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CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTPART 1(6 QUESTIONS)Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.There is one example.Example :You go up or down between floors in this lift1CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTQuestions :1. People go to this place to drink or eat, and talk to their friends. ______2. You can read books here or take them home to read. ______3. You can buy food and clothes here. ______4. Apples, bananas, lemons and oranges are examples of this. ______5. You wash your body and your hair in this. ______6. You sit and eat in field or on beach for this. ______PART 2(6 QUESTIONS )Look and read. Write YES or No There are two examples.ExamplesA pirate is sitting on box. YESThere are six hippos in the pictures. NO2CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTQuestions:1. The girls are playing game of badminton. _________2. There is green and yellow parrot on the boy’s shoulder. _________3. big monkey is climbing mountain. _________4. woman with long dress has got bowl of pineapple. _________5. There is big snake in the tree above the crocodile. _________6. man and woman are crossing the river in boat. _________PART (6 QUESTIONS )Read the text and choose the best answer. There is one example.Example Nick Hello, Jane .Jane Hello, NickB Goodbye, Nick.C Thank you, Nick.3CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTQuestions:1 Nick: Where did you go at the weekend ?Jane: go to see Kim in her new house.B went to see Kim in her new house.C can to see Kim in her new house.2. Nick: Where does she live ?Jane In your house.B In the lake.C In village.3. Nick: Does she like her new house ?Jane: Yes, we did.B Yes, she does.C Yes, you do.4. Nick: How’s her brother, Ben ?Jane: He’s fine.B He’s tall with brown hair.C He’s eight.5. Nick: What did you do with Kim on Saturday ?Jane: You sailed boat with her.B She went fishing with you.C We swam in the lake.6. Nick: Great Can go with you to see Kim and Ben one day ?Jane: OK.B So do I.C Yes, can.4CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTPART 4(7 QUESTIONS)Read the story. Choose word from the box. Write the correct word nextto numbers 1-6. There is one example.Sally and her family lived on farm. They had lot of animals: sheep,cows goats, chickens and horses. Every morning before school, Sally went tosee her grey horse, “Cloud”. She gave him some (1) _____________ to eat forhis breakfast and talked to him. Then she said goodbye. But last Friday shedidn’t (2) ____________ Cloud’s door carefully when she went to see him. Sally went to school in Dad’s (3) ______________. In class that morning,the teacher drew horse on the (4) _______________. “Now you draw one!”he said. Sally started to draw Cloud. Then she looked out of the (5)_______________. There was Cloud!“ Look children,” said the teacher”There’s horse in the playground. You can draw it.”“That’s my horse!” said Sally. The children laughed. After the class, Sally(6) ____________ home on Cloud.(7) Now choose the best name for the story. Tick one box.Cloud goes to school.Cloud has lesson.The teacher draws Cloud5CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTPART 5(10 QUESTIONS)Look at the pictures and read the story. Write words to complete thesentences about the story. You can use 1,2 or words.On Sunday, Jim went to the mountains with his parents. In the afternoon, itsnowed. At home that evening, Jim wasn’t very well. “You’ve got temperature,Jim,” his mum said. Have some soup and then go to bed.” But he didn’t wantany soup. He wasn’t hungry.Examples:Jim and his parents went to the mountains on Sunday.On Sunday afternoon, it snowed .Questions:1. Jim had ________________ on Sunday evening.2. Jim didn’t have ______________ because he wasn’t hungry.Jim slept all night, but he wasn’t better in the morning. He didn’t go to schoolthat day. He was too ill and he slept all day. He got up in the evening and6CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTwatched television. His mum gave him some chicken and rice, but he wasn’thungry. He only ate some rice and drank some milk. He went to bed, but hewasn’t tired. He didn’t sleep very well. He woke up in the night and read hisbook.3. In the morning, _________________ wasn’t better.4. Jim couldn’t go to _________________ that day because he was too ill.5. The only thing that Jim ate was ___________________.6. When Jim woke up that night, he ____________________.In the morning, Jim was sad. “Today’s my birthday,” he thought, “… but can’tgo to school and see my friends“, But Jim’s mum and dad gave him greatpresent- new computer. He was very happy because he loved computer games.Then some of his friends from school came to see him. “Happy Birthday!” theysaid. “This is for you, too!” It was Jim’s favorite DVD! On Wednesday, he wentback to school because he was better again.7. Jim’s parents gave him _________________ for his birthday.8. Some of Jim’s _________________ went to see him.9. Jim’s second present was _____________________.10. Jim went back to school on ________________ when he was better.7CAMBRIDGE READING AND WRITING TESTPART 6(5 QUESTIONS)Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines.CHOOSING PETExample Choosing the right pet is difficult. You have to think very carefully Dogs like being with people and need to (1) __________for long walks. They are good pets for people (2) __________ live in the country. Cats are happy in towns, but it’s good for them to have garden to play (3) _____________ run in. (4) __________ people love smaller animals like mice, snakes or spiders! When you choose pet, think (5) ___________ these questions: What kind of home does it need? What does it like to eat? And where does it like to play?Example have must canQuestions:1 going go went2 who which when3 and than because4 The Some5 about after above8Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.