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Doc24.vn GIÁO TRƯỜNG PHẠM Tháng 01/2014 TRƯỜNG THPT CHUYÊN thi: Tiếng Anh, Khối Thời gian bài: phút sinh: ....................................................... Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct wordfor each blanks from sure that many people this lecture hall have, some time, attempted open image file order _____ their photos onto social _____ site, only find file been (3)_____. find there’s retrieve your digital memories you’ve already _______ photos from your memory card. Worse realization that your entire hard drive crashed that never made back-up copies your dissertation, years research, Right now, afraid, there’s guarantee that data will survive _______ currently available. see, manufacturers want _______ speed capacity drivers, aren’t worried about long-term stability. Flash memory drives reliable alternative they have estimated _______ lifespan years. Top-end with gold phthalocyanine layers will _______ longer. other issue course, that technology constantly becoming obsolete. Many your parents will have video cassettes home unless have video player still _______, unlikely ever view content. same goes documents saved floppy disks; modem comes with compatible drive. It’s ironic, course, that paper, (10) transferring information, actually more durable than modem equivalents. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate best complete each following sentences with words provided. Joe/ not/ good/ swimmer/ however/jump/ river/ rescue/ little/ girl/ who/ drown/. wasn’t good swimmer however jumping river rescuing little girl drowning. wasn’t good swimmer, however jumped river rescue little girl drowned. wasn’t good swimmer. However, jumped into river rescue little girl drowning. wasn’t good swimmer; however, jumped into river rescuing little girl drowned. Last night/storm/ damage/power/ lines/so/ town/ without/ electricity/several/ hour/. Last night storm damaged power lines. town without electricity several hours. Last night storm damaged power line town been without electricity several hours. paste display share upload chatroom discussion meeting networking spoilt disrupted corrupted disturbed 4.A. erased cancelled withdrawn D.rubbed formats B.shapes means types excel build uplift boost peak maximum upper spend last produce 9.A. order operation function occupation opportunity B.source medium technologyDoc24.vn Last night’s storm damaged power line; town without electricity several hours. Last night’s storm damaged power lines, town without electricity several hours. Henry Johnson/ honest/politician/ but/I/ never/ vote/ him/ because/ not/ agree/position/foreign/ policy/. Henry Johnson honest politician. never vote because agree position foreign policy. Henry Johnson honest politician, would never vote because agree with positions foreign policy. Henry Johnson honest politician; would never vote because didn’t agree with positions about foreign policy. Henry Johnson honest politician will never vote because won’t agree position foreign policy. Because/ snowstorm/ only/five/ student/ come/ class/ teacher/ therefore/ cancel/ class/. Because snowstorm only five students came class. teacher, therefore, cancelled class. Because snowstorm only five students have come class, teacher therefore cancelled class. Because snowstorm only five students came class teacher, therefore, cancel class. Because snowstorm only five students came class; teacher, therefore, cancelled class. Paul/ always/ enjoy/ study/ sciences/ high school/ therefore/ decide/ major/ biology/ university/. Paul always enjoys study sciences high school therefore decides majoring biology university. Paul always enjoys studying sciences high school, therefore decides major biology university. Paul always enjoyed studying sciences high school. Therefore, decided major biology university. Paul always enjoyed study sciences high school; therefore, decided majoring biology university. Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from Line Most forms property concrete tangible, such houses, cars, furniture, anything else that included one’s possessions. Other forms property intangible, copyright deals with intangible forms property. Copyright legal protection extended authors creative works, example, books, magazine articles, maps, films, plays, television shows, software, paintings, photographs, music, choreography dance, other forms intellectual artistic property. Although purpose artistic property usually public enjoyment, copyright establishes ownership creator. When person buys copyrighted magazine, belongs this individual tangible object. However, authors magazine articles research writing that went into creating articles. right make sell give away copies books articles belongs authors, publishers, other individuals organizations that hold copyright. copy entire book part permission must received from copyrightDoc24.vn owner, will most likely expect paid. Copyright distinguishes between different types intellectual property. Music played anyone after published. However, performed profit, performers need fee, called royalty. similar principle applies performances songs plays. other hand, names, ideas, book titles excepted. Ideas become copyrighted property until they published book, painting, musical work. Almost artistic work created before 20th century copyrighted because created before copyright passed. common ways infringing upon copyright plagiarism piracy. Plagiarizing work another person means passing one\'s own. word plagiarism derived from Latin plagiarus, which means “abductor." Piracy person but, many cases, joint effort several people reproduce copyrighted material sell profit without paying royalties creator. Technological innovations have made piracy easy, anyone duplicate motion picture videotape, computer program, book. Video cassette recorders used practically anyone copy movies television programs, copying software become almost easy copying book. Large companies zealously monitor their copyrights slogans, advertisements, brand names, protected trademark. line word “extended” closest meaning explicated exposed guaranteed granted What does passage mainly discuss? Legal rights property owners Legal ownership creative work Examples copyright piracy Copying creating work profit line word “principle closest meaning crucial point cardinal role fundamental rule formidable force purpose copyright most comparable with purpose which following? against theft against smoking school policy household rule inferred from passage that copyright intended protect user’s ability enjoy artistic work creator’s ability profit from work paintings photographs from theft computer software videos from being copied Which following properties mentioned protected copyright? music plays paintings maps printed medium scientific discoveries inferred from passage that legal songs, written different composers, have same melody books, written different authors, have same titles drawings, created different artists, have same images plays, created different playwrights, have same plot characters line word “practically” closest meaning toDoc24.vn truthfully hardly clearly Almost According passage, copyright meticulously observed routinely ignored frequently debated zealously enforced With which following statements author most likely agree? Teachers allowed make copies published materials their students. Plays written 16th century cannot performed theaters without permission. Singers publicly sing only songs which tnej wrote music lyrics. illegal make photographs when sightseeing traveling. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate sentence that closest meaning sentence(s) italics. thief wore gloves avoid leaving fingerprints. thief wore gloves leave fingerprints. thief wore gloves that leave fingerprints. thief wore gloves order leave fingerprints. thief wore gloves order leave fingerprints. They left early because they want caught traffic. They left early getting stuck. order avoid being stuck traffic, they left early. Because they caught traffic, they left early. Leaving late, they caught traffic. there isn’t enough rain, hydropower station cannot operate. When there isn’t enough rain, hydropower station operate. Unless there enough rain, hydropower station operate. Unless there isn’t enough rain, hydropower station cannot operate. Unless there enough rain, hydropower station can’t operate. Because evidence withheld, prisoner found guilty. If,the evidence presented, prisoner wouldn’t found guilty. evidence been presented, prisoner wouldn’t have been found guilty. prisoner found guilty thanks evidence. Because withheld evidence prisoner found guilty. They stayed that hotel despite noise. Despite hotel noisy, they stay there. spite noisy hotel they like Although noisy hotel, they stayed there. Noisy hotel, they stayed there. Mark letter your answer sheet indicate word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that others each following questions. describe spelling ethnic affect either climate automobile islandDoc24.vn complete command common compare watched laughed stuffed wicked wonder construct structure statue Read following passage mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each questions from Line many people, mushrooms strange, colorless, incomprehensible plants that should avoided. Quaint tales scary stories surround mushrooms because some extremely poisonous. reality, however, mushrooms fungi that simple plants without developed roots, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds. They grow wetlands, grassy meadows, woods. Certain types mushrooms delicious included ingredients many recipes trendy snacks. example, morels considered choicest foods, truffles, related morels, highly prized Europe. Their shape tubelike, they remain entirely underground, foot more below surface. days, dogs pigs were specially trained hunt them scent. Mushrooms stand among other plants because they have chlorophyll cannot generate their nourishment. part fungus that rises above ground fruiting body, vegetative part that produces growth hidden under ground. usually form dense, white tangled filaments, which, depending food supply moisture, live hundreds years. fact, mushrooms, well rest fungus genus species, remaining simple plants that believed among oldest living organisms. When their environment conducive growth, filaments stop proliferating dormant dozens years. Although mushrooms rich flavor texture, they have little food value. Picking mushrooms requires thorough knowledge environments where they most likely grow ability tell between edible poisonous plants. Most mushrooms thrive temperatures from with plenty moisture, nearly complete darkness produces best crop. entire mushroom should picked, stem, cap, whatever part that underground. Brightly colored mushroom caps usually indicate that plant consumption, more mushroom attracts attention, more poisonous Mushrooms with beautiful orange spotted caps that grow under large trees after good rain particularly poisonous. milky white juices seep from break body plant, chances should picked. mushrooms with brown caps also very safe. line word “Their” refers morels foods truffles morels truffles With which following statements author passage most likely agree? days, when food scarce, people chose mushrooms food. Mushrooms should treated other plants. Because they poisonous, people should stay away from mushrooms. Mushrooms have different forms roots, stems, leaves. line word “trendy” closest meaning tender experimental fashionable trusted line word “quaint” closest meaning _______ convoluted fanciful irritating perfunctoryDoc24.vn inferred from passage that mushrooms multiply mostly means moisture fruiting bodies nourishment root systems What does author passage imply about brightly colored mushrooms? They beautiful. They should eaten. They attract attention. They should destroyed line word “tell” closest meaning narrate distinguish author passage implies that mushrooms have been known since ancient times relatively recent form plants cannot survive without good environment have been carefully analyzed Mark letter your answer sheet indicate correct answer each following questions. been estimated __________ milligram skin scales have over half million bacteria. that oppose this war, would other which created environmental catastrophe. pollution disaster convention epidemic Thanks your help. _________ Your welcome You’re welcome You’re welcomed welcomed Spider monkeys best climbers jungle, ___________ they have thumbs. nevertheless despite although _________ cell body from capillary. only Neither man___________ helping police with their interview. reported have reported have been reports reported have been Vietnam _________ exporters rice. between among When your friend off, __________ Lucky Have good journey Good night later don’t your rent, your landlord going kick out! lend some money play football with give kick force leave Mrs. Jones’s husband passed away last Friday. shocked news. married divorced died fell information from Peter? _________ expert, doesn’t seem know much. supposes supposed supposed supposed being having problems with David. __________ middle night __________ troubles.Doc24.vn called; told been calling; telling calling; telling called; told international medical conference initiated Davison resulted birth League Cross Societies 1991. started helped treated dedicated problems seem annoying everyone. _________ They They During __________ wrote poem General Washington, complimented ‘style manner’. Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley Underwater activities less varied most popular which snorkelling scuba diving. portable diverse familiar durable 1736, number poor people Boston receiving public assistance ___________ about 4,000. were they were ________ 1776 that Declaration Independence signed. There There 62.1 can’t believe Inspector. mean that Smith ____________ money from till this time! stole stolen been stealing stealing Smith __________ this company, would have made changes. runs running core moon much smaller, relation size___________ planets. those than those ones than those _________ made minute particles called corpuscles believed scientists. Light That light light Whereas lightl Afro- Americans account __________ population. with company __________ advertising campaign. thought plan thought planning thought about planning thought that planning phoned didn’t answer must have gone out. ______ must agree many times Venus Williams __________ sister? defeated lost beaten Robert car. __________ very good price. paid percent less than regular retail cost. could supposed able Pollution cause changes climate __________ global scale. under __________ refused change plot play actor suggested. composer writer scriptwriter novelist __________ invited, three won’t come wedding. invited, should go.Doc24.vn only also parents Both parents Either parents Neither parents Mark letter your answer sheet show underlined part that needs correction. Contact lenses made actylic more transparent least fragile than lenses made glass. transparent least than glass Aristole believed that mind soul, Greeks coiled psyche, separate from body. mind separate body Warm moisture help microbes grow thus assist decay process. Warm grow thus decay Althoush fewer Americans work farms today, they producrive that world’s food exporter. Although fewer estimated that least million meteors have Earth’s surface, which only percentage planet. least million have percentage Navajo Indians more numerous today they were past. Navajo Indians Many fruits contain large amounts vitamin well sugar, which provide energy. Many amounts well provide —THE END—