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Doc24.vnSỞ GD-ĐT NGHỆ ANTRƯỜNG THPT BẮC YÊN THÀNH ĐỀ THI THỬ ĐẠI HỌC LẦN 2. NĂM 2012Môn: Tiếng Anh Khối D. Thời gian làm bài 90phútCode: 135Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to find the word with the stresspattern different from that of the other three words in each question.Question 1. A. miraculous B. diversity C. platoon D. occupationQuestion 2. A. delivery B. ornamental C. climatic D. environmentQuestion 3. A. ancestor B. tragedy C. geology D. accurateQuestion 4. A. interview B. satellite C. similar D. contestantQuestion 5. A. magnificent B. photography C. proverbial D. dvantageousMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to identify the underlined part that is not correct.Question Dogs that are trained to lead the blind must be loyalty intelligent and calm. DQuestion Since erecting in 1886, the Statue of Liberty has served as symbol of freedom DQuestion Food prices have raised so rapidly in the past few months that some families havebeen forced to alter their eating habits DQuestion What we know about certain diseases are still not sufficient to prevent them fromspreading BC easily among the population. DQuestion The president refused to accept either of the four new proposals made by thecontractors. DRead the passage and mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the following questionsA Japanese construction company plans to create huge independent city-state, akin tothe legendary Atlantis, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The city, dubbed “Marinnation”,would have about one million inhabitants, two airports, and possibly even space port.Marinnation, if built, would be separate country but could serve as home for internationalorganisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Aside from the many political and social problems that would have to be solved, theengineering task envisaged is monumental The initial stage requires the building of circulardam eighteen miles in diameter attached to the sea bed in relatively shallow place ininternational waters. Then, several hundred powerful pumps, operating for more than year,would suck out the sea water from within the dam. When empty and dry, the area would havea city constructed on it. The actual land would be about 300 feet below the sea level. AccordingDoc24.vnto designers, the hardest task from an engineering point of view would be to ensure that thedam is leak proof and earthquake proof.If all goes well, it is hoped that Marinnation could be ready for habitation at the end ofthe second decade of the twenty-first century. Whether anyone would want to live in such anisolated and artificial community, however, will remain an open question until that time. Question 11 According to the text, Marrination, when built, will be a(an) __________ city.A. underground B. underwater C. marine D. legendaryQuestion 12 The word ‘akin’ in paragraph could be best replaced by ________.A. similar B. next C. likely D. closeQuestion 13. Which of the following would NOT be problem for the construction plan?A. social B. political C. financial D. engineeringQuestion 14. Which of the following is NOT true according to the text?A. Marinnation will be located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.B. Marinnation will be built in deep place in the Pacific Ocean.C. Marinnation could be served as home for international organisations.D. Marinnation would have about one million inhabitants.Question 15 The word ‘monumental’ in Paragraph means _________.A. important and difficult B. like large monumentC. serving as monument D. important and historicQuestion 16 What is going to be built first?A. city B. dam C. monument D. sea bedQuestion 17 The phrase ‘suck out’ in paragraph is closest in meaning to which of thefollowing?A. draw out B. pull out C. dry up D. take outQuestion 18. The most difficult task is to protect the dam against _________ and earthquake. A. fire B. water C. sunlight D. weatherQuestion 19. According to the text, people could come to live in the future city in the year_______.A. 2020 B. 2010 C. 2012 D. 2002Question 20. What does the author imply in the last sentence of the passage?A. The construction of Marinnation could never be completed in time. B. People will ask an open question about living in Marinnation.C. People will ask how they can live in such an isolated and artificial city. D. People might not want to live in an isolated and artificial community.Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer Herman Melville, an American author best known today for his novel Moby Dick, wasactually more popular during his lifetime for some of his other works. He traveled extensively andused the knowledge gained during his travels as the basis for his early novels. In 1837, at the ageof eighteen, Melville signed as cabin boy on merchant ship that was to sail from hisMassachusetts home to Liverpool, England. His experiences on this trip served as basis for thenovel Redburn (1849). In 1841, Melville set out on whaling ship headed for the South Seas. Afterjumping ship in Tahiti, he wandered around the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. This South Sea islandsojourn was backdrop to the novel Omoo (1847).Doc24.vnAfter three years away from home, Melville joined up with U.S. naval frigate that wasreturning to the eastern United States around Cape Horn. The novel White Jacket (1850)describes this lengthy voyage as navy seaman.With the publication of these early adventure novels, Melville developed strong andloyal following among readers eager for his tales of exotic places and situations. However, in1851, with the publication of Moby Dick, Melville's popularity started to diminish. Moby Dick,on one level the saga of the hunt for the great white whale, was also heavily symbolic allegoryof the heroic struggle of humanity against the universe. The public was not ready for Melville'sliterary metamorphosis from romantic adventure to philosophical symbolism. It is ironic thatthe novel that served to diminish Melville's popularity during his lifetime is the one for whichhe is best known today. Question 21. The main subject of the passage is_______.A. Melville's travels B. the popularity of Melville's novelsC. Melville's personal background D. Moby DickQuestion 22. According to the passage, Melville's early novels were_______.A. published while he was traveling B. completely fictionalC. all about his work on whaling ships D. based on his travel experienceQuestion 23. In what year did Melville's book about his experiences as cabin boy appear?A. 1837 B. 1841 C. 1847 D. 1849Question 24. The word "basis" in paragraph is closest in meaning toA. background B. message C. bottom D. dissertationQuestion 25. The passage implies that Melville stayed in Tahiti becauseA. he had unofficially left his ship B. he was on leave while his ship was in portC. he had finished his term of duty D. he had received permission to take vacation in Tahiti Question 26 "frigate" in paragraph is probably_______.A. an office B. ship C. troop D. fishing boatQuestion 27. How did the publication of Moby Dick affect Melville's popularity?A. His popularity increased immediately. B. It had no effect on his popularity.C. It caused his popularity to decrease. D. His popularity remained as strong as ever. Question 28 According to the passage, Moby Dick is_______.A. romantic adventure B. single-faceted workC. short story about whale D. symbolic of humanity fighting the universeQuestion 29. The word "metamorphosis" in paragraph is closest in meaning to_______A. circle B. change C. mysticism D. descentQuestion 30. The passage would most likely be assigned reading in course on ________A. nineteenth-century novels B. American history C. oceanography D. modem American literatureRead the text below and then mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to fill each space. Few people now question the reality of global warming and its effects on the world'sclimate. Many scientists (1)_________ the blame for recent natural disasters on the increase(2)_________ the world's temperatures and are convinced that, more than ever before, the EarthDoc24.vnis at (3)_________ from the force of the wind, rain and sun. (4)_________ to them, global warmingis making extreme weather events; such as hurricanes and droughts, even more (5)_________and causing sea levels all around the world to (6)_________. Environmental groups are putting(7)_________ on governments to take action to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide which isgiven (8)_________ by factories and power plants, thus attacking the problem at its source. Theyare in (9)_________ of more money being spent on research into solar, wind and wave energydevices, which could then replace existing power stations. Some scientists, (10)_________ ,believe that even if we stopped releasing carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmospheretomorrow, we would have to wait several hundred years to notice the results. Global warming,it seems, is to stay.Question A. put B. give C. take D. haveQuestion 2. A. at B. in C. by D. toQuestion A. threat B. danger C. risk D. harmQuestion A. Concerning B. Regarding C. Depending D. AccordingQuestion 5. A. strike B. strong C. severe D. heavyQuestion A. raise B. arise C. lift D. riseQuestion 37 A. force B. pressure C. persuasion D. encouragementQuestion A. away B. off C. up D. overQuestion 9. A. belief B. request C. favor D. suggestionQuestion 0. A. because B. however C. despite D. AlthoughMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.Question By the end of last March, _____ English for five years. A. have been studying B. will have been studying C. had been studying D. will have studiedQuestion You’d better stop spending money, _____ you will end up in debt A. unless B. otherwise C. if D. in caseQuestion Ancient people believed that _____ with sun and the moon rotating around it. A. the universe has earth at the centre B. the centre of the universe is earth C. the earth was the centre of the universe D. the earth is the centre of the universeQuestion 44 The people in my class, _____ are very friendly. A. most of international students B. the most international students C. almost international students D. mostly international studentsQuestion 45 If he is in trouble, it is his own fault, personally wouldn’t _____ finger to helphim. A. raise B. lift C. bend D. turnQuestion 46 _____ an argument that Paul and Steve had earlier A. What was B. Which was C. There was D. It wasQuestion 47 _____ appears considerably large at the horizon than it does over head is merely anoptical illusion. A. The Moon B. That the Moon C. When the Moon D. The Moon whichDoc24.vnQuestion 48 What is your opinion about Bob’s condition? recommend _____ as much aspossible. A. him rest B. that he rests C. that he rest D. him to restQuestion 49 Ann hoped ____ to join the private club. She could make important businesscontacts there. A. being invited B. inviting C. to invite D. to be invitedQuestion Excuse me, but there is something about _____ immediately” A. which must speak to you about B. which must speak to you C. that must speak to you D. that must speak to you aboutQuestion She _____ regretted having been so unkind. A. awfully B. severely C. bitterly D. fullyQuestion find my boss difficult to work with. He is always _____ my idea. A. critic B. criticism C. critical D. criticizingQuestion 3: Alan and Sue _____ an argument. They are not speaking to each other. A. must have B. must have had C. might have D. might hadQuestion 54 Don’t lie! You ____ their phone ringing. They haven’t got phone. A. couldn’t have heard B. hadn’t heard C. can’t hear D. haven’t heardQuestion 55 Only when the ground is kept moist, _____ germinate. A. will grass seeds B. grass seeds will C. does grass seeds D. grass seeds doesQuestion 56 A: Do you know how old am?” B: _____” A. Happy birthday B. couldn’t help it C. Don’t mention it D. haven’t clueQuestion 57 She would rather _____ harder now. A. studied B. studying C. be studying D. studyQuestion 58 The _____ dressed woman in the advertisement has pose smile on her face. A. stylistic B. Stylishly C. stylish D. StylisticallyQuestion 59 He is doing very badly but he tries to ______ appearances. A. hold on B. stick to C. keep up D. make outQuestion 60 Today's weather will be ______ of yesterday. A. continuing B. continuation C. continuity D. continualQuestion 61 The______polluted atmosphere in some industrial regions is called "smog". A. much B. largely C. fully D. heavilyQuestion 62 Too many factories dispose______their waste by pumping it into rivers and the sea. A. out B. of C. away D. off Question 63 He was so mean that he could not bear to_______the smallest sum of money for the charity appeal. A. part with B. pay off C. give in D. let outQuestion 64 Teacher: "Jon, you've written much better essay this time." -Jon:"______" A. Writing? Why? B. Thank you. It's really encouraging.Doc24.vn C. You're welcome. D. What did you say? I'm so shy.Question 65 Unlike the other Asian states, Singapore has ______ raw materials. A. hardly any B. any hardly C. hardly no D. hardly someQuestion "Make yourself at home." “_________” A. Not at all. Don't mention it. B. Thanks. Same to you. C. That's very nice. Thank you. D. Yes, can help you? Question 67 Thanks to the invention of labor-saving ______, domestic chores are no longer burden. A. devices B. things C. equipment D. furnitureQuestion 68 Only 65 per cent of people voted in the local election; the rest were completely_____. A. uninterested B. disinterested C. uninteresting D. interestedQuestion 69 Slang can be defined as set of codes used in ______ language. A. informal B. unfamiliar C. informative D. uneducatedQuestion 70 The higher the humidity, _____ people feel A. the uncomfortable less B. the uncomfortable more C. the most uncomfortable D. the more uncomfortableMark the letter A,B,C or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following sentence .Question 71: The singer has given up performing live.A. The singer is accustomed to performing liveB. The singer used to perform live.C. The singers live performance has been cancelled.D. The singers performance has always been liveQuestion The boy was not intelligent enough to have solved such complex problems alone.A. The complex problems couldn’t be solved because the boy was so stupid. B. The boy was not intelligent but he managed to solve such complex problems. C. The boy, though quite intelligent, couldn’t solve the complex problems. D. The boy together with someone else solved the complex problemsQuestion Had the advertisement for our product been better, more people would have bought it.A. Not many people bought our product because it was so bad. B. Our product was of better quality so that more people would buy it. C. Fewer people bought our product due to its bad quality. D. Since our advertisement for our product was so bad, fewer people bought it. Question Tom told his girlfriend, “Let me tell him if you can t”.A. Tom volunteered to tell him if his girlfriend couldn’t. B. Tom advised his girlfriend to tell him if you couldn’t. C. Tom suggested that should tell him if his girlfriend couldn’t.Doc24.vnD. Tom asked his girlfriend to tell him if you couldn’t. Question Mary loves her mother more than her father.A. Mary loves her mother more than her father does. B. Her father loves her mother but Mary loves her more. C. Her father doesn’t love her mother as much as Mary. D. Mary’s love for her mother is greater than for her father.Question 75: Farming what provide living nearly 50% our populationA. Farming is what provides living for nearly 50 of our population. B. Farming is what is provided with living for nearly 50 of our population. C. Farming is something what provides living for nearly 50 of our population. D. Farming is what someone provides living for nearly 50 of our population. Question 77: Never history humanity there be more people live worldA. Never in the history of humanity has there been more people to live in the world. B. Never in the history of humanity there are more people living in the world. C. Never in the history of humanity have there been more people living in the world. D. Never in the history of humanity are there more people to live in the world. Question78: She sister someone used play when youngA. She is the sister of someone that I’m used to playing when was young. B. She is the sister of someone used to play with when was young. C. She is someone sister used to play with when was young. D. She is someone sister I’m used to playing when was young. Question 79: She suggest take plane this evening or go train tomorrowA. She suggested taking the plane this evening or going by train tomorrow. B. She suggested that we should take the plane this evening or going by train tomorrow. C. She suggested taking the plane this evening or we should go by train tomorrow. D. She suggested to take the plane this evening or to go by train tomorrow. Question 80: He took little notice she coming kept readA. He took little notice that she was coming in and kept reading. B. He took little notice that she was coming in so he kept on reading. C. He took so little notice that she was coming in and kept on reading. D. He took as little notice as she was coming in so he kept reading.The end