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thi th THPT QG môn Anh tr ng THPT Chuyên ĐH Vinh năm 2017ề ườ ầMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate theword whose underlined part differs from the other three inpronunciation in each of the following questionsQuestion 1: A. resis ance B. essen ial C. ins ant D. informan tQuestion 2: A. neral B. niature C. nor D. nimumMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate themost suitable response to complete each of the followingexchangesQuestion 3: Lucy is going to do some shopping. Ann offers to help her. Ann :“ Would you like me to get you taxi?” Lucy ___________________ ”A. That would be delightful. Thanks. B. Well, let’s see.C. Yes, see. D. Yes, please if it’s no bother.Question 4: Jeanne and Mike are talking about Bonnie. Jeanne _______ .” Mike Really? What did he say?”A. Can you call Bonnie tomorrow? B. ran into Bonnie on the way to work.C. Is Bonnie the one who won the lottery? D. Bonnie just went to California for holiday.Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to show theunderlined part that needs correction in each of the followingquestions.Question 5: Sometimes it takes me about three hours finishing my round.A. Sometimes B. me C. hours D. finishing Question 6: The economy of Maine is based to great extent in its forest,which over 80 percent of its surface area.A. economy of B. to C. in its D. percent of Question 7: Little have people done to alleviate the sea pollution caused bythe facories in central Vietnam haven’t they?Doc24.vnA. have people done B. caused C. in central D.haven’t theyRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or onyour answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of thequestion.Shyness may not seem to be serious complaint, but for some who sufferfrom it, it can become unbearable. Even talking to small group ofpeople you know can seem like an ordeal- it can feel as if you’ve beenasked to give speech on topic you know very little about to numberof experts. You start to feel hot and shaky, your heart beats faster, yourknees feel weak, you begin to stutter and the whole experience seems tolast forever.The fact of the matter is that shyness is something we often recognize inothers: “blushing” is one of the more visible signs, for example. Yet wedon’t judge someone harshly because of this. But shyness does mean thatyou are harder to approach, so you become more (14) isolated. As oneshy person put it, “It’s like being in prison, and it’s very hard to breakout.”Experts on the subject have come up with various possible solutions, andone has been singled out as being the key to success- namely, finding aninterest in common with the other people. Spending lot of time on thesidelines watching other people and envying them because they aremuch more outgoing doesn’t help; remembering that some of thosepeople you most envy are probably shy themselves, does. The secret ishow you deal with it. And experts have come up with four things you cando today to help. Firstly, you can start by listening to other people. Youwill find yourself getting interested in what they’re talking about andasking questions- and before you know it, you’ll be having conversation.Secondly, you could try asking neighbors if you can walk their dog. Likechildren, pets can be excellent icebreakers for conversations withpassers-by. Thirdly, try joining class to learn something like tap-dancingor flamenco, where people are likely to laugh lot. You’ll feel relaxed,Doc24.vnand also you’ll be much too busy concentrating on what you are doing tofeel shy. Lastly, try telling yourself that it doesn’t matter if you say or dosomething silly. Most people make fool of themselves every so often-and it’s not the end of the world if you do!Question 8: One of the symptoms of shyness in stressful situation is____A. pain in the knees B. an increasedheart rateC. sweating lot D. excessive talkativenessQuestion 9: Why do shy people become more reserved?A. Other people lack the patience to talk to them.B. They dread being judged by othersC. Their social unease makes them more difficult to talk to.D. They see that others are shy too.Question 10: The word blushing in paragraph is closet meaning to____ ___A. smiling B. going red C. going green D. sweatingQuestion 11: What do experts believe is the essential measure to be taken?A. Discovering shared interests with others.B. Comparing yourself to other people.C. Studying others’ behavior in social situations.D. Finding out what makes other people shy .Question 12: How can listening to others prove helpful in combatingshyness?A. It’s the first step to getting into conversation.B. People will see you care about their interest.C. You develop useful psychological skills.D. It’s visible sign of becoming less shy.Question 13: It’s suggested in the text that shy person should_____A. take up social hobby B. learn to laugh moreDoc24.vnC. learn to relax D. help other people in thecommunityQuestion 14: Shy people should realize that everybody_____ ____A. says stupid things sometimes B. makes jokes sometimesC. is self-conscious D. is foolishQuestion 15: The major aim of the author of the text is to____ ____A. offer useful hints on how shy people can help themselves.B. present recent findings about the nature of shyness.C. give important advice on how to deal with shy people.D. raise the reader’s interest in shyness as social problem.Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate thesentence that best combines each of pair of sentences in thefollowing questionsQuestion 16: The company director decided to raise the workers’ wages. Hedid not want them to leave.A. The company director decided to raise the workers’ wages in order notto want them to leave. B. The company director decided to raise the workers’ wages though hewanted them to leave.C. The company director decided to raise the workers’ wages so that hedid not want them to leave.D. The company director decided to raise the workers’ wages because hedid not want them to leave.Question 17: Tuition fees were increased. There were many objections fromstudents and parents.A. There were many objections from students and parents, so tuition feeswere increased. B. Tuition fees were increased because there were many objections fromstudents and parents.Doc24.vnC. Tuition fees were increased despite the fact that there were manyobjections from students and parents.D. There were many objections from students and parents while so tuitionfees were increased. Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate thesentence that is closest in meaning to each of the followingquestions.Question 18: We had better leave him note because it is possible they willarrive late.A. We had better leave him note in case they may arrive late.B. We had better leave him note in case they will arrive late.C. We had better leave him note in case they are likely to arrive late.D. We had better leave him note in case they arrive late.Question 19: It would be good idea that we should try to get localsupport for new motorway”, said Joe.A. Joe suggested that they try to get local support for new motorway.B. Joe claimed we should try to get local support for new motorway.C. Joe suggested that they try getting local support for new motorway.D. Joe wanted to know why they shouldn’t try getting local support fornew motorway.Question 20: The rate of inflation has fallen steadily during recent months.A. There has been steady decline of the rate of inflation during recentmonths.B. There is steady decline of the rate of inflation during recent months.C. There is steady decline of the rate in inflation during recent months.D. There has been steady decline in the rate of inflation during recentmonths.Doc24.vnRead the following pasage and mark the letter A, B, or onyour answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that bestfits each of the numbered blnaks.A book has just been published to help parents to deal with theirchildren's naughty behavior at home. The author, Dr James Bruno, saysthat the first positive discipline technique is for parents to remain(21)_____ because nervous parents don't get good results. Parents whooften (2 )____ their temper find that their children stop taking any noticeof them. When parents yell at their children to make them (2 )____ anorder, children often act as if they did not hear them,The secondchallenge is to know how to correct bad behavior in an effective way.(2 )_____ children by preventing them from watching their favorite TVprogram is not an ideal solution. Nor is telling them off when theirfriends are present. Dr Bruno believes parents should (2 )____ clear rulesfor children to follow. If children refuse to follow these, they know theywill be disciplinedQuestion 21: A. quite B. calm C. still D. silentQuestion 22: A. break B. leave C. forget D. loseQuestion 23: A. hear B. comply C. obey D. acceptQuestion 24: A. Hurting B. Harming C. Punishing D. DamagingQuestion 25: A. install B. design C. draw D. establishRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or onyour answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of thequestion.Picture society where learning can happen at any time, in any placeand can be completed without ever going to class. This is could be newwave of education and the internet technology now exists to support sucha system. The virtual classroom is here. If you are interested in Englishor Civil Engineering, then head to the University and click yourself adegree. Well, maybe it’s not that easy, but you would be on the righttrack. The flexibility of studying at your own pace, and the money yousave with online courses, are two of the main attractions.Doc24.vnThe web is powerful educational tool. Some feel that virtual classroomswill isolate students from each other, which will result in problemsdeveloping interpersonal relationships and that these skills are muchmore important than computer skills. Should teachers teach kids how tobehave in society, how to respect others and how to co-operate, or shouldkids have already learned this from their parents? No one is saying thatsocial skills aren’t important, however, virtual classrooms are far morethan just computer skills. Some strongly believe that education can betaught via the web and social skills can be gained from joining sportsteams, summer camps, or just by hanging out! Others argue that thisvirtual classroom may place pressure on students: to become computerliterate or be left behind in life. Is this undue pressure or reality? Maybebeing left behind in life is little dramatic, but the reality is that thecomputer age is here. Whether you want to pay for your new jeans withyour debit card, or check to see if the library has the book you want,you’re going to need some computer skills.The development of flexible, inquiring minds has rarely been the mainconcern in the design of educational systems. After all, if you have overthirty inquiring minds and only one teacher, flexibility could be aproblem. It seems that developing students’ proper social behavior hasalways exceeded the concern to develop students’ creativity. Computertechnology can make individualized attention real possibility. At theInstitute for the Learning Sciences, systems are being developed to allowpeople to try out things in simulated worlds. This technology will allowfor the individual creative growth in students.The web will provide amazing opportunities for the education of oursociety. Anyone with computer and internet access can peruseeffectively unlimited amounts of knowledge and programs, designed tohelp them learn and understand. The teachers and parents involved withthese programs will be given the job of making sure that students leadwell-balanced lives that combine Web-education and positive socialinteraction with their friends and neighbors. Imagine that yourrecreation room has now become your classroom, and your parents seemDoc24.vnto be doing as much homework as you are! So, be prepared as the virtualclassroom may find its way to computer screen near you!Question 26: What is the author’s overall attitude towards virtualclassroom?A. He is enthusiastic B. He is indifferent C. He ‘sdisapproving D. He is skepticalQuestion 27: Why are people attracted to online education?A. Because it is cheap and flexible B. Because it is unlimited and fastC. Because it is fashionable and new D. Because it is powerful and easyQuestion 28: What do the opponents of online education maintain?A. Student’s academic performance will sufferB. The virtual classroom will place burden on studentsC. Students cannot ignore the reality of the computer age D. The virtual classroom will result in dramatic changesQuestion 29: The word “computer literate” in paragraph is closet inmeaning to____?A. computer based B. unable to use computerC. computerized D. able to use computerQuestion 30: What do the advocates of online education maintain?A. It develops computer skills B. It increase student’s social skillsC. It will boost student’s creativity D. It complements education at homeQuestion 31: Why does the author mention “over thirty inquiring minds andonly one teacher” in paragraph 3?A. To prove that teachers feel no special concern for developing student’sflexibilityB. To prove that individualized attention is hardly possible in traditionalclassroomC. To prove that inquiring minds have been the main concern of theeducation systemD. To prove that teachers overestimate that value of student’s socialbehaviorDoc24.vnQuestion 32: What role are parents supposed to play in the web-basededucation of society?A. They will have to control the virtual and real-life activities of their kids.B. They will have to home assignments together with their kidsC. They will have to help their kids get access to the virtual classroomD. They will have to balance social activities and learning of their kidsMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the following questions.Question 33: The change in the upcoming high school communicationrequires great deal of and budget.A. preparing B. prepared C. preparation D. prepareQuestion 34: Only three of students in my class are girls, are all boys.A. the other B. others C. other student D. the othersQuestion 35: The guests having checked in our hotel have the pleasantmanner have seen.A. lessen B. little C. least D. lessQuestion 36: the water clear but also prevent the river from overflowing. A. Not only keep the hippo’s habits B. Not only the hippo’s eating habitskeepC. The hippo’s eating habits not ony keep D. Keep not onlythe hippo’s eating habitsQuestion 37: The philosopher theories am writing went insane before hedied.A. in which B. about whose C. with whom D. for whomQuestion 38: Had you up before the journey, we wouldn’t have lost half anhour looking for petrol station in an unknown city.A. remembered fill B. remembered to fill C. rememberedfilling D. remember fillingQuestion 39: Rebecca on our conversation to tell us that James had justbeen rushed into hospital.Doc24.vnA. broke up B. got ahead C. faced up D. cut inQuestion 40: Drivers must go to garages to periodically to _____ .A. get their cars to serviced B. their cars be servicedC. get their cars serviced D. service their carsQuestion 41: When you use the Internet, you have so much information atyour _________ .A. fingers B. hands C. fingertips D. thumbsQuestion 42: can’t believe that you ____ __ all the three exercises! You juststarted five minutes ago.A. finished B. have been finishing C. are finishingD. have finishedQuestion 43: Is it compulsion that the scheme ____ next Friday?A. carry out B. will carry out C. carried out D. be carried outQuestion 44: saw him talking out something pointed in ____ box.A. yellow small plastic B. small yellowplasticC. small plastic yellow D. plastic small yellowMark the letter A, B, C, on your answer sheet to indicated theword that differs from the rest in the position of the main stressin each of the following questions.Question 1: A.atmosphere B. computer C. variety D. exhaustedQuestion 2: A. campus B. mountain C. perform D. equalMark the letter A, B, C, on your answer sheet to indicated theword or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underline partin each of the following questions.Question 47: We have to husband our resources to make sure we make itthrough these hard timesA. spend B. manage C. use up D. marryDoc24.vn