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Doc24.vn GIÁO ĐỒNG TIẾNG THPT THPT QUỐC 2015 Môn: Tiếng Thời gian bài: phút. THPT TRƯỜNG XUÂN trúc Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that underlined part pronounced differently from rest Question assault possession aggressive tasteless Question break sneaky feature beneath Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that differs from rest position main stress each following questions. Question private belong defend indeed Question specific property prevention convenient Question hazardous prosperous dangerous courageous Mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer. Question feel tired. think should stop _______ something drink buying bought correct Question David just bought _________ house brick modern brick modern modern brick modern brick Question Thank you. nice _____ help with about Question Bobby\'s score test highest class; ______ hard last night. must study should have studiedC. studied must have studied Question look tired. suffer ______ headaches with from under Question This house _________. where born which born that born born Question wonder ______ happened home last night. which that what Question _________ when rain began pouring down! Hardly started picnic sooner started picnic Hardly started picnic sooner started picnic Question After received information, ______ immediately. went gone would Question _______ some German British management styles similar, there many differences between them. spite spite Because Despite fact that Question John much_________I thought. stronger more strong than strongest stronger than Question something urgent _______ phone immediately will help you. picked come brought Question According the...........of contract, tenants must give months notice they intend leave. laws rules terms detailsDoc24.vn Question Jonny marks exam because didn’t _______ what teacher explained. attention attract attention Question want take _______ from school vacation now. break term exam bread Question government making great effort find solutions _______ problem. unemployment employer employee employ Question Smith were delighted when they _____ sell their house quickly. succeeded could risked managed Question Jack:” ________” -Rose: “That’s good idea.” Excuse where’s post office? Sorry, late What about going cinema tonight? Glad you. Question “That’s very nice you’re wearing”. _________.” That’s nice like That’s right glad like Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word/phrase that CLOSEST meaning underlined part. Question Billy, come give hand with cooking. help prepared busy attempt Question late rushed stop. came into went leisurely went quickly dropped Question This instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals appropriate. situation. attention place matter Question police have time complete their investigations, they have concluded tentatively that explosion caused boom. temporally intentionally certainly hesitantly Question naturally contaminated foreign matter such plant pollens dust A.occupied polluted filled protected Mark letter your answer sheet indicate underlined part that needs correction. Question biggest problems facing society unemployment. Question Much progress have been made recent years. Question Don’t drink drive. effects alcohol extremely danger diving. Question Lien, studying University law, farmer. Question When walked pass theater, there were people waited long line outside office. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet toDoc24.vn indicate correct answer each questions from Jean spent first years Hooper family moved Otsego early life. only when father died unexpectedly, leaving mother raise support their family alone. mother soon went work outside home provide family, Jean, being oldest, help care younger siblings. Although much responsibility home, Jean thoroughly enjoyed school excellent student. went graduate 10th class Otsego High School 1953. While still high school, Jean young named Charles \"Chuck\" Holly, dance Alamo; they were quite taken with each other. Over next years, their love each other blossomed they were married February 1953, while Jean still school. time, Chuck serving country military, come home leave marry sweetheart. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, sent overseas serve Korea next fifteen months. Upon discharge, couple settled into married life together Plainwell, Otsego area. help make ends meet, Jean went work collection bureau Kalamazoo while, before taking cheese company Otsego. 1964, Chuck Jean were overjoyed with birth their son, Chuck, brought great into their lives. Jean remembered mother always gone much working after father died want that son, left devote herself role mother. When Jean\'s father passed away? only only twelve wasn’t went graduate 10th Where Jean live when ten? Korea Alamo Otsego Kalamazoo Before Jean\'s father passed away, mother used _______. work outside home housewife support family alone work secretary Which referred Jean? responsible girl. never helped mother with household chores. often well school. went high school. does writer describe Jean when school? innocent student good student poor student interesting student Jean\'s husband _______. teacher dancer soldier servant Jean _______. served military lived Korea fifteen months daughter married when student many years from Chuck Jean married they given birth? eleven years only year later fifteen months eleven months Which true about Jean? disliked staying home taking care child. worked outside home before child. very happy when baby. quit look after baby.Doc24.vn Which true about Chuck? used serve military. after that daughter. live away from family long time. used Korea. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from Around B.C, ancient Greece, great teacher Plato told story about place called Atlantis. Plato described Atlantis continent Atlantic Ocean. said been home powerful people were destroyed when continent swallowed sea. Ever since Plato’s time, people have wondered story about Atlantis really true. there ever such place Atlantis? During Middle Ages, many people believed legend Atlantis. Some even made voyages find “lost continent”. Later, most people believed Atlantis just myth. Scientists could find evidence show that such place ever existed. Ideas change time, however, some scientists think that Atlantis might have been real place. Greek professor offered theory. says that Atlantis continent Atlantic Ocean island called Thera Aegean Sea. professor says that 3500 years much Thera collapsed into volcano erupted. thinks that before explosion Thera been home people called Minoans. Minoans were traders ruled Aegean from 2000 B.C. 1250 B.C. Scientists have come investigate Thera have found accident city buried beneath volcanic stone. appears that people lives city advanced civilization. They were probably Mimoans. Thera “lost continent” Atlantis? ever know certain. Atlantis emain riddle without answer. According Plato, Atlantis _________. Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Aegean word paragraph that means “fell down” ____________. collapsed existed erupted rode people Middle Ages ____________. thought that Atlantis only myth. found some evidence about “lost continent” made voyage visit Atlantis believed existence Atlantis While directly stated, passage suggests that _______________. people want know more about Atlantis there such teacher Plato ancient Greeks destroyed Atlantis voyages find Atlantis impossible were ancient Minoans? scientists traders teachers Greek professors. whole, article tells about _____________. land that have existed Greece around years cities under volcanic scientists’ experimentDoc24.vn word “explosion” paragraph replaces ____________. investigation. invasion excursion eruption Thera collapse into sea? volcano erupted stones buried believe Thera lower land Which statement seems true passage? Plato Greek teacher lived Atlantis. There different theories about Atlantis. There different theories about Atlantis. everyone knows where lost continent What best title this passage Atlantis Searches scientists Search Lost continent Legend Atlantis. Read following passage mark letter indicate correct word each blanks from education deaf people long history. Some educators preferred teach sign language, method communicating with one\'s hands. While others emphasized teach deaf speak. first known teacher deaf Pedro Ponce Leon, Benedictine monk, (55) ________ children nobility 1570s. some success teaching deaf children speak write. former pupil indicated that Ponce Leon used both (56) ________ Alphabet oral methods. France leaders education deaf. There, around 1600, Juan Bonet Manuel Ramirez carrion worked with young child lost hearing. Bonet later wrote published first book teaching deaf. Bonet taught pupil signed alphabet that very used today United States. 1775 Paris, Abbe Charles Michel I\'Epee founded free school deaf pupils that taught sign language. Over school deaf people that taught sign language. Over next several decades, this school\'s method teaching students sign language became famous (59)______ \"French method\". America, first school deaf students founded (60) ________April 1817, probably because that when American city concentration people large enough (61) ________ permanent institution. Thomas Gallaudet founded this first school, American Asylum education Deaf Dumb, (62) Hartford, Connecticut, called American School Deaf. Gallaudet hired deaf French man, Laurent Clerc, teach school. Clerc sign language system used school, trained many first teachers techniques. Hence Clerc most influential educator early American deaf education. 1857, Edward Minor Gallaudet, Thomas Gallaudet, became principal Columbia Institution Deaf Dumb Washington, D.C, which eventually became Gallaudet College, only arts institution deaf. Edward Gallaudet advocated combination oral manual methods deaf education. tutored taught guided hand manual hand-made agent with close into close close close toDoc24.vn when until during sustain contain maintain retain located locating located locate done made created produced liberalism liberally liberal liberallistic WRITING Part Finish each following sentences such that means same sentence printed before Question said wife, “Did post letter yesterday?” asked ____________________________________________________ Question until Columbus discovered America that bananas were brought Europe. until ____________________________________________________ Question Without your help, couldn’t overcome problem. __________________________________________________________ Question bought English book gave friend. English book ______________________________________________ Question It’s long time since last each other London have ____________________________________________________ Part Write paragraph about words talk about member your family love best. ----------THE END----------Doc24.vn THPT QUỐC 2015 Môn: Tiếng PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM điểm) PHẦN VIẾT điểm) (0,5 điểm) said wife, “Did post letter yesterday?” asked wife if/whether posted letter following day/ before. until Columbus discovered America that bananas were brought Europe. until Columbus discovered America were bananas brought Europe.Doc24.vn Without your help, couldn’t overcome problem. hadn’t helped couldn’t have overcome problem. bought English book gave friend. English book bought given friend. It’s long time since last each other London have each other long time. Part Write paragraph about words talk about measures protect rare endangered animals from extinction. (1,5 điểm) tiêu đánh Điểm 0,40 mạch ràng uyển chuyển luận Phát triển 0,25 Phát triển trình logic chứng, kiến mình dụng ngôn 0,30 dụng ngôn dung dụng ngôn đúng phong/ loại dụng viết uyển chuyển dung 0,30 thuyết phục người chứng, luận dài: không nhiều hoặc định pháp, câu, chính 0,25 dụng đúng Chính Viết đúng chính chính hiểu nhầm/ lệch tính (trừ điểm viết) Cùng chính tính dụng đúng thời, thể, trúc đúng pháp. (Lỗi pháp hiểu nhầm/ lệch điểm viết.) Tổng 1,50 THPT TRƯỜNG XUÂN