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Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined partdiffers from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.Question 1. A. er chant .Β er geant C. comm er cial D. er mQuestion 2. A. amus es .Β purs es C. blous es D. pleas esMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined partdiffers from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions. Question 3. A. imagine .Β inhabit C. continue D. disappearQuestion 4. A. popularity .Β politician C. documentary D. laboratoryMark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) SIMILAR inΒmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 5. “Please speak up bit more, Jason. You're hardly loud enough to be heard from theback”, the teacher said.A. visible .Β audible C. edible D. eligibleQuestion 6. On the second thought believe will go with you to the theater.A. Upon reflection .Β After discussing with my wifeC. For this time only D. For the second timeMark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE inΒmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 7. He was so insubordinate that he lost his job within week.A. fresh .Β disobedient C. obedient D. understandingQuestion 8. Children must sit on parent's lap unless an empty seat is available.A. occupied .Β booked C. disused D. abandonedMark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needsΒcorrection in each of the following questions.Question 9. paragraph is portion of text consists of one or more sentences related to the sameidea.A. paragraph .Β consists of C. sentences D. related toQuestion 10. The train to Ho Chi Minh city left at precisely o' clock as usually but the train to HaNoi capital left at half past six o'clock, which was exactly 20 minutes late.A. precisely as usually C. which D. exactlyQuestion 11. Whether life in the countryside is better than that in the city depend on eachindividual's point of view .Doc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuA. Whether that C. depend on D. point of viewMark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each ofΒthe following questions.Question 12. British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they areas different as _______.A. cats and dogs .Β salt and pepper C. chalk and cheese D. here and thereQuestion 13. washing machine of this type will certainly _______ normal domestic use.A. stand up for .Β come up with C. get on to D. take down withQuestion 14. Half of the children were away from school last week because of _______ ofinfluenza.A. break­ out .Β breakthrough C. an outburst D. an outbreakQuestion 15. It's formal occasion so we'll have to _______ to the nines no jeans and pulloversthis time! A. hitch up .Β put on C. wear in D. get dressed upQuestion 16. There seems to be large _______ between the number of people employed in serviceindustries, and those employed in the primary sectors.A. discrimination .Β discretion C. discrepancy D. extinctionQuestion 17. All students must hand _______ their homework the day after it is assigned.A. out .Β on C. to D. inQuestion 18. I’m not surprised that Tom is ill. He’s been _______ for long time. It was bound toaffect his health sooner or later.A. having his cake and eating it .Β burning the candles at both handsC. playing with fire D. going to townQuestion 19. The climber _______ into difficulties when there was sudden storm.A. came met C. had D. gotQuestion 20. picked up the wrong bag by _______.A. mistake .Β purpose C. luck D. faultQuestion 21. Most scientists believe that the day robots will become part of our lives will come_______.A. from time to time .Β more or less C. sooner or later D. later than neverDoc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuQuestion 22. The mass media are _______ of communication, such as books, newspapers,recordings, radio, movies, television, mobile phones and the Internet.A. models modes C. parts D. typesQuestion 23. If there are aliens out there, do you think they are much more _______ advanced thanwe are?A. technological .Β technologically C. technology D. technologiesRead the following passage and mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicateΒthe correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.Imagine you are studying English at small college in the Midwestern United States. The localnewspaper rarely has news about your native country. (24) _______, it prints very little foreignnews, but this does not bother you at all. You sit comfortably in your apartment, turn on your (25)_______ computer, and ask for the foreign news. The screen is immediately (26) _______ withnews from (27) _______ the world.Computers have (28) _______ an information “superhighway”. Today, computers can worktogether they can network with each other. The worldwide computer network is called the Internet.Using the Internet, you can find all kinds of information and news from people and countries aroundthe world.Question 24. A. Despite .Β In fact C. Because D. AlthoughQuestion 25. A. person .Β personified C. personally D. personalQuestion 26. A. filled .Β full C. made D. takenQuestion 27. A. in .Β on C. all above D. all overQuestion 28. A. written .Β created C. composed D. inventedRead the following passage and mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicateΒthe correct answer to each of the questions.Choosing career may be one of the hardest jobs you ever have, and it must be done with care.View career as an opportunity to do something you love, not simply as way to earn living.Investing the time and effort to thoroughly explore your options can mean the difference betweenfinding stimulating and rewarding career and move from job to unsatisfying job in an attempt tofind the right one. Work influences virtually every aspect of your life, from your choice of friends towhere you live. Here are just few of the factors to consider.Deciding what matters most to you is essential to making the right decision. You may want tobegin by assessing your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Think about the classes, hobbies,and surroundings that you find most appealing. Ask yourself questions, such as "Would you like toDoc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câutravel? Do you want to work with children? Are you more suited to solitary or cooperative work?"There are no right or wrong answers; only you know what is important to you. Determine which jobfeatures you require, which ones you would prefer, and which ones you cannot accept. Then rankthem in order of importance to you.The setting of the job is one factor to take into account. You may not want to sit at desk allday. If not, there are diversity occupation building inspector, supervisor, real estate agent thatinvolve great deal of time away from the office. Geographical location may be concern, andemployment in some fields is concentrated in certain regions. Advertising job can generally befound only in large cities. On the other hand, many industries such as hospitality, law education, andretail sales are found in all regions of the country. If high salary is important to you, do not judge acareer by its starting wages. Many jobs, such as insurance sales, offers relatively low startingsalaries; however, pay substantially increases along with your experience, additional training,promotions and commission.Don’t rule out any occupation without learning more about it. Some industries evoke positive ornegative associations. The traveling life of flight attendant appears glamorous, while that of aplumber does not. Remember that many jobs are not what they appear to be at first, and may havemerits or demerits that are less obvious. Flight attendants must work long, grueling hours withoutsleeps, whereas plumbers can be as highly paid as some doctors. Another point to consider is that asyou get mature, you will likely to develop new interests and skills that may point the way to newopportunities. The choice you make today need not be your final one.Question 29. The word “them” in paragraph refers to _______.A. questions answers C. features D. jobsQuestion 30. The word "assessing” in paragraph could best be replaced by _______.A. discovering considering C. measuring D. disposingQuestion 31. According to paragraph 3, which of the following fields is NOT suitable for personwho does not want to live in big city?A. plumbing .Β law C. retail sales D. advertisingQuestion 32. It can be inferred from the paragraph that _______.A. jobs in insurance sales are generally not well­paid..Β insurance sales people can earn high salary later in their career.C. people should constantly work toward the next promotion.D. starting salary should be an important consideration in choosing career.Question 33. In paragraph 4, the author suggests that _______.Doc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuA. you may want to change careers at some time in the future..Β as you get older, your career will probably less fulfilling.C. you will be at your job for lifetime, so choose carefully.D. you will probably jobless at some time in the future.Question 34. Why does the author mention long, grueling hours without sleeps” in paragraph 4?A. To emphasize the difficulty of working as plumber..Β To contrast the reality of flight attendant’s job with most people’s perception.C. To show that people must work hard for the career they have chosen.D. To discourage readers from choosing career as flight attendant.Question 35. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?A. To make lot of money, you should not take job with low starting salary..Β To make lots of money, you should rule out all factory jobs.C. If you want an easy and glamorous lifestyle, you should consider becoming flight attendant.D. Your initial view of certain careers may not be accurate.Read the following passage and mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicateΒthe correct answer to each of the questions.Baseball evolved from number of different ball­and­stick games (paddle ball, trap ball, one­old­cat, rounders, and town ball) originating in England. As early as the American Revolution, itwas noted that troops played “baseball" in their free time. In 1845 Alexander Cartwright formalizedthe New York Knickerbockers’ version of the game: diamond shaped infield, with bases ninetyfeet apart, three strikes­you’re­out, batter out on caught ball, three outs per inning, nine­manteam. The “New York Game” spread rapidly, replacing earlier localized forms. From its beginnings,baseball was seen as way of satisfying the recreational needs of an increasingly urban­industrialsociety. At its inception it was played by and for wealthy gentlemen. club might consist of 40members. The president would appoint two captains who would choose teams from among themembers. Games were played on Monday and Thursday afternoons, with the losers often providinga lavish evening’s entertainment for the winners.During the 1850­70 period the game was changing; however, with increasing commercialism(charging admission), under­the­table payments to exceptional players, and gambling on theoutcome of games. By 1868 it was said that club would have their regular professional ten, anamateur first­nine, and their "muffins" (the gentlemanly duffers who once ran the game). Beginningwith the first openly all­salaried team (Cincinnati’s Red Stocking Club) in 1869, the 1870­1890period saw the complete professionalization of baseball, including formation of the NationalDoc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuAssociation of Professional Baseball Players in 1871. The National League of Professional BaseBall Clubs was formed in 1876, run by business­minded investors in joint­stock company clubs.The 1880s has been called Major League Baseball’s “Golden Age”. Profits soared, player’s salariesrose somewhat season of 84 games became one of 132, weekly periodical “The SportingNews” came into being, wooden stadiums with double­deck stands replaced open fields, and thestandard refreshment became hot dogs, soda pop and peanuts. In 1900 the Western League based inthe growing cities of the Midwest proclaimed itself the American League.Question 36. What is the passage mainly about?A. the origins of baseball.Β the commercialization of baseballC. the influence of the "New York Game" on baseballD. the development of baseball in the nineteenth centuryQuestion 37. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?A. the wealthy gentlemen who first played baseball, later needed to find another recreationalopportunity if they did not want to mix with others or become “muffin”.Β hot dogs would not have become as popular as they did, without the professionalism andcommercialism that developed in baseballC. the "New York Game" spread rapidly because it was better formalizedD. business­minded investors were only interested in profitsQuestion 38. The word " inception " in paragraph is closest in meaning to _______.A. requirements .Β beginning C. insistence D. rulesQuestion 39. The word lavish in paragraph is closest in meaning to _______.A. prolonged .Β very generous C. grand D. extensiveQuestion 40. According to the second paragraph, all of the following are true EXCEPT _______. A. commercialism became more prosperous.Β the clubs are smallerC. outstanding players got extra incomeD. people gamed on the outcome of gamesQuestion 41. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as feature of the 1880s "Golden Age"?A. wooden stadiums replaced open fields.Β weekly periodical commencedC. the National Association of Professional Baseball Players was formedDoc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuD. profits soaredQuestion 42. The word " somewhat " in paragraph is closest in meaning to .A. to significant extent .Β to minor extentC. to not the same extent D. to some extentQuestion 43. The word " itself " in paragraph refers to _______.A. the Western League .Β growing citiesC. the Midwest D. the American League Read the following passage and mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicateΒthe correct answer to each of the questions.Question 44. Ben _______ ”. Jane "Never mind.”A. Congratulations! How wonderful!.Β Sorry for staining your carpet. Let me have it cleaned.C. Thank you for being honest with me.D. Would you mind going to dinner next Sunday?Question 45. Peter “All right. Keep your receipt. If something comes up, you can show it to us,and we'll give you refund.”Tom _______”.A. OK. won't use it. .Β Thanks. I’ll put it in safe place.C. You’re welcome. See you later, D. Thanks you. I'll keep it for you.Mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest inΒmeaning to each of the following questions.Question 46. The staff couldn't have worked any harder, and they could not even finish half of theorder all the week.A. Had the staff worked little harder, they might have finished all the order by the end of theweek..Β Throughout the week, the staff could only complete half of the order, which how they did notwork as hard as they should have.C. The staff, who only completed half of the order all week, could not have worked as hard asthey claimed they did.D. Throughout the week, less than half of the order could be produced, although the staff workedas hard as they could.Question 47. You needn't have taken so many warm clothes there.Doc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuA. It's not necessary for you to take so many warm clothes there..Β You have taken so many warm clothes there that don't need.C. There’s no need for you to take so many warm clothes there.D. You took lots of warm clothes there but it turned out not necessary.Question 48. My sister would love to be involved in the organization of the event, so would I.A. My sister is so much like me, since she too takes part in organizing events voluntarily..Β My sister was so keen to take part in the organization of the event, that encouraged her.C. Both my sister and would he very happy to take part in organizing the event.D. would like my sister to volunteer to take part in organizing the event.Mark the letter A, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best combinesΒeach pair of sentences in the following questions.Question 49. Companies spend millions of dollars of advertising. They want to increase their sales.A. Companies spend millions of dollars of advertising so that they want to increase their sales..Β Companies spend millions of dollars of advertising, but they want to increase their sales.C. Companies spend millions of dollars of advertising with the aim of increasing their sales.D. In order that they want to increase their sales, companies spend millions of dollars ofadvertising.Question 50. had two job offers upon graduation. Neither of them was appropriate for myqualifications.A. Both of the job offers had prior to my graduation were appropriate for my qualifications..Β Though wasn’t qualified enough, two jobs were offered to me upon graduation.C. The two jobs offered to me after graduated were inappropriate for my qualifications.D. was offered two jobs soon after my graduation, both of which were suitable for myqualifications. Doc24.vnĐ THI 13Ề 60 phút 50 câuĐÁP ÁN THI 13Ề ỐCâu 1: Đáp án BA. er chant nt/ˈ ɜː ʃə B. er geant nt/ˈ ɑː ʒəC. comm er cial /k l/əˈ ɜːʃ D. er /t m/ɜːCâu 2: Đáp án BA. amuses 'mju:ziz/ B. purses /əːC. blouses /blauz/ D. pleases pli /ːCâu 3: Đáp án DA. imagine mad /ɪˈ ʒɪ B. inhabit hab /ɪ ɪC. continue nju :/ D. disappear əˈ ɪəCâu 4: Đáp án DA. popularity pj lar ti ʊˈ B. politician )n /ɒ ɪˈ ɪʃ əC. documentary kj nt( )ri /ɒ ʊˈ D. laboratory t( )ri /əˈ əˌ əCâu 5: Đáp án Bloud enough to be heard audible: có th nghe th yể ấvisible: có th nhìn th đc, hìnhể ượ ữedible eatable: có th ăn đc ượeligible: cáchủ ưCâu 6: Đáp án AOn the second thought upon reflection: suy đi tính iạFor this time only: ch nàyỉ ầAfter discussing with my wife: sau khi đã th lu tôiả ợFor the second time: th haiầ ứCâu 7: Đáp án Cinsubordinate disobedient (không vâng i) >< obedient (vâng i, ngoan ngoãn)ờ ờfresh: iươunderstanding: hi u, thông mể ảCâu 8: Đáp án Aempty (tr ng ch) >< occupied (đã n, đã đc dùng đn)ố ượ ếbooked: đc đt tr cượ ướdisused: không đc ng đnượ ếabandoned: bị ỏCâu 9: Đáp án BDoc24.vn Đáp ánTR NGHI TI NG ANHẮ Ếconsists of consisting of→Gi thích: đây là đng trong nh quan rút th ch đngả ộCâu 10: Đáp án Bas usually as usual: nh th ng l→ ườ ệGi thích: as usual usuallyảCâu 11: Đáp án Cdepend on depends on→Gi thích: nh danh đóng vai trò làm ch ng (Whether life in the countryside isả ữbetter than that in the city) ph đi đng chia ngôi th ít (depends on)ả ốCâu 12: Đáp án Cas different as chalk and cheese: khác nhau tr cộ ựrain cats and dogs: to/m ràoư ưsalt and pepper: màu mu tiêuốhere and there: đây đóCâu 13: Đáp án Astand up for smt: đáp ng choứcome up with an idea/an answer: ra/nghĩ ra ng/câu tr iả ưở ờget on to: chuy ch nói th lu ch nào đóế ềtake down smb: đánh i, c, ngăn ai đó ảCâu 14: Đáp án Dan outbreak of disease: bùng phát ch nhự ệbreakthrough: đt pháự ộoutburst of anger: gi dơ ữbreak out of something: thoát kh nào, qua nh tỏ ượ ậCâu 15: Đáp án Dget dressed up to the nines: di ng t, ăn di nệ ệhitch up: kéo lênwear in put on: vàoặCâu 16: Đáp án Cdiscrepancy difference: khác bi tự discrimination: phân bi đi xự ửdiscretion: do làm theo mìnhự extinction: tuy ch ngự ủCâu 17: Đáp án DHand in submit: pộ Hand out distribute: phân phátDoc24.vn Đáp ánTR NGHI TI NG ANHẮ
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