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Trang /4- mã đề145Doc24.vnTRƯỜNG THPT PHÙ NINH-------------------------------------(Đề có 04 trang)ĐỀ THI THỬ ĐH CĐ LẦN II NĂM HỌC2012-2013Môn TIẾNG ANH; Khối: A1Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút. Không kể thờigian phát đềHọ và tên thí sinh: …………………………………………. Số báo danh: ………………………………………………..ĐỀ THI GỒM 80 CÂU (TỪ QUESTION ĐẾN QUESTION 80) DÀNH CHO TẤT CẢ THÍ SINHRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from to 10.Just two months after the flight of Apollo 10 the Apollo 11 astronauts made their historiclanding on the surface of the Moon. This momentous trip for humanity also provided scientists withan abundance of material for study; from rock and soil samples brought back from the Moon,scientists have been able to determine much about the composition of the Moon (as well as to draw)inferences about the development of the Moon from its composition.The Moon soil that came back on Apollo 11 contains small bits of rock and glass whichwere probably ground from larger rocks when meteors impacted with the surface of the Moon. Thebits of glass are spherical in shape and constitute approximately half of the Moon soil. Scientistsfound no trace of animal or plant life in this soil.In addition to the Moon soil, astronauts gathered two basic types of rocks from the surfaceof the Moon: Basalt and breccia. Basalt is cooled and hardened volcanic lava common to theEarth. Since basalt is formed under extremely high temperatures, the presence of this type ofrock is an indication that the temperature of the Moon was once extremely hot. Breccia, the otherkind of rock brought back by the astronauts, was formed during the impact of falling objects on thesurface of the Moon. This second type of rock consists of small pieces of rock compressed togetherby the force of impact. Gases such as hydrogen and helium were found in some of the rocks, andscientists believe that these gases were carried to the Moon by the solar wind, the streams ofgases that are constantly emitted by the Sun.Question 1: The paragraph preceding the passage most likely discusses .A. astronaut training B. The inception of the Apollo space programC. different space trip D. previous Moon landingsQuestion 2: What is the subject of this passage?A. The Apollo astronauts. B. Soil on the Moon.C. What the Moon is made of. D. Basalt and breccia.Question 3: According to the passage, what does Moon soil consist of?A. Hydrogen and helium. B. Large chunks of volcanic lava.C. Tiny pieces of stones and glass. D. Streams of gases.Question 4: Which of the following was NOT brought back to the Earth by the astronauts?A. Basalt B. Soil C. Breccia D. Plant lifeQuestion 5: According to the passage, breccia was formed .A. when objects struck the Moon B. from volcanic lavaC. When streams of gases hit the surface of the Moon D. from the interaction of helium and hydrogenQuestion 6: It is implied in the passage that scientists believe that the gases found in the Moon rocks .A. were not originally from the Moon B. were created inside the rocksC. traveled from the Moon to the Sun D. caused the Moon's temperature to riseQuestion 7: The word 'emitted' in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to .A. set off B. vaporized C. sent out D. separatedQuestion 8: The author's purpose in this passage isto .A. describe some rock and soil samples B. explain some of the things learned from space flightsC. propose new theory about the creation of the Moon D. demonstrate the difference between basalt and brecciaQuestion 9: It can be interred from the passage that .A. the only items of importance that astronauts brought back from the Moon were rock and soil samplesMã đề thi: 145Trang /4- mã đề145Doc24.vnB. scientists learned relatively little from the Moon rock and soil samplesC. scientists do not believe that it is necessary to return to the MoonD. rock and soil samples were only some of myriad of significant items from the MoonQuestion 10: Which of the following would serve as the best title of the passage:A. Apollo 11 B. things from the space flights C. rock on the Moon D. AstronautsRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 11 to 20.My Favourite TVProgramme(11) must say that don’t watch much television This is because I’ve always got so (12) other things to do My two favourite programmes are Hard Rock and Open Air try not to (13) them Hard Rock is on every Friday night from to eleven and usually has the brilliant rock bands playing (14) They interview the bands, (15) talk about music, their future plan and how they started playing Open air is (16) different It’sa magazine programme about the environment It’s on every Sunday evening at 7.30. Each week they investigate an issue which is (17) in some way with the environment Last week they looked into pollution and next week they are (18) the presidents of Friends of the Earth There are lot of people who watch television every night There are also many programmes to (19) from that they can always find something interesting don’t know why they do it think most T.V is just (20) of time.Trang /4- mã đề145Question 11: A. At first B. First of all C. To begin D. FirstlyQuestion 12: A. many B. great number C. lot of D. lots ofQuestion 13: A. neglect B. lose C. miss D. omitQuestion 14: A. lively B, directly C. alive D. liveQuestion 15: A. which B. who C. that D. theyQuestion 16: A. absolutely B. entirely C. totally D. completelyQuestion 17: A. linked B. combined C. connected D. mixedQuestion 18: A. questioning B. interviewing C. asking D. meetingQuestion 19: A. choose B. select C. pick up D. pick outQuestion 20: A. wastage B. loss C. waste D. passingMark the letter A, B, or on your sheet answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.Question 21: A. pioneer B. destination C. artificial D. essentialQuestion 22: A. diplomatic B. disappear C. memorial D. presidentiaQuestion 23: A. percent B. courtesy C. doctor D. weatherQuestion 24: A. perfect B. hopeful C. burglary D. detectiveQuestion 25: A. dramatic B. inconsistent C. amazing D. resembleMark the letter A, B, or on your sheet answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.Question 26: It's essential that every student the exam before attending the course.A. pass B. passes C. would pass D. passedQuestion 27: She acted as if she clown before.A. has never seen B. not saw C. wouldn't see D. had never seenQuestion 28: There is huge amount of associated with children's TV nowadays.A. produce B. manufacturing C. merchandising D. salesQuestion 29: You must these instructions very carefully.A. bring out B. carry out C. carry on D. get up toQuestion 30: "is dinner ready?" "No, mother is it ready now"A. doing B. cooking C. preparing D. gettingQuestion 31: He found to answer all the questions within the time given.A. that impossible B. it impossible C. it impossibly D. that impossiblyQuestion 32: be needed, the weather basin would need to be dammed.A. Hydroelectric power should B. When hydroelectric powerB. Hydroelectric power D. Should hydroelectric powerQuestion 33: The players were cheered by their as they came out of the pitch.A. audience B. supporters C. viewers D. publicQuestion 34: just can't that noise any longer!A. put up with B. stand in for C. sit out D. stand up toQuestion 35: He spent dollars on food and drinks.A. only few B. only few C. very few D. only littleQuestion 36: Tim clearly had no of doing any work, although it was only week till the final exam.A. desire B. ambition C. willingness D. intensionQuestion 37: The more you study during the semester, the week before exams.A. the less you have to study B. you have to study the lessC. the less have you to study D. the study less you haveQuestion 38: Look! The yard is wet. It last night.A. must rain B. couldn't have rained C. must have rained D. should have rainedQuestion 39: today, he would get there on Sunday.A. Was he leaving B. If he leaves C. Were he to leave D. If he is leavingQuestion 40: He asked me the book borrowed from the library.A. If found B. If had found C. whether have found D. whether foundQuestion 41: These days almost everybody the dangers of smokingA. know of B. are aware of C. is aware about D. is aware ofQuestion 42: Nha Trang, last year, is excellent for holiday-makers.A. we visited B. which we visited C. that we visited D. visitedQuestion 43: the girls has turned in the papers to the instructor yet.A. Neither of B. Both of C. None of D. All ofQuestion 44: Thousand of antibiotics but only about thirty are in common use today.A. have developed B. are developing C. have been developed D. have been developingQuestion 45: The doctor told him that the he would gain from healthy diet would be well worth the sacrifice.A. profits B. benefits C. advantages D. welfareQuestion 46: the water clear but also prevent the river from overflowing.A. Not only the hippo's eating habits keep B. Keep not only the hippo's eating habitsC. The hippo's eating habits not only keep D. Not only keep the hippo's eating habitsTrang /4- mã đề145Question 47: When you want your friend to wait for you to finish what you're doing, you say " "A. One moment B. moment C. One minute D. Just minuteQuestion 48: Not until about century after Julius Caesar landed in Britian acually conquer the island.A. the Romans did B. did the Romans C. the Roman D. Romans thatTrang /4- mã đề145Question 49: The doctor who performs operations at hospital is called a(n) A. operator B. physician C. surgeon D. dentistQuestion 50: It's worth if there are any cheap flights to Paris at the weekend.A. find out B. to find out C. that you find out D. finding outQuestion 51: According to my we should have enough money for the rest of the month.A. estimates B. calculations C. suspicions D. expectationQuestion 52: James Cook, also discovered tje Hawaiian Islands.A. by exploring the South Sea he reached Australia B. explored the South Sea and reachingAustraliaC. who explored the South Sea and reached Australia D. Explored the South Sea then reached AustraliaQuestion 53: should young child be allowed to play with fireworks without adult supervisionA. Under no circumstances B. No sooner than C. Always D. Only whenQuestion 54: We got on well when we shared flat, .A. in spite of the difference in our old B. despite her being much older than meC. in spite the fact that was much older than her D. although the difference in our ageQuestion 55: "We're going to the seaside." "Can ?"A. come as well B. also come C. too come D. as well comeRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 56 to 65.Although noise, commonly defined as unwanted sound, is widely recognized form ofpollution, it is very difficult to measure because the discomfort experienced by different individualsis highly subjective and, therefore, variable. Exposure to lower levels of noise may be slightlyirritating, whereas exposure to higher levels may actually cause hearing loss. Particularly incongested urban areas, the noise produced as by-product of our advancing technology causesphysical and psychological harm, and detracts from the quality of life for those who are exposed toit.Unlike the eyes, which can be covered by the eyelids against strong light, the ear has no lid, and is, therefore, always open and vulnerable; noise penetrates without protection.Noise causes effects that the hearer cannot control and to which the body never becomesaccustomed. Loud noises instinctively signal danger to any organism with hearing mechanism,including human beings. In response, heartbeat and respiration accelerate blood vessels constrict,the skin pales and muscles tense. In fact, there is general increase in functioning brought aboutby the flow of adrenaline released in response to fear, and some of these responses persist evenlonger than the noise, occasionally as long as thirty minutes after the sound has ceased.Because noise is unavoidable in complex, industrial society, we are constantly respondingin the same way that we would respond to danger. Recently, researchers have concluded that noiseand our response may be much more than an annoyance. It may be serious threat to physical andpsychological health and well-being, causing damage not only to the ear and brain but also to theheart and stomach. We have long known that hearing loss is America's number one nonfatalhealth problem, but now we are learning that some of us with heart disease and ulcers may bevictims of noise as well Fetuses exposed to noise tend to be overactive, they cry easily, and theyare more sensitive to gastrointestinal problems after birth. In addition, the psychic effect of noiseis very important. Nervousness, irritability, tension, and anxiety increase, affecting the quality ofrest during sleep, and the efficiency of activities during waking hours, as well as the way that weinteract with each other.Question 56: Which of the following is the author'smain point?A. Noise may pose serious threat to our physical and psychological health.B. Loud noises signal danger.C. Hearing loss is America's number one nonfatal health problem.D. The ear is not like the eye.Question 57: According to the passage, what is noise?A. Unwanted sound B. by-product of technologyC. Physical and psychological harm D. CongestionQuestion 58: Why is noise difficult to measure?A. It causes hearing loss B. All people do not respond to it the same wayC. It is unwanted D. People become accustomed to it.Question 59: The word congested in paragraph could best be replaced byA. hazardous B. polluted C. crowded D. rushedQuestion 60: It can be inferred from the passage that the eye .A. responds to fear B. enjoys greater protection than the earC. increases functions D. is damaged by noiseQuestion 61: According to the passage, people respond to loud noises in the same way that theyTrang /4- mã đề145respond to .A. annoyance B. disease C. damage D. dangerQuestion 62: The word accelerate in paragraph is closest in meaning to .A. decrease B. alter C. increase D. releaseQuestion 63: The word it in the first paragraph refers toA. the noise B. the quality of life C. advancing technology D. by-productQuestion 64: With which of the following statements would the author most probably agree?A. Noise is not serous problem today B. Noise is America's number one problem.C. Noise is an unavoidable problem in an industrial society D. Noise is complex problemQuestion 65: The phrase as well in paragraph is closest in meaning to .A. after all B. also C. instead D. regardlessTrang 4/4- mã đề145Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.Question 66: One of the greatest factors hindering efficient farming and agricultural development sinceABCthe war have been the lack of information.DQuestion 67: number of large insurance companies has their headquarters in the capital city .ABCDQuestion 68: Happy people find it easily to get to sleep and they sleep soundly ABCDQuestion 69: The professor decided to allow the students taking the exam second time becauseof the low score. ABCDQuestion 70: New laws should be introduced to reduce the number of traffic in the city center .ABCDMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closestin meaning to each of the following questions.Question 71: In spite of his tiredness, Joe managed to finish his work.A. Although he is tired, Joe managed to finish his work.B. Joe managed to finish his work but he was tired..C. Despite he was tired, Joe managed to finish his work.D. Tired as he seemed to be, Joe managed to finish his work.Question 72: It is possible that we won't have to take an entrance exam this year.A. Perhaps we don't have to take an entrance exam this year.B. We must take an entrance exam this year.C. We mightn't take an entrance exam this year.D. It is very likely that we will take an entrance exam this year.Question 73: It's ages since last saw Hollywood film.A. saw last Hollywood film since ages ago. B. haven't seen Hollywool film for long time.C. haven't seen any Hollywood films before. D. It's ages because last saw Hollywood film.Question 74: He offered to help her with the heavy suitcase, which was kind.A. The suitcase which he offered to help her with was kind.B. It was kind of him to offer to help her with the suitcaseC. He offered to help her but the suitcase was too heavy.D. It was kind of her to have him help with the suitcaseQuestion 75: Mary apologises for having kept them waiting.A. Mary has been waiting for them so long time.B. Mary is sorry they were very late.C. Mary says they called to say they will be late.D. Mary is sorry that she made them wait for her.Question 76: I'd rather stay home than go out with him.A. I'd prefer to stay home to going out with him.B. I'd better stay home than go out with him.C. don't want to go out with him so choose to stay home.D. decide to stay home instead going out with him.Question 77: If he could speak French, he would be able to get job there.A. He couldn't speak French so he wasn't given the job there.B. He can't speak French, so he won't be able to get job there.C. He can't speak French because he won't get job there.D. He wishes he can speak French and worked there.Question 78: "Why didn't you join your friends on the trip?" she asked.A. She asked me why didn't join her friends on the trip.B. She wanted to know why hadn't joined my friends on the trip.C. She asked for the reason hadn't joined my friends on the trip.D. She asked me why didn't join my friends on the trip.Question 79: You should have had your eyes tested though it's necessary.A. You haven't had your eyes tested though it's necessaryB. Your eyes should be tested long time ago.C. You had your eyes tested long time ago.D. It's long time ago since you have had your eyes tested.Question 80: wish we had gone somewhere else for the holiday.A. If only we went somewhere else for the holiday.B. It's pity we didn't go there for the holiday.Trang 4/4- mã đề145C. If we had gone for holiday, would have gone somewhere else.D. regret not having gone somewhere else for the holiday.THE ENDTRƯỜNG THPT PHÙ NINHĐÁP ÁN THI THỬ ĐH CĐ LẦN NĂM HỌC2012 2013MÔN: TIẾNG ANH KHỐI A1Hướng dẫn chấm: Mỗi đáp án đúng được 0,125 (80 câu 0,125 10 điểm)Mã đề: 168Câu 01CCâu 21DCâu 41DCâu 61DCâu 02CCâu 22CCâu 42BCâu 62CCâu 03CCâu 23ACâu 43ACâu 63ACâu 04DCâu 24DCâu 44CCâu 64CCâu 05ACâu 25BCâu 45BCâu 65BCâu 06ACâu 26ACâu 46CCâu 66DCâu 07CCâu 27DCâu 47DCâu 67BCâu 08BCâu 28CCâu 48BCâu 68BCâu 09DCâu 29BCâu 49CCâu 69BCâu 10BCâu 30DCâu 50DCâu 70CCâu 11BCâu 31BCâu 51BCâu 71DCâu 12ACâu 32DCâu 52CCâu 72CCâu 13CCâu 33BCâu 53ACâu 73BCâu 14DCâu 34ACâu 54BCâu 74BCâu 15BCâu 35BCâu 55ACâu 75DCâu 16DCâu 36DCâu 56ACâu 76CCâu 17CCâu 37ACâu 57ACâu 77BCâu 18BCâu 38CCâu 58BCâu 78BCâu 19ACâu 39CCâu 59CCâu 79ACâu 20CCâu 40BCâu 60BCâu 80D