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Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2016 môn Hóa học trường THPT Sông Lô, Vĩnh Phúc (Lần 2) có đáp án

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IRREGULAR VERBS List of irregular verbs (Bảng động từ bất quy tắc)Động từ nguyên thể Quá khứ đơn Quá khứ phântừ Nghĩa Ví dụabide abode abided abode abided tồn tạichịu đựng He abided in the wilderness for forty days. arise arose arisen thức dậyphát sinh We arose early on Christmas morning. awake awoke awoken thứcđánh thức She awoke me at seven. be was were been thì, là, The food was already on the table. bear bore borne born mangchịu đựngsinh,đẻ She was born in London. become became become trở nên, trở thành He has just become father. befall befell befallen xảy ra, xảy đến Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter. begin began begun bắt đầu The discussion beganmuch later than expected. behold beheld beheld nhìn ngắm The new bridge is an incredible sight to behold. bend bent bent cong,bẻ cong bent down and picked up the coins lying on the road. beset beset beset bao quanh, vây quanh They were beset with foes on every side. bespeak bespoke bespoken chứng tỏ, cho thấy His letter bespoke his willingness to help.bid bid bid trả giá đấu giá She knew she couldn't afford it, so she didn't bid.bind bound bound buộc, trói The prisoner was bound hand and foot .bleed bled bled chảy máu He bled heavily in the accident.blow blew blown thổi, bị thổi The letter blew away and had to run after it. break broke broken đập vỡvỡ The dish fell to the floor and broke.breed bred bred nuôi nấng, dạydỗ His main income comes from breeding cattle.bring brought brought mang đến They brought home small dog.broadcast broadcast broadcast phát thanh The tennis championship is broadcast live to several differentcountries.build built built xây dựng These old houses are built of stones.burn burnt burned burnt burned đốt cháy, làm bỏng She burnt his old love letters.buy bought bought mua bought my camera from friend of mine.cast cast cast quăng, ném, liệng, thả The knight cast the sword far out into the lake.catch caught caught bắt, chụp,túm He caught the last train to London yesterday.chide chided chid chided chid chidden mắng chửi She chided him for his bad manners.choose chose chosen chọn, lựa chọn I've chosen Luis present.cleave clove cleft cleaved cloven cleft cleaved chẻ, bổ He clove his way through the crowd to get there on time.come came come đến Has she come yet?cost cost cost đáng giá, phải trả The book costs 20 dollars.crow crew crowed crew crowed gáy (gà)nói bi bô My cock crows repeatedlyin the morning.cut cut cut cắt Where did you have your hair cut ?deal dealt dealt phân phátgiao thiệpgiải quyết She's used to dealing withdifficult customers.dig dug dug đào The hole was dug in 30 minutes.dive dived dove dived dove lặn, lao xuống They ran to the pool, dived in and swam to theother side. draw drew drawn vẽ, kéo The children drew pictures of their families.dream dreamed dreamt dreamed dreamt mơ dreamed that had baby.drink drank drunk uống didn't drink at all while was pregnant.drive drove driven lái xe drove my daughter to school.dwell dwelt dwelt trú ngụ, She dwelt in remote partsof Asia for many years.eat ate eaten ăn ate bread for breakfast this morning.fall fell fallen ngã, rơi He fell badly and broke his leg.feed fed fed cho ăn usually feed the neighbour's cat while she's away.feel felt felt cảm thấy Never in her life had she felt so happy.fight fought fought chiến đấu They fought against the South.find found found phát hiện,tìm thấy I've just found ten-pound note in my pocket.flee fled fled chạy trốn She fled from the room intears.fling flung flung quăng, liệng He flung the letter into thefire. fly flew flown bay, đi máy bay We flew to Paris.forbear forbore forborne nhịn He performed so well that could hardly forbear fromcongratulating him.forbid forbade forbad forbidden cấm, ngăn cấm Smoking is forbidden in the cinema.forecast forecast forecasted forecast forecasted dự đoán, dự báo Snow has been forecast for tonight.foresee foresaw foreseen thấy trước lot of problems have been foreseen.forget forgot forgotten quên forgot to tell you the news.forgive forgave forgiven tha thứ She forgave me for everything wrong had done.forsake forsook forsaken ruồng bỏ He forsook me when needed him most.freeze froze frozen đông,làm đông lại Water freezes to ice at temperature of 0°C.get got got gotten có được got call from Phil last night.give gave given cho They never gave me chance.go went gone đi went to Paris last summer.grind ground ground xay, nghiền They had ground coffee before going to work this morning.grow grew grown lớn lên, phát triển Coffee is grown in Vietnam.hang hung hung treo Many of his finest picturesare hung in the National Gallery.hear heard heard nghe thấy She heard noise outside.hide hid hidden ẩn, trốn, nấp She used to hide her diaryunder her pillow.hit hit hit đánh Teachers are not allowed to hit their pupils.hurt hurt hurt đau, làm đau, làm tổn thương She was badly hurt when he left her.input input input cung cấp tài liệu (máy tính I've spent the morning inputting data into the computer.điện tử)keep kept kept giữ She kept her money in secret place while she was alive.kneel knelt kneeled knelt kneeled quỳ She knelt down beside the child.knit knit knitted knit knitted đan My granny knitted me some gloves.know knew known biết They have known each other for years.lay laid laid đặt, để She laid the baby on the bed.lead led led dẫn dắt, lãnh đạo She was the girl who led the discussion yesterday.learn learned learnt learned learnt học I've learned lot about computers sinceI started work here.leave left left rời đi,để lại He left the house by the back door.lend lent lent cho mượn He lent me some money.let let let cho phép,để cho At last my father let me goout with my friends.lie lay lain nằm cat lay in front of the fire.light lit lighted lit lighted thắp (đèn)soi sáng He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour.lose lost lost mất, làm mất I've just lost my ticket.make made made làm, chế tạo, sản xuất He'd made chocolate cake.mean meant meant có nghĩa làhàm What does this word mean?meet met met gặp They met at work.mislay mislaid mislaid để mất, để thất lạc seem to have mislaid mypen.misread misread misread đọc nhầm thought the chemist had misread my prescription.misspell misspelt misspelt viết sai chính tả He appologized for misspelling my name.mistake mistook mistaken nhầm lẫn mistook your signature and thought the letter wasfrom someone else.misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood hiểu lầm He seems to have misunderstood me.outdo outdid outdone làm giỏi hơn When student, he outdideveryone else in the class.outgrow outgrew outgrown lớn nhanhhơn The company outgrew its office space.outsell outsold outsold bán chạy hơn CDs soon began to outsell records.overcome overcame overcome vượt qua Eventually she managed to overcome her shynessin class.overeat overate overeaten ăn nhiều quá He overate and became overweight.overhang overhung overhung nhô lên trên, treo lơ lửng Several large trees overhang the path.overhear overheard overheard nghe trộm overheard very funny conversation on the bus this morning.overlay overlaid overlaid che, phủ lên trên The table is overlaid with tablecloth.oversee oversaw overseen trôm nomquan sát As marketing manager, her job is to oversee all the company's advertising.oversleep overslept overslept ngủ quên missed the train this morning because overslept again.overtake overtook overtaken bắt kịpvượtxảy ra bấtthình lình Our US sales have now overtaken our sales in Europe.overthrow overthrew overthrown lật đổ His government was overthrown in 1970.pay paid paid trả, nộp, thanh toán paid the driver with cash.prove proved proved proven chứng minh,chứng tỏ They proved him innocent .put put put đặt, để Where have you put the keys?read read read đọc Your handwriting is so untidy can't read it.rebuild rebuilt rebuilt xây dựng lại The cathedral was completely rebuilt in 1425.remake remade remade làm lại French film was remadein Hollywood as 'Three Men and Baby'.repay repaid repaid hoàn lại tiền She repaid her mother theloan.resell resold resold bán lại He resold the bike after long time of use.retake retook retaken chiếm lại In the battle to retake the village, over 150 soldiers were killed.rewrite rewrote rewritten viết lại She didn't like the letter and rewrote it.ride rode ridden cưỡi learned to ride bike when was six.ring rang rung rung chuông The boss rang to say he would be back at 4:30.rise rose risen dậylênmọc The balloon rose gently up into the air.run ran run chạy They boy ran away when he saw his father.say said said nói She said goodbye to all her friends and left.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.