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Giải bài tập SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 7 chương trình mới Unit 11: Travelling in the future

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Doc24.vnA. Phonetics trang 36 Unit 11 Sách bài p(SBT) ti ng Anh iậ ớ1. Practise the following questions.Th hi các câu sau.ự 2. Put the questions into the correct category, then practise saying them.X câu sau vào đúng và luy nói các câu đó.ế ỏ1. What will you do when you grow up?2. Do you want to be millionaire?3. How eco­friendly will cars be in the next 20 years?4. Could you check the weather forecast for me? Will it rain tomorrow?5. Which transport will be most popular in the future? Key Đáp án:Doc24.vn 3. Practise the following conversation.Luy đo tho sau.ệ ạPhong: Have you got bike, Tuan Anh?Tuan Anh: Yes, have. bike to school every day.Phong: Do you think it's the best way to move around?Tuan Anh: Well... don't know. Sometimes it's quite slow, especially when I'm already late. But it's eco­frie Do you have one, Phong?Phong: Yes, but wish could use it more often. Do you think we need special lanes for bikes?Tuan Anh: Yes, think so. There're too many motorbikes. So how do you go to school?Phong: take the bus. think we will soon have tubes in our city as well.B. Vocabulary Grammar trang 37 Unit 11 Sách bài p(SBT) ti ng Anh iậ ớ1. Match the means of transport with their descriptions.N tên ph ng ti mô nó.ố ươ ủDoc24.vn Key Đáp án:1. ­d. driverless car 2. a. flying car 3. ­b. bullet train 4. ­c jet pack 2. Choo se the correct words from the box to fill the gaps.Eco­friendly supersonic Wind­powered High­speed driverless underwater1. think in the future we will be able to go to the Moon in a_____ spaceship that travels faster than the speed of sound.2. You can read newspaper while in a______car because it is automated.3. Imagine in the future we will take_____________ trains and enjoy watching fish swimming around uswhen we are travelling.4. Solar energy is___________.5. ____________ships use wind as their energy for sailing.6. 'Bullet train' is type of _________train that first came from Japan. Key Đáp án:Doc24.vn1. supersonic4. eco­friendly 2. driverless5. Wind­powered 3. underwater6. high­speed3. Choose the correct option.1. Look at the photo! You're____A. driving B. flying C. riding2. It's really difficult to__________ bicycle up the hill.A. pedal B. drive C. fly3. You can_____________ easily on the Dead Sea. Why? Because it's so salty!A. fly B.walk C. float4. She is frequent customer of that airline. She has to_____________ every month for work.A. drive B. fly C. ride5. Will you_____________ taxi or train?A. fly B. walk C. take6. He______________in white sport car.A. walks B. drives C. takes Key Đáp án:1.C 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.B4. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences. Then write down the full sentences.1. She came to the stadium (in, on, by) bus._________________________________2. They go to work (in, on, by) train._________________________________3. usually read books while am (in, on, by) train._________________________________4. We went to Gothenburg last summer and it was our first time (in, on, by) tram._________________________________Doc24.vn5. He often travels (in, on, by) his car._________________________________6. They prefer not to go (in, on, by) car because it's more expensive._________________________________7. My children often sleep while they are (in, on, by) plane._________________________________ Key Đáp án:1. by5. in 2. by6. by 3. on7. on 4. on5. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences. Then write down the full sentences.Khoanh vào đúng hoàn thành câu sau. Vi câu hoàn ch nh.ừ ỉ1. The computer belongs to Nhung. That computer is (hers/her/she).2. Their car is red. (We/Our/Ours) car is grey.3. The books are all (me/mine/my).4. What happened to him? He has broken (him/his/he) arm.5. (Mine/My/Me) keys are here on the table. Where are (your/yours/us)?6. Is this chair (you/your/yours)?Key Đáp án:1. hers 2. Our 3. mine 4. his 5. My, yours 6. yours6. Put the words in brackets in correct forms. Pay attention to the positive/negative form.Cho ng đúng đng trong ngo c. Chú vào các ng ch đng/b đng đng .ạ ừI think in the future cities (1. be)__________________ more crowded and the traffic (2.get)______________________________worse. People (3. use)_____________ more cars and air pollution (4.become)_________a big problem. There (5. be)__________enough space for trees and lakes and buildings (6. rise)_____________ everywhere. Perhaps less people (7. ride)_____their bicycles. The price offuel (8.increase)___________ Life (9. be)_____________ easy at all!Doc24.vnKey Đáp án:1. will be6. will rise 2. will get7. will ride 3. will use8. will increase 4. will become9. won't be 5. wont beC. Speaking trang 39 Unit 11 Sách bài p(SBT) ti ng Anh i.ậ ớ1a. Read the conversation, look at the underlined statements. Which statements are facts? Which ones are opinions?Đc đo văn sau, nhìn vào các câu đc ch chân. Câu nào là th t, câu nào là ng?ọ ượ ưởAnna: think rail travel is the best transport method for the future What do you think Mai?Mai: Well... don't know. It's perhaps quite uncomfortable Look at the trains in Japan. They're so crowded.Anna: But it's fast if you want to go from one place to another in city. And it's cheaper than going by taxi .Mai: Yes, agree you will have to spend more money if you take taxi. But is it faster? The trains in Sweden are delaved quite often.Anna: Yes, that's right. So what do you think is better than trains?Mai: Maybe bicycles?Anna: Perhaps they're good if you don't have any luggage .Facts Opinions Key Đáp án:Doc24.vnFacts OpinionsThey're so crowded.And it's cheaper than going by taxi.The trains in Sweden are delayed quite often. think rail travel is the best transport method for the future.It's perhaps quite uncomfortable.Perhaps they’re good if you don’t have any luggage.b. Look at the Opinions Box. Do you agree with these opinions? Say why you do or why you don't.Nhìn vào ng. có đng các ng này không? sao có và sao không?ộ ưở ưở ạKey Đáp án: Agree DisagreeRail travel is the best transport method for the future. It's cheap and can help reduce pollution. Bicycle are even cheaper and more eco­friendly.Travelling by train is quite uncomfortable. It's crowded and there can be delayed. You can work or even take napon train.Travelling by bicycle is good ifyou don't have any luggage. If you have suitcases you should go by car, or by train. You can just put your things in backpack and wear it.2. This is Huong and some information about herself. Can you predict her future? Choose one optionand say your predictions. Explain your choice.Đây là ng và vài thông tin cô y. có th đoán ng lai cô không? Ch nươ ươ ọm đáp án và nói lên đoán n, gi thích.ộ ảDoc24.vn Key Đáp án:Huong will become teacher because she Boesctifldpen and Hoes giving explanations.She will live in house in the countryside with ggden because she Bees plants and flowers and she loves being in nature.She will travel to France in the future because her school has an exchange programme with school in France and she can speak French.D. Reading trang 40 Unit 11 Sách bài p( SBT) ti ng Anh iậ ớ1. Read the conversation and do the following tasks.Đc đo tho sau và làm các nhi đây.ọ ướMai: ... That was about future air travelling. Now we'll talk about future road transport with slidewalks, skycycling, and bicycles.Veronica: Slidewalks are similar to moving walkways in airports. When slidewalks replace our pavements they'll help us move faster.Phuc: Skycycling tubes hang from monorails and you can cycle while watching the city from above.Veronica: Intelligent bikes have foldable roof for rainy weather. They'll never be stolen because they usefingerprint lock.Doc24.vnMai: All of them are environmentally friendly. Slidewalks use electricity, while skycycling and intelligent bikes use human power. But in our opinion intelligent bikes will be the most common, because building slidewalks and skycycling system can be expensive. a. Choose the best answer.1. The group is talking about__________(future air traffic/future sea traffic/future road traffic).2. What means of transport they think will the most common?______(Slidewalks/Skycyclii/Intelligent bikes).b. Fill the gaps with either slidewalk, skycycling tube or intelligent bike.1. _____________ can replace the pavements.2. _____________hangs from monorail.3. _____________ has fingerprint lock.4. _____________ uses electricity.5. _____________and______________ use human power.6. _____________and______________ are expensive to build.Key Đáp án:1a. 1. future road traffic; 2. intelligent bikes1b. 1. Slidewalks; 2. Skycycling tube; 3. An intelligent bike; 4. Slidewalk; 5. Skycycling/intelligent bikes6. Slidewalk/skycycling Doc24.vn2. Read the text and answer the question, then do the following tasks.URBAN TRANSPORT PODSThe people living in Milton Keynes, town about 70 kilometres northwest of London, have been introduced to new transport experience when they use'pods' to travel on certain routes.The pods are kind of driverless cars which travel at 19km/h and are able to transport two people and their luggage. There is touchscreen in the windshield of the pods where passengers select their terminal. During the trip they can also read the news, check e­mails or play video games on the screen. Powered by electric motors, the pods have ultrasonic sensors and GPS system that help themselves know where they are go?ng and how to avoid obstacles along the way. People can use smartphone app to hail pod in :ne street.Do you think this way of transport will appear in cities in Viet Nam soon? a. Find in the text words that have similar meanings with these words/phrases.Tìm đng nghĩa và đây.ừ ướ1. pathways between two particular places2. destination3. travellers4. blocks5. get