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review 12 english 11

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UNIT 5Exercise Choose the word whose ending ‘-s/es’ or ‘-ed’ is pronounced differently from the others’1. A. talk ed B. play ed C. ask ed D. lik ed2. A. work ed B. stopp ed C. watch ed D. want ed3. A. day B. say C. stay D. play s4. A. wait ed B. mend ed C. work ed D. want ed5. A. promis es B. miss es C. surpris es D. go es6. A. hous es B. fac es C. miss es D. plac es7. A. nak ed B. look ed C. book ed D. walk ed8. A. ask B. play C. breath D. hop es9. A. kiss ed B. help ed C. forc ed D. rais ed10. A. see B. sport C. pool D. train s11. A. nak ed B. stay ed C. play ed D. open ed12. A. tick ed B. check ed C. book ed D. need ed13. A. tomb B. lamp C. brak es D. invit es14. A. book B. floor C. comb D. drum s15. A. investigat es B. provid es C. cloth es D. play s16. A. play ed B. fix ed C. cri ed D. defin ed17. A. tray B. say C. bay D. day s18. A. miss ed B. stay ed C. listen ed D.open ed19. A. devot ed B. suggest ed C. provid ed D. play ed20. A. go es B. watch es C. lov es D. hous es Exercise Choose the best option to comple the following sentences1/ Would you mind _______the door?A. open B. to open C. opening D. opened2/ Cars must not______in front of the entrance.A. park B. to park C. to be parked D. be parked3/ He began_______English two years ago.A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learns4/ The grass needed ______A. cut B. to cut C. to cutting D. to be cut6/ The driver stopped _______ coffee because he felt sleepy.A. have B. to have C. having D. had7/ Have you ever considered _______ pharmacist?A. become B. to become C. becoming D. became8/ I’m allowed _________ my grandfather.A. visit B. to visit C. visited D. visiting9/ would rather ________ at home than go out with you.A. staying B. to stay C. stay D. stayed10/ He stopped ________ he couldn’t work because it was dark.A. work B. to work C, working D. to working11/ You should give up ________ or you will die of cancer.A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking D. smoked12/ He missed ________ her at the airport yesterday.A. see B. to see C. sees D. seeing13/ We couldn’t help _______ some things when we went shopping.A. buying B. buy C.to buy D. bought14/ He made me _________ happy.A. feel B. feeling C. to feel D. feels15/ They suggested ________ break for much noise.A. take B. to take C. taking D. took16/ We will try ________ the same mistakes again.A. to not make B. not to make C. not making D. not to making17/ Would you like ________ with us tonight?.A. to go B. go going D. gone18/ When you see him, remember ________ him my number.A. to give B. giving C. give D. gave19/ am used to _______ up early.A. getting B. get C. got D. to get20/ saw Mary ________ in the park last night.A. walk B. to walk C. to walking D. walked21/ remember ________ you before, but have forgotten your name.A. to meet B. met C. meet D. meeting22/ My parents don’t permit me ________ out at night.A. gone B. went C. to go D. going23/ You’d better ________ at home today.A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stays24/ It would be no used ________ him to do it.A. ask B. to ask C. asking D. asks25/ He orders me __________ this report.A. write B. to write C. writing D. wrote26/ remember ________ my mother ________ the grass in the graden needed _________.A. to hear said cuting B. hear say cutC. head saying to cut D. hearing say cutting27/ They often tell us smoking .A. stop B. stops C. to stop D. stopping28/ promised on time mustn’t late .A. be be B. to be to be C. to be be D. be to be29/ Their house is beautiful than mine .A. more B. as C. so D. much30/ It is no use to him .A. to talk B. talk C. being talking D. talking31/ They advise me try to give up .A. smoking B. to smoking C. smoke D. smokes 32/ Don’t forget me cable when you arrive in Ha Noi .A. sending B. sent C. send D. to send33/ My parents didn’t permit me last night .A. gone B. went C. to go D. going34/ Try so many mistakes .A. not to make B. not make C. to make not D. make not35/ remember you before, but have forgotten your name .A. to meet B. met C. meet D. meeting36/ Mary prefers .A. sing to dance B. to sing than to danceC. singing to dance D. singing to dancing37/ You had better if you want to catch the train .A. to run B. running C. run D. ran38/ You aren’t allowed here .A. smoke B. to smoke C. to smoking D. smoking 39/ Peter would early than late .A. to arriving B. arriving C. arrive D. arrived40/ the story of Kieu very interesting .A. Reading am B. Reading is C. Reading are D. Reading was