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tên thí sinh:...............................................ọS báo danh:..................................................ố MÔN Ti ng Anh 11 Bài 4)ế ốMã thi 208ềI. Pronunciation: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.Câu A. arriv ed B. mov ed C. mend ed D. play edCâu A. decid ed B. phon ed C. need ed D. arrest edCâu A. hop es B. arriv es C. stop D. look sCâu 4. A. st pid B. mbrella C. nhappy D. sbandII. Vocabulary and grammar: Choose the best answer to complete the sentenceCâu 5: think nobody likes to live in polluted city, ________?A. do B. don’t C. don’t they D. do theyCâu 6: If don't have to go to school, _______ my mother with the housework.A. usually helps B. will helps C. usually help D. usually will helpCâu 7: Let's start our discussion on global warming,________ ?A. will you B. shall we C. won’t you D. shan’t weCâu 8: lot of visitors to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park are keen on cave _______A. explore B. excavate C. geology D. explorationCâu 9: The final thing _______ is to admire the corals from distance and not to break off any pieces to takehome as souvenirs.A. remembered B. remembering C. to remember D. rememberCâu 10: Melanie was the only person __________ letter of thanks.A. written B. writing C. wrote D. to writeCâu 11: The house ______ in the storm has now been rebuilt.A. which destroyed B. destroyed C. destroying D. that is destroyedCâu 12: live in pleasant room ____________ the garden.A. overlooking B. overlooked C. which overlooking D. to overlookCâu 13: Visitors should avoid shops _______ unusual relics from the area.A. sell B. selling C. to sell D. soldCâu 14: Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex includes both natural and _______ sites.A. culturals B. culture C. cultural D. argriculturalCâu 15: Why don't we ______?A. go there by train B. to go there by train C. going there by train D. go to there by trainCâu 16: There aren't any shops or restaurants in this street, ________?A. aren’t there B. are there C. are they D. are theseCâu 17: Stop playing this computer game and do your homework, ________ ?A. will it B. won’t it C. won’t they D. will youCâu 18: Here are some of the things _______ when visiting heritage site.A. avoiding B. avoided C. to avoid D. avoidCâu 19: Air ________ is threatening the health of older people and children.A. global warming B. deforestation C. acid rain D. pollutionCâu 20: This is what we need for our new house, ________ ?A. is it B. isn’t this C. isn’t it D. don’t weCâu 21: This is Mr. Jones, _______ invention has helped hundreds of deaf people.A. which B. whom C. who D. whoseCâu 22: suggest ______A. visiting Thien Mu Pagoda B. visit Thien Mu PagodaC. to visit Thien Mu Pagoda D. to visiting Thien Mu PagodaCâu 23: How about ______ ?A. to explore Paradise Cave B. explore Paradise CaveC. to exploring Paradise Cave D. exploring Paradise CaveCâu 24: tour guide is taking us to Ha Long Bay. He can speak three languages.A. The tour guide taking us to Ha Long Bay can speak three languages.B. The tour guide taking us to Ha Long Bay can’t speak three languages.C. The tour guide who is taking us to Ha Long Bay can’t speak three languages.D. The tour guide is taking us to Ha Long Bay can speak three languages.Câu 25: Choose the correct sentenceA. If leave fish out of water, it will dies. B. If he doesn't wear helmet, he'll fine up to 200,000 VND.C. If heated water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils.D. If have long holiday, usually go to (Nha Trang).Câu 26: The pagoda was damaged in the storm. It has now been rebuilt.A. The pagoda which was damaged in the storm has now been rebuilt.B. The pagoda damaged in the storm has now been rebuilt.C. The pagoda which damaged in the storm has now been rebuilt.D. are correctIII. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers OPEN UNIVERSITIES AUSTRALIAOpen Universities Australia, an online higher education organisation, is run by seven universities. It offersAustralian and (27) ____students the opportunity to study academic subjects and (28) _____ modules at theirown pace, and in their own time. The units of study and the (29) _____ students achieve are identical to thoseawarded to on-campus students. Open Universities Australia offers: bridging and short courses, vocationaleducation and training modules and courses, university (30) _____ units, postgraduate units and courses, and alibrary service. As Open Universities Australia has no entry (31) _____or limits on places, it offers students theflexibility to study at home in any or all of four study periods each year, starting in March, June, September,and December.Câu 27: A. overseas B. vocational C. requirements D. qualificationsCâu 28: A. vocational B. qualifications C. overseas D. requirementsCâu 29: A. requirements B. qualifications C. overseas D. vocationalCâu 30: A. undergraduate B. requirements C. overseas D. qualificationsCâu 31: A. overseas B. requirements C. qualifications D. vocationalIV. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. It is located on the Niagara Riveralong the border between two countries: the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls actually consists of threefalls. The American Falls lie on the United States side of the border, in the state of New York. The HorseshoeFalls lie mainly on the Canadian side. The Bridal Veil Falls, which are the smallest, are also on the Americanside. It is estimated that 85% of the water in Niagara River flows over the Horseshoes Falls, which are themost impressive of the three waterfalls.Each year about 10 million people visit the falls, mainly in the summer tourist season. Visitors can take boatride right up to the edge of the falls or view them from the parks on both sides of the river. There are manyother attractions for visitors; they can enjoy the wildflowers and trees in the beautiful Botanical Gardens, visitthe Niagara Falls Farmers Market or History Museum, or explore the lakes or hiking trails in the area.Câu 32: Which of the following is on the United States side the border with Canada?A. Niagara Falls B. American Falls C. Niagara River D. Horseshoes FallsCâu 33: It can be inferred that Horseshoes Falls…………..A. lie in the state of New York B. are not impressiveC. are the most powerful of the three falls D. attract 10 million visitors each yearCâu 34: Tourists enjoy visiting the falls most in ……………..A. summer B. spring C. winter D. autumnCâu 35: Where can tourists view the falls?A. From the surrounding mountains B. From boats or the surrounding parksC. From aeroplanes D. From trains and hiking trailsCâu 36: Which of the following attractions is not mentioned?A. Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens B. Niagara Falls Butterfly ConservatoryC. Niagara Falls History Museum D. Niagara Falls Farmers MarketCâu 37: Your brother(A) never goes out with his friends (B) if he hasn't finished(C) his homework, hashe(D) ?Câu 38: Everything's(A) been prepared(B) for(C) the project, isn't it(D) ?Câu 39: Plants would die if they don't get enough water .Câu 40: They’ve(A) been new plan(B) to treat waste water(C) in the city, hasn't there(D)