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Trang 1/5 Mã đề thi 405BỘ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠOĐỀ THI CHÍNH THỨC(Đề thi có 05 trang)KỲ THI TRUNG HỌC PHỔ THÔNG QUỐC GIA NĂM 2018Bài thi: NGOẠI NGỮ; Môn thi: TIẾNG ANHThời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề...............................................................................................................................................Họ, tên thí sinh: Số báo danh: Mã đề thi 405Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of thefollowing questions.Question 1: If you didn't have to leave today, ______ you around the city.. showedA. would showB. have shownC. will showDQuestion 2: I've been waiting for hours. You ______ to tell me you would come late.. needn't have phonedA. must have phonedB. should have phonedC. oughtn't to have phonedDQuestion 3: He promised ______ his daughter new bicycle as birthday present.. buyA. buyingB. to buyingC. to buyDQuestion 4: Many parents tend to make their children study hard in the belief that good education willenable them to ______ in the future.. turn awayA. turn upB. get onC. get outDQuestion 5: You must not ______ any step in the process; otherwise, you would not be able to cook thedish properly.. quitA. skipB. hideC. leave DQuestion 6: The operation of the newly constructed plants is likely to lead to ______ environmentalconsequences.. far-flungA. far-offB. far-reachingC. far-goneDQuestion 7: Michael rarely returns to his hometown, ______?. has heA. doesn't heB. does heC. hasn't heDQuestion 8: After momentary ______ of concentration, Simon managed to regain his focus andcompleted the test.. failureA. faultB. errorC. lapseDQuestion 9: Only after he ______ the job as computer programmer did he realise how much heloved it.. had leftA. has leftB. was leavingC. would leaveDQuestion 10: Susan has achieved great ______ in her career thanks to her hard work.. Asuccess Bsuccessful Csucceed DsuccessfullyQuestion 11: Drastic measures should be taken to tackle the problems ______ child abuse.. to involveA. involvingB. are involvingC. involvedDQuestion 12: The ______ prices of property in big cities may deter people on low incomes fromowning house there.. inflatableA. competitiveB. prohibitiveC. forbiddingDMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning tothe underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 13: People nationwide have acted without to provide aids for the victims in thehesitationdisaster-stricken areas.. awarenessA. reluctanceB. uncertaintyC. willingnessDQuestion 14: Judy has just won full scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in thecountry; she must be now.on cloud nine. incredibly optimisticA. obviously delightedB. extremely panickedC. desperately sadDMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning tothe underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question 15: The chairman's thought-provoking question lively debate among theignitedparticipants in the workshop.. triggeredA. definedB. aroseC. hostedDQuestion 16: The football final has been until next Sunday due to the heavy snowstorm.postponed. cancelledA. delayedB. continued C. changedDMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the otherthree in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.Question 17:. agencyA. originB. charityC. disasterDQuestion 18:. enterA. allowB. relaxC. behaveDMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differsfrom the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.Question 19:. Atr tea Bw rea Cdr mea Dm neaQuestion 20:. concernAs fingerBs attackCs medalDsMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best completes eachof the following exchanges.Question 21: Two students are talking about the school curriculum.- Ted: "Swimming should be made part of the school curriculum."- Kate: "______. It is an essential life skill.". Not at allA. Oh, that's problemB. You can make itC. can't agree with you moreDQuestion 22: Jane is talking to Mike, who has just helped her with her luggage.- Jane: "______"- Mike: "It's my pleasure.". Thanks lot, indeed.A. Welcome back.B. It's too heavy.C. It's not my duty.DRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 23 to 27. The costs of hosting the Olympics can ______tens of billions of dollars, and it is commonplace for budgets to double or even triple. In addition to thedirect costs of hosting the Games (the opening and closing ceremonies, athletes' village, security, etc.),cities often must build expensive new venues ______ While costs are the ______ concern for host city, there are other factors to consider. For one,an Olympic host city may receive substantial revenue from ticket sales, tourist spending, corporatesponsorship, and television rights. Cities such as Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988) actually made alarge profit from the Games they hosted. ______, hosting the Olympic Games confers prestige on ahost city and country, which can lead to increased trade and tourism. The Olympics are also anopportunity to invest in projects ______ improve the city's quality of life, such as newtransportation systems.When hosting an Olympic Games, country has to take account of several considerations, amongwhich the financial one is by far the most important.(23) (24)lesser-known sports. Once constructed, sportsvenues often incur additional maintenance costs long after the Games have ended. (25)(26)(27)(Adapted from by Mike Boyle and Lindsay Warwick)"Skillful Reading Writing 4":Question 23. surmountA. exceedB. overchargeC. outnumberD:Question 24. atA. inB. forC. onD:Question 25. instrumentalA. influentialB. primaryC. supplementaryD:Question 26. OtherwiseA. For exampleB. HoweverC. In additionD:Question 27. whatA. whichB. whoC. whomDRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the questions from 28 to 34.Another form of body language that is used differently, depending on the culture, is distance. InNorth America people don't generally stand as close to each other as in South America. Two NorthAmericans who don't know each other well will keep distance of four feet between them, whereasBody language is vital form of communication. In fact, it is believed that the various forms ofbody language contribute about 70 percent to our comprehension. It is important to note, however,that body language varies in different cultures. Take for example, eye movement. In the USA childis expected to look directly at parent or teacher who is scolding him/her. In other cultures theopposite is true. Looking directly at teacher or parent in such situation is considered sign ofdisrespect.Trang 2/5 Mã đề thi 405South Americans in the same situation will stand two to three feet apart. North Americans will standcloser than two feet apart only if they are having confidential conversation or if there is between them.Gestures are often used to communicate. We point finger, raise an eyebrow, wave an arm ormove any other part of the body to show what we want to say. However, this does not mean thatpeople all over the world use the same gestures to express the same meanings. Very often we find thatthe same gestures can communicate different meanings, depending on the country. An example of agesture that could be is sticking out the tongue. In many cultures it is sign of makinga mistake, but in some places communicates ridicule.intimacymisinterpreteditThe dangers of misunderstanding one another are great. Obviously, it is not enough to learn the languageof another culture. You must also learn its non-verbal signals if you want to communicate successfully.(Adapted from by Judy Rapoport, Ronit Broder and Sarah Feingold)"Reading Academic English" :Question 28What is the passage mainly about?. Misunderstandings in communicationA. Non-verbal communication across culturesB. CInterpretations of gestures in different cultures. DThe significance of non-verbal signals in America:Question 29According to paragraph 1, when scolded by his/her parent or teacher, an American childis expected to ______.. Apoint finger at the person look directly at the personB. Cstand close to the person Draise his/her eyebrows:Question 30The word " " in paragraph is closest in meaning to ______.intimacy. strengthA. agreementB. enjoymentC. closenessD:Question 31"The word " in paragraph is closest in meaning to ______.misinterpreted. misunderstoodA. misspelledB. misbehavedC. mispronouncedD:Question 32The word " " in paragraph refers to ______.it. making mistakeA. an exampleB. the countryC. Dsticking out the tongue:Question 33As stated in the passage, in order to communicate successfully with people from anotherculture, it is advisable for person ______.. to learn both the language and non-verbal signals of that cultureA. to travel to as many countries as possibleB. to use the body language of the people from that cultureC. to learn only non-verbal signals of that cultureD:Question 34Which form of body language is NOT mentioned in the passage?. eye movementA. gestureB. postureC. distanceDRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the questions from 35 to 42.The green building movement, started in the 1970s as way to reduce environmental destruction,is changing the way buildings are constructed. In the early years, green builders were small minority,and their goals of reducing the environmental impact of buildings were considered unrealistic. Now,however, the movement is growing, as builders have been able to take advantage of new technology.Another solution is to reduce the amount of energy required in building. It is possible to cutelectricity use noticeably by improving natural lighting and installing low-energy light bulbs. To reducethe amount of fuel needed for heating or cooling, builders also add to the walls so that thebuilding stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.One example of this advanced design is the Genzyme Center of Cambridge, the mostenvironmentally responsible office building in America. Every aspect of the design and building had toGreen builders try to make use of recycled materials, which means less waste in dumps. Also,they reduce environmental impact by reducing the energy requirements of building. One way isto provide an alternative, non-polluting source of energy. First, with solar panels, it is possible toproduce electricity from the rays of the sun. Once installed, provide energy at no cost andtheywith no pollution.insulationTrang 3/5 Mã đề thi 405consider two things: the need for safe and pleasant workplace for employees and the need to lessenthe negative environmental impact. 75 percent of the building materials were recycled materials, andthe energy use has been reduced by 43 percent and water use by 32 percent, compared with otherbuildings of the same size.A larger project is in China. The first phase of this project will include houses for 400families built with solar power, non-polluting bricks, and recycled wall insulation. In second phase,entire neighborhoods in six cities will be built. If all goes well, the Chinese government plans to copythese ideas in new neighborhoods across China.Green building ideas, on small or large scale, are spreading. Individuals, companies, andgovernments are beginning to see their benefits. Not only are they environmentally friendly, greenbuildings improve living and working conditions and also save money in the long run.In other parts of the world, several large-scale projects have recently been developedaccording to green building principles. One of these is in Vauban, Germany, in an area that wasonce the site of army housing. The site has been completely rebuilt with houses requiring 30percent less energy than conventional ones. These houses, heated by special non-polluting systems,are also equipped with solar panels.under way(Adapted from by Beatrice S. Mikulecky and Linda Jeffries)"Advanced Reading Power":Question 35Which of the following does the passage mainly discuss?. An environmentally friendly approach to constructing buildingsA. Economic benefits of environmentally responsible buildingsB. Successful green building projects all over the worldC. New technologies applied to constructing office buildingsD:Question 36According to paragraph 1, the environmental goals set by green builders were initiallyconsidered unrealistic presumably because ______.. there was lack of green builders at the beginning of the 20th centuryA. the potential applications of technology to constructing green buildings were not recognised thenB. the problems of environment destruction were not prevalent at the timeC. there was an abundance of natural materials for the construction of conventional buildingsD:Question 37The word " " in paragraph refers to ______.they. green buildersA. solar panelsB. recycled materialsC. rays of the sunD:Question 38The word " " in paragraph mostly means ______.insulation. materials that prevent heat loss and absorptionA. devices that monitor changes in temperatureB. panels that convert solar energy into electricityC. systems that protect buildings from the sun's raysD:Question 39What is one common characteristic shared by the Genzyme Center of Cambridge and theproject in Vauban, Germany?. ABoth took advantage of new insulation technology, which cuts down on construction costs.. BBoth were built out of entirely recycled materials instead of conventional ones.. CBoth are housing complexes with special, non-polluting heating systems.. DBoth were built based on green building principles, which reduces energy use considerably.:Question 40The phrase " " in paragraph mostly means ______.under way. being inspectedA. being certifiedB. being launchedC. being notifiedD:Question 41Which of the following is NOT mentioned in paragraph as merit of green buildings?. Being friendly to the environmentA. Improving living conditionsB. Increasing work productivityC. Proving more economical eventuallyD:Question 42According to the passage, which of the following statements about green buildings is TRUE?. They have only been built in technologically developed countries.A. They are more economical and produce no pollution.B. They are environmentally responsible constructions with gardens.C. They are gaining in popularity in different parts of the world.DTrang 4/5 Mã đề thi 405Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needscorrection in each of the following questions.Question 43: They have carried out research the effects of smartphones onexhaustinginto Bschoolchildren's and their .behaviouracademic performanceC DQuestion 44: Most workers to be happy their working .seemswithnewconditions DQuestion 45: It is that people light bonfires and havethe night of Novemberthin Britain Bfireworks as tradition.national DMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaningto each of the following questions.Question 46: "Don't forget to submit your assignments by Thursday," said the teacher to the students.. The teacher encouraged the students to submit their assignments by Thursday.A. The teacher ordered the students to submit their assignments by Thursday.B. The teacher allowed the students to submit their assignments by Thursday.C. The teacher reminded the students to submit their assignments by Thursday.DQuestion 47: She wasn't early enough to catch the bus.. She didn't arrive late for the bus.A. She arrived too early for the bus.B. She was too late to catch the bus.C. She wasn't late for the bus.DQuestion 48: They expect that recent changes will bring about an overall improvement in the quality ofthe country's education.. It was expected that recent changes would result in an overall improvement in the quality of theAcountry's education.. The quality of the country's education is expected to be the consequence of recent changes.B. It is expected that recent changes are caused by an overall improvement in the quality of theCcountry's education.. Recent changes are expected to lead to an overall improvement in the quality of the country'sDeducation.Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best combines eachpair of sentences in the following questions.Question 49: His friends supported and encouraged him. He did really well in the competition.. Such were his friends' support and encouragement that he couldn't do really well in theAcompetition.. If his friends had given him support and encouragement, he could have done really well in theBcompetition.. Had it not been for his friends' support and encouragement, he couldn't have done so well in theCcompetition.. No matter how much his friends supported and encouraged him, he couldn't do well in theDcompetition.Question 50: Joe has finished his first-aid course. He proves extremely helpful as rescue worker.. AAlthough Joe proves extremely helpful as rescue worker, he hasn't finished his first-aid course.. BWithout finishing his first-aid course, Joe proves extremely helpful as rescue worker.. CHaving finished his first-aid course, Joe proves extremely helpful as rescue worker.. DHowever helpful Joe proves as rescue worker, he hasn't finished his first-aid course.------------------------ HẾT ------------------------Trang 5/5 Mã đề thi 405