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GD-ĐT TĨNH TRƯỜNG THPT TRẦN THQG 2014 2015 MÔN: TIẾNG Thời gian bài: phút (không thời gian giao sinh:.......................................................................... danh:............................................................................... Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word that differs from rest position main stress each following questions. Question consume reflect local between Question disappear engineer understand attachment Question confidential relationship enthusiast endangerment Mark letter your answer sheet show underlined part that pronounced differently from rest each following questions. Question wasted practiced laughed jumped Question coast most lost whole Mark letter your answer sheet show underlined part that needs correction each following questions. Question Since fireworks dangerous, many countries have laws preventing businesses sell them. Question suggested that your father gave smoking sake himself. Question nations have make fundamental changes their economic, political, technological institutions they preserve environment. Question students being considered scholarship from this university. Question Oxford English Dictionary well known including many different meanings words give real examples. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each following questions. Question formal interview, essential maintain good _______ with interviewers. link connection touch contact Question Grace Kelly first famous Hollywood actress then ______ Prince Rainier Monaco. wife wife wife wife Question often take this small road home avoid heavy _______ main streets. cars traffic vehicles movement Question When came counter pay, found that _______ cash _______ credit card with him. either neither both neither Question look tired. _______ hard day? Have been working work work working Question looks frightened upset. _______ something terrible. must experience have experienced should have experienced must have experienced Question very surprised find door unlocked. remembered _______ before left. lock having locked have locked locks Question speed light _______ speed sound. faster much faster than fastest fast Question _______ imaginative stories about origin game chess. Many Many There many D.Of many Question _______ been torrential rain, would have gone out. Should Question week before Year’s Days, markets _______ people selling buying things. filled with crowd with ready crowded with Question kind-hearted woman _______ life helping disabled poor. wasted spent dedicated lived Question “May leave message Davis?” “______” afraid here moment. she’s here now. She’s leaving message Yes, I’ll make sure gets Question Peter born brought Hastings knows likes _____ nose face tongue back hand hair head Question Nobody wears clothes like that more they’re ______ fashion unfashionable fashionable fashionably Question more work, _____ you’ll pass your exams. good B.the best best better Question very kind help out, Paul?” “_____” glad like Thanks million That least could that again. Question Lucy late school this morning because alarm didn’t _______ usual. ring take off3 Question ________ radio Marconi played important part development communication. development discovery invention research Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word(s) SIMILAR meaning underlined word(s) each following questions. Question naturally contaminated foreign matter such plant pollens dust. polluted occupied filled concentrated Question aware what happening after tripped knocked head against table. careful responsive conscious cautious Question company empowered declare their support event. matter fact, more power what wants than ever before. forbade helped authorized ordered Question There take over army when general died battle. fight defend protect control Question Chicken results eruption skin sometimes leaves permanent marks. rash hole erosion division Mark letter A,B,C your answer sheet indicate correct word phrase fill blank following passage Environmental Concerns Earth only place know universe that support human life (35) ______ human activities making planet less live western world carries consuming two-thirds world\'s resources while half world\'s population (36)______ stay alive rapidly destroying (37)______ resource have which people survive prosper. Everywhere fertile soil (38)______ built washed into sea. Renewable resources exploited much that they will never able recover (39)______ discharge pollutants into atmosphere without thought consequences. (40)______ planet\'s ability support people being reduced very time when rising human numbers consumption (41)______increasingly heavy demands Earth\'s (42)______ resources there use. need food, water, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter minerals (43)______ fed, comfortable, healthy active. sensible resources they will (44)______ indefinitely. them wastefully excessively they will soon everyone will suffer. Question still despite although Question just already entirely Question lone Individual lonely alone Question sooner rather either neither Question completely quite greatly utterly Question result product development reaction Question having doing taking making Question natural real living genuine Question stay keep maintain hold Question last stand remain Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions. number factors related voice reveal personality speaker. first broad area communication, which includes imparting information language, communicating with group individual specialized communication through performance. person conveys thoughts ideas through choice words, tone voice that pleasant unpleasant, gentle harsh, rhythm that inherent within language itself, speech rhythms that flowing regular uneven hesitant, finally, pitch melody utterance. When speaking before group, person\'s tone indicate uncertainty fright, confidence calm. interpersonal levels, tone reflect ideas feelings over above words chosen, belie them. Here participant’s tone consciously unconsciously reflect intuitive sympathy antipathy, lack concern interest, fatigue, anxiety, enthusiasm excitement, which usually discernible acute listener. Public performance manner communication that highly specialized with techniques obtaining effects voice gesture. motivation derived from text, case singing, music, combination with performer\'s skills, personality, ability create empathy will determine success artistic, political, pedagogic communication. Second, voice gives psychological clues person\'s self-image, perception others, emotional health. Self-image indicated tone voice that confident, pretentious, shy, aggressive, outgoing, exuberant, name only personality traits. Also sound give clue facade mask that person, example, person hiding behind overconfident front. speaker perceives listener\'s receptiveness, interest, sympathy given conversation drastically alter tone presentation, encouraging discouraging speaker. Emotional health evidenced voice free melodic sounds happy, constricted harsh sound angry, dull lethargic qualities depressed. Question What does passage mainly discuss? function voice performance Communication styles connection between voice personality production speech Question What does author mean staring that, \"At interpersonal levels, tone reflect ideas feelings over above words chosen\" lines Feelings expressed with different words than ideas are. tone voice carry information beyond meaning words. high tone voice reflects emotional communication. Feelings more difficult express than ideas. Question word \"Here\" line refers _____ interpersonal interactions tone ideas feelings words chosen Question word \"derived\" line closest meaning _____ discussed prepared registered obtained Question does author mention \"artistic, political, pedagogic communication\" line 14-15? examples public performance examples basic styles communication contrast them singing introduce idea self-image Question According passage, exuberant tone voice indication person\'s ____ general physical health personality ability communicate vocal quality Question According passage, overconfident front hide _____ hostility shyness friendliness strength5 Question word \"drastically\" line closest meaning _____ frequently exactly severely easily Question word \"evidenced\" line closest meaning _____ questioned repeated indicated exaggerated Question According passage, what does constricted harsh voice indicate? lethargy depression boredom anger Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from Since water basis life, composing greater part tissues living things, crucial problem desert animals survive world where sources flowing water rare. since man’s inexorable necessity absorb large quantities water frequent intervals, scarcely comprehend that many creatures desert pass their entire lives without single drop. Uncompromising desert eliminated life only those forms unable withstand desiccating effects. moist- skinned, water-loving animals exist there. large animals found. giants North American desert deer, coyote, bobcat. Since desert country open, holds more swift-footed running leaping creatures than tangled forest. population largely nocturnal, silent, filled with reticence, ruled stealth. they emaciated. Having adapted their austere environment, they healthy animals anywhere else word. secret their adjustment lies combination behavior physiology. None could survive like dogs Englishmen, they went midday sun; many would matter minutes. most them pass burning hours asleep cool, humid burrows underneath ground, emerging hunt only night. surface sun-baked desert averages around degrees, inches down temperature only degrees. Question title this passage could “Animal Life Desert Environment” “Desert Plants” “Man’s Life Desert Environment” “Life Underground” Question word “tissues” passage mostly means “the smallest units living matter that exist their own” “the simplest forms life that exist air, water, living dead creatures plants” “collections cells that form different parts humans, animals plants” “very small living things that cause infectious disease people, animals plants” Question hardly understand many animals live their whole life desert, water essential part existence water composes greater part tissues living things very lager animals found desert sources flowing water rare desert Question phrase “those forms” passage refers following EXCEPT many large animals water-loving animals moist-skinned animals coyote bobcat Question According passage, creatures desert more active during than those tangled forest healthy those anywhere else world6 leap more slowly than those tangled forest leap faster than those tangled forest Question author mentions following examples behavior desert animals EXCEPT they home underground they sleep during they watchful quiet they noisy aggressive Question word “emaciated” passage mostly means “living growing natural conditions, kept house farm” “large strong, difficult control deal with” “thin weak because lack food water” “able what wants clever way, especially tricking cheating” Question According passage, characteristic animals living desert that they smaller fleeter than forest animals they hunt temperature degrees they live accommodating environment they less healthy than animals living other places Question word “burrows” passage mostly means “places where particular type animal plant normally found” “holes tunnels ground made animals them live “places where insects other small creatures live produce their young” “structures made metal bars which animals birds kept” Question infer from passage that desert life colorful diverse living things adjust their environment healthy animals live longer lives water basis desert life PHẦN LUẬN: Part Finish each following sentences such that means same sentence printed before Question Mike never been capital before. This first _____________________________________________ Question football match because weather. Because ___________________________________________________ Question enough join army. ________________________________________________ Question manager made employees work weekend. employees ___________________________________________ Question driver cannot blamed accident way. _______________________________________________________ Part about words, write paragraph about most memorable experience your life.7 BIỂU ĐIỂM: PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM 0,125 điểm): PHẦN LUẬN điểm): Part điểm) This first time Mike been capital. Because weather bad, football match off. young join army. employees were made work weekend. driver blamed accident. Part điểm Content: Organization: Vocabulary structures: