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Đề thi khảo sát đầu năm môn tiếng anh lớp 11

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TRƯỜNG THPT THUẬN THÀNH SÔ ĐỀ KHẢO SÁT CHẤT LƯỢNG ĐẦU NĂM MÔN: TIẾNG ANH 11 Thời gian: 90 phút Họ và tên: …………………………………………………….. Số báo danh: ………………… Mã đề: 123 --------------------------------------- Choose the best option to complete the blanks in the passage Can you imagine what life would be (1) ….if there were no telephone? You could not call (2)… your friends on the phone and talk to them. If fire broke (3)…in your house, you could not call the fire department. If someone were sick, you could not call doctor. (4)…our daily life, we need to communicate with (5)... We do this mostly speaking to other people and listening to (6)…they have to say to us, and when we are close (7)… them, we can do this easily. However, your voices will not travel far even when we shout. The man who (8)…this possibilit was Alexander Graham Bell, Scotsman, born (9)… Edinburgh in 1847. Bell, teacher of visible speech, who later moved to Canada, (10)… all his spare time experimenting. 1. A. as b. like c. of d. for 2. A. on b. for c. in d. up 3. A. out b. in c. up d. off 4. A. with b. in c. on d. at 5. A. you b. one another c. them d. other 6. A. that b. this c. what d. which 7. A. with b. to c. from d. for 8. A. had b. did c. made d. brought 9. A. at b. in c. on d. from 10. A. took b. wasted c. cost d. spent Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question What exactly is tornado? The general picture is familiar enough. The phenomenon usually occurs on hot, sticky day with south wind and ominous sky. From the base of thunderhead, funnel-shaped cloud extends violently twisting spout toward the Earth. As it sucks in matter of its path, the twister may turn black, brown or even white. The moving cloud shows an almost continuous display of sheet lightning. It lurches along in meandering path, usually northeast ward, at 25 to 40 miles per hour. Sometimes it picks up its finger from the earth for short distance and then plants it down again. The funnel is very slender; its wake of violence averages about 400 yards wide. As the tornado approaches, it is heralded by roar as hundreds of jet planes or thousands of railroad cars. Its path is path of total destruction. Buildings explode as the are sucked in by the tornado’s low-powerful whirling winds (estimated at up to 500 miles per hour). The tornado lifetime is as brief as it is violent. Within few tens of miles (average about 16 miles), it spends its force and suddenly disappears. 11. Tornadoes usually occur on ………………. a. Hot days b. cold days c. rainy days d. hot and humid days 12. The twister’s color is caused ……… a. What it picks up b. the color of the sky b. c. Snow d. the sun 13. tornado ……………… a. Travels in straight line b. meanders c. Travels at constant speed d. stays on the ground all the times 14. The speed of tornado is …… a. 25 to 40 miles per day b. 85 miles per hour c. 25 to 40 miles per hour d. 10 miles per hour 15. The average width of the path of funnel is …………….2 a. the width of its finger b. less than 40 yards c. about 40 yards d. 25 miles 16. The sound which announces the coming of tornado is similar to that made by …………. a. hundreds of jets b. diesel engine c. thunder and lighting d. vortex 17. building in the path of tornado most likely would …………. a. lose its roof b. be partially destroyed c. be totally destro yed d. escape damage 18. According to this article, the winds of tornado………….. a. have been clocked at 500 miles per hour b. are estimated at up to 500 miles per hour c. drop the pressure 40 percent d. travel at 16 miles per hour 19. Usually tornado is spent after travelling about ………… a. miles b. 50 miles c. 400 yards d. 16 miles 20. Implied but not stated: a. The tornado’s lifetime is as brief as it is violent b. Tornadoes are caused sheet lighting c. Nature is sometimes destructive d. tornado is supernatural phenomenon. Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question: have examined man’s wonderful inventions. And tell you that in the art of life, man invents nothing, but in the art of death, he outdoes nature herself and produces chemistry and machinery all the slaughter of plague, pestilence and famine. The peasant today eats and drinks what was certain and drunk the peasants of ten thousand years ago, and the house he lives in has not altered as much in thousand centuries as the fashion of lady’s bonnet in score of weeks. But when he goes out to kill, he carries marvel of mechanism, that lets loose at touch of finger all hidden molecule energies, and leaves the javelin, the arrow, the blowpipe of his fathers far behind. 21. The author’s attitude towards science is …………… a. optimistic b. indifferent c. pessimistic d. neutral 22. In the writer’s opinion, …………… a. man does not invent anything b. man’s invention does not destro anything c. man’s invention do not improve our ways of living d. nature is better than man in causing death 23. The most dreadful killing forces mentioned in the text are ….. a. pestilence and famine b. machines c. natural forces d. molecular energies 24. The best title for the passage is ….. a. chemistry and machinery b. our father’s weapons c. man’s latest invention d. the killing power of scientific invention 25. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? a. Fashions of women’s clothes change more quickly than house style b. Our fathers spent more physical strength in handling their weapons than we do now c. We cannot handle the javelin using finger d. Our food and drink are quite different from our ancestors. Choose the word that has the underlined parts pronounced differently from the rest 26. a. exist b. exhibit c. exhibition d. exactly 27. a. machine b. extreme c. determine d. magazine 28. a. bear b. dear c. deer d. near 29. a. pays b. says c. delays d. stays 30. a. toothbrush b. push c. must d. mushroom3 Choose the part that needs correcting in each sentence 31. She wishes that we (a)didn’t send (b)her the candy yesterday (c)because she’s (d)on diet. 32. They are (a)planning on (b)attending the convention (c)next month and (d)so am 33. Today was (a)such beautiful day that couldn’t bring (b)myself (c)to complete all (d)my chores. 34. (a)While they (b)were away at the beach, they allowed (c)their neighbors (d)use their barbecue grill. 35. The artist tried (a) stimulate (b)interest in painting (c)b taking his students (d)to the museums. 36. Mumps (a)are very (b)common (c)disease which (d)usually affects children 37. Nancy said (a)that she (b)went (c)to the supermarket before (d)coming home 38. (a)Before she moved here, Ann had (b)been president (c)of the organization (d)since four years. 39. Each (a)of the nurses (b)report to the operating room when (c)his or her name (d)is called 40. The (a)athlete, together (b)with his coach (c)and several relatives, (d)are travelling to the Olympic Games. Choose the best option to complete the sentence 41. ………..efforts to combat it, drug abuse is on the increase. a. Throughout b. In the event of c. Despite d. Instead of 42. We….that you were successful in the entrance examination. a. are delighted b. are delightful c. are delighting d. delight 43. John and Mary ……..each other since 1976 a. have been knowing b. were knowing c. had known d. were known 44. Have you finished eating, sir? Shall bring you the ……….? a. addition b. ticket c. cheque d. bill 45. am afraid we’ll have to take taxi, the last train ………… a. left an hour ago b. has just left an hour ago c. has an hour ago left d. is leaving an hour ago 46. wished ……worked harder for my examinations. a. did b. could c. had d. might 47. After three-hour search, the missing ……..girl was found alive and well at friend’s house. a. ten-year’s-old b. ten-year-old c. ten-year d. ten-years-old 48. If smoke ………….., get sore throat. a. too much b. lot of c. much d. very much 49. You can ask anyone ………you like: they’ll all give you the same answer. a. whom you b. who you c. you d. which you 50. don’t believe word he says, think he ……. a. is laying b. is lying c. is telling lie d. lied 51. The night before an important event like an interview, you try to go to bed early. a. always b. need c. should d. have to 52. Everyone congratulated Jim ………winning the tournament. a. for b. on c. about d. with 53. He couldn’t make the radio …………. a. to work b. working c. work d. worked 54. Can you ….the radio- I’m trying to work. a. turn back b. turn down c. turn out d. turn up 55. The lady about …..age you asked me is well over forty. a. which b. whose c. who d. whom 56. am wondering ………I could use this dictionary. a. if b. that c. which d. what 57. The new movie theater was designed ……….that the audience could sit comfortably. a. just b. still c. so d. such 58. don’t mind leaving at six o’clock; ……up early. a. I’m used to getting b. was used to get c. I’m used to d. used to getting 59. He will call you as soon as he …..the job. a. will have done b. do c. has done d. had done 60. Be ….those glasses. Don’t break them4 a. careful with b. careful of c. careful about d. particular about 61. Have you seen the place ……..the graduation ceremony will be held? a. in that b. is where that c. where d. which 62. While ….TV last night, mouse ran across the floor. a. watched b. was watching c. watch d. am watching 63. Little women, ……….in 1986, is my sister’s favorite book. a. is novel published b. novel was published c. novel published d. was novel published 64. The little girl wouldn’t go into the sea…..her father went too. a. except b. unless c. also d. but 65. There were small room into ……..we all crowded. a. it b. where c. that d. which 66. turned on the fan ……….the room was hot. a. due to b. despite c. even though d. because 67. This is ……..the most difficult job have ever tackled. a. right b. by all means c. far d. by the way 68. She said she ………to me, but she didn’t. a. would write b. will write c. will have written d. would have written 69. Would you mind ………..that book of your over there? a. showing me b. to show me c. showing to me d. to show me 70. According ……the map, we should take the next turning on the left. a. to b. as c. on d. by Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the given one 71. She gave sweets to each child in the room. a. Sweets were given to each child in the room b. Sweets were given to her each child in the room c. Sweets were given to each child by her in the room d. Sweets were given to each child in the room her. 72. The last time met him was week ago. a. It’s week since last met him. b. It was week since last met him. c. It’s week ago since last met him. d. It’s been week since I’ve last met him 73. You drink too much coffee, that’s why you can’t sleep. a. You drink too much coffee and you can sleep b. If you drank less coffee, you would be able to sleep c. You should sleep well if you didn’t drink any coffee d. You can sleep better without coffee. 74. They arrived too late to get good seats. a. When they arrived, the good seats were alread taken b. Although they arrived late, they found some good seats c. They got good seats some time after they arrived d. They had to stand for the whole show. 75. Peter has hardly worked since April a. Peter hasn’t worked at all. b. Peter has done very little work. c. Peter has worked very well. d. Peter has been fully employed. 76. He now goes to work on his bicycle instead of car. a. He still goes to work car but more often on his bicycle b. He has now stopped driving to work and goes by bicycle c. He has never gone to work in his car but always on his bicycle. d. Since he bought the car, he has never used the bicycle to go to work.5 77. Why are you saving money? a. What reasons are you saving money? b. For what are you saving money? c. What kind of money are you saving? d. What are you saving money for? 78. Neither Janet nor Susan can dance well. a. Janet can’t dance well and Susan can’t either b. Both Janet and Susan can dance well c. Susan can’t dance well but Janet can d. Janet can’t dance well but Susan can 79. Tony’s English is much better than it was. a. Tony has started to learn English but doesn’t speak it well b. Tony speaks English better now than he did before c. Tony’s English was much better than it is now d. Tony has always spoken good English. 80. Joe was one of the poorest men in this town a. There were some poor people in this town, but Joe is the poorest one b. One man who live in this town was much poorer than Joe c. Joe thought that he was the only poor man in this town d. Some very poor men lived in this town, but Joe was one of them. The end