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Đề thi Violympic Toán Tiếng Anh lớp 5 vòng 8 năm 2015 - 2016 có đáp án

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Doc24.vn Violympic Toán Tiếng vòng 2015 2016 Exam number Question There students Mrs. Brown\'s class. students received test. many students received Question What product 3.05 2.8? 8.54 8.056 8.56 8.054 Question clothing shop having sale. much would Jane have sweater with discount? Question costs $1.75 eraser costs $0.85, which following cost erasers pens? $21.75 $18.75 $17.25 Question area rectangle ABCD 60cm2 then area trapezoid MNCD ..........cm2. Exam number bằng nhauDoc24.vn Exam number Fill blank with suitable number Question length each edge cube surface area cube, cm2, ............. Question beginning summer, tall. summer, measured height again discovered that increased Measured what height summer? Question number centimetres 7.05 metres ............... Question Bella scores eight pictures. percentage pictures that does score .........%. Question contains green marbles marbles only. ratio number green marbles number marbles then ............% marbles green. Question many even numbers between divisible Question Alice going store. third store, stops talk with Kelly. then continues reaches store. many kilometres does travel? Question many three-digit numbers exactly more than two-digit number? Question table shown, numbers placed that each number occurs only once each only once each column. value ............Doc24.vn Question many different 3-digit whole numbers formed using digits assuming that digit repeated number? Exam number Question Question Question Question Question Exam number bằng nhau (6); (4); (12); (13); (10); (14); (20); (11) (19); (15) (17); (16) (18) Exam number Fill blank with suitable number Question Chiều cạnh khối phương 3cm. Diện tích khối phương (cm2) Question Question Question Question Question Question Question nhiêu ........; thỏa (số) sốDoc24.vn Question Question