaborately 14.A. submarineB. technologicalC. biodiversityD. picturesque 15.A. accomplishB. establishC. abolishD. mechanismIII. Mark letter indicate correct answer each following questions. Jim's ………………. again. That's third time this year.A. toB. withC. come withD. gone down with With excellent qualifications good command English, James ………………….abovethe other applicants.A. head handsB. head hairC. head earsD. head shoulders 18.He immediately; ____________, would have been late.A.neverthelessB. consequentlyC. otherwiseD. however came inspect house ………………… buying it.A. with view toB. case ofC. event ofD. with reference "………………." Susan: Never mind."A. Thank helping finish work.B. Sorry steeping your toes.2C. Congratulations! great!D. Would like cinema? 21.______, felt unhappy lonely.A. Rich wasB. Rich heC. spite being wealthD. Despite wealthy "If only hadn't lent money!" -"…………………………………."A. Well, did, it's crying over spilt milk.B. right. will OK.C. I'm afraid will have it.D.Sorry, have idea. 23.The _____ dressed woman advertisement pose smile face.A. stylisticB. stylishC. stylishlyD. stylistically They have considered fifty applications, ………………seems suitable position.A. none themB. none whomC. none theseD. none which ______ speaker!A. good goodC. what goodD. good 26.By last March, _____ English five years.A. been studiedB. will have studiedC. will have been studyingD. been studying 27.It announced that neither passengers driver ______ crash.A. injuredB. injuredC. were injuredD. injured cool drink …………….. after long journey.A. relievedB. relaxedC. refreshedD. recovered Employers often require that candidates have only degree …………………..A. two-year experience wellB. also years experienceC. also years experienceD. also years experience well Arthur assured that going come, hasn't ………………..yet.A. turned onB. turned inC. turned upD. turned round 31.You ___________ your teacher like that. very rude.A. mustn't have talkedB. shouldn't have talkedC. shouldn't talkD. mustn't talk 32.It imperative that this letter __________ immediately.A. sentB. sentC. been sentD. sent Sport today become…………………..and longer enjoyable.A. more competitiveB. competitiveC. much competitiveD. much competitive Jane: What lovely house have!" "………………………."A. I'm glad like it.B. spent much money it.C. Many people so.D. Thanks. Hopefully will drop teacher asked difficult question, finally ___________ good answer.A. came atB. came ofC. came withD. came "Do have minute, Keith?" "………………………….."A. Sure. What's problem?B. Well. I'm sure whenC. Good, hope soD. Sorry, haven't here. **He was…………………to explain hadn't finished work.A. randomB. lossC. leastD. first38.- "All right. Keep your receipt. something comes show we'll give arefund." "_______________."A.OK. won't it.B. Thanks. I'll safe place.C.You're welcome. later.D.Thanks you. I'll keep you. 39.____________ national park before, amazed geyser.A. Being notB. having beenC. beingD. Having been Winter's almost here it's time………………..against flu.A. protect yourselvesB. protectC. protect yourselvesD. protected3IV.Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word phrase that isOPPOSITE meaning underlined part each following questions from 41-43. 41.Names people book were changed preserveanonymity.A. coverB. presumeC. conserveD. reveal Their classmates writing letters acceptance.A. confirmationB. agreeC. addmissionD. refusalV. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word phrase which bestreplaces underlined part. takes minutes ready.A. goB. prepareC. upD. wake When laser strikes chemicals, releasesa form oxygen that kills cancer cells.A. containsB. vaporizesC. gives outD. omits Kate overwhelmed withtension before entered final contest.A. nervousnessB. high degreeC. strengthD. eagernessVI.Read following passage mark letter indicate correct answer eachof following questions from (46)to (55) Animals have intuitive awareness quantities. They know without analy differencebetween number objects smaller number. book natural History Selboure" (1786) naturalist Gilbert White tells surreptitiously removed from plover's nest ,and mother laid another each make missing noted that otherspecies birds ignore absence single abandon their nests more than beenremoved. also been noted naturalists that certain type always provides five neverfour, never caterpillars each their eggs that their young have something when theeggs hatch Research also shown that both mice pigeons taught distinguish betweenodd even numbers food pieces. These similar accounts have somepeople infer that creatures other than humans canactually count. They also point dogs that have been taught respond numer ical questions with thecorrect number barks, horses that seem solve arithmetic proble stomping their hooves theproper number times. Animals respond quantities only when they connected survival species aseof eggs survival individuals case food. There transfer other situati orfrom concrete reality abstract notion numbers. Animals "count" only when obje arepresent only when numbers involved small more than seven eight. experime nts,animals trained "count" kind object were unable count other type. objects, henumbers, what interest them. Animals’ admittedly remarkable achievements simply amount toevidence counting, they reveal more than innate instincts, refined genes successivegenerations, results clever, careful conditioning trainers. 46.Why does author refer Gilbert White's book line 2?A. indicate that more research needed this field.B. contradict idea that animals count.C. show attitudes have changed since1786.D. provide evidence that some birds aware quantities. 47.The word "surreptitiously" closest meaning occasionallyB. stubbornlyC. secretlyD. quickly 48.According information passage, which following LEAST likely occur resultof animals' intuitive awareness quantities?A. When asked trainer monkey holds five fingers lion follows antelope instead herd antelopes because easi hunt single prey.4C. pigeon more attracted containing pieces food than containing piece.D. When four kittens crawls away, mother misses searches kitten. 49.The word they"refer to…A. numbersB. genesC. animalsD. achievements 50.How would author probably characterizethe people mentioned first line thesecond paragraph?A. foolishB. cleverC. demandingD.As mistaken 51.The author mentions that following aware quantities some ways EXCEPTA. caterpillarsB. miceC. ploversD. wasps 52.What main idea this passage?A. Animals cannot "count" more than kind object.B. Although animals aware quantities, they cannot actually count.C. animals, dogs horses count best.D. Careful training required teach animals perform tricks involving numbers 53.The word odd" refers which following?A. numbers such onB. unusual numbersC. lucky numbersD. numbers such 54.Where passage does author mention research that supports view animals'inability count?A. "Research shown that ………… food pieces."B. "In experiments…………………….other type"C. "These similar accounts …….count ."D. "In book ………..the missing one." 55.The word "accounts" closestin meaning invoicesB. deceptionsC. reportsD. reasonsVII.Mark letter your answer sheet indicate sentence that closest inmeaning each following questions. 56."You don't appreciate me," said.A.She told appreciate her.B.She said that didn't take granted.C.She complained that took granted.D.She suggested that shouldn't appreciate her. Alfred said John, didn't your cassette player! Someone else did, me."A. Alfred refused John's cassette player, saying that someone else had.B. Alfred denied having used John's cassette player, saying that someone else had.C. Alfred said John that hadn't used cassette player, saying that someone else had.D. Alfred told John that hadn't used cassette player, saying that someone else had. There rumour that chairman planning retire early.A. Retiring early what chairman planned.B. chairman rumoured that planning retire early.C.People rumored that chairman planned retire early.D.It rumoured that chairman planning retire early. 59."I will back money, Linda," said Helen.A.Helen offered Linda money back.B.Helen suggested paying back money Linda.C. Helen promised back Linda's money.D.Helen apologized Linda borrowing money. said himself, "Why haven't thought this before?"A. wondered didn't think that before.B.Tom wondered hadn't thought that before.C. asked himself hadn't thought this before.D. asked himself didn't think this before.5 61.I didn't know were coming, didn't wait you.A.Had known were coming, would have waited youB.If knew were coming, would wait you.C. Were know were coming would wait you.D. known were coming, would wait you. 62.Impressed were cinema, found rather expensive.A.We were very impressed cinema, found rather expensive.B. cinema more expensive than expected.C. cinema impressed because rather expensive.D. were impressed cinema because looked rather expensive. "Would like another tea?", landlady said guest.A.The landlady offered guest another tea.B. landlady invited guest another tea.C. landlady asked whether guest wanted another tea.D. landlady asked guest would like another tea. Adele tries hard doesn't make much progress.A. Adele tries hard that make much progress.B.Adele tries hard doesn't make much progress, though.C. However hard does try, Adele doesn't make much progress.D. Though Adele tries hard doesn't make much progress. 65.When picked book found that cover been torn.A. Picked that cover book torn.B.Picking book, cover been torn.C. cover been torn when book picked up.D.On picking book, that cover been torn.VIII. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate part which needs correcting. Well though he(B) makes school, hardly seems satisfied with results. Being only child family, Mary always tries help mother abouthousehold chores. Foreign students doing decision about which school attend knowexactly where choices located. York City, which largest cities world larger other city in(D) United States. disappointed that most guests left party earlier than expected.IX.Read following passage mark letter indicate correct answer eachof following questions from (71) (80) Moon been worshipped primitive peoples inspired humans createeverything from lunar calendars love sonnets, what really about most acceptedtheory about origin Moon that formed debri from amassive collision with theyoung Earth about billion years ago. huge body, perhaps size struck Earth,throwing immense amount debris that coalesced cooled orbit around Earth. development Earth inextricably linked moon; Moon’s gravit ational influenceupon Earth primary cause ocean tides. fact, Moon than twice effect uponthe tides than does Sun. Moon makes rotation completes revolution round Earthevery days, hours, minutes. This synchronous rotation caused uneven distribution ofmass Moon (essentially, heavier side than other) allowed Earth’s gravityto keep side Moon permanently facing Earth. averag distance from Earth 384,403km.6 Moon atmosphere; without atmosphere, Moon nothing protect frommeteorite impacts, thus surface Moon covered with impact craters, both large small.The Moon also active tectonic volcanic activity, erosive ects atmosphericweathering, tectonic shifts, volcanic upheavals that tend erase reform Earth’s surfacefeatures work Moon. fact, even tiny surface feat ures such footprint left anastronaut lunar soil likely last millions year unless obliterated chance meteoritestrike. surface gravity Moon about one- sixth that Earth’s. Therefore, weighing82 kilograms Earth would only weigh kilograms Moon. geographical features Earth most like that Moon fact, places such theHawaiian volcanic craters huge meteor crater Ariz ona. climate Moon very unlikeeither Hawaii Arizona, however; fact temperature Moon ranges betwe degrees degrees word"massive" closest meaning toA. unavoidableB. impressiveC. hugeD. dense word"debris" closest meaning toA. satellitesB. rubbishC. moonsD. earth What passage primarily about?A. what know about Moon differences EarthB. origin MoonC. Moon's effect upon EarthD. comparison Moon Earth does author mention"impact craters"?A. show result Moon having atmosphereB. show result Moon having active tectonic volcanic activityC. explain corrosive effects atmospheric weatheringD. explain Moon plant life because meteorites Which following inferred from passage?A. Moon gravitational influence, Earth would have tidesB. people living Hawaii Arizona would feel home MoonC. Mars could have been formed similar MoonD.the Moon able support human life following true about Moon EXCEPTA. wide range temperaturesB. heavier side than otherC. unable protect itself from meteorite attacksD. less effect upon tides than word"erase" closest meaning toA. impactB. obliterateC. eruptD. change According passage, Moon isA. protected dense atmosphereB.the primary cause Earth's ocean tidesC. older than EarthD. composed active volcanoes person Moon would weigh less than Earth becauseA. composition lunar soilB. Moon atmosphereC. Moon active tectonic volcanic activityD.the surface gravity Moon less word"uneven" closest meaning toA. Equally distributedB. HeavierC. OrderlyD. uniform

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