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Doc24.vn TUYỂN SINH QUỐC 2015 TIẾNG Thời gian: phút QUESTION QUESTION Mark letter your answer sheet indicate best answer each following questions. Question until late 1960s......on moon. that Americans walked Americans walk when Americans walked when Americans walk Question hope this headache will......soon. away wear pass away Question Don’t touch that wire, ......? won\'t will should Question 4:They live very......populated area Italy. sparsely scarcely hardly barely Question prices garage very....... reasonable logical rational acceptable Question government decided that policy banning cars narrow roads would be......as 1st. approximately exact effective acute Question eligible applicants apply vacant position......their gender, religion, ethnic group country origin. without regards regards regarding regardless Question love this painting man. such beautiful......smile. childlike childish childhood childless Question Lan: “How find Hanoi?” Justin: \"......- living here? from tourist office. It’s beautiful city. Hanoi capital Vietnam. Question Tuition must paid......before date. neither either also only Question applicants must ........ their university transcript reference letters considered this job. permit omit admit submit Question Please report......the supervisor find anything unusual. into among Question Student: “...... Teacher: "No worries. Come please.” late want come I\'m sorry I\'m late. I\'ve just arrived. Question Trang: “Thank very much inviting your house.\"Doc24.vn Susan: \"......\" It’s pleasure. Take seat. food ready. now. Question Mai: \"Thank much.\" Sue: “..........” Don’t take Don’t mention Don\'t Don’t think Question Quyen ‘A-choor.’ (Sneezing) Huyen: “.......... Quyen: "Thanks.” Bless you. It’s fine. What\'s wrong? Question Trang: live Vietnam.” Thomas: \"...........” Whereabouts? About where? What about? about Hanoi? Question Geophysicists have studied magnetic properties pottery fireplaces sites .........by early humans. occupied occupying which occupy were occupied Question vital that everyone .........aware protection environment. Question Never life .........such intelligent hoy. have haven\'t have haven\'t Question Penicillin, .........., probably came into widespread after Second World War. antibiotic known known antibiotic best-known antibiotic known best antibiotic Question “What this letter about?\" Mai: “It’s regard .........at conference next week.” speak speaking your speaking your speaking Question ........we invested industry years ago, would wealthy now. When Unless Although Question spent entire life only teaching young generations subject knowledge.........ib educating them become helpful citizens nation. Question .........how much money spends clothes, never looks well-dressed. Despite Without Regardless matter Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word(s) OPPOSITE meaning underlined word(s) each following questions. Question should yourself back having achieved such high score graduation exam. criticize yourself wear backpack praise yourself check your back Question machine been order since last month.Doc24.vn under repair functioning well sold refusing orders Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that differs from other three position primary stress each following questions. Question underline recognize sacrifice localize Question gasoline potato computer advantage Question environment difficulty community inhabitant Question eject capture defend dissolve Question contemporary incredible fascinating exceptional Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word(s) CLOSEST meaning underlined word(s) each following questions. Question There alternative. president must approve bill Congress passes possible agreement amendment other choice tome think Question guards were ordered king\'s room double. larger number vefy quickly second floor every hours Question kidnapper gave himself authorities. surrendered confided himself went accommodated himself Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate word(t) that best fits each numbered blanks. trend that emerged recently sharing childcare (36) ........ between husband wife. Young couples will arrange their work schedules that they work (37) ........hours shifts order that parent always home with children. Since childcare expensive, this saves money young couple trying establish (38)........and provide secure environment family. Husband wife also share household (39) ......... Some fathers just capable mothers cooking dinner, changing bathing baby, doing laundry. some cases, woman’s salary family (40) ......... father becomes “househusband.\" These cases still fairly rare. positive trend, however, that fathers seem spending more time with their children. recent survey, children sampled said they spend equal time with their mothers fathers. “This most (41) ........cultural changes,” says Leon Hoffman, co-directs Parent Child Center York Psychoanalytic Society. practice, over years, Hoffman found very dramatic difference involvement father everything from care-taking general decision (42) ........around kids' lives.” Another factor recently been added childcare (43) ......... number people work from home nearly full-time rose from last decade. (44) ........of technology computers, faxes, teleconferencing made easier at-home workers constantly touch. Will this flexibility workforce bring positive change (45) ........of children? Only time will tell. (From Mosaic Reading Brenda Wegmann Miki Knezevic) Question abilities possibilities responsibilities techniquesDoc24.vn Question opposite during similar Question himself themselves herself itself Question dreams duties facilities opportunities Question payment fares expenses fees Question significant significanceC. significantly sign Question giving creating holding making Question sectors tasks formula cost Question accessible accessibly access accessibility Question well-being human being love gender Mark letter your answer sheet Indicate sentence that CLOSEST meaning sentence given each ofthe following questions. Question didn\'t understand what saying because hadn\'t read book. read book, would have understood what saying. wouldn’t have understood what saying hadn’t read book. understand book didn’t understand what saying. couldn’t understand book because didn’t read Question home last night still mystery eager know home last night. know little about home last night. know nothing about home last night. curious about home last night. Question Although able job, wasn\'t given position. given neither position. Because couldn’t job, wasn’t given position. position despite being unable job. position wasn’t given spite ability job. Question “Stop making noise room!” said lady kids. lady angry forced kids room. lady requested kids room make noise outside. lady didn’t want kids room. lady said that kids wanted stay room, they stop making noise. Question police questioning headquarters. being asked make questions police headquarters. Many questions raised about police headquarters. police trying information from headquarters. police making questions about headquarters. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate sentence that best combines pair sentences given each following questions. Question demand great. They reprint book immediately. They demanded that book reprinted immediately.Doc24.vn book would reprinted immediately since demand great. great demand that they reprint book immediately. They demanded reprint book immediately. Question They wanted apologize their behaviour. That’s they paid dinner. They paid dinner after they apologized their behaviour. Their behaviour terrible that they dinner. Being disappointed their behaviour, they wanted dinner. They paid dinner because they felt regretful about their bchaviour. Question bride didn\'t turn wedding cancelled. bride turned wedding into mess since lost. bride cancelled wedding running away. They postponed wedding since bride didn\'t turn wedding carried since bride didn’t come. Question work hard. failed exam. Even though failed exam, didn\'t work hard worked hard, would have passed exam. Unless worked hard, would have failed exam. However hard worked, failed exam. Question fined police. thought parking allowed there. trouble with police since under impression that could park there. Being fined police, thought parking allowed there police fined park there. After being fined police, thought would able park there. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate best answer each following questions. Speed reading just parlour trick impress your friends family. many, it\'s necessary tool managing time information fast-paced business world; many others, specifically students, it\'s only through reading-heavy class loads. practiced speed reader pick lengthy document thick stack paper their skill meat their subject skimming most important details information. Without developing ability speed read, this time-saving technique merely flipping through pages fast. Speed reading, increasing rate which read text, linked increasing rate which understand what you’re reading. successful speed reading increasing your understanding text increase rate which read words. This natural step takes training practice, don’t intimidated idea challenge. Once you\'ve mastered it\'s skill that will stick with rest your life. With continued practice, common words sentence structures became more familiar because your brain tuned ready, your eyes started taking Wocks wml* time. difference between average readers speed readers blocks words their eyes take time. larger blocks, faster your eyes move through text.Doc24.vn Speed reading teaches take your reading your comprehension next level. techniques used teaching speed reading focus your individual abilities, namely where right what might keeping from progrcssing. example, slow reader, factors that hold back include, limited moving your lips reading loud holding text close your eyes. practice moving your lips, speaking whispering while read, you\'re slowing yourself down dramatically. Your lips only move fast. should able read least three times faster than speak. effect, you’re keeping yourself that word-by-word stage that children generally grow elementary school. Having ability speed read make significant difference your life, especially reading strong component your work. Implementing some simple techniques reading faster more efficiently lime all. (From Understanding Speed Reading Brandon C.Hall) Question What does passage mainly discuss? practice speed reading Features speed reading speed reading studies Various roles speed reading Question According passage, speed reading useful students? They have problems collecting information. They impress their friends. They have difficulty managing their time. They have reading Question word \"meat\" line closest meaning to......... core nourishment understanding nutriment Question According passage, what happens reader does develop their capacity speed read? Readers cannot gist what they have read. Readers cannot increase rate understanding what they reading. Speed reading means flipping pages fast possible. Speed reading prevent them from understanding what have read. Question word intimidated line closest meaning to......... angry frightened tired Question According passage, what difference between average reader speed reader? average reader recognizes more familiar words. average reader understands fewer words time. average reader takes bigger blocks time. average reader moves faster through text. Question According passage, what true about strategies used teaching speed reader? They focus slow readers. They encourage readers move lips. They centre readers\' personal capabilities. They consider readers’ schooling ages. Question word \"dramatically\" line closest meaning to.........Doc24.vn quickly ordinarily considerately considerably Question According passage, following stalements true EXCEPT......... should able read least twice fast talk. Speed reading decreases your understanding text because skimming. Speed reading plays important role student learning. Increasing your understanding text should with increasing your reading rate. Question Where passage does author give definition? Lines Lines 9-10 Lines 15-16 Lines 22-23 Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate best answer each following questions. Smart cards mobile phones becoming increasingly popular make sorts payments. Even now, Japan thousands transactions, from paying rail tickets picking groceries, take place every with customers passing their handsets across small flat-screen device. predictions world finance reckon that payments using mobile phones will have risen more than billion very near future. What\'s appeal e-cash? Compared cheques credit cards, offers speed cash, more takes just tenth second complete most transactions change required, errors counting eliminated. Fraud theft also reduced retailer, reduces cost handling money. Sony\'s vision having chip embedded computers. gimes consoles means that films, music games paid easily without having input credit card details. what about future banks? Within grip market, banks credit-card firms want position collect most fees from users mobile contactless-payment systems. system could prove \"disruptive technology\" banks concerned. payments coffees, train ticket newspaper made every conmuter with mobile, this will appear their monthly credit card statements their mobile phone statements. having spent fortunes branding, credit-card companies banks want other payment systems gaining popularity. It\'s early whether banks will miss much. However, quite American bankers optimistic They feel there reason suspicious those predict that high-street banks thing past. They point that Internet banking result closure their high-street branches predicted. contrary, more Americans than ever using local branches. whether we\'ll become totally cash-free society not, we’ll have wait see. (From Face2Face Advanced Gillie Cunningham Bell with Chris Redston, CUP) Question What main idea first paragraph? absence traditional payment methods increasing popularity payment methods Predictions future payment methods Japan\'s advanced forms payment Question does author mention small flat-screen device\" first paragraph? criticize e-cash system exemplify e-cash system praise e-cash system inform e-cash systemDoc24.vn Question Which following true about strong point e-cash? faster speed fewer mistakes reduced cost fraud Question word \"embedded” line closest meaning to…… integrated isolated generated manufactured Question word \"grip\" line closest meaning wealth power success range branches Question Which following true according passage? money been invested into payment system banks. Payments using smart cards increase more than billion. Rail tickets purchased mobile phonoes smart cards Japan. Dealers freed from handling money thanks e-cash. Question author mentions case commuters third paragraph illustrate modern technology e-cash system banks\' cooperation with credit-card companies transferrability system possible drawback system Question What does author think happen future? Banks will collect their fees through credit-card companies. Daily expenses drinks tickets will appear phone statements. Americans will longer their local bank branches. Credit-card companies banks will want promote cash. Question word \"their\" line refers credit cards Internet banking American bankers high-street hanks Question does writer seem feel about future banks? uncertain optimistic pessimistic neutral Mark letter your answer sheet indicate underlined part that needs correction each following questions. Question most nearly impossible amateurs realize that painting authentic, though experts could judge quite easily. [whereas] Question passion helping people have motivated found charity organization. Qucstion Although invention cars made transportation much more easily, cars [much easier] greatest contributor pollution. Question bumped with friend while waiting train Edinburgh. [into] DDoc24.vn Question Fuel injection engines employ injectors instead carburetor spray fuel into cylinders. [instead