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SỞ GD& ĐT VĨNH PHÚC TRƯỜNG THPT PHẠM CÔNG BÌNH ĐỀ THI KSCL ÔN THI THPT QG LẦN 3MÔN: TIẾNG ANH 12Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút; không kể thời gian phát đề(50 câu trắc nghiệm)Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlinepart differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.Question 1: A. look ed B. laugh ed C. decid ed D. experienc edQuestion 2: A. br ea B. incr ea se C. sp ea D. Ch ea tMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs fromthe other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.Question 3: A. permanent B. continue C. complete D. relationshipQuestion 4: A. endanger B. geometry C. opposite D. GeographyMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part thatneeds correction in each of the following questions.Question 5: secretary told me an important file had left in the lunch room just theother day.A. had left B. the other day C. told D. justQuestion 6: didn’t feel like to go to church this morning because it was raining hard.A. to go B. raining hard C. to church D. didn’tQuestion 7: cure for the common cold, causing by virus has not been found .A. for B. virus C. causing D. has not been foundMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to eachof the following questions.Question 8: ____ ____ he is old, he wants to travel around the world.A. In spite of B. Although C. Despite D. BecauseQuestion 9: ad studied harder, I_________better in the last exam.A. would do B. would have done C. had done D. wouldn’t have doneQuestion 10: The larger the apartment, the__________ the rent is.A. expensive B. more expensive C. expensively D. most expensiveQuestion 11: Last week, our class went to Ha Long Bay for picnic, ____ __ ____ made usvery happy then.A. which B. that C. it D. of whichDoc24.vnQuestion 12: Many species of plants and animals are in_________ of extinction.A. dangerous B. endangered C. danger D. dangerouslyQuestion 13: The last person ____ ___ __ the room must turn off the lights.A. to leave B. who leave C. That leave D. all are correctQuestion 14: It ___ ____ me only five minutes to get to school.A. cost B. took C. brought D. spentQuestion 15: will stand here and wait for you __ __ ____ you come back.A. because B. though C. so D. untilQuestion 16: Let’s begin our discussion now, _____ __ _?A. shall we B. will we C. don’t we D. won’t weQuestion 17: was doing my homework ___ ___ __ the light went out.A. after B. before C. while D. WhenQuestion 18: Would you mind ________ me favor and posting this letter for me?A. making B. doing C. getting D. givingQuestion 19: It is imperative that your face book password ________ confidential.A. need keeping B. need to keep C. needs to be kept D. needed keepingMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitableresponse to complete each of the following exchanges.Question 20: Tom: Sorry, forgot to phone you last night.” -Mary: “________”A. have nothing to tell you. B. Oh. Poor me!C. Never mind! D. You was absent minded.Question 21: Lan: "Happy birthday! This is small present for you." Nga: “_______"A. What pity! B. How terrible !C. Have good time! D. How beautiful it is! Thanks.Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST inmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 22: As tourism is more developed, people worry about the damage to the flora andfauna of the island.A. fruits and vegetables B. flowers and treesC. plants and animals D. mountains and forestsQuestion 23: The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.A. speed B. expect more C. do better D. treat betterDoc24.vnMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE inmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 24: We offer speedy and secure service of transferring money in less than 24hours.A. uninterested B. unsure C. open D. slowQuestion 25: The Red Cross is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to reducingthe sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war.A. happiness B. worry and sadness C. pain and sorrow D. LossMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closestin meaning to each of the following questions.Question 26: The student was very bright. He could solve all the math problems.A. He was such bright student that he could solve all the math problems.B. The student was very bright that he could solve all the math problems.C. He was so bright student that he could solve all the math problems.D. Such bright was the student that he could solve all the math problems.Question 27: spent long time getting over the disappointment of losing the match.A. It took me long to stop disappointing you.B. Getting over the disappointment took me long time than the match.C. Losing the match disappointed me too much.D. It took me long to forget the disappointment of losing the match.Question 28: If were you, would go to the doctor.” David said to Claudia.A. David advised Claudia not to go to the doctor.B. David told Claudia that he would go to see the doctor.C. David advised Claudia to go to the doctor.D. David told Claudia to become doctor.Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that bestcombines each pair of sentences in the following questions.Question 29: The old man is working in this factory. borrowed his bicycle yesterday.A. The old man whom borrowed his bicycle yesterday is working in this factory.B. The old man whom is working in this factory borrowed his bicycle yesterday.C. The old man whose bicycle borrowed yesterday is working in this factory.Doc24.vnD. The old man is working in this factory which borrowed his bicycle yesterday.Question 30: The girl forgot to set the alarm clock. Therefore, she is in hurry now.A. The girl is not in hurry now although she forgot to set the alarm clock.B. The girl is not in hurry now in spite of forgetting to set the alarm clock.C. The girl forgot to set the alarm clock because she is in hurry now.D. The girl is in hurry now because she forgot to set the alarm clock.Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B ,C or on your answer sheet toindicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks blanks.Organized football games began in 1863. In football, two (31)_____ of eleven playerstry to kick or head the ball into the goal of the other team. The goal keeper, (32)_____tries tokeep the ball out of the goal, is the only player on the field who can touch the ball with his orher hands. The other players must use their feet, heads and bodies to (33)_____ the ball. Every four years, football teams around the world (34)_____ for the World Cup. TheWorld Cup competition started in 1930. Brazil is the home of many great football players,including the most famous player of all, Pele’. With his fast dazzling speed, Pele’ played formany years in Brazil and then in New York. People in more than 140 countries (35)_____ theworld play football. It is definitely the world’s most popular sport.Question 31: A. champions B. teams C. groups D. playersQuestion 32: A. THAT B. who C. whom D. whichQuestion 33: A. hit B. control C. drive D. watchQuestion 34: A. compete B. fight C. play D. battleQuestion 35: A. on B. all over C. through D. WholeRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet toindicate the correct answer to each of the questions that follow.Becoming teacher demands not only knowledge in an academic field but also apersonal commitment to lifelong learning, and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with otherpeople. To become one of those noble educators in the USA, one has to satisfy several basicrequirements. First and foremost, it is prerequisite to have bachelor's degree in education. In theevent that candidate already has bachelor's degree in another field, teacher preparationprogram is needed. But that is not all. Almost every school in the USA understands that realclassroom teaching experience is vital part of teacher's training. Before taking over aDoc24.vnclass, person typically needs to complete training program, including working as asupervised student teacher. People who want to become university teachers need master's degrees. Getting amaster's degree is necessity, but if it is gained too early, there may be concerns that thecandidate lacks the real-world experience to go with it. In fact, very few schools want to hirenovices with little or no classroom experience and even if they are accepted, they are usuallyill-paid. One wise solution to the issue is for future postgraduates to start working as teachersbefore going on to gain their master's degree. Besides knowledge and experience, certain personal qualities are also required. Ateacher should be positive, prepared, focused, and most importantly, patient. Being teacherinvolves being aware of the fact that learning sometimes be hard work, even for the mostmotivated students. Also, teaching can at times be tiring and frustrating, so teachingcandidates have to practice being patient with themselves. In short, as in other careers, teaching requires combination of qualifications,experience, and personal qualities. Teaching candidates meeting mandatory requirements arealways in demand in the USA.Question 36: The text is mainly about ______________.A. the importance of teachers.B. the advantages and disadvantages of being teacher in the USA.C. the difference of teaching career.D. the basic requirements of being teacher in the USA.Question 37: According to the text, future postgraduates should start working as teachers_____ ______ __ .A. after gaining their master's degree.B. before studying for their master's degree.C. during the time they are studying for their master's degree.D. before studying for their bachelor's degree.Question 38: The word vital in paragraph is closest in meaning to__ ____ ___ .A. very useless B. very easy C. very important D. very interestingQuestion 39: According to the text, teaching requires combination of many thingsEXCEPT ____ _____ ___.A. qualifications B. personal qualities C. experience D. appearanceQuestion 40: According to the text, the most important quality of teacher is ___ ___ ____.A. being patient B. being to work hard C. being prepared D. being role modelDoc24.vnQuestion 41: The word they in paragraph refers to ____________.A. postgraduates B. novices C. schools D. teachersQuestion 42: According to the text, all of the following sentences are true EXCEPT __ ____ ___.A. Those who want to become university teachers need master's degrees.B. teachers needs to be aware of the fact that learning can sometimes be hard work.C. great number of schools in the USA want to hire novices with little or no classroomexperience.D. In the USA, before one takes over class, training program is typically necessary to becompleted.Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet toindicate the correct answer to each of the questions that follow.Before the mid-nineteenth century, people in the United States ate most foods only inseason Drying, smoking and salting could preserve meat for short time, but the availabilityof fresh meat, like that of fresh milk, was very limited; there was no way to prevent spoilage.But in 1810, French inventor named Nicolas Appert developed the cooking-and-sealingprocess of canning. And in the 1850’s an American named Gail Borden developed means ofcondensing and preserving milk. Canned goods and condensed milk became more commonduring the 1860’s, but supplies remained low because cans had to be made by hand. By 1880,however, inventors had fashioned stamping and soldering machines that mass-produced cansfrom tinplate. Suddenly all kinds of food could be preserved and bought at all times of theyear.Other trends and inventions had also helped make it possible for Americans to varytheir daily diets. Growing urban population created demand that encouraged fruit andvegetable farmers to raise more produce. Railroad refrigerator cars enabled growers and meatpackers to ship perishables great distances and to preserve them for longer periods. Thus, bythe 1890’s, northern city dwellers could enjoy southern and western strawberries, grapes, andtomatoes, previously available for month at most, for up to six months of the year. Inaddition, increased use of iceboxes enabled families to store perishables. As easy means ofproducing ice commercially had been invented in the 1870’s, and by 1900 the nation hadmore than two thousand commercial ice plants, most of which made home deliveries. Theicebox became fixture in most homes and remained so until the mechanized refrigeratorreplaced it in the 1920’s and 1930’s.Doc24.vnAlmost everyone now had more diversified diet. Some people continued to eatmainly foods that were heavily in starches or carbohydrates, and not everyone could affordmeat. Nevertheless many families could take advantage of previously unavailable fruits,vegetables, and dairy products to achieve more varied fare.Question 43: What does the passage mainly discuss?A. Causes of food spoilage.B. Commercial production of ice.C. Population movements in the nineteenth century.D. Inventions that led to changes in the American diet.Question 44: The phrase in season in line refers to ___ __ _____ .A. particular time of year B. kind of weatherC. an official schedule D. method of flavoringQuestion 45: During the 1860’s, canned food products were _________ .A. unavailable in rural areas B. available in limited quantitiesC. shipped in refrigerator cars D. staple part of the American diet.Question 46: The word them in line 12 refers to _________ .A. refrigerator cars B. growers C. perishables D. distancesQuestion 47: The word” fixture” in line 16 is closest in meaning to _________ .A. commonplace object B. substanceC. luxury item D. mechanical deviceQuestion 48: The author implies that in the 1920’s and 1930’s home deliveries of ice ______ ___.A. increased in cost B. occurred only in the summerC. decreased in number D. were on an irregular scheduleQuestion 49: The word Nevertheless in line 19 is closest meaning to _________ .A. occasionally B. however C. therefore D. becauseQuestion 50: Which of the following types of food preservation was NOT mentioned in thepassage?A. Drying B. Chemical additives C. Canning D. Cold storageDoc24.vnĐáp án1-A 2-B 3-A 4-C 5-A 6-A 7-C 8-B 9-B 10-B11-A 12-C 13-D 14-B 15-D 16-A 17-D 18-B 19-A 20-C21-D 22-C 23-C 24-B 25-A 26-C 27-D 28-C 29-C 30-D31-B 32-B 33-B 34-A 35-B 36-D 37-B 38-C 39-D 40-A41-B 42-C 43-D 44-A 45-B 46-C 47-A 48-C 49-B 50-BDoc24.vnLỜI GIẢI CHI TIẾTQuestion 1: AA. Looked /lukt/ B. Laughed /la:ft/ C. Decided /di'saidid/ D. Experienced/iks'piəriənst/ Cách phát âm đuôi “ed” /t/: tận cùng là âm vô thanh [f,k,p,t,θ, ʃ,tʃ Ví dụ: watched, looked, stopped, worked, placed, passed,... /id/: tận cùng là [t,d], đặc biệt: động từ dạng V_ed được dùng như tính từ (wicked, aged,...) Ví dụ: needed, wanted, decided, waited, edited, ... /d/: tận cùng là âm hữu thanh gồm các phụ âm còn lại và nguyên âm. Ví dụ: lived, played, studied, filled, cleaned, followed, called, prepared,...Question 2: BA. Break /breik/ B. Increase /'inkri:s/ C. Speak /spi:k/ D. Cheat /tʃi:t/ ea” có nhiều cách phát âm: /ei/, /i:/.Question 3: AA. Permanent /'pɜ:mənənt/ B. Continue /kən'tinju:/ C. Complete /kəm'pli:t/ D. Relationship /ri'leiʃnʃip/ Âm /ə/ thường không nhận trọng âm của từ. Động từ có âm tiết thì trọng âm thường rơi vào âm tiết thứ 2: complete, commend, demand,...Các từ có đuôi: ion, ity, ance, ence, ience, iar, ior, ics, ic, ory,...Question 4: CA. Endanger /in'deindʒə[r]/ B. Geometry /ʤi'ɔmitri/ C. Opposite /'ɔpəzit/ D. Geography /ʤi'ɔgrəfi/ Những từ có tận cùng là: –graphy, -ate, -ite, –gy, -cy, -ity, -phy, -al, .... trọng âm rơi vào âmtiết thứ từ dưới lên.Doc24.vnQuestion 5: AHad left => had been leftFile là vật nên phải bị lấy đi chứ không thể tự biến mất -> dạng bị động Một thư ký nói với tôi rằng một tài liệu quan trọng đã bị lấy đi phòng ăn trưa mới gần đây. The other day: mới đây, gần đâyQuestion 6: ATo go=> going Cấu trúc: feel like V-ing: mong muốn làm gì đó Tôi không muốn đi đến nhà thờ sáng nay vì trời mưa to.Question 7: CCausing=> caused Hành động thể bị động rút gọn: PP Một phương pháp chữa trị bệnh cảm lạnh phổ biến, bị gây ra bởi một loại virus, vẫn chưađược tìm ra.Question 8: BAlthough clause= in spite of+ N: mặc dù... Mặc dù ông ấy đã già, ông ấy vẫn muốn du lịch khắp thế giới.Question 9: BChủ điểm ngữ pháp: Đảo ngữ của câu điều kiện loại Had+ S+ PP, S+ would have+ PP Nếu tôi đã học chăm chỉ hơn, thì tôi đã làm tốt hơn bài kiểm tra cuối cùng.Question 10: BChủ điểm ngữ pháp: So sánh hơn càng càng The comparative the comparative V. Căn hộ càng rộng thì tiền thuê càng đắt.Question 11: AWhich thay thế cho mệnh đề đứng trước nó trong câu. Tuần trước, lớp chúng tôi tới vịnh Hạ Long để đi pic nic, điều đó đã làm chúng tôi rất vui.Question 12: CPhrase: in danger of extinction: bên bờ tuyệt chủng Rất nhiều loại động vật và thực vật đang bên bờ tuyệt chủng.Question 13: DChủ điểm ngữ pháp: Mệnh đề quan hệ Rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ dạng chủ động khi có từ chỉ số thứ tự “last, second, ...”Doc24.vn