Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2016 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Đại học Sư phạm Hà Nội (lần 1)

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BỘ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO ĐỀ THI THỬ LẦN 1 TRƯỜNG ĐẠI HỌC SƯ PHẠM HÀ NỘI KỲ THI THPT QUỐC GIA NĂM 2016 TRƯỜNG THPT CHUYÊN Tháng 01/2016 (Đề thi có 06 trang) Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút SECTION A (8 point) Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 01 to 10.


Early writing and Alphabets When people first began to write, they did not use an alphabet.


Instead, they drew small pictures to (01) ______ the objects they were writing about.


This was very slow because there was a different picture for (02) ______ word.


The Ancient Egyptians had a (03) ______ of picture writing that was (04) ______ hieroglyphics.


The meaning of this writing was forgotten for a very long time but in 1799 some scientists (05) ______ a stone near Alexandria, in Egypt.


The stone had been there for (06) ______ a thousand years.


It had both Greek and hieroglyphics on it and researchers were finally able to understand what the hieroglyphics meant.


An alphabet is quite different (07) ______ picture writing.


It (08) ______ of letters or symbols that represent a sound and each sound is just part of one word.


The Phoenicians, (09) ______ lived about 3,000 years ago, developed the modern alphabets.


It was later improved by the Roman’s and this alphabet is now used (10) ______ throughout the world.


Question 1: A.


notice B.


show C.


appear D.


mark Question 2: A.


some B.


all C.


every D.


any Question 3: A.


practice B.


manner C.


plan D.


system Question 4: A.


known B.


called C.


described D.


referred Question 5: A.


discovered B.


realized C.


delivered D.


invented Question 6: A.


quite B.


more C.


over D.


already Question 7: A.


at B.


from C.


before D.


between Question 8: A.


consists B.


includes C.