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CHUY TI PỪ ẾBài 1: Hoàn thành nh ng câu sau but, so, therefore, however”ậ ớ1. They may need new goalkeeper, _____________ want to be ready.2. The new trains have more powerful engines and are _____________ faster.3. hadn’t done my homework. _____________, didn’t understand my lesson.4. Mary was happy. _____________, Alice was very sad.5. He is sick. _____________, he can’t come.6. The professor told me that was doing well, _____________ my final grade was awful.7. The sky was grey and cloudy. _____________, we went to the beach.8. She had to help her mother. _____________, she was often late for school.9. did my best, _____________ it was not good enough.10. The flight was delayed, _____________ we had time to have something to eat.Bài 2: Hoàn thành nh ng câu sau “although, therefore, however, but, so, because, despite, becauseậ ớof” và nh ng thích khác.ữ ợ1. It is very hot in the desert. ___________, few trees can grow there.2. Jame is offered the job ___________ he is inexperienced.3. James was not admitted to the university ___________ the age.4. tried to persuade her. ___________, didn’t succeed.5. The story was very funny, ___________ nobody laughed.6. The match went ahead ___________ the heavy rain.7. It was too dark to go on, ___________ we found somewhere to stay.8. Nam had to stay home to look after his mother _______________ she was sick.Bài 3: Ch câu tr đúng nh t.ậ ấ1. It was late, __________ decided to phone home.A. however B. but C. although D. because2. Minh had terrible headache. ____________, he went to school.A. Therefore B. Although C. But D. However3. Tom has bike, ______________ he always walks to work.A. so B. but C. because D. however4. Her mother was sick. ____________, Jane had to stay home to look after.A. Therefore B. Since C. However D. So5. They asked me to wait for them, ________________they didn’t turn up.A. but B. however C. so D. therefore6. It was raining hard. The match went ahead, _____________ .A. therefore B. however C. but D. so7. We couldn’t get seat ____________ we arrived quite early.A. but B. however C. although D. because8. Anne doesn’t get on well with people around her. She has ____________ changed her job many times.A. however B. so C. therefore D. although9. did my best. ____________, it was not good enough.A. However B. Therefore C. Although D. Even though MODAL VERBSBài 1: Hoàn thành nh ng câu sau “must not” và “need not”.ậ ớ1. You ___________ ring the bell; have key.2. We ___________ drive fast; we have plenty of time.3. We ___________ drive fast; there is speed limit here.4. Candidates ___________ bring books into the examination room.5. You ___________ write to him for he will be here tomorrow.6. We ___________ make any noise or we’ll wake the baby.7. You ___________ do all the exercises. Ten sentences will be enough.8. want this letter typed but you ___________ do it today. Tomorrow will do.9. You ___________ take anything out of the shop without paying for it.10. You ___________ carry that parcel home yourself; the shop will send it.Bài 2: Ch câu tr đúngậ ờ1. I’m not sure. ___________ come few minutes late.A. may B. must C. mustn’t D. needn’t2. Bring your umbrella. It ___________ rain later today.A. must B. may C. mustn’t D. needn’t3. “I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning.”“You ____________ be very hungry now.”A. might B. may C. mustn’t D. must6. Don’t worry if you’re minute or two late. We ___________ be exactly on time for the meeting.A. must B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may7. Jane’s glasses are on the desk, so she ___________ be here.A. must B. shall C. ought D. will8. The gas tank is almost empty. We ______________ stop at the next service station.A. mustn’t B. might C. needn’t D. had better9. person ______________ eat in order to live.A. have to B. must C. should D. may10. person ____________ eat balanced diet.A. should B. ought C. may D. must11. don’t have enough money to take the bus, so ______________ walk home.A. should B. mustn’t C. have to D. needn’t12. You ______________ eat these mushrooms. They are very poisonous.A. needn’t B. can C. mustn’t D. won’t13. can’t find my umbrella. _____________ it in the restaurant last night.A. must have left B. had left C. left D. might leave14. had test this morning. didn’t do it well. ______________ last night.A. should study B. must have studied C. should have studied D. must study15. Tom goes to school very often, but he was absent yesterday. He ______________ ill.A. must be B. must have been C. might be D. might have been.1) Jenny's engagement ring is enormous! It ______ have cost fortunea. must c. will b. might d. should2) Jeanette did very badly on the exam. She _____ harder.a. must have studied c. could have studied b. should have studied d. must studied3) He was very lucky when he fell off the ladder. He _____ himself.a. could have hurt c. must have hurt b. should have hurt d. will have hurt4) Marcela didn’t come to class yesterday. She _____ an accident.a. should have had c. must have b. might have d. may have had5) John still hasn’t come out. He ______ everything for the trip now.a. must have been preparing b. must be preparing c. will be preparing d. will have prepared6) Thomas received warning for speeding. He _____ so fast.a. shouldn’t have driven c. should have b. would have driven d. might have driven7) The photos are black. The X­ray at the airport _____ them.a. should have damaged c. would have damaged c. would damage d. must have damaged8) Tom didn’t do his homework, so the teacher became very angry. He _____ his homework.a. must have done b. should have done c. might have d. will have done9) My car stopped on the high way. It _____ out of gasa. may run c. must be b. may have run d. should have run10) Berbatov painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He _____ different color.a. had to choose c. must have chosen b. should have chosen d. could have been choosing11) The children _____ “thank you” to you when you gave them their gifts.a. will have said c. should have said b. must say d. should say12) These two boys look identical. They _____ twins.a.must have been c. should be b. must be d. should have been