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Doc24.vnA. Phonetics trang Unit Sách bài (SBT) Ti ng Anh iậ ớA. Phonetics Ng âmữ1.a. Write word under each picture. All the words should contain /bl/ or /cl/.Vi bên tranh. các nên bao /bl/ ho /cl/.ế ướ ặb. Put the words into the right columns. Then say them aloud.Đt các vào bên ph i. đc to chúng.ặ ọKEYa.1. black (màu đen)2. clock (đng )ồ ồ3. class (l c)ớ ọ4. cloud (đám mây)5. clown (chú )ề6. blue (màu xanh bi n)ướ ể7. clothes (qu áo)ầ8. blouse (áo )ữ9. blow (th i)ổb.2. Underline the words with /bl/ or /cl/ in the sentences. Then read the sentences aloud.G ch chân nh ng /bl/ ho /cl/ trong câu. đc to các câu.ạ ọ1. The garden is blossoming beautifully. (Khu đang hoa đp)ườ ẹ2. enjoy picking blackberries in the woods. (Tôi thích hái dây đen trong ng)ừ3. The sky looks so clear and blue in the countryside. (B tr trong và xanh mi quê)ầ ề4. After the surve we have to report our findings to theỵ class. (Sau khi làm th ng kê, chúng tôi ph iố ảbáo cáo tr p)ướ ớ5. Click the mouse twice to open this file. (Ch chu này)ọ ệ6. My favourite colour is blue. (Màu yêu thích tôi là màu xanh bi n)ủ ướ ểKEYDoc24.vn1. The garden is blossoming beautifully.2. enjoy picking blackberries in the woods.3. The sky looks so clear and blue in the countryside.4. After the surve we have to report our findings to theỵ class .5. Click the mouse twice to open this file.6. My favourite colour is blue .B. Vocabulary Grammar trang 10 Unit Sách bài (SBT) Ti ng Anh iậ ớB. Vocabulary Grammar ng Ng phápừ ữ1. Verbs and nouns that go together. In each box, circle one noun which does not go with the verb.Đng và danh đi nhau. Trong ôm khoanh tròn danh mà không đi đng .ộ KEYa. taxi (xe taxi)b. the chickens (nh ng con gà)ữc. milk (s a)ữd. courage (dũng m)ảe. an answer (câu tr i)ả ờf. fish (con cá)g. posts (các ph m)ư ẩh. meat (th t)ị 2. Choose one noun from each box and write sentence using it with the corresponding verb.Ch danh và vi câu dùng danh đó đng ng ng.ọ ươ ứExample:Doc24.vnride/ camel —> would like to know how it feels to ride camel. KEYStudents' answers sinh tr iọ 3. Use the adjectives below to complete the sentences.S ng tính đây hoàn thành các câu.ử ướ 1. love the people in my village. They are so _______ and hospitable.2. sometimes lie and watch the _______ movement of the clouds.3. Some peoples in the mountains of north Viet Nam used to have _______ life. They moved to getfood and find new lands for growing rice.4. Don't worry. It's _______ to travel here, even at night.5. It's so _______ to send letter from my village. The nearest post office is miles away.6. Be _______! There's an exam going on.7. love the _______ sky on starry nights. It looks fantastic.8. The Tasadays are _______ tribe.They never fight and never hit their children.KEY1. friendly (thân thi n)ệ2. slow (ch rãi)ậ3. nomadic (du canh du )ư4. safe (an toàn)5. inconvenient (b ti n)ấ ệ6. quiet (yên tĩnh)7. vast (kh ng )ổ ồDoc24.vn8. peaceful (bình yên) 4. Use the words in the right­hand column in the correct forms to complete the sentences.S ng bên tay ph ng đúng hoàn thành câu.ử 1. We children enjoy ___________ around the tields,shouting and laughing happily.2. The ___________ have very hard life. They cannot livepermanently in one place.3. The hills are ___________ in spring when the wild flowers bloom.4. Everybody has to work hard for world ___________.5. ___________ horse is one of the skills every nomadic child in Mongolia has to learn.6. My sister has beautiful ___________ of paper dolls.KEY1. running (ch y)ạ2. nomads (dân du canh du )ư3. colourful (nhi màu c)ề ắ4. peace (bình yên)5. Riding (C i)ưỡ6. collection (b p)ộ 5. Some of the comparisons in these sentences are incorrect. Underline and correct the mistakes.M vài so sánh trong các câu sau là sai. ch chân và sai.ộ ỗ1. The cost of living in the countryside is more low than in the City.Doc24.vn2. In general, putting up tent is not as difficult than building house.3. Harvest is the busiest time of year in the countryside.4. Dogs are much more better than human beings at detecting smells.5. Life in big city is more exciting than life in small town.6. This cottage is near to the main road than that red one.7. The paddy fields in the mountains are usually not as large as those in the lowlands.8. The path through Dead Valley is the most dangerous in my countr .ỵKEY1. Incorrect => lower than (m sứ ố2. In correct => as difficult as 3. Correct4. Incorrect => better than5. Correct6. Incorrect => nearer to the main road than7. Correct8. Correct6. Use verb in the brackets in their correct forms of comparison to completethe sentences.S ng đng trong ngo th đúng so sánh hoàn thành câu.ử ể1. village is much _________ city in size. (small)2. Of the three types of cattle in the Mongolian desert, the sheep is _________. (slow)3. City has _________ activities than the countryside. (interesting)4. The City offers more services. It's much _________ the countr side. (convenient)ỵ5. My village has onl 1,200 people. It's not _________ the City, (crovvded)ỵ6. In the countryside, harvest time is often _________ and _________ time. (busy, hard)7. Some people think that country folk are _________ cityvpeople. (friendl )ỵ8. Which one is _________, the City or the countryside? (noisy) KEY1. smaller than (nh n)ỏ ơDoc24.vn2. the slowest (ch nh t)ậ ấ3. more/less interesting (thú n/ít thú n)ị ơ4. more convenient than (ti n)ệ ơ5. as crowded as (đông nh )ư6. the busiest, the hardest (b nh t/khó khăn nh t)ậ ấ7. more friendly than (thân thi n)ệ ơ8. noisier ào n)ồ 7. For each group, choose the correct sentence or B.V nhóm, ch câu đúng ho B.ớ ặ1.A. It usually snows more heavily in the mountains than in the lowlands.B. It usually snows heavier in the mountains than in the lowlands.2.A. Those farmers work much harder on their farms than we can imagine.B. Those farmers work much more hard on their farms than we can imagine.3.A. City children often react more quickly to technical developments country children.B. City children often react more quickly to technical developments than country children.4.A. The colour orange shines more brightly in the sun than the colour blue.B. The colour orange shines brightly in the sun than the colour blue.5.A. I'm not sure who lives more happily: nomads or City dwellers.B. I'm not sure who lives happier: nomads or City dwellers.6.A. ger can be more easy pulled down than house.B. ger can be more easily pulled down than house.KEYDoc24.vn1. (Tr th ng tuy mi núi nhi so đng ng)ờ ườ ằ2. (Nh ng ng nôn gdân th ng làm vi trên đng ru ng siêng năng chúng ta ngữ ườ ườ ưởt ng.)ượ3. (Tr em thành ph th ng ph ng phát tri công ngh nhanh tr em nôngẻ ườ ẻthôn)4. (Màu cam sáng ánh sáng tr màu xanh.)ự ướ ơ5. (tôi không ch ai ng nh phúc n: dân du canh du hay ng đnh )ắ ườ ư6. (M cái nhà có th cái nhà)ộ ộC. Speaking trang 12 Unit Sách bài (SBT) Ti ng Anh iậ ớC. Speaking Nói1.a. Say the definit ons and match them with the correct words.ỉNói đnh nghĩa và chúng đúng.ị b. Make complete def nitions from the information in and practise saying them aloud.ỉLàm nh ng đnh nghĩa hoàn ch nh theo thông tin câu và đc to chúng.ữ ọExample:A buffalo is an animal which is used for ploughing the fields.KEYa.1. (đng )ồ ỏ2. (b y, đàn)ầ3. (v mùa)ụ4. (xe trâu bò kéo)Doc24.vn5. (con di u)ề6. (con trâub. Students' answersH sinh tr iọ 2. Choose one of the words below and make mini­talk in which the word is used.Ch đc dùng đây và làm đo nói nh mà trong đó đó đc ng.ọ ượ ướ ượ ụExample:A camel is big animal with one or two humps on its back. It often lives in the desert. It is used to carrypeople and goods. It's good íriend of the nomads. KEYStudents' answersH sinh tr iọ ờD. Reading trang 13 Unit Sách bài (SBT) Ti ng Anh iậ ớD. Reading Đcọ1. Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.Đc bài vi và làm theo yêu sau đó.ọ ầDoc24.vnMY VILLAGE1. ___________I live in village by the Mekong River. Every day, like most of my friends, walk to school. It is threekilometres away. After class, often help my mother to collect water from the river and feed thechickens. At the weekend, the villagers often gather at the community hall where there is TV. Theadults watchTV, but more often they talk about their farm work and exchange news.The children runaround, playing games and shouting merrily. Laughter is heard everywhere.2. ___________My father sometimes takes me to the market town nearby where he sells our home products likevegetables, fruits, eggs... He then buys me an ice cream and lets me take ride on the electric train in thetown square. love those trips.3. ___________On starry nights, we children lie on the grass, looking at the sky and daring each other to find the MilkyWay. We dream of faraway places. a. Choose the correct heading for each paragraph.Ch đúng cho đo văn.ọ ạA. Our dreams B. Life in the village C. My trips to townb. Find word/ phrase from the passage which matches the definition.Tìm /c bài vi có nghĩa ng .ộ ươ ự1. Get water from river and bring it home2. Give food3. place where the villagers can gather for important events4. place where Street is used for the locals to sell their home products5. Sit on bus or train for it to take you around6. Challenging somebody to do something difficultc. Choose the best ansvver.1. The boy often helps his parents:A. to collect water from the village wellB. to sell the vegetablesC. to collect eggs from the chicken shedD. to feed the chickensDoc24.vn2. The villagers gather at the community hallA. every dayB. once monthC. only when there is an important eventD. at the weekend3. The thing the boy enjoys better than other things on his trips to town is:A. he can sell his home ProductsB. he feels grown­upC. he can ride on the electric trainD. he can buy his father an ice cream4. The village children dream aboutA. having school that is nearerB. having TV at homeC. finding the Milky WayD. travelling to faraway placesKEYTôi ng ngôi làng bên sông Mekong. ngày, nh bè tôi, tôi đi đn tr ng.ố ườKho ng cách là 3km. Sau gi c, tôi th ng giúp sông và cho gà ăn. Vào cu tu n,ả ườ ướ ầdân làng th ng trung nh ng đng có TV. Ng xem TV, nh ng hay nói vườ ườ ềcông vi đng áng và trao đôi tin n. tr con ch vòng quanh, ch trò ch và hò hét vuiệ ơv Ti ng nói i.ẻ ườ ơB tôi th nh tho ng tôi đi ch th tr đó ông bán ph gia đình nh rau, tráiố ưcây, tr ng,... ông mua kem cho tôi và tôi đi tàu đi góc th tr n. Tôi yêu nh ng chuy nứ ếđi đó.Vào nh ng đêm sao, tr con chúng tôi dài trên bãi nhìn lên tr và nhau tìm đc iữ ượ ảNgân Hà. Chúng tôi nh ng xa.ơ a.1. (cu ng làng quê)ộ ố2. (nh ng chuy đi tôi đn th tr n)ữ ấ3. (nh ng gi chúng tôi)ữ ủb.
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