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Giải bài tập SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 7 chương trình mới Unit 9: Festival Around The World

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Doc24.vnA. Phonetics trang 17 Unit Sách bài p(SBT) ti ng Anh iậ ớ1. Choose the word which has different stress pattern from the others. Say them aloud.Tìm có tr ng âm khác. Đc to các đó.ừ ừA. silent B. noisy C. pretty D. politeA. station season C. police D. sandalA. agree B. hurry C. enter D. visitA. fasten describe C. listen D. hoverA. degree student C. funny D. widenKey Đáp án:1. D; 2. C; 3. B; 4. A; 5. A2. Put the underlined words in the correct column according to their stress pattern. Practise reading thesentences.X các ch chân đây vào đúng ch tr ng âm các đó. Th hành đc bè.ế ướ ạ1. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights lasts eight days.2. Families gather and light candles on candelabra.3. People eat fried foods and sing traditional songs.4. Children may receive small gift each of the eight nights.5. They all enjoy and attend the festival.Stress on st syllable Stress on nd syllable Doc24.vn Key Đáp án:1. didn't think she combed her hair. Actually, she brushed it.2. didn't think he emptied his glass. Actually, he filled it.3. didn't think they walked way. Actually, they waited long time.4. didn't think the plane departed at p.m. Actually, it landed then.5. didn't think he danced last night. Actually, he played chess.6. didn't think it snowed last week. Actually, it rained lot.B. Vocabulary Grammar trang 18 Unit Sách bài p(SBT) ti ng Anh iậ ớ1.Fill each blank in the following sentences with word from the box.Đi vào ch tr ng trong các câu sau đã cho.ề ừreligious seasonal arts superstitious1. Mid­autumn festival is famous________festival in some Asian countries. Traditionally, peoplecelebrate the end of the summer harvest by eating moon cakes and fruits, and lighting the lanterns.2. The Glastonbury Festival is famous performing__________ festival in England. There people canenjoy contemporary music, dance, comedy, theatre, and other arts.3. The Day of the Dead is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. It's a________ festival toremember relatives and friends who have passed away.Doc24.vn4. Wesak is the most important Buddhist festival. It celebrates the Buddha's birthday. It's a____festival. Key Đáp án:1. seasonal; 2. arts; 3. superstitious; 4. religious2. Fill each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets.Đi vào ch tr ng ng đúng đng cho trong ngo c.ề ặ1. What like about festivals is that they show the_________ values of different communities.(culture)2. My mother liked the___________ of that young pianist. (perform)drinks, (celebrate)3. On special occasions, people usually have______drinks. (celebrate)4. I've seen lot of___________ in my life. (parade)5. Another____________ season is coming. (festival)6. Japanese people hold the Japanese Boys' Day with special________.(celebrate)Key Đáp án:1. cultural; 2. performance; 3. celebratory; 4. parades; 5. festive; 6. celebrations3. Complete the following word web with as many as words related to 'festival' as you can.Hoàn thành ng ch sau nhi liên quan đn nh có th nghĩ.ạ Doc24.vn4. Complete the following conversation with the adverdbial phases in the box.Hoàn thành đo tho sau các cho tr c.ạ ướ Key Đáp án:1. d; 2. a; 3. b; 4. f; 5. c; 6. e5. Make questions for the underlined parts.Đt câu cho ph ch chân.ặ ạ1. They decorate their house with beautiful Chrismas trees .___________________________________________?2. don’t like ice cream swimming because it’s dangerous.___________________________________________?3. You can watch folk music performance in Russian Winter Festival.___________________________________________?4. Last year went to Thailand with my parents.___________________________________________?5. This festival is held in my country every two years .Doc24.vn___________________________________________?6. prefer Thai food to Japanese food.___________________________________________?7. Those are my grandfather’s pictures.___________________________________________?8. They celebrate the festival after harvesting the crop.___________________________________________?Key Đáp án:1.How do they decorate their house?2.Why don't you like ice swimming?3.What can we watch in Russian Winter Festival?4.Who did you go to Thailand with last year?5.How often is this festival held in your country?6.Which do you prefer: Thai food or Japanese food?7.Whose picture are those 78.When do they celebrate the festival? 6. Read the e­mail below. Write the full questions in column and full answers in column C.Đc th đây. Vi câu đy vào và câu tr đy vào C.ọ ướ ộDoc24.vn Doc24.vn Key Đáp án:B CWhat? What is the name of the festival? Japanese Girls' DayWho? Who celebrate it? Japanese familiesWhen? When do people celebrate it? March rdHow often? ­o.v c^ten do people celebrate it? Every yearWhy? Why do they celebrate it? To pray for their girls' healthy growth andhappiness.How? ­o.*. do they celebrate it? People display set of hina dolls in the best roomof the house. Girls put on their best kimonos andvisit their friends'houses.They usually invite theirfriends to party with some special dishes.C. Speaking trang 21 Unit Sách bài (SBT) ti ng anh iậ ớ1.Choose a­f to complete the following conservation. Then practice it with friend.Ch các đáp án a­f hoàn thành đo tho sau đây. Luy ng n.ọ ườ ạDoc24.vn Key Đáp án:1. e; 2. a; 3. c; 4. b; 5. f; 6. d2. Match the question with the suitable answers. In pairs, prepare short talk about the festival.N câu câu tr phù p. Cùng đó, chu cu nói chuy ng i.ố Doc24.vnD. Reading trang 22 Unit Sách bài (SBT) ti ng anh iậ ớ1.Choose the correct word marked A,B,C,or to fill each blank in the following passage.Ch đáp án đúng A,B,C ho đi vào ch tr ng trong đo văn sau.ọ ạEaster is an important Christian festival and holiday. It is (1)______to celebrate the resurrection of JesusChrist. Easter is not fixed holiday. Its (2)____varies between 22 nd March and 25 th April. Peoplecelebrate Easter (3)____ the world.In the UK, Easter is public holiday. People (4)_ Easter chocolate eggs to their friends and family.There are also egg hunts for kids. In the US, Easter is (5)______ holiday. People can go to church andhave special family meal. They also (6)____ egg­hunts and give gifts of coloured eggs. In Russia,Easter is one of the (7)___important holidays. People celebrate it (8)___ an Easter breakfast or meal.They also create very beautiful Easter eggs.1. made held C. given D. opened2. day B. date C.event D. month3. A. through in Call D. around4. A. eat B. have C. give D. receive5. A. nation local C. native D. national6. A. organise play C. do D. try7. A. more best C. most D. better8. A. with B. by C. for D. inKey Đáp án:1. B; 2. B; 3. D; 4. C; 5. D; 6. A; 7. C; 8. A2. Fill word in each blank in the following passage.Đi thích vào ch tr ng trong đo văn sau.ề ạAround the world, there are lot of festivals. People love festivals (1)___of the advantages they bringabout. First of all, festivals are (2)_________ for the community. They create an opportunity for thepeople to take part in the festival (1)___________. Also, festivals help people cooperate with oneDoc24.vnanother when they organise the activities together. They can also (4)____________ more about andappreciate their cultural values. Second, families can benefit from festivals. These are the oportunitiesfor family (5)__________ to gather, prepare for the festival and (6)_________ some fun. For example,before Tet, the whole family(7)_______their house, go to the flower market, make Chung cakes, etc.During Tet, they enjoy the meals(8)_____and visit their relatives.Key Đáp án:1. because; 2. good; 3. activities/celebrations; 4. know/understand5. members; 6. have; 7. clean/decorate; 8. together.3. Read the passage about the 'White Nights' in St. Petersburg and do the following tasks.Đc đo văn sau "White Nights" ph Petersburg và làm các nhi sau.ọ ụIf you are romantic and want to enjoy the festive spirit all day and night, go to St. Petersburg, RussiaThe simple reason is that from May through July, the sun rarely sets and the nights are bright there. Locapeople and tourists from all over the world celebrate the 'White Nights' with endless all­night activities.You can enjoy festivals, ballet, opera or try good foods as bars and restaurants stay open until themorning hours. Some people love to go to this poetic city just to walk along the Neva River banks withtheir loved ones and witness the raising of the bridges. Some others like to go swimming in LakeLadoga and stroll in the famous Summer Gardens. There's one highlight that you can't miss if you're inSt. Petersburg on June 22 nd. It's the Scarlet Sails event! There's mock pirate battle on the Neva,followed by fireworks and the appearance of tall ship with red sails. a. Match each word in with its meaning in B.N nghĩa nó B.ố