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GD-ĐT TĨNH TRƯỜNG THPT TRẦN THQG 2014 2015 MÔN: TIẾNG Thời gian bài: phút (không thời gian giao sinh:.......................................................................... danh:............................................................................... Choose word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that others: Question Adventure Future Mature Figure Question Young Plough Couple Cousin Choose word whose stress position different from that others: Question Open Happen Offer Begin Question Difficulty Simplicity Discovery Commodity Question Obligatory Geographical International Undergraduate Choose best answer among complete each sentence below: Question _________ old, wants travel around world. spite Although Despite Because Question studied harder, I_________________better last exam. would would have done done wouldn’t have done Question larger apartment, __________________ rent expensive more expensive expensively most expensive Question wanted know what time _______. movie began movie begins does movie begin movie begin Question attaining maximum size, ______ drawing itself dividing into daughter amoebas, each receiving identical nuclear materials. reproduction amoeba amoeba, which reproduces reproducing amoeba amoeba reproduces Question Last week, class went Long picnic, ________ made very happy then. which that which Question Lenses, ____________, used correct imperfections eyesight. forms glasses contact lenses form glasses contact lenses glasses contact lenses which form glasses contact lenses formed Question 13:Tim: “____________” Jeycy: “Certainly” Welcome back! What doing there? sorry late borrow pencil please? Question Jane:“Would mind computer hour?” Tony:”________” all. I’ve finished Yes, course not. still need Yes, It’s right.2 Question Thanks laser beams, last, could __________birthmark face. normal abnormal abnormality abnormally Question That beautiful girl died an________ morphine. overweight overhear overdo overdose Question postman _____ this letter. from whom from whom with whom Question usually train, even though _________ quicker. travel journey trip voyage Question suggest room ………………..before Christmas. decorated decorated were decorated should decorate Question Many species plants animals in___________ extinction. dangerous endangered danger dangerously Question last person ______ room must turn lights. leave leave that leave correct Question “What’s matter? don’t look very well.” feel little _________________.” blue order under weather under impression Question know arguement, I\'d quite like _________. look down make fall bring Question Nowadays women ___the same wages A.should B.will paid C.will D.should paid Mark letter A,B,C your sheet indicate word(s) SIMILAR meaning underlined words each following sentences. Question tourism more developed, people worry about damage flora fauna island. fruits vegetables flowers trees plants animals mountains forests Question really difficult matter decide solve now. will need time think over”. sleep make better make think time Mark letter A,B,C your sheet indicate word(s) OPPOSITE meaning underlined words each following sentences. Question “That well-behaved whose behaviour nothing complain about” good behavior behaving improprely behaving nice behaving cleverly Question After five days trial, court found innocent crime released. benevolent innovative naive guilty Question creer advancement slow gain promotion until when position company’s Chief Excutive. Progress elevation rise decrease3 Choose option among which needs correcting make complete sentence Question didn’t feel like church this morning because raining hard Question likes gossip about other people, doesn’t like them gossip about him. Question Have headache, upset stomach, case sunburn good mood evening. Question Genetic engineering helping researchers unravel mysteries previously incurable diseases that they root causes find cures. Question novelist Shirley Hazzard noted insight, poetic style, sensitive demonstrates works. Choose word phrase that best fits blank space following passage: Environmental Concerns Earth only place know universe that support human life. (35) _____ human activities making planet less live western world (36) _____ consuming two-thirds world\'s resources while half world\'s population just stay alive rapidly destroying (37) _____ resource have which people survive prosper. Everywhere fertile soil (38) _____ built washed into sea. Renewable resources exploited much that they will never able recover (39) _____. discharge pollutants into atmosphere without thought consequences. (40) _____ planet\'s ability support people being reduced very time when rising human numbers consumption (41) _____ increasingly heavy demands Earth\'s (42) _____ resources there use. need food, water, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter minerals (43) _____ fed, comfortable, healthy active. sensible resources, they will (44) _____ indefinitely. them wastefully excessively, they will soon everyone will suffer. Question Although Still Despite Question continues repeats follows carries Question individual alone very solitary Question neither sooner rather either Question utterly completely quite greatly Question result reaction development product Question making doing having taking Question living real natural genuine Question maintain stay hold keep Question remain last stand Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions Ocean water plays indispensable role supporting life. great ocean basins hold about million cubic miles water. From this vast amount, about 80,000 cubic miles water sucked into the4 atmosphere each year evaporation returned precipitation drainage ocean. More than 24,000 cubic miles rain descend annually upon continents. This vast amount required replenish lakes streams, springs water tables which flora fauna dependent. Thus, hydrosphere permits organic existence. hydrosphere strange characteristics because water properties unlike those other liquid. anomaly that water upon freezing expands about percent, whereas most liquids contract cooling. this reason, floats water bodies instead sinking bottom. sank, hydrosphere would soon frozen solidly, except thin layer surface melt water during summer season. Thus, aquatic life would destroyed interchange warm cold currents, which moderates climate, would notably absent. Another outstanding charateristic water that water heat capacity which highest liquids solids except ammonia. This characterisitc enables oceans absorb store vast quantities heat, thereby often preventing climatic extremes. addition, water dissolves more substances than other liquid. this characteristic which helps make oceans great storehouse minerals which have been washed down from continents. several areas world these minerals being commercially exploited. Solar evaporation salt widely practised, potash extracted from Dead Sea, magnesium produced from water along American Gulf Coast. Question author’s main purpose this passage ___________. illustrate importance conserving water describe properties uses water compare water with other liquids explain water used commerce industry Question phrase “this vast amount” line paragraph refers __________ 80,000 million cubic miles water 24,000 cubic miles rain 80,000 cubic miles water million cubic miles water Question word “replenish” paragraph best replaced ________ fill again replace evaporate form Question According passage, fish survive oceans because ________ evaporation condensation create water cycle there currents oceans they need oxygen floats Question Which following mentioned characterisitic water? Water absorb heat Water good solvent. Water contracts cooling Water expands when frozen Question word “outstanding” paragraph closest meaning ________ exceptionally good special amusing important Question According passage, hydrosphere ___________ part earth covered water responsible forms life danger freezing over source natural resources Question author’s tone passage best described ________ dispassionate speculative biased dogmatic Question author organizes passage _______. juxtaposition true untrue ideas comparison contrast general statement followed examples hypothesis proof5 Question Which following statements would most likely begin paragraph immediately following passage? Water ability erode land Droughts flooding types disasters associated with water Another remarkably property strength Magnesium widely used metallurgical processes Read following passage blacken letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions. Until recently, most American entrepreneurs were men. Discrimination against women business, demands caring families, lack business training kept number women entrepreneurs small. Now, however, businesses owned women account more than billion annual revenues, this figure likely continue rising throughout 1990s. Carolyn Doppelt Gray, official Small Business Administration, noted, \"The 1970s decade women entering management, 1980s turned decade woman entrepreneur\". What some factors behind this trend? thing, more women earn advanced degrees business enter corporate world, they finding obstacles. Women still excluded from most executive suites. Charlotte Taylor, management consultant, noted, \"In 1970s women believed they worked hard they could become chairman board. they\'ve found that isn\'t going happen, they their own\". past, most women entrepreneurs worked \"women\'s\" fields: cosmetics clothing, example. this changing. Consider Computer Systems, $22-million-a-year computer software business. founded 1973 Sandra Kurtzig, then housewife with degrees math engineering. When Kurtzig founded business, first product software that weekly newspapers keep tabs their newspaper carriers-and office bedroom home, with shoebox under hold company\'s cash. After succeeded with newspaper software system, hired several bright computer-science graduates develop additional programs. When these were marketed sold, began grow. employees, Sandra Kurtzig owns $66.9 million stock. course, many women start their businesses fail, just often They still face hurdles business world, especially problems raising money; banking finance world still dominated men, attitudes hard. Most businesses owned women still quite small. situation changing; there likely many more Sandra Kurtzigs years ahead. Question What main idea this passage? A.Women today better educated than past, making them more attractive business world. B.The computer especially lucrative women today. Women better small business than are. Women today opening more business their own. Question 56:The word “excluded” closest meaning _________ permitted often invited decorators charged admission Question following were mentioned passage detriments women business world EXCEPT _________ A.Women were required stay home with their families. Women lacked ability work business. C.Women faced discrimination business. D.Women were trained business. Question word “that” refers _________. woman becomes chairman board. Women working hard6 Women achieving advanced degrees Women believing that business place them. Question According passage, Charlotte Taylor believes that women 1970s _________ were unrealistic about their opportunities business management. were still more interested education than business opportunities fewer obstacles business than they today. were unable work hard enough success business. Question author mentions shoesbox under bed” order _________ Show frugality women business show resourcefulness Sandra Kurtzig Point that initially financial resources Sandra Kurtzig’s business were limited suggest that company needed expand Question expression keep tabs closest meaning _________ recognize appearance keep records provide transportation salaries Question word “hurdles” best replaced __________ fences .obstacles questions small groups Question inferred from passage that author believes that business operated women small because ________ Women prefer small intimate setting. Women can’t deal with money. Women able borrow money easily. many women fail large businesses. Question author’s attitude about future women business ________ skeptical optimistic frustrated negative WRITING Part Finish each following sentences such that meams same first one. Question Although very tired, agreed help with homework. Tired was, agreed help with homework. Question Someone broke into John’s house last night. John house broken into last night. Question “Sorry, late.” said teacher. apologised teacher being late. Question sure wasn’t Phong because he’s Hanoi. can’t have been Phong because he’s Hanoi. Question 69.The training course expensive; can’t afford such expensive course that couldn’t afford Part about words, write paragraph about mass media find most useful. -----------THE END-----------