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Doc24.vnĐỀ THI THỬ THQG NĂM HỌC 201 -201 6MÔN TIẾNG ANHThời gian làm bài: 90 phút (không kể thờigian giao đề)LẦN 02PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM: (8 điểm)Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the following questions. Question __________ candidates are likely to succeed in job interviews. A. Nervous B. Self-conscious C. Self-doubt D. Self-confident Question good essay must __________ contain enough interesting ideasand specific exam but also have good organization. A. in addition B. either C. not only D. as well Question Minh " My first English test was not as good as expected " Thomas " _________ ."A. Good Heavens! B. Never mind betterjob next time!C. That's brilliant enough! D. It's okay Don't worry.Question 4: The ground is wet. It ________ rained last night.A. must B. must have C. may have D. might haveQuestion 5: There are several means of mass communication. Thenewspaper is one. Television is ______.A. another B. other C. the another D. the other.Question Do you know the woman ______ lives next door?A. she B. who C. whom D. herQuestion If you ____ __ less last night, you _____ __ so bad today.A. had drunk- would not have felt B. drank- would not feel C. had drunk- would not feel D. would have drunk- would not feelQuestion 8: can ’t sleep ________ the hot weather.Doc24.vnA. because of B. as C. because D. sinceQuestion British and Australian people share the same language, but inother respects they are as different as _________.A. cats and dogs B. chalk and cheese C.salt and pepper D. here and thereQuestion The boy was sent to the police because of several ____ ____that he had taken part in.A. set-to B. set-toes C. sets-to D. set-tosQuestion just can't ______ that noise any longer!A. put up with B. stand in for C. sit out D. stand up toQuestion ______ should young child be allowed to play with fireworkswithout adult supervisionA. Under no circumstances B. No sooner than C. Always D. Only whenQuestion 13: Nobody phoned while was out, ________ ?A. wasn’t B. was C. did they D. didn’t theyQuestion 14: The next meeting _________ in May.A. will hold B. will be held C. will be holding D.will have heldQuestion 15: The librarian told us not _________ reference books out of thelibrary. A. taking B. to take C. take D. tookQuestion 16: John: "Congratulations! You did great. Mary: " ___________ .”A. It’s nice of you to say so. B. It’s my pleasure.C. You’re welcome. D. That’s okay.Question 17: My responsibility is to _________ my little brothers. A. take care of B. join hands C. take over D. work togetherQuestion 8: In Vietnam, two or more ________ may live in home.Doc24.vnA. generations B. generous C. generation D. generatorsQuestion 19: _________ migrate long distances is well documented.A. That it is birds B. That birds C. Birds that D. Itis that birdsMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate theword whose underlined part differs from the other three inpronunciation in each of the following questions.Question 20 A. Pla B. Si C. D.A dQuestion A. ook B. Love C. oin D. Spend sChoose the word whose stress position is different from that of theothers:Question 22: A. Open B. Happen C. Offer D. Begin Question 23: A. Difficulty B. Simplicity C. Discovery D. Commodity Question 24: A. Obligatory B. Geographical C. International D.Undergraduate Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate theword or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part ineach of the following questions from 25 to 29.Question 25: Today’s scientists have overcome many of the challengesof the depth by using more sophisticated tools. A. complicated B. worldly C. experienced D. awareQuestion 26: We went away on holiday last week, but it rained day in dayout.A. every single day B. every other day C. every second dayD. every two daysQuestion 27: We can use either verbal or non verbal forms ofcommunication.A. using gesture B. using speech C. using verbs D. usingfacial expressionsDoc24.vnQuestion 28 Each year about fifty hundred species of plants and animalsare already being eliminated A. dropped B. removed C. kicked D. tossedQuestion 29: The unmanned U.S space probe Mariner sent back over7,000 photos of Mars. A. circulated B. transmitted C. conveyed D. submittedMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show theunderlined part that needs correction. Question 30: Several people have apparent tried to change the man’s mind ,but he refuses Ct listen. Question 31: The top of the mountain covered with snow during winter.. DQuestion 32: What told her few days ago were not the solutions tomost of her problems. DQuestion 33: Lake Superior, that lies on the US Canadian border, is thelargest lake in North BC DAmerica.Question 34: It’s not that don’t like her, but object to be called that byher. am not her BC“buddy”, am DDoc24.vnRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fitseach of the numbered blanks. It is relatively easy for computers to speak. computer that says ‘please’and ‘thank you’ in the right places is (35) ___ miracle of science ,butrecognizing the words that make up normal continuous human speech isanother (36) ___ Not until now have computer been programmed to (37) ___ to range ofspoken commands.Until recently it was thought that computers would haveto be programmed to the accent and speech hahits of each user,and onlythen would be able to respond(38) ___to their master’s or mistress’svoice.Now rapid progress is being made (39) ______systems programmed toadapt easily to each new speaker. The IBM Tangora system,under development at the end of 1980s wasclaimed to (40) ______a spoken vocabulary of 20,000 words with 95 percentaccuracy. The system includes processor that can make informed guessesas to(41)______is likely sentence.That system has been programmed notonly with grammatical rules,but also with an analysis of vast quantity ofoffice correspondence. On the(42) ______ of this information ,the machine can calculate the probability of oneparticular word following another. Statistical probability is necessary for computers to interpret not onlyspeech but also (43) ______data.Security systems can distinguish between faces they have been taught torecognize,but never has computer been able to match human’s ability tomake sense of three-dime sional scene (44) ______identifying all objects init. (From ‘Heinle Heinle TOEFL Test Assistant .Grammar’ byMilada Broukal )Question 35: A. no B. not C. nothing D.noneDoc24.vnQuestion 36: A. problem B. topic C. matter D.themeQuestion 37: A. talk B. answer C. communicate D.reactQuestion 38: A. truly B. completely C. accuratelyD. rightQuestion 39: A. with B. for C. within D. asQuestion 40: A. know B. recognize C. master D.realizeQuestion 41: A. which B. what C. howD. thatQuestion 42: A. foundation B. principle C. groundD. basisQuestion 43: A. visual B. noticeable C. seenD. visibleQuestion 44: A. from B. by C. of D.WithoutRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the followingquestions from 55to 64.An air pollutant is defined as compound added directly or indirectly byhumans to the atmosphere in such quantities as to affect humans, animals,vegetation, or materials adversely Air pollution requires very flexibledefinition that permits continuous change. When the first air pollution lawswere established in England in the fourteenth century, air pollutants werelimited to compounds that could be seen or smelled far cry from theextensive list of harmful substances known today. As technology hasdeveloped and knowledge of the health aspects of various chemicals hasincreased, the list of air pollutants has lengthened. In the future, even watervapor might be considered an air pollutant under certain conditions.Doc24.vn Many of the more important air pollutants, such as sulfur oxides, carbonmonoxide, and nitrogen oxides, are found in nature. As the Earth developed,the concentration of these pollutants was altered by various chemicalreactions; they became components in biogeochemical cycles. These serveas an air purification scheme by allowing the compounds to move from theair to the water or soil. On global basis, nature's output of thesecompounds dwarfs that resulting from human activities. However, human production usually occurs in localized area, such asa city. In such region, human output may be dominant and maytemporarily overload the natural purification scheme of the cycles. Theresult is an increased concentration of noxious chemicals in the air. Theconcentrations at which the adverse effects appear will be greater than theconcentrations that the pollutants would have in the absence of humanactivities. The actual concentration need not be large for substance to be apollutant; in fact, the numerical value tells us little until we know how muchof an increase this represents over the concentration that would occurnaturally in the area. For example, sulfur dioxide has detectable healtheffects at 0.08 parts per million (ppm), which is about 400 times its naturallevel. Carbon monoxide, however, has natural level of 0.1 ppm and is notusually pollutant until its level reaches about 15 ppm. Question What does the passage mainly discuss?A. The economic impact of airpollution.B. What constitutes an air pollutant C. How much harm air pollutants cancause.D.The effects of compounds added to theatmosphere Question The word " adversely " in the first paragraph is closest in meaningto _______.A. negatively B. quickly C. admittedly D. considerablyQuestion 47: It can be inferred from the first paragraph that _______.A. water vapor is an air pollutant in localized areas B. most air pollutants today can be seen or smelledC. the definition of air pollution will continue to changeDoc24.vnD. substance becomes an air pollutant only in cities Question 48 The word " These " in the second paragraph is closest in meaningto_.A. the various chemical reactionsB. the pollutants from thedeveloping Earth C. the compounds moved to the waterD. the components in biogeochemicalcyclesQuestion 9: For which of the following reasons can natural pollutants play animportant role in controlling air pollution?A. They function as part of purification process. B. They occur in greater quantities than other pollutants.C. They are less harmful to living beings than other pollutants. D. They have existed since the Earth developedQuestion 50 According to the passage, human-generated air pollution inlocalized regions _______.A. can be dwarfed by nature's output of pollutants B. can overwhelm the natural system that removes pollutantsC. will damage areas outside of the localized regions D. will react harmfully with natural pollutantsQuestion 1: The word " localized " in the third paragraph is closest in meaningto _______.A. specified B. circled C. surrounded D. encircledQuestion 52 According to the passage, the numerical value of theconcentration level of substance is only useful if _______.A. the other substances in the areaare known B. it is in alocalized area C. the natural level is also knownD. it can be calculated quicklyQuestion The word " etectable " in the third paragraph is closest inmeaning to_________.A. beneficial B. special C. measurable D. separableQuestion Which of the following is best supported by the passage?A. To effectively control pollution, local government should regularlyreview their air pollution laws.B. One of the most important steps in preserving natural lands is to betterenforce air pollution laws.Doc24.vnC. Scientists should be consulted in order to establish uniform limits for allair pollutants.D. Human activities have been effective in reducing air pollution.Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicatethe correct answer to each of the questions. number of factors related to the voice reveal the personality of thespeaker.The first is the broad area of communication, which includes impartinginformation by use of language, communicating with group or anindividual and specialized communication through performance. personconveys thoughts and ideas through choice of words, by tone of voice thatis pleasant or unpleasant, gentle or harsh, by the rhythm that is inherentwithin the language itself, and by speech rhythms that are flowing andregular or uneven and hesitant, and finally, by the pitch and melody of theutterance. When speaking before group, person's tone may indicateuncertainty or fright, confidence or calm. At interpersonal levels, the tonemay reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen, or maybelie them. Here the participant’s tone can consciously or unconsciouslyreflect intuitive sympathy or antipathy, lack of concern or interest, fatigue,anxiety, enthusiasm or excitement, all of which are usually discernible by theacute listener. Public performance is manner of communication that ishighly specialized with its own techniques for obtaining effects by voiceand /or gesture. The motivation derived from the text, and in the case ofsinging, the music, in combination with the performer's skills, personality,and ability to create empathy will determine the success of artistic, political,or pedagogic communication. Second, the voice gives psychological clues to person's self-image,perception of others, and emotional health. Self-image can be indicated by atone of voice that is confident, pretentious, shy, aggressive, outgoing, orexuberant, to name only few personality traits. Also the sound may give aDoc24.vnclue to the facade or mask of that person, for example, shy person hidingbehind an overconfident front. How speaker perceives the listener'sreceptiveness, interest, or sympathy in any given conversation candrastically alter the tone of presentation, by encouraging or discouragingthe speaker. Emotional health is evidenced in the voice by free and melodicsounds of the happy, by constricted and harsh sound of the angry, and bydull and lethargic qualities of the depressed.Question 55: What does the passage mainly discuss?A. The function of the voice in performance B. CommunicationstylesC. The connection between voice and personality D. The production ofspeechQuestion 56 What does the author mean by staring that, "At interpersonallevels, tone may reflect ideas and feelings over and above the words chosen"in lines 8- 9?A. Feelings are expressed with different words than ideas are.B. The tone of voice can carry information beyond the meaning of words.C. high tone of voice reflects an emotional communication.D. Feelings are more difficult to express than ideas.Question 57: The word "Here" in line refers to _____ .A. interpersonal interactions B. the toneC. ideas and feelings D. words chosenQuestion 58: The word " derived " in line 13 is closest in meaning to _____ .A. discussed B. prepared C. registeredD. obtainedQuestion 59: Why does the author mention "artistic, political, or pedagogiccommunication" in line 14-15?A. As examples of public performanceB. As examples of basic styles of communicationC. To contrast them to singingD. To introduce the idea of self-image