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Doc24.vn ------------- NGHIP THPT 2014-2015 THI: TING trang) gian: (khng gian Trng THPT Long Khnh MULTIPLE CHOICE (8.0 Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that rest each following questions. Question unwise develops values equals Question animal contaminate habitat endangered Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that differs from rest position main stress each following questions. Question disaster encounter determine government Question natural reference requirement candidate Question priority endangerment deforestation rhinoceros Mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each following questions. Question 6:If agreeable ______ proposal, well ahead. with about Question 7:We must ______ traffic coming from right. make take notice give catch sight Question 8:This kind medicine quickly ______ into body. absorbed accessed gone poured Question 9:Her illness _____ thought first. much serious than much more serious than seriouser than much seriously than Question 10:I have ________, don\'t have time. vacation enough money enough money vacation money enough vacation enough money vacation Question 11:I/ happier/ can/ travel/ together. more than happier traveling together. would happier could traveling together. would more happier could traveling together. could happier could traveling together. Question 12:This student determined best student ________ parents proud order proud parents order parents will proud that parents will proud Question 13:They some coffee ________the participants. break break break break Question wonder could _______ small favour, Tom? bring make give doDoc24.vn Question Business Advisory Council been specially designed those ________ advice about setting businesses. absence duty want need Question like doing _______such cooking, washing cleaning house. house-keeper white house lord house household chores Question _________on plane talked time. sitting next that sitting next that sitting next sitting next Question People believed that boys started fire. boys were believed have started fire. That boys started fire believed. believed that fire started boys. believed that boys started fire. Question hates those ______ appointment. doesnt want wait. punctually punctual punctuality punctuate Question borrow bike __________ careful with even long much expecting Question Nothing ____________ loss child. make with make with come with Question Assistant: help you? Customer: ____________. dont need help problem just looking Question Excuse anybody sitting here? _____________. thanks Yes, glad Sorry, seat taken Yes, yes. here Question girl jumped joyfully soon heard result. Hardly girl heard result when jumped joyfully. Hardly girl heard result when jump joyfully Hardly girl heard result when jumped joyfully. Hardly girl heard result when jump joyfully. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate underlined part that needs correction. Question true that havent helped much, same mean hasnt helped either. Question studied English four years high school although trouble talking with people when traveling Question education childrenare received during their primary years crucial both their personal development their country whole. Question first trained scriptwriter later worked secretary. Question wanted three things college: learn skill, make good CDoc24.vn friends, learning about life. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word(s) SIMILAR meaning underlined word(s) each following questions. Question When being interviewed, should concentrate what interviewer saying asking you. related interested attention express interest Question down your qualifications experience. mention note down type find Question introduction appropriate farming practices Vietnam farmers help them achieve higher output. productivity renovation guideline achievement Question revolution womens fashion during second half twentieth century made trousers acceptable almost activities. available Pessimissible Attractive Ideal Question government official, Benjamin franklin often travelled abroad widely Secrecly Alone overseas Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer 1826, Frenchman named Nipce needed pictures business. good artist, invented very simple camera. window house took picture yard. That first photograph. next important date history photography 1837. That year, Daguerre, another Frenchman, took picture studio. used kind camera different process. pictures, could everything clearly, even smallest details. This kind photograph called daguerreotype. Soon, other people began Daguerres process. Travelers brought back daguerreotypes from around world. People photographed famous buildings, cities, mountains. about 1840, process improved. Then photographers carry lots film moving things. process simple photographers carry lots film processing equipment. However, this stop photographers, especially United States. After 1840, daguerreotype artists were popular most cities. Matthew Brady well-known American photographer. took many portraits famous people. portraits were unusual because they were lifelike full personality. Brady also first person take pictures war. 1862 Civil pictures showed dead soldiers ruined cities. They made seem more real more terrible. 1880s, inventions began change photography. Photographers could film ready-made rolls, instead having make film themselves. Also, they have process film immediately. They could bring back their studios develop later. They have carry lots equipment. finally, invention small handheld camera made photography less expensive. With small camera, anyone could photographer. People began cameras just fun. They took pictures their families, friends, favorite places. They called these pictures snapshots. Documentary photographs became popular newspapers 1890s. Soon magazines books also used them. These pictures showed true events people. They were much more real than drawings. Some people began think photography form art. They thought that photography could more than show real world. could also show ideas feelings, like other forms.Doc24.vn From Reading Power Beatrice Mikulecky Linda Jeffries Question first photograph taken with_______. small handheld camera daguerreotype very simple camera types film Question Daguerre took picture studio with_______. very simple camera electronic camera kind camera special equipment Question word this passage refers the_______. taking pictures people moving things stopping photographers from taking photos fact that daguerreotype artists were popular most cities carrying lots film processing equipment Question word ruined passage closest meaning _______. heavily-polluted poorly-painted badly damaged terribly spoiled Question word lifelike passage closest meaning _______. touching moving realistic manlike Question latest invention mentioned passage invention _______. rolls film daguerreotypes processing equipment handheld cameras Question word handheld passage closest meaning _______. handling manually operated hand controlling hands held hand Question Matthew Brady well-known _______. portraits photographs inventing daguerreotypes small handheld camera taking pictures French cities Question mentioned passage, photography can_______. print pictures replace drawings show underworld convey ideas feelings Question Which following could best serve title passage? Story Famous Photographers Photography Painting Different Steps Film Processing Story Photography Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions. B.C, first Olympic Games were held foot Mount Olympus honor Greeks chief god, Zeus. warm climate outdoor activities, need preparedness war, their lifestyle caused Greeks create competitive sports. Only elite military could participate first, later games were opened free Greek males criminal record. Greeks emphasized physical fitness strength their education youth. Therefore, contests running, jumping, javelin throwing, boxing, horse chariot racing were held individual cities, winners competed every four years Mount Olympus. Winners were greatly honored having olive wreaths placed their heads having poems sung about their deeds. Originally these contests were held games friendship wars progress were halted allow games take place. They also helped strengthen bonds among competitors different cities presented. Greeks attached much importance games that they calculated time four-year cycles called Olympiads, dating from B.C. contest coincided with religious festivities constituted all-out effort part participants please gods. disobeyed rules were dismissed seriously punished. These athletes brought shame only themselves also cities they represented.Doc24.vn Question Which following true? Winners placed olive wreaths their heads. games were held Greek every four years. Battles were interrupted participate games. Poems glorified winners songs. Question word elite closest meaning _______. aristocracy brave intellectual muscular Question were Olympic Games held? stop wars. honor Zeus. crown best athletes. sing songs about athletes. Question Approximately many years these games originate? years. 1,200 years. 2,300 years. 2,800 years. Question What conclusion draw about ancient Greeks? They were pacifists. They believed athletic events were important. They were very simple. They couldnt count they used Olympiads dates. Question What main idea this passage? Physical fitness integral part life ancient Greeks. Greeks severely punished those didnt participate physical fitness programs. Greeks always encouraged everyone participate games. Greeks games coincide with religious festivities that they could back when games were over. Question word deeds closest meaning _________. accomplishments ancestors documents properties Question Which following ultimately required athletes competing Olympics? They must have completed military service. They attend special training sessions. They Greek males with criminal record. They very religious. Question word halted means mostly nearly same ________. encouraged started curtailed fixed Question What Olympiad? time took finish games. time between games. time took finish war. time took athletes train. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions. When word \"endangered\" mentioned, people usually think particular species, like panda whooping crane. However, would like encourage think about (41) ____ broader context. (42) ___, physical places where species live interact with another. Although development special breeding programs, also known captive conservation, help some species some cases, clearly (43) answer global problem. Indeed, (44) able protect natural areas where endangered species actually live, they have future. Species become endangered wide (45) _____ reasons. analyzing grouping many individual cases, however, find same broad causes (46) _____ again again. They Habitat Destruction, Exotic Species, Overexploitation. Among other factors threatening particular species limited: distribution, disease, pollution. Limited distributions often aDoc24.vn consequence other threats: populations confined small areas because habitat (47) _____, example, disastrously affected random factors. Diseases have severe (48) _____ species lacking natural genetic protections against particular pathogens, like rabies canine distemper viruses that currently devastating carnivore populations East Africa. Domestic animals usually reservoirs these other diseases affecting wild (49) _____, showing once again that human activities root most causes endangerment. Pollution seriously done harm (50) _____ number terrestrial species, although species living freshwater marine ecosystems also suffering. Question 55:A. development endangerment pollution contamination Question plants conservations habitats organizations Question Question unless Question variety commerce extinction destruction Question expressing showing disappearing appearing Question benefit reserve loss gone Question impact interest infection absorption Question needs populations natures medicines Question with WRITING (2.0 Part Finish each following sentences that means same sentence printed before it.(0.5m) Question often drink before meals. used .................................................................................... Question started working here 1998. have ............................................................................................... Question such boring film that left midle. .......................................................................................... Question will comfortable live modern building. Living .............................................................................................. Question prefers cooking washing dishes. would rather .............................................................................. Part about words, write paragraph about sport like best. (1.5m) Doc24.vn --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------THE END---------- son: Phng ANSWER KEYS MULTIPLE CHOICE (8.0 CDoc24.vn WRITING (2.0 Part (0.5m) Question often drink before meals. used drinking before meals. (0.1) Question started working here 1998. have worked here since1998. (0.1) Question such boring film that left midle. film boring that left midle. (0.1) Question will comfortable live modern building. Living modern building will comfortable. (0.1) Question prefers cooking washing dishes. would rather cook than wash dishes. (0.1) Part dung: 0.25 logic: 0.25 php: 0.25 phing 0.25 Trnh 0.25 rng, 0.25 php: 0.125 Chnh 0.125 0.125