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Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh

It is true that there have been great (1) _____ in technology over the last forty years. For example, the
uses of mobile phones and email communication are common these days, (2) _____, machines could
never do as good a job as a human, especially when it comes to interpreting what people are (3) _____.
Of cause, machines can translate plain statements such as “Where is the bank?” but even simple
statements are not always straightforward because meaning depends on more than just words. For
instance, the word “bank” has a number of different meanings in English. How does a translating
machine know which meaning to take? In order to understand what people are saying you need to take
into account the (4) _____ between speakers and their situation. A machine cannot tell the difference
between the English expression “Look out” meaning “Be careful!” and “Look out” meaning “Put your
head out of the window”. You need a human being to interpret the situation. Similar with written
language, it is difficult for a machine to know how to translate accurately because we rarely translate
every word.(5)_____ the contrary, we try to take into consideration how the idea would be expressed in
the other language. This is hard to do because every language has its own way of doing and saying this.
1. A. advances

B. steps

C. progress

D. advantage

2. A. moreover

B. in addition

C. However

D. besides

3. A. talking

B. saying

C. speaking

D. telling

4. A. relations

B. relationship

C. attitude

D. action

5. A. With

B. For

C. On

D. By

Have you ever asked yourself what you’re working for? If you have ever had the time to (1) _____ this
taboo question, or put it to others in moments of weakness or confidentially, you (2) _____well have
heard some or all of the following. It’s the money of course, some say with a smile, as if explaining
something to a small child. Or it’s a satisfaction of a job well done, the sense of achievement behind the
clinching of (3) _____ important deal. I worked as a bus conductor once, and I can say I felt the same
as I staggered along the swaying gangway trying to give out tickets without falling over into someone’s
lap. It’s the company of other people perhaps, but if that is the (4) _____, what about farmers? Is it a
conversation in the farmyard that keeps them captivated by the job? Work is power and sense of status
say those who have either attained these elusive goals, or feel aggrieved that nobody has yet recognized
their leadership qualities. Or we can blame it all on my breath, which if most of us work rather as Mr.
Micawber lived, hoping for something to turn up, we’ll win the pools, and tell the boss what we really
think. We’ll scrape together the money and open that little shop we always dreamed of, or go around
the world, or spend more time in the garden. One day we’ll get that (5) _____ we deserve, but until then
at least, we have something to do. And we are so busy doing it that we won’t have time to wonder why.

Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
1. A. consider

B. meditate

C. purpose

D. launch

2. A. will

B. ought

C. might

D. would

3. A. a

B. an

C. the

D. 0

4. A. case

B. one

C. question

D. former

5. A. ambition

B. promotion

C. vocation

D. station


Keeping fit and staying healthy have, not surprisingly, become a growing industry. Quite apart from the
amount of money spent each year on doctors’ (1)______ and approved medical treatment, huge sums
are now spent in health foods and remedies of various kinds, from vitamin pills to mineral water, not to
mention health clubs and keep-fit books and videos. We are more concerned than ever, it seems,
(2)_____ the water we drink and the air we breathe, and are smoking less. though not yet drinking less
alcohol. This does not appear to mean that (3)_____ and sneezes have been banished, or that we can all
expect to live to a hundred. To give a personal example, one of my friends, who is a keep-fit fanatic, a
non-smoker and teetotaler, and who is very interested in what he eats, is at present languishing n bed
with a wrist in plaster and a badly sprained ankle. part of his healthy (4)_____ is to play squash every
day after work, and that accounts for the ankle. He also cycles where, and if you have ever tried to cycle
through the rush-hour traffic with a sprained ankle, you will understand how he acquired the broken
wrist. For health, it seems, is not just a matter of a good diet and plenty of exercise. Too much exercise
can be harmful, as many joggers have discovered. Eating the right food can easily become an obsession.
as can overworking, which you might have to do as to be able to afford your (5)_____ of the squash
club, your mountain bike, your health food, and a few holidays in peaceful and healthy place.

1. A. prescriptions

B. surgeries

C. hospitals

D. payments

2. A. than

B. about

C. for

D. hence

3. A. colds

B. coughs

C. flu

D. fevers

4. A. living

B. lifetime

C. lifestyle

D. liveliness

5. A. share

B. visit

C. membership


Crime, as we are all aware, has been a growing problem all over the world in the last thirty years. But
we are not (1) _____ against crime. Much is being done-and more can be done to reverse the trend. You
can play a part in it. The first step towards preventing crime is understanding its nature. Most crime is
for property, not (2) _____ and most is not carried out by professionals; nor is it carefully planned.
Property crimes thrive on the easy opportunity. They are often (3)_____ by adolescents and young men,

Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
the majority of whom stop offending as they grow older – the peak age for offending is fifteen. Also,
and not surprisingly, the risk of being a victim of crime varies greatly depending on where you live. This
reliance by criminals on the easy opportunity is the key to much crime prevention. Motor cars, for
example, are a sitting target for the criminal. Surveys have shown that approximately one in five drivers
do not always bother to secure their cars by locking all the doors and shutting all the window. In 30
percent of domestic burglaries, the burglar simply walks in without having to use force. If opportunities
like these did not exist, criminals would have a much harder time. The chances are that many crimes
would not be committed, which would release more police time for (4) _____ crime. Of course, the
primary responsibility for coping with crime rests with the police and the courts, but, if you care about
improving the (5) _____ of life for yourself and your community, there are many ways you can help
reverse the trend.

1. A. unprepared

B. hopeless

C. powerless

D. weak

2. A. the victim

B. the public

C. residents

D. citizens

3. A. performed

B. started

C. committed

D. done

4. A. removing

B. facing

C. tackling

D. dealing

5. A. quality

B. peacefulness

C. enjoyment

D. way

A recent experiment has shown that the British postal service is less (1) _____ than it was 150 years
ago. A national newspaper sent a letter to Bristol, which is in the South-west of England. They posted
the letter in London on Tuesday the 4th, April, using a first class stamp, which means that it should arrive
the next day. On the same day, they (2) _____ a horse and carriage, and gave another letter to driver.
Then they sat back to (3) _____ what would happen. The letter which was taken by horse and carriage
arrived after three days. It was impossible for the horse to reach Bristol in a single day, so both the horse
and driver stayed overnight in a hotel – not in the same room, we hoped! However, the letter which went
by Royal Mail didn’t arrive until six days later. Naturally, the Post Office was very embarrassed, and
said that the vast majority of first (4)_____ letters would arrive the next day; this one was just an
unfortunate mistake, but so many people have had the same experience with the post that you begin to
wonder if we would be better off (5)_____ all the post by horse again.
1. A, efficient

B. effect

C. serviced

D. used

2. A. hired

B. rented

C. had

D. used

3. A. watch

B. wait

C. see

D. know

4. A. price

B. kind

C. class

D. type

5. A. posting

B. sending

C. transforming



Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
The BBC is based at Broadcasting House in London, although it has offices in many other parts of the
country. It is (1) ______ by a board of governors appointed by the government but once appointed, this
board has complete freedom and the government cannot decide. Everyone who gets or rents a television
set has to pay a yearly bill. There is no (2) _____ on BBC radio or television, and it is by the sale of
licenses (3) _____ the BBC gets most of its money. An annual license for a color set costs twice as much
as for a black and white set. The BBC is the not mouthpiece of the government. On the contrary, all the
major political parties have equal rights to give political show, and each party sometimes complains that
the BBC is prejudiced to it. There are four radio channels, each of which “specializes”. Radio 1 has
mainly pop music; Radio 2 has light music, comedy, sport; Radio 3 has classical and twentieth century
music, talks on serious matters, plays ancient and modern. Radio 4 specializes in the spoken word – the
main news reports, talks and discussions, plays, etc. In addition, the BBC has local radio stations in
many cities and districts. The BBC also broadcasts news and information about Britain to countries all
over the world. This World Service provides programmers in forty different languages, as well as
English. The BBC has two television channels: BBC 1 and BBC. BBC 2 shows more serious
programmers than BBC 1 – documentaries and discussions, adaptations of novels into plays and serials,
operas and concerts. BBC 1 programmers (4) _____ largely of lighter plays and series, humor and sport,
but there are also some interesting documentaries. BBC 2 is witched by only 10 percent of all (5) _____
Radio and television programmers for the week are published in the BBC periodical Radio Times. The
BBC publishes another weekly periodical The Listener, in which a selection of radio and TV talks are
1. A. controlled

B. directed

C. led

D. operated

2. A. advertising

B. sport

C. entertainment

D. film

3. A. what

B. and

C. that

D. which

4. A. consist

B. compose

C. include

D. conclude

5. A. viewers

B. spectators

C. watchers

D. audience

Television has changed the lifestyle of people in every industrialized country in the world. In the United
State, where sociologists have studied the effects, some interesting observations have been made.
Television, although not essential, has become a (n) (1) _____ part of most people’s lives. It has become
a baby – sister, an initiator of conversations, a major transmitter of culture, a keeper of traditions. Yet
when what can be seen on TV in one day is critically analyzed, it becomes evident that television is not
a teacher but a sustainer. The poor (2) _____ of programming does not elevate people into greater
understanding, but rather maintains and encourages the status quo.
The primary reason for the lack of quality in American television, is related to both the history of TV
programming development and the economics of TV. Television in America began with the radio. Radio
companies and their sponsors first (3) _____with television. Therefore, the close relationship, which the
advertisers had with radio programs’ became the system for American TV. Sponsors not only paid
money for time within programs, but many actually produced the programs. Thus, coming from the
capitalistic, profit-oriented sector of American – society, television is primarily concerned with

Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
reflecting and attracting society rather than (4) _____ an experimenting with new ideas. Advertisers
want to attract the largest viewing audience possible; to do so requires that the programs be entertaining
rather than challenging.
Television in America today remains, to a large extent, with the same organization and standards as it
had thirty years ago. The hope for some evolution and true achievement toward improving society will
require a change in the (5) _____ system.
1. A. integral

B. mixed

C. fractional

D. superior

2. A. quantity

B. quality

C. effect

D. product

3. A. experimented

B. tried

C. did

D. made

4. A. reflecting

B. innovating

C. attracting

5. A. total

B. full

C. entire

D. entertaining
D. complete

Before 1855, Japan had been virtually unknown. Since 1638, the Japanese island has been sealed off
from the rest of the world, although the Japanese leaders, through very limited (1)… with Dutch traders,
were able to obtain some information about what was going (2)… outside. The isolation of Japan for
over two hundred year, with no Japanese permitted to leave the country, and no foreigner allowed to
land, is one of the most remarkable stories in the world history. The impact of Japan on Europe and
America in the late nineteenth century was small compared with the impact of the west on Japan. The
Japanese understood that the secret of European military, political and commercial power (3)… in their
industrial technology; they learned what was happening to China; they decided to learn as much as they
could about Western advanced organization and to apply that knowledge to technology their country
into the modern, industrial nation. The results have been transforming. Little more than a century after
being opened up to the rest of the world, Japan is third largest industrial (4)… producer in the world,
only by the USA and the USSR, and has the highest living (5)… of any Asian nation.
1. A. link
2. A. there

B. connect
B. on

C. touch

D. contact

C. at

D. to

3. A. lay

B. laid

C. placed

D. based

4. A. proud

B. fast

C. amazing

D. good

5. A. surpassed

B. passed

C. overcome

D. crossed

One of the hazards that electronic media like the television, radio or computer (1)… these days is the
decline in book reading. The concern applies mainly to the younger generation who are strongly (2)…
by the glamour of the silver screen and, consequently, don’t recognize the importance of acquiring firsthand information from book. To encourage reading for pleasure and to propagate a wide array of
publication like encyclopedias, (3)… books, manuals or fiction radical solutions should be applied.
Firstly, more emphasis ought to be placed on the educational factor. Youngster should be made to feel
comfortable while reading for either information or self-satisfaction in public places like airports, buses

Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
or on the beach. Secondly, libraries must be subsidized more accurately in order to provide the potential
reader with ample choice of publication and to become more publically active so as to as put books at
people’s disposal rather than to keep them under lock and key. Fun collecting activities organized by
libraries might also (4)… the public awareness of the advantages of becoming engrossed in a good book.
Finally, the mass media themselves might contribute substantially by recommending the purchase of
valuable best-sellers and inspiring their viewers to (5)… their knowledge and erudition, and thus help
them to develop the habit of spontaneous everyday reading.
1. A. denote

B. play

C. arise

D. pose

2. A. exposed

B. tempted

C. submitted

D. involved

3. A. referral

B. referable

C. referee

D. reference

4. A. raise

B. amplify

C. inflate

D. expand

5. A. enrich

B. magnify

C. arouse

D. elaborate

All sorts of people need to know what the weather is going to do. They do not all want to know the same
information for the same period of time, however. For someone (1) _____ a small boat across the lake,
wind or rain on that day will matter whereas a farmer might be more interested in the chances of rain
over the next six months. The one thing they (2) _____ need, however, is totally dependable information.
And it is for this reason that forecasting is a very big international business. Today, because the accuracy
of forecast is important to so many people, weather satellites cross from pole to pole every hour and a
quarter, reporting back to earth from fifty miles up, although of course, it hasn’t always been to easy.
Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle started weather forecasting by trying to (3) _____ logically
what was happening in the sky above them. They weren’t always right, but they understood the
importance of systematic observation. But forecasting remained laminated so long as people only knew
what was happening in their own section of sky. It was the arrival of the electric telegraph in the 1830s
that (4) _____ forecasters to get a wider picture of weather that was on its way. This information could
then be (5) _____ on to those in its path while it was still of use.
1. A. blowing

B. sailing

C. cruising

D. floating

2. A. own

B. either

C. both

D. everyone

3. A. pick up

B. work out

C. come across

D. check over

4. A. allowed

B. got

C. granted

D. let

5. A. put

B. passed

C. given

D. brought

Cô Phạm Liễu- Chuyện luyện thi Tiếng Anh
EX 1

1. A

2. C

3. B

4. B

5. C

EX 2

1. A

2. C

3. B

4. A

5. B

EX 3

1. A

2. B

3. B

4. C

5. C

EX 4

1. C

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. A

EX 5

1. A

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. D

EX 6

1. D

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. A

EX 7

1. A

2. B

3. A

4. B

5. C

EX 8

1. D

2. B

3. B

4. C

5. A

EX 9

1. D

2. B

3. D

4. A

5. A

EX 10

1. B

2. C

3. B

4. A

5. B