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VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR TEST UNIT 1,2,3 ENGLISH NEW VERSIONFull name: Time allotted: 90 minutesClass:I)-Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.1. A. ei sure B. Ei ght C. lebrate D. nalty4. A. althou gh B. Lau gh C. paragra ph D. Enou ghII)-Jay and Tina talk about their leisure activities. Complete what they say with the correct verbs.Jay: My computer is very important for me. I’m student at Manchester University, so (16)_________________ the Internet lot for my studies and my friends and (17)_____________ lot of computer games. don’t (18)__________ any sports. I(19)___________ to evening classes twice week; it’s course on Computer Skills. On othernights, (20) ____________ with friends we usually (21)___________ to the cinema.Tina: I’m an amateur musician, so music is my life! (22)___________ the radio nearly allday mainly classical or jazz. When (23)___________ TV, it’s always music channel. Ieven (24)____________ music when (25)___________ to the gym! (26)______________the piano and the saxophone. And (27)____________ lot of live music in my free time.III)-Complete the sentences in Mai’s e-mail with the correct form of the verb in brackets.Hi Susan!Well. I’m here in Ha Noi, now. see quite lot of my cousin Hoa because we (36.enjoy/ do) ___________ the same things. have some new friends called David and John.David is very good at computers and he (37. not mind/ help) ______________ me so that’sgood. John is really nice too. He (38. play) ______________ basketball and he (39. go/skateboard) __________ quite lot. His brother Toby is 18 and he’s really cool but he (40.prefer/ play) ______________ football. (41. do) _____________ gymnastics once weekand Hoa (42. do) _____________ karate. She prefers indoor sports because she (43. notlike/ get) _________________ cold! Write soon!Love, MaiIV)-Read the conversation and put the sentences (A-F) in the correct places (44-48). There is one extra question.A. Who’s she?B. Not just name on computer screen.C. Does she live near here?D. Do you fancy coming with us?E. Are you there?F. How do you know her?Mai: Hi, Susan. I’m going out with Hoa and Lan this evening. (44) _______________ We’re going to have something to eat and then go to the cinema.Susan: can’t. I’m going to chat with Linda.Mai: (45) ________________________________________________________________________Susan: She’s my best friend. You don’t know her.Mai: (46) ________________________________________________________________________Susan: We chat online. She’s great.Mai: (47) ________________________________________________________________________Susan: No. She’s from Scotland. really like her, we chat all the time.Mai: Come on, Susan. She’s not your real friend. Let’s go and have drink and cake.Susan: I’m not hungry. Anyway, want to go to the Internet café. Linda might be online.Mai: Well, I’m going to meet Hoa and Lan in the canteen. You know, real people you can talkto. (48) _________________________________________________________________________V)-Read the article and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).So strange! People have strange hobbiesMr. and Mrs. Ball live in Oxford. They collect garden gnomes. They have 225 in theirgarden! The gnomes are all different colours and come from different countries.Today, Mr. and Mrs. Ball are preparing big garden party for their gnomes. They areputting lanterns on the trees and decorating the garden with colourful ballons. “We’rewriting 225 invitations and we are putting up little tables and chairs for the gnomes,” Mrs.Ball says. “It’s lot of work, but it’s fun.”Note:- (garden) gnome (n) tượng thần lùn giữ củaTF55. Mr. and Mrs. Ball come from England. 56. They collect garden plants. 57. There are lot of gnomes in Mr. and Mrs. Ball’s garden. 58. The gnomes are all from the UK. 59. The gnomes are not very colourful 60. Mr. and Mrs. Ball have had party 61. Mr. and Mrs. Ball will invite all their gnomes to the party. 62. Mr. and Mrs. Ball hope that the party will be enjoyable. VI)-Read the passage carefully, and do the tasks that follow.Task 1: Match the heading (A-E) to the paragraphs (63-67).A. No computers for two days.B. Never again!C. Homework wasn’t as easy.D. used my phone more.E. didn’t want to listen to them talking!No computer day! How did you survive?63. Ben, Luton, UKIt was very difficult. had quite lot of homework to do. Usually, use the computerto find information and write my essay on it. My dad has lots of books, atlases andreference books, but most all of them are out of date! It wasn’t difficult to findinformation, but it took more time.64. Jenny, Des Moines, USAI didn’t have email contact with my friends. hate it! sent lot of texts. few of myfriends also turned off their computers, but most of them didn’t. On Sunday, therewere lots of emails to read.65. David, Los Angeles, USAI usually listen to sports on the Internet on Saturdays. can listen to baseball fromanywhere in the USA or football from Europe. listened to my mum’s small kitchenradio. It was awful. There was no football at all. won’t join in the next “nocomputer day!66. Sara, Richmond, UKMy main problem was music. The batteries in my MP3 player were flat. don’t have aDVD player only on my computer so listened to the radio. It wasn’t very good. Afew DJs are OK, but most of them talk too much.67. Lisa, Swansea, WalesI read lot. My mum has some good books. It was very relaxing. Usually, my eyeshurt in the evening. Last Saturday, they were fine. went to bed earlier, too. The nextday, didn’t turn on my computer at all. wanted to finish my book.Task 2: Match the words/ phrases (68-72) with their meanings (F-J). Write the answer in each blank.____________ 68. survive (v) F. device giving electricity____________ 69. atlas (n) G. continue to live____________ 70. out of date (adj) H. book of maps____________ 71. battery (n) I. not working____________ 72. flat (adj) J. no longer usedVII)-Fill the gaps with the words/ phrases in the box to give your opinion about the best leisure activities. More than one word can be suitable for some gaps.In my opinion In short Finally SecondIn addition First Besides alsoI choose reading as my favourite leisure activity for number of reasons.(73)________. read everywhere can and whenever am free. (74) ____________. readmany kinds of books, such as: short stories, novels, science books, etc. Books help me tohave more knowledge and experience of society, science, and our world. Have you read thebook “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama? It teaches us how not only to get oversadness, but also to be always cheerful. (75)__________, it (76)______________ reminds usto live because everybody and real happiness only comes when helping other people.(77)___________ that, read lot of detective stories, like “The Godfather ”, “SherlockHolmes”, etc. (78)__________, number of comic books and magazines for teenagers makeme feel relaxed in my free time. (79)_____________, reading makes my mind rich, my lifemore pleasant, and learn lot from it. (80)______________, reading brings me manybenefits.UNIT 2II)-Complete the following sentences with the correct words with the cluster /bl/ or /kl/ from the table, and then read aloud the sentences.blame close Black clock clickclub clothes Blood blue block1. She often dressed in ___________________.2. Her hands were ________________ with cold.3. ________________ on the mouse to choose the correct answers.4. Some people __________________ the changes in the climate on pollution.5. The heart pumps _____________ around the body.6. We are working in an office _________________.7. Are you member of the football _________________?8. The _______________ is five minutes fast.9. They invited only _______________ friends to the party.10. She was wearing new __________________.III)-Fill in each blank with the correct adjective from the box.slow vast quiet peaceful nomadicinconvenient colourful safe hard brave11. Nick looks very funny today he is wearing _____________ shirt.12. It will be very ______________ for me to have no bicycle.13. Last Sunday our class visited _____________ village near our school.14. The dentist asked me to try to be __________ because it might hurt me little.15. People have cut down trees in a/an __________ area of forest this year.16. On the Gobi Highland we can find several ____________ tribes living on raising cattle.17. The life is usually ____________ and quiet in the countryside.18. Is it ____________ to drink water from this river?19. After he retired, he leads _____________ life in his home village.20. Many years ago my village was very poor and the living conditions were so _____________.IV)-Fill in each blank with the appropriate form of the word in brackets.21. There is ________________ of books on the shelf. (collect)22. It is very ______________ for people in remote areas to get to hospitals. (convenience)23. He is very _______________ with his hands. (skill)24. It is said that water collected from the local stream is ____________ to drink. (safe)25. We want _______________ relations with all countries. (friend)26. like to eat ______________, so eat lot of fruits and vegetables every day. (health)V)-Complete the sentences, using the comparative form of the adverbs from the correspondent adjectives in the brackets.32. It usually rains _____________ in Central Viet Nam than in other regions. (heavy)33. will have to try bit ________________ than this. (hard)34. The hall was lighted ________________ than the corridors. (bright)35. Times goes by _______________ when we are busy. (quick)36. Our family has lived ______________ in the country than in the town since last year. (happy)37. The boys were playing the game ______________ than the girls. (noisy)38. This task can be completed _____________ than that one. (easy)39. tractor can plough ________________ than buffalo or horse. (good)VI)-Complete the sentences, using the comparative form of the adverbs from the correspondent adjectives in the box.generous Bad Optimistic healthytraditional Quick Sound good40. baby can sleep __________________ than an adult.41. People in the country eat _______________ than people in the city.42. Our grandparents got dressed _____________ than we do nowadays.43. Nick speaks English _____________ than do.44. That old lady donates _______________ than her family members.45. City people seem to apply modern techniques _____________ than country people.46. The scientist talked ______________ about the future of young people in the country than local people.47. The paddy fields in my village were _______________ affected by the floods than thenext village.VII)-Complete the sentences with suitable forms of the adverbs given in the brackets.48. Nick is careful writer than Phuc. (carefully)Nick writes ___________________________________________________________.49. snail is slower than crab. (slowly)A snail moves _________________________________________________________.50. My father ’s explanation about the subject was clearer than my brother’s. (clearly)My father explained the subject __________________________________________.51. My cousin is better singer than am. (well)My cousin sings _______________________________________________________.52. Phong is faster swimmer than Phuc. (fast)Phong swims _________________________________________________________.VIII)-Complete the conversation, using the phrases/ sentences (A-H) given.A. It’s real life, think.B. You don’t worry about delay or being late any more.C. see.D. the fresh air and the open spaceE. to make you fit and happyF. It’s really interesting.G. We can’t enjoy social activities there, especially in the evening.H. the traffic systems in the cityNick: Hi, Mai. Have you just comeback from your stay in the countryside?Mai: Yeah, stayed on my uncle’s farm for the weekend. (53)_____________________Nick: Do you really like the life in the countryside? Why?Mai: First, you can enjoy (54)___________________________.Nick: What do you mean, Mai?Mai: In the countryside, we have the yard or the garden to play in. You can run around, kick ball or chase butterflies. (55)_____________________________Nick: In my opinion, the countryside it’s only nice if people are retired or they get old. (56)_______________________________________.Mai: But in the country, you are not in hungry. (57)___________________________. We can say “no” to traffic jams there. Nick: Well, (58)___________________________ are becoming much better. Anyway, we canride bicycle around (59)______________________________.Mai: (60)__________________. Maybe we can live in the town and go to the countryside at the weekend or during the summer holiday.IX)-Choose the word or phrase among A, B, or that best fits the blanks space in the following passage.The country and the city have advantages and (61)____________. People in thecountry live in more beautiful surroundings. They enjoy (62)__________ and quietness, andcan do their work at their (63)____________ pace because no one is in a(64)______________. They live in larger, more comfortable houses, and their neighbors aremore friendly, and ready to help them (65)_____________ they need it. Their life, however,can be (66)____________ and they may be isolated, which is serious problem(67)____________ they are ill or want to take children to school.The city has all the services that the country lacks, but it (68)___________ has lotof disadvantages. Cities are often polluted. They not (69)_____________ have polluted airbut also have noisy streets. Everyone is always in hurry and this (70)______________ thatpeople have no time to get to know each other and make friends.61. A. joy B. Enjoyment C. happiness D. disadvantages62. A. quiet B. Quietly C. peace D. peaceful63. A. less B. Own C. just D. only64. A. hurry B. hurried C. hurriedly D. hurrying65. A. when B. which C. what D. that66. A. bore B. bored C. boring D. bores67 A. unless B. because C. although D. if68. A. also B. Yet C. already D. so69. A. never B. Ever C. hardly D. only70. A. aims B. means C. asks D. Said X)-Choose the item among A, B, or that best answers the question about the passage.The country is more beautiful than town and more pleasant to live in. Many peoplethink so, and go to the country for the summer holidays though they cannot live there allthe year round. Some have cottage built in village so that they can go there wheneverthey can find the time.English villages are not all alike, but in some ways they are not very different fromone another. Almost every village has church, the round or square tower of which can beseen from many miles around. Surrounding the church is the church yard, where people areburied.The village green is wide stretch of grass, and houses or cottages are built round it.Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages have running water brought throughpipes into each house. Most villages are so close to some small towns that people can gothere to buy what they can’t find in the village shops.71. When do city people often go to the country?A. At the weekends. B. All the year round.C. At Christmas. D. The summer holidays.72. What is the advantage of city people when they have cottage built in the village?A. They can have their houses rented.B. They can go to the country at weekends.C. They can go to the country whenever they can find the time.D. All are correct.73. What is the common feature of English villages?A. They have church.B. They have church with tall tower, and village green.C. They have village green.D. They have running water.74. What is NOT mentioned in the life of English villages?A. The village green B. The church C. Running water D. The Internet75. What can villagers do when their villages are close to small towns?A. They can go there to buy whatever they want.B. They can go there to buy cheaper things.C. They can go there to buy what is not found in the village shops.D. They can go there to buy luxury goods.UNIT 3I)-Choose the best answer A, B, or to complete the sentences.1. The Gong Festival is held __________ in the Central Highlands.A. Year B. yearly C. annual D. annually2. ________ does Hoa Ban Festival take place? In Lai Chau.A. What B. Where C. When D. How3. It is typical of the cultural life of _________ Thai peopleA. Some B. C. the D. Ø4. ________ do the cattle provide for the nomads? Dairy products, meat, and clothing. A. What B. Where C. Why D. How5. The crops _________ on the weather.A. depend heavy B. depend heavily C. affect heavy D. affect heavily6. Mai studies Maths little bit ___________.A. Bad B. badly C. good D. smartly7. During the festival, they fly many _________ kites in different shapes and sizesA. Colour B. colourless C. colourful D. colouring8. An old woman was __________ the goats up the mountainside.A. Riding B. taking C. herding D. running9. _________ is the festival celebrated? Every year.A. When B. How often C. How D. What10. There are no high building to block ___________ in our village.A. View B. view C. some view D. the viewIII)-Use the correct form of the words in brackets to finish the sentences.11. Terraced rice fields in Sa Pa are slopes claimed for cultivation in hilly or ________ areas. (mountain)12. For the Muong, rice is also the main _________ crop. (agriculture)13. The Muong call their ___________ calendar “sach doi”, which is made from 12 bamboo sticks that represent the 12 months. (tradition)14. Viet Nam is country of tremendous ___________ with 54 ethnic groups. (diverse)15. The ethnic minority groups in Viet Nam have been living in ______________ co-existence. (peace)V)-Complete each blank in the following passage with the correct word/ phrase from the box.marriage share funeral house Branchstilt house ethnic minorities ceremonies musical instrumentsJarai (or Giarai)The largest (38)___________ group on the Central Highlands is the Jarai, with apopulation of about 250,000. It is thought that Jarai people left the coastal plains around2000 years ago, settling on the fertile plateau around Pleiku, and in Kon Tum Province. Someethnologists think that Cham people are in fact (39)____________ of the Jarai, and theycertainly (40)____________ common linguistic traits.Villagers are often named for nearby river, stream or tribal chief. In the centre ofeach can be found large (41)____________, which acts as kind of community centrewhere the council of elders and their elected chief meet. House are traditionally built onstilt, facing north. Jarai women typically propose (42)___________ to men through amatchmaker, who delivers the prospective groom cooper bracelet.Perhaps more than any of Vietnam’s other hill tribes, the Jarai are famous for their(43)____________, from stringed “gongs” to bamboo tubes, which act as wind flutes andpercussion.Animist beliefs are still strong and the Jarai world is filled with spirits, the mostfamous of which are the kings of Water, Fire and Wind, represented by shamans who areinvolved in rain-making (44)___________ and other rituals. Funeral rites are particularlycomplex and expensive: after the burial, (45)____________ is built over the grave andevocative sculptures of people, birds and objects from everyday life are placed inside.Note: evocative (adj) making you remember or imagine something pleasant.VI)-Fill in each blank with a, an, or the to complete the following passage.(46)__________ history of Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture started in 1891 when (47)____________ French scientist began to collect Cham sculptures that had been discovered in scattered areas of Quang Nam Province and brought them to Da Nang.(48)___________ first museum building was designed by French architects, and construction began in 1915 and was finished by May 1916.(49)___________ Museum has played (50)_________ important role in preserving sculpture items featuring the cultural, spiritual and ritual lives of the Cham people. They arranged (51)___________ displays in order of (52)__________ areas where (53)____________ objects were found.VII)-Make questions for the underlined words in the following answers.54. Ethnic groups in Central Highlands have the custom of making funeral houses and statues for the dead.__________________________________________________________________ ?55. People in the Central Highlands believe that man after death will move to another world.__________________________________________________________________?56. If the dead were not buried in beautiful graves, they would return and harass the living.__________________________________________________________________ ?57. Making funeral houses and cutting wooden statues are the way of building palaces and supply slaves to the dead in the other world.__________________________________________________________________ ?58. People in the Central Highlands use three tools to make statues.__________________________________________________________________?59. The topics for funeral statues are taken from modern life .__________________________________________________________________?VIII)-Choose the word or phrase among A, B, or that best fits the blank space in the following passage.The Muong (60)_______________ ethnic roots with the Vietnamese people andtheir language is classified in the Vietnamese-Muong language branch. The Muong live in(61)____________ areas which have abundant land for (62)___________ wet rice. In aMuong hamlet, stilt houses are located in the shade of big trees, huddle against themountain, and (63)_________ out on vast rice fields. Muong house is designed tomaximize convenient use and air ventilation to counter the warm, humid mountain climate.The Muong’s (64)_________ is special. Men often wear round-neck shirt whichopens in the front and has two pockets. Their pants have large trouser legs. The Muongwomen wear long, black dress and white or brown shirt with line of buttons in thefront and long sleeves. They wind white or indigo headscarf (65)__________ their head.The Muong have (66)__________ folk arts including folk songs and poems, sorcerer’sworshiping songs, tales, and riddle songs. The gong is (67)____________ popular musicalinstrument (68)__________ the flute, the (69)____________ violin, the drum, and thepanpipe.60. A. have B. share C. divide D. Cut61. A. mountain B. mount C. mountainous D. Hill62. A. growing B. harvesting C. putting D. Raising63. A. watch B. see C. stare D. Look64. A. cloth B. material C. costume D. costumes65. A. out B. around C. at D. above66. A. diverse B. diversity C. variety D. range67. A. most B. the most C. more D. the more68. A. together B. as well C. along D. along with69. A. two strings B. two-string C. two string D. second-stringIX)-Read the passage, and then choose the best answer.The Space of Gong Culture in Central HighlandsThe space of gong culture in Central Highlands of Viet Nam covers provinces ofKon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong. The masters of gong culture are theethnic groups of Ba Na, Xo Dang, M’Nong, Co Ho, Ro Mam, De, Giarai… The gongperformances are always closely tied to community cultural rituals and ceremonies of theethnic groups in Central Highlands. Many researchers have classified gongs as ceremonialmusical instrument and the gong sounds as means to communicate with deities and gods.The gongs are made of bronze. Their diameter is from 20 cm to 60cm or from90cm to 120cm. set of gongs consists of to 12 or 13 units and even to 18 or 20 units insome places.In most of the ethnic groups, namely Giarai, Ede Kpah, Ba Na, Xo Dang, Brau, CoHo, etc., only males are allowed to play gongs. However, in others such as Ma and M’Nonggroups, both males and females can play gongs. Few ethnic groups (for example, de Bih),gongs are performed by women only.As for the majority of ethnic groups in Central Highlands, gongs are musicalinstruments of sacred power. It is believed that every gong is the settlement of god whogets more powerful as the gong is older. Therefore, gongs are associated to all events inone’s life, such as the inauguration of new houses, funerals, buffalo sacrifice, new harvest,