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TRƯỜNG ĐẠI HỌC VINH TRƯỜNG THPT CHUYÊN ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QUỐC GIA, LẦN NĂM2015MÔN TIẾNG ANH (Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút) Mã đề thi 132Họ, tên thí sinh:........................................................ Số báo danh: .............................I. PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM TỪ QUESTION ĐẾN QUESTION 64 (8điểm)Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show the underlinedpart that needs correction in each of the following questions.Question 1: Although they reflect strong social conscience, Arthur Miller’s stageworks are Atypical more concerned with individuals than with systems .B DQuestion 2: Georgia has too many types of soil that virtually any plants can begrown there CD Question 3: Not longer are contributions to the advancement of industry madeprimarily by individuals. DQuestion 4: On the way back home from the library, we saw two of our classmatesto cycle side by side DQuestion 5: Some insects bear remarkable resemblance to dead twigs, beinglong, slenderness BCwingless, and brownish in color DRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. There are many theories of aging, but virtually all fall into the category ofhypotheses with minimum of supporting evidence. One viewpoint is that agingoccurs as the body's organ systems become less efficient. Thus failures in theimmune system, hormonal system, and nervous system could all producecharacteristics that we associate with aging. Following different vein manycurrent researchers are looking for evidence at the cellular and sub cellular level. Ithas been shown that cells such as human fibroblasts (generalized tissue cells)grown in culture divide only limited number of times and then die. Only cancercells seem immortal in this respect. Fibroblast cells from an embryo divide moretimes than those taken from an adult. Thus some researchers believe that agingoccurs at the cellular level and is part of the cell's genetic makeup. Any event thatdisturbs the cell's genetic machinery such as mutation, damaging chemicals in thecell's environment, or loss of genetic material, could cause cells to lose their abilityto divide and thus bring on aging. Other theories of aging look at differentprocesses. Chronological aging refers to the passage of time since birth and is usuallymeasured in years. While chronological age can be useful in estimating the averagestatus of large group of people, it is poor indicator of an individual person'sstatus because there is tremendous amount of variation from one individual to thenext in regard to the rate at which biological age changes occur. For example, onthe average, aging results in people losing much of their ability to performstrenuous activities, yet some elderly individuals are excellent marathon runners. Another type of aging is cosmetic aging, which consists of changes in outwardappearance with advancing age. This includes changes in the body and changes inother aspects of person's appearance, such as the style of hair and clothing, thetype of eyeglasses, and the use of hearing aid. Like chronological aging, it isfrequently used to estimate the degree to which other types of aging have occurred.However, it is an inaccurate indicator for either purpose because of variation amongindividuals and because person's appearance is affected by many factors that arenot part of aging, including illness, poor nutrition, and exposure to sunlight.Question 6: The author believes the theories of aging are _______.A. well-supported hypotheses B. poorly supported hypothesesC. proven theories D. interesting ideasQuestion 7: In paragraph 1, the word " evidence " refers to _______.A. evidence of aging B. evidence of cancerC. evidence of human fibroblasts D. evidence of cell divisionQuestion 8: The word " vein " in paragraph is closest in meaning to _______ .A. part of the body B. point of view C. blood vessel D. cellular levelQuestion 9: The author of the article points out that cancer cells _______.A. divide infinitely B. divide and then dieC. divide more in adults than in embryos D. bring on agingQuestion 10: The word " culture " in paragraph is closest in meaning to _______ .A. libraries B. society's traditions and valuesC. special environment D. toxic substanceQuestion 11: It can be inferred from the passage that fibroblast cells ________.A. disfunction in the aging process of the body's immune systemB. are not focus in cellular research on agingC. are similar to cancer cells in rate of divisionD. divide fewer times at later stages in human lifeQuestion 12: As explained in this passage, the theory of aging which examinesthe cellular level would NOT assign which of the following as cause of aging?A. Mutation B. Failure of the body's organ systemC. Loss of genetic material D. Chemical damage from the environmentQuestion 13: According to the passage, chronological aging is not goodindicator of an individual's status regarding aging because ______.A. elderly people are often athleticB. there is individual variation in the rate of biological agingC. strenuous activities are not good measures of ageD. it is difficult to get accurate records of birth datesQuestion 14: The author implies all of the following about cosmetic aging EXCEPT_______.A. It does not occur at the same rate for all peopleB. It is poor indicator of chronological ageC. Illness, poor nutrition, and exposure to sunlight cause aging to occurD. It is described by changes in outward appearanceQuestion 15: This article can be extracted from ______.A. fashion magazine B. cookbookC. health journal D. travel brochureMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correctanswer to each of the following questions.Question 16: You must always have good breakfast every morning _______ lateyou are.A. even if B. no matter C. whatever D. howeverQuestion 17: She _______ you that evening. You should have told her everything.A. wished helping B. was there to help C. would help D. must have helpedQuestion 18: Are you the boy __________ bicycle was stolen?A. his B. of which C. whose D. whoQuestion 19: The __________ at the football match became violent when their teamlost.A. spectators B. viewers C. customers D. observersQuestion 20: The rescuers ________ for their bravery and fortitude in locating thelost mountain climbers.A. were praising B. praising C. praised D. were praisedQuestion 21: She used to work here as typist, __________ she?A. did B. didn’t C. wouldn't D. useQuestion 22: can't __________ what he's doing; it's so dark down here.A. show up B. see through C. look into D. make outQuestion 23: Don’t worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can_____ you up for the night.A. take B. keep C. put D. setQuestion 24: Judo players are _____ to their opponents and bow to each otherbefore and after contest.A. respectfully B. respectable C. respect D. respectfulQuestion 25: Mike “I have favor to ask you.” Tim “__________.”A. Help yourself B. Go ahead C. It’s pleasure D. Ask, pleaseQuestion 26: The more you talk about the matter, __________ .A. the situation seems the worse B. the situation seems worseC. the worse seems the situation D. the worse the situation seemsQuestion 27: Without written evidence, we don’t have ______ on.A. leg to stand B. foot to stand C. leg to lean D. foot to leanQuestion 28: By the time we got home, we were _________ frozen and exhausted.A. exceedingly B. extremely C. absolutely D. veryQuestion 29: Everyone __________ what they have to do, don’t they?A. know B. do know C. have known D. knowsQuestion 30: What’s the point __________ here if you don’t have anything to tellthem?A. getting them all come B. in getting them all comeC. to get them all come D. in getting them all to comeQuestion 31: __________, the examinees knew it was time to stop.A. To have been heard the bell B. To hear the bellC. Heard the bell D. Hearing the bellQuestion 32: Dick “I enjoyed myself so much at your birthday party.” Patrice ____________.”A. It’s pleasure B. Oh, that’s kind of youC. Congratulations D. Oh, I’m glad to hear thatQuestion 33: wish _______ to him. Now it is too late.A. would listen B. have listenedC. listened D. had listenedQuestion 34: The boys proposed that their group leader _______ camping trip.A. organized B. organize C. organizes D. organizingQuestion 35: __________ are often used for laboratory experiments.A. They are small grey mice B. Grey small miceC. Small grey mice D. That grey small miceRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the best option for each of the blanks. Beatrix Potter was story writer whose books about animals have beentranslated into many languages and read by both children and adults. (36) ________being an author, she was also regarded as very successful farmer. Born in Londonin 1866, Beatrix was (37) ________ for at home by various servants. Every year she(38) _______ the days to her annual holiday in the countryside. She would (39)_______ to her London home small animals which she (40) ________ and drew. As shegrew up, she entertained other children with drawings and stories about theseanimals. In 1901, she printed book at her own (41) _______ called ‘The Tale of PeterRabbit’. So many (42) _______ were sold that she bought farm, where over the nexteight years she wrote many other stories. They all sold very well and readers likedtheir detailed color drawings. With her growing (43) _______ Beatrix started buying more farmland, animalsand property. After her marriage, at the age of 47, Beatrix stopped writing, (44)_______ that she had run out of (45) _______ She became farmer and spent therest of her life working with her sheep and awarding prizes at sheep fairs.Question 36: A. Apart B. Besides C. Otherwise D. ExceptQuestion 37: A. cared B. minded C. attended D. lookedQuestion 38: A. imagined B. counted C. considered D. numberedQuestion 39: A. get B. keep C. take D. giveQuestion 40: A. remarked B. noticed C. saw D. observedQuestion 41: A. earning B. spending C. expense D. chargeQuestion 42: A. prints B. images C. copies D. pagesQuestion 43: A. pay B. income C. wages D. receiptQuestion 44: A. saying B. talking C. speaking D. tellingQuestion 45: A. views B. ideas C. opinions D. beliefsRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. Are you interested in seeing the beautiful fall foliage of New England but tiredof traffic jams and overbooked hotels? Then this year forget the crowds in NewEngland and see the beautiful colors of autumn in the Catskills. These rugged mountains in New York State, just 90 miles northwest of NewYork City, are famous for the legendary tales of Rip Van Winkle, and more recentlyfor the summer hotels that sprang up in the region during the 1940s, 1950s, and1960s. Families trying to escape the heat of New York City found the Catskills to bethe perfect place to stay for month or so each summer. By the late 1950s therewere over 500 resorts and hotels offering nighttime entertainment as well as allkinds of outdoor activities. Famous comedians like Jackie Gleason, Joan Rivers, andSid Caesar all got their start touring the hotel clubs here. Since the introduction ofair-conditioning and cheaper air travel, however, families have stopped coming tothe Catskills in such large numbers, choosing instead more distant locations atdifferent times of the year. Many of the Catskill hotels closed in the 1970s, but someremain and have expanded and changed their facilities to meet the needs of today'svisitors. Currently, there are many activities available to the traveler besideswitnessing the changing colors of the leaves. There is an all-organic sheep farmwhere visitors can see how traditional sheep farm operates. There are alsohundreds of miles of scenic drives in the area. Route 42, for instance, is an excellentsite for spotting bald eagles. For more information on vacations in the Catskills, callthe Office of Public Information.Question 46: What is the author's main purpose in this passage?A. to promote the Catskills as vacation destination.B. to introduce visitors to famous Catskills entertainers.C. to describe the history of the Catskills region.D. to compare the Catskills to New England.Question 47: The word " rugged " in paragraph could be best replaced by whichof the following?A. barren B. rough C. tall D. lushQuestion 48: According to the passage, which of the following caused the declinein the number of resorts in the 1970s?A. television B. shorter vacationsC. affordable air travel D. more trafficQuestion 49: Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word " legendary "in paragraph 2?A. foolish B. perplexing C. mythical D. humorousQuestion 50: The phrase " sprang up " in paragraph most probably refers tosomething that has ______.A. burst forth B. spread out C. operated vigorously D. joined togetherQuestion 51: In what season would tourist most likely have visited the Catskillsin the 1950s?A. fall B. winter C. spring D. summerQuestion 52: Which of the following most reflects the author's tone in thispassage?A. light and encouraging B. informative and scientificC. humorous and skeptical D. regretful and reminiscentQuestion 53: What does the passage imply that visitor might be lucky enoughto do?A. see fall leaves in color B. see kind of birdC. work on sheep farm D. drive on scenic roadsQuestion 54: As used in paragraph 3, which of the following could best replacethe word " spotting "?A. photographing B. seeing C. painting D. shootingQuestion 55: The author implies that in the Catskills, there are few _______ .A. leaves B. eagles C. people D. sheepMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the wordwhose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest ineach of the following questions.Question 56: A. stoma ch B. wat ch C. ch ange D. chur chQuestion 57: A. attack B. repeat C. roof D. tray sMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word orphrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of thefollowing questions.Question 58: Some experts believe that the functions of the print media will bereplaced by audio or visual media.A. services B. influences C. roles D. popularityQuestion 59: central issue in probability is foretelling the value of futureobservation.A. recording B. interpreting C. observing D. predictingQuestion 60: The expansion of public services has caused concern that the civilservice branches are becoming autonomous powers.A. independent B. advanced C. superior D. powerfulQuestion 61: All organisms must obtain nutrients from the environment in orderto sustain themselves.A. isolate B. harvest C. acquire D. digestMark the letter A, B, C, or on you answer sheet to indicate the word thatdiffers from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of thefollowing questions.Question 62: A. prestigious B. literal C. reception D. arrivalQuestion 63: A. relationship B. evaluate C. democracyD. favourableQuestion 64: A. architecture B. recognize C. artificialD. argumentII. PHẦN TỰ LUẬN (2 điểm)Thí sinh làm phần tự luận vào tờ sau.---------------------------------------------------------- THE END ----------TRƯỜNG ĐẠI HỌC VINHTRƯỜNG THPT CHUYÊN ĐÁP ÁN ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QUỐC GIA, LẦN NĂM2015 MÔN TIẾNG ANH Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút) I. PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM TỪ QUESTION ĐẾN QUESTION 64 (0,125x 64 câu điểm )Mãđề Câuhỏi Đápán Mãđề Câuhỏi Đápán Mãđề Câuhỏi Đápán Mãđề Câuhỏi Đápán1321 209 357 485 D1322 209 357 485 D1323 209 357 485 C1324 209 357 485 B1325 209 357 485 C1326 209 357 485 A1327 209 357 485 A1328 209 357 485 C1329 209 357 485 C13210 209 10 357 10 485 10 A13211 209 11 357 11 485 11 A13212 209 12 357 12 485 12 A13213 209 13 357 13 485 13 C13214 209 14 357 14 485 14 A13215 209 15 357 15 485 15 C13216 209 16 357 16 485 16 B13217 209 17 357 17 485 17 A13218 209 18 357 18 485 18 C13219 209 19 357 19 485 19 B13220 209 20 357 20 485 20 B13221 209 21 357 21 485 21 D13222 209 22 357 22 485 22 D13223 209 23 357 23 485 23 B13224 209 24 357 24 485 24 D13225 209 25 357 25 485 25 A13226 209 26 357 26 485 26 C13227 209 27 357 27 485 27 A13228 209 28 357 28 485 28 A13229 209 29 357 29 485 29 B13230 209 30 357 30 485 30 B13231 209 31 357 31 485 31 D13232 209 32 357 32 485 32 D13233 209 33 357 33 485 33 B13234 209 34 357 34 485 34 C13235 209 35 357 35 485 35 C13236 209 36 357 36 485 36 D13237 209 37 357 37 485 37 C13238 209 38 357 38 485 38 C13239 209 39 357 39 485 39 B13240 209 40 357 40 485 40 D13241 209 41 357 41 485 41 B13242 209 42 357 42 485 42 C13243 209 43 357 43 485 43 D13244 209 44 357 44 485 44 B13245 209 45 357 45 485 45 D13246 209 46 357 46 485 46 C13247 209 47 357 47 485 47 B13248 209 48 357 48 485 48 D13249 209 49 357 49 485 49 B13250 209 50 357 50 485 50 A13251 209 51 357 51 485 51 B13252 209 52 357 52 485 52 D13253 209 53 357 53 485 53 C13254 209 54 357 54 485 54 B13255 209 55 357 55 485 55 D13256 209 56 357 56 485 56 B13257 209 57 357 57 485 57 D13258 209 58 357 58 485 58 A13259 209 59 357 59 485 59 C13260 209 60 357 60 485 60 C13261 209 61 357 61 485 61 B13262 209 62 357 62 485 62 A13263 209 63 357 63 485 63 D13264 209 64 357 64 485 64 CII. PHẦN TỰ LUẬN (2 điểm) Part I. Sentence transformation (0,1 0,5 điểm)Question 1: The students regretted not attending the lecture .Question 2: Only after new pay offer did the workers call off the strike .Question 3: William’s mother told him not to leave the house until she got back .Question 4: Two tablets should be taken every four hours .Question 5: It’s too marvelous an opportunity that we mustn’t miss it .Part II. Writing paragraph of about 140 words about why travelling is becoming more popular. (1,5 điểm)Criteria for marking: 1. Đáp ứng được yêu cầu của đề bài: Đúng dạng của đoạn văn (chứ không phải bài luận), độ dài theo yêu cầu.2. Sự liên kết, mạch lạc: Có sử dụng phương tiện từ liên kết giữa các ý, các câu với nhau để phát triển chủ đề một cách chặt chẽ, rõ ràng.3. Từ vựng: Đa dạng, tránh lặp đi lặp lại, đúng chính tả.4. Ngữ pháp: Đa dạng cấu trúc ngữ pháp, đúng thời, sự hòa hợp chủ-vị…. Lưu ý: Giáo viên đọc kỹ các tiêu chí sau đây để cho điểm bài viết của học sinh.