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Doc24.vn GIÁO THPT QUỐC 2015 ĐỒNG TIẾNG THPT Thời gian bài: phút THCS THPT Bình trúc_ Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that rest each following questions. Question expanded eliminated contributed dissolved Question chef chief approach cheque Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that differs from rest position main stress each following questions. Question disappear arrangement opponent contractual Question recommend volunteer understand potential Question entertain participant economy philosophy Mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each following questions. Question Mary ________ work time boss returns. will finish will have finished will finishing finished Question tried _______ window, seems work. open open opening opened Question People’s standard living __________ considerably over past decades. improves improved improved will improve Question computer isn\'t working. _______ during move. should have been damaged needn\'t damaged must have been damaged ought damaged Question It’s essential _______ that information. with Question Winning place university _________ most students become difficult becomes most difficulty becoming more more difficult will become more difficult Question circumstances ___________ campus. smoking should allowed should allow smoking should smoking allowed should allow smoking Question their help, __________. would have failed failed failed wouldn’t have failed Question just took ______ that he’d always available. easy into consideration granted into account Question caught bus, _____ late work. wouldn\'t have been would have been wouldn’t would Question decorating house ___________ selling with view account fear spite Question It\'s high time _______ these mice.Doc24.vn getting going Question group leader wanted that everyone worked together; asked everyone’s ________ combination responsibility competition cooperation Question great _________ have doctor living near convenient convenience conveniently conveniences Question very important firm company keep ______ changes market. touch with with pace track about Question _______, walked station. Despite being tired Although tired spite being tired Despite tired Question John asked _______ that film night before. that seen seen seen Question “Sorry, late” “_______________” welcome don’t mind right. Well done worry. Better late than never Question Mai: Thanks your help.” Nam: ____________” With heart It’s pleasure Never remind Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that CLOSET underlined part each following questions. Question resembles father appearance very much. look after names after takes after calls after Question women jobs well same time: rearing children working office. educating taking care homemaking giving birth Question Hurricanes tornadoes treacherous. Only very foolish person would during that kind weather. risk endangered delicious unsafe Question national curriculum made different subjects. composed divides into consists sets name Question Peter didn’t mean disrespectful teacher. just couldn’t control temper showing lack trust showing nervousness showing impolite behaviour showing lack attention Mark letter your answer sheet show underlined part that needs correction. Question Thinking about future endless fascinating because nothing ever certain. Question Psychologist Abraham Maslow argued that human have unique desires discover understand, giving love others, fulfill their inner potential Question this city where born. DDoc24.vn Question looked frightened upset. must have experienced something terribly. Question most important exam coming near, spends most time going over lessons. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from Animation traditionally done hand-drawing painting successive frames object, each slightly different than preceding frame. computer animation, although computer draw different frames, most cases artist will draw beginning ending frames computer will produce drawings between first last drawing. This generally referred computer-assisted animation, because computer more helper than originator. full computer animation, complex mathematical formulas used produce final sequence pictures. These formulas operate extensive databases numbers that define objects pictures they exist mathematical space. database consists endpoints, color intensity information. Highly trained professionals needed produce such effects because animation that obtains high degrees realism involves computer techniques three-dimensional transformation, shading, curvatures. High-tech computer animation film involves very expensive computer systems along with special color terminals frame buffers. frame buffer nothing more than giant image memory viewing single frame. temporarily holds image display screen. camera used film directly from computer\'s display screen, highest quality images possible, expensive film recorders used. computer computes positions colors figures picture, sends this information recorder, which captures film. Sometimes, however, images stored large magnetic disk before being sent recorder. Once this process completed, repeated next frame. When entire sequence been recorded film, film must developed before animation viewed. entire sequence does seem right, motions must corrected, recomputed, redisplayed, rerecorded. This approach very expensive time consuming. Often, computer-animation companies first motion tests with simple computer-generated line drawings before selling their computers task calculating high-resolution, realistic-looking images. Question What aspect computer animation does passage mainly discuss? production process equipment needed high cost role artist Question According passage, computer-assisted animation role computer draw the........ first frame middle frames last frame entire sequence frames Question word \"they\" second paragraph refers to........ formulas databases numbers objectsDoc24.vn Question According passage, frame buffers mentioned third paragraph used to............ color images expose several frames same time store individual images create frames Question According passage, positions colours figures high-tech animation determined by........ drawing several versions enlarging frame lime analyzing sequence from different angles using computer calculations Question word \"captures\" fourth paragraph closest meaning to...... separates registers describes numbers Question word \"Once\" fourth paragraph closest meaning to..... before since after while Question According passage,how computer-animation companies often test motion? They experiment with computer-generated line drawings. They hand-draw successive frames. They calculate high-resolution images. They develop extensive mathematical formulas. Question word \"task\" paragraph closest meaning to....... possibility position time Question Which following statements supported passage? Computers have reduced costs animation. future, traditional artists will longer needed. Artists unable produce drawings high quality computer drawings. Animation involves wide range technical artistic skills. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from world today, particularly most industrialized areas, North America Europe, recycling news. People talking about practicing discovering ways sensitive environment. Recycling means finding products second time. motto recycling movement \"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle\". first step reduce garbage. stores, shopper products blister packs, boxes expensive plastic wrappings. hamburger from fast food restaurant comes lots packaging: usually paper, box, bag. that packaging wasted resources. People should things that wrapped simply, reuse cups utensils dùng, dụng cụ. Another reduce waste high-quality products. When quality appliances break, many customers throw them away ones loss more resources more energy. example, customer buys high-quality appliance that easily repaired, manufacturer receives important message. same way, customer chooses product with less packaging, that customer sends important message manufacturers. reduce garbage, throwaway must stop. second step reuse. better juices soft drinks returnable bottles. After customers, empty bottles, they return them store. manufacturers drinks collect bottles, wash them, then fill them again. energy that necessary make bottles saved. some parts world, returning bottles money common practice. those places, garbage dumps have relatively little glass plastic from throwaway bottles.Doc24.vn third step being environmentally sensitive recycle. Spent motor cleaned used again. Aluminum cans expensive make. takes same amount energy make aluminum does color three hours. When people collect recycle aluminum (for cans), they help save world\'s precious resources. Question 45-What main topic passage? reduce garbage disposal what people often understand about term \'recycle\' what involved recycling movement live sensitively environment. Question 46-Which described most industrialized areas? Europe Asia Middle East South America Question 47-What does word \'sensitive\' phrase \'sensitive environment\' mean? cautious logical friendly responding Question 48-People following reduce waste EXCEPT____. high-quality product simply-wrapped things reuse cups fewer hamburgers Question 49-Why waste customers low-quality products? Because people will soon throw them away. Because they have repaired many times. Because customers change their ideas time. Because they produce less energy. Question 50-What does mean \'Customers vote with their wallets\'? they choose cheapest products they cast praise producer. they people choose products with less packaging they tell producers which products good environment buying them. Question 51-The word \'motto\' closest meaning to_________ meaning value belief reference Question 52-What best describes process reuse? bottles collected, washed, returned filled again. bottles filled again after being returned, collected washed. bottles washed, retuned, filled again collected. bottles collected, returned filled again washed. Question 53-The garbage dumps some areas have relatively little glass plastic because_____. people ordered return bottles. returned bottles few. many bottles made glass plastic. each returned bottles paid. Question 54-The word \'practice\' closest meaning to_________ drill deed exercise belief Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct word phrase that best fits each numbered blanks. What well? What enjoy doing? Your answers these questions will help identify your (55) _____. employer will consider seriously (56)______ when show them that know are, what offer which have studied. Sometimes difficult know what your weaknesses are. Clearly everyone equally good (57) _____ everything. need improve yourself (58) _____ courses that field could turn weakness into strength. will need (59) _____ some time your self-assessment. Your honesty desire self-improvement will lead (60) _____ getting right job. Explore following seven areas startDoc24.vn know yourself: your aptitude, your skills, your personality, level responsibility feel comfortable with, your interests your needs. (61) _____ have special talents need consider your physical health when choosing job. honest realistic can, other people\'s (62) _____ necessary. Make list these things. usually good idea talk about your aptitudes with teachers, family friends; considering career that (63) _____ special talent, such art, acrobatics, mathematics music, discuss your aptitudes with (64) _____ expert that area discover they needs occupation. Question strong strength strengthen strengthened Question position location spot room Question upon Question meeting taking choosing interviewing Question make lose spend Question success successful successfully succeed Question your yours yourself Question interests fields opinions attendances Question requires asks tells urges Question article WRITING Part Finish each following sentences such that means same sentence printed before Question They think owner house abroad. owner ……………………………………………………….……………. Question older want travel less. older …………………………………………………………………….. Question This best film I’ve ever seen. I’ve ……………………………………………………………………..……. Question “I’m sorry, Jackie. didn’t tell problem earlier,” said Steven. Steven apologized ………………………………………………………… Question sorry didn’t your birthday party last night. wish……………………………………………………………………...….. PART about words, write paragraph tell about “What important qualities good student? THPT QUỐC 2015 THCS THPT Bình PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM: (0.125/CÂU)Doc24.vn PHẦN LUẬN: (0.1/CÂU) Part Question owner house thought abroad. Question older get, less travel. Question I’ve never seen better film than this (film).) I’ve never seen such good film. Question Steven apologized Jackie telling problem earlier. Question wish gone your birthday party last night. Part dung: Đúng 0.25đ Viết logic 0,25đ Ngôn ngữ: Viết đúng trúc pháp: 0,25đ dụng vựng phong phú: 0,25đ Trình bày: Viết 0.25đ Mạch lạc, rang, sang tạo: 0.25đ Điểm trừ: pháp: 0.125đ Chính 0.125đ định: 0.125đ