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ERROR IDENTIFICATIONI. Choose the underlined part that needs correction in each sentence.1 My brothers love joining my dad in to mend things around the house at weekends D2 am now in my attempt winning place at the same university to my brother. D3 My mother works in doctor in big hospital She examines the patients. D4 My responsibility is to wash dishes and take off the garbage D5 In my free­time often help mom with cooking the house. D6 My father and my mom joins hands to give us safety security and happy family. D7 Once week, my mother have to work on night shift at hospital D8 His eel soup is the best one have ever eat D9 I’m now under study pressure so feel very fine all the time D10 After hospital my mother rushes to the market, then hurried home for the dinner. DII. We cleaned the room as soon as the guests have left for another place. 1. The secretary didn’t finish her reports by 10:00A. yesterday 2. Jane’s eyes are red now She is crying for more than half an hour now 3. This room is very dirty Is there anyone who has smoke in here? 4. Hurry! The train had come don’t want to miss it any more 5. Angelina Jolie is famous actress. She is appearing in several films 6. saw Maggie at the party She has worn very beautiful dress. 7. Monica will stay with her sister at the moment until she finds flat. 8. There’s strange smell in here Mother was cooking something in the kitchen 9. Michael is it true that you have got married next week?A 10. Alan took photograph of Sarah while she stared at the vast river 11. survey was made determine their attitudes toward love and marriage D12. An Asian husband is oblige to tell his wife where he has been. D13. What are the Indian students’ attitudes on partner of equal. D14. Love is supposed to follow marry not precede it. D15. Americans and Asians have the same ideas about love and marriage D16. Young Americans are much more romantic as their Asian counterparts D17. romantic marriage is the one that the parents of the bride and the groom decide on the marriage. 18.American husbands encourage their wives to maintain their beauty and appearant after marriage. 19. To show the different survey was made to determine their attitudes on love and marriage. D20. Asian students don’t agree that husband should share all thought to his wife D21. The Asian wife can demand records of her husband’s activities D22. When choosing wife, we should pay attention to physical attractive from the girl D23. large number of Indian men agree that it is unwise to confident in their wives. D24. Many people believe that woman has to sacrificed much more in the marriage than man. 25. According to me husband shouldn’t permit his wife to work in public. D26. think it good idea to have three or four generations live under one roof. They can help lot. D27. In America it is impolite asking questions about age, marital status and income. D28. In Vietnam, old­aged parents must to live in nursing home D29. There are differences and similar between Vietnamese and American cultures III. Hãy xác đnh câu có ph ch đc cho đúng:ị ướ ượ ạ1 It’s very polite to shout at the waiter in restaurant D2 It’s unacceptable to jump up and down at the air port to attract your relative’s attention D3 Speaking to person is of non­verbal form of communication D4 Verbal form of communication is usually used in places where are large D5 We have several choice of forms of communication to attract someone’s attention. 6. Once you get your friend’s attention don’t point off the person or thing you want him to look at. D7 Probably the most common ways to attract someone’s attention is by waving D8 It is polite to whistle or clap our hands to attract our friend’s attention in restaurant. D9 It is considered to be rude to nod slightly to show that we need the waiter’s assistance D10 When you see teacher approaching you, you can whistle to greet him in the schoolyard. D11 You should say “You’re welcome!” when someone says Sorry !” to you. D12 People can use different forms of communication for examination, verbal and non­verbal forms. D13 Although the bad traffic, managed to arrive at the meeting on time. D14 She is most beautiful woman that have ever met. D15 He stopped to smoke because cigarettes are harmful to his health. D16 Anne: “Thank you very much for your helps to my sister !” Bob: Not at all! ”A D17 My house is far from Chí Minh Citồ y. D18 Body language is sometimes very useful tool of communicative D19 Whenever make any mistake, often say See you later ”A D20 Jack is good child so he is always rude to the elderly DIV. Hãy xác đnh câu có ph ch đc cho đúng:ị ướ ượ ạ1 Mrs. Amenuelle told to Alice to give her hand. D2 John said the taxi driver to turn left at the first traffic lights D3 Mary ordered John if he could carry her suitcase please D4 Johnson Nancy Lee asked me if would like to have dinner with her. D5 Hoa asked Lan whether did she like sports or not D6 Bá told to Tu if he could ride his bicycle to school. D7 Phong asked Peter whether he enjoys reading books or not D8 Mary promised her boy friend that she would expect to see him next Wednesday D9 tourist asked how far was it from Chí Minh City to Hu ếA D10 He asked Lan how many people there are in her family. D11 Minh’s friends asked him how long would he stay in Paris. D12 She asked me if he wants to buy any second­hand books. D13 He wanted to know ng ifồ would have time to play badminton regularly D14 My mother told me that work very ha rd. D15 He said they had lift very often but it doesn’t work. D16 The teacher asked me if could answer this question. D17 asked his mother if he went to work by bus or not D18 He promised me he’ll come with you as soon as he was ready. D19 My brother said he must to write some letters then D20 Peter asked me did not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early. DV. Hãy xác đnh câu có ph ch đc cho đúng:ị ướ ượ ạ1 Schooling is optional to all English children from the age of to 15. D2 Children in England may choose between public schools and independent schools to study D3 There are two semesters in an academic year in schools in England. D4 Children in Vietnam have to study twelve years from grade one to grade twelve. D5 An academic year in Vietnam consists of three terms from September to May. D6 Each term in school year in England is separated by one­month break called half term. D7 The state school system in England can be divided into three levels of education D8 school year in Vietnam usually begins in late September every year. D9 In Vietnam, schooling is compulsory for all children from the age of three to five. D10 In Vietnam, to finish secondary education students have to complete eleven grades. D11 Great singers of the world can be hearing at the Sydney Opera House D12 Don’t all of us want to be loved and need by other people ?A D13 The price of rice exports will been increased by the government D14 Does Dr Brown mind calling at home if his patients need his help ?A D15 Most of the jobs in the manufacturing factories will take over by robots DVI. Hãy xác đnh câu có ph ch đc cho đúng:ị ướ ượ ạ1. It was excited to think about how was at college D2. When was at college didn’t have to explain to my parents where am going D3. When lived far from home for the first time feel very lonely and homesick. D4. People at the party was busy to play some game and no one seemed to notice my existence. D5. There are three students talking about their impressive if the university life. D6. No one noticed my existent felt very lonely and nostalgia. D7. My roommate always blame my typing whenever she gets sick. D8. My roommates always have the lights on while was trying to sleep D9. At first college was little daunted. But now, gradually like my university life here. D10. The first year at college was probably the most challenged year of my life. DVII. Hãy xác đnh câu có ph ch đc cho đúng:ị ướ ượ ạ1. If we don’t stop to destroy forests, soon there will be no forest left on the earth. D2. If we will reduce the speed of population growth there will be less pressure on the earth. D3. If we do nothing for preserve their habitat, some species will become extinct D4. Unless we leave bowl of water under the sun, it will evaporate D5. If we continue to use fuels at the current rate, we would soon have to face fuel crisis. D6. Men will continue to live on foods unless other types of protein are not found. D7. If am 10 centimetres taller would play basketball. 8. If the weather weren’t too bad, we would go to swim 9. If the government have agreed to increase the price of rice exports the farmers’ life would have been better. D10. If had known that the road were flooded would never have taken that way. D11. If drivers obeyed the speed limit fewer accidents occur D12. If my mother had not attended the meeting she would never meet her old friend D13. Unless food production increase lot of people will run out of food. D14. Many farming lands would vanish if it didn’t rain for long time.