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Grade 11 THE SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATION-024I. Choose the word of which the stressed syllable is different from the others.1. A. variety B. Australia C. accompany D. interesting2. A. occasion B. together C. develop D. volleyballII. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.3. A. book B. participant C. map D. skill s4. A. eed B. erson C. tem erature D. sychologyIII. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C, or that needs correcting.5. Both John and Jim plays football well .A D6. Either you nor John is going to help Peter with his work .A D7. It was the event that had talked about lot .A DIV. Read the text carefully and then choose the correct answer.We are all slowly destroying the Earth. The seas and the rivers are too dirty to swim(8) ______ There is so much smoke in the air that it is (9) ______ to live in many of the world’s cities.In one famous city, for (10) ______ poisonous exhaust from cars pollutes the air so much that trafficpolicemen have to wear oxygen masks. We have to cut down so many trees that there are nowvast areas of waste land all over the world. As (11) ______ farmers in parts of Africa cannotgrow enough to eat. In certain countries in Asia there is too little rice. We must act now before it is toolate to do anything about it. Save the (12) ______ !8. A. to B. from C. in D. on9. A. unhealthy B. healthily C. health D. healthy10. A. as B. so C. that D. example11. A. last B. result C. end D. complete12. A. Earth B. Mars C. Sun D. MoonV. Choose the correct answer that best completes the sentence.13. Customer Excuse me?” Shopkeeper Yes, _________ ?”A. Can you help me B. what happens C. help me D. What can help you14. A: “Would you like something to drink?” B: _________ .”A. I’m not thirsty. Thank you. B. No, won’t.C. Not at all D. Yes, will.15. am late, _________ ?A. am not B. don’t C. won’t D. aren’t I16. Which is the most popular recreation _________ summer?A. at B. in C. on D. for17. The man _________ the bank is millionaire.A. is entering B. enter C. to be entered D. entering18. You have got new car, _________ ?A. don’t you B. haven’t you C. aren’t you D. do you19. A/ An _________ is person who is trained for travelling in spacecraft.A. astronaut B. engineer C. scientist D. technical20. Only 489 athletes took part in the first Asian Games.A. added to B. gave up C. participated in D. got rid of21. often collect stamps in my free time.A. allotted B. spare C. bed D. engaged22. My father was very clever man. He _________ speak languages.A. wasn’t able to B. isn’t able to C. can D. could23. _________ play football now, but when was young _________ play very well. A. am not able to/ was not able to B. can/ was able toC. cannot/ could D. am not able to/ was not able toPAGE 2010-2011-B THE SECOND SEMESTERGrade 11 THE SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATION-02424. Alice: “Mike, can you take these books back to the library for me? I’m running late.” -Tom: “______”A. No, don’t. B. No. C. I’m late too. Sorry D. Never mind.25. There are _________ things to prepare for the Games.A. vary B. various C. variety D. variouslyVI. Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.26. Yuri Gagarin/ born/ Russia/ March 9, 1934.A. Yuri Gagarin was born in Russia on March 9, 1934.B. Yuri Gagarin was born in Russia in March 9, 1934.C. Yuri Gagarin was born on Russia in March 9, 1934.D. Yuri Gagarin was born on Russia on March 9, 1934.27. She likes both ice-cream and candies.A. She likes either ice-cream or candies.B. She doesn’t like neither ice-cream nor candies.C. She likes not only ice-cream but also candies.D. She doesn’t both like ice-cream or candies.28. She is intelligent, and she is beautiful.A. She is not intelligent nor beautiful. B. She is both intelligent and beautiful.C. She is neither intelligent nor beautiful. D. She is either intelligent or beautiful.VII. Do as direct.29. When astronauts are in spaceship they always have to work with (precise) _________ (Give the correct form of the word in the bracket.)30. He doesn’t play football. He doesn’t play rugby. (Using “Neither nor …”) ________________________________________________________________________________31. She was success as pianist. She was success as conductor. Using “Not only…but also…” ) ________________________________________________________________________________32. My son is studying English at Vietnam National University Using “It is that……..” ) ________________________________________________________________________________33. He has just bought the house for his daughter. Using “It is…that…” in passive) ________________________________________________________________________________34. My father who was exhausted by working hard threw himself on his bed. (Reduce relative pronoun.) ________________________________________________________________________________35. This is river. We often swim in it. (Combine sentences using relative pronoun.) ________________________________________________________________________________VIII. Read the passage and answer the questions.When the Americans were getting ready to send their first men to the moon, an old Irish man waswatching them on the television in the bar of hotel. There was an Englishman in the bar too, and hesaid to the Irishman, “The Americans are very clever, aren’t they? They are going to send some men tothe moon. It’s very long way from our world.” “Oh, that’s nothing,” the Irishman answered quickly.“The Irish are going to send some men to the sun in few months’time. That’s much better farther awaythan the moon, you know.” The Englishman was very surprised when he heard this. “Oh, yes, it is,” hesaid, “but the sun’s too hot for people to go to.” The Irishman laughed and answered, “Well, the Irisharen’t stupid, you know. We won’t go to the sun during the day, of course. We’ll go there during thenight.”36. Who were in the bar of the hotel? ________________________________________________________________________________37. What was the Irishman watching on television? ________________________________________________________________________________38. According to the Irishman, what did the Irish want to do? ________________________________________________________________________________39. Why was the Englishman surprised? ________________________________________________________________________________40. What do the Irish talk about their trip? ________________________________________________________________________________PAGE 2010-2011-B THE SECOND SEMESTERGrade 11 THE SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATION-024------THE END------A- PHẦN TNKQ: Miỗ câu đúng: 0,25 điểmB- PHẦN TỰ LUNẬ: Miỗ câu đúng: 0,25 điểm29. precision30. He plays neither football nor rugby.31. She was success as not only pianist but also conductor.32. It is at Vietnam National University that my son is studying English.33. It is the house that he has just been bought for his daughter.34. My father exhausted by working hard threw himself on his bed.35. This is river in which (which/ that) we often swim (in).36. An Irishman and an Englishman were in the bar.37. The Irishman was watching the Americans sending their first men to the moon.38. The Irish wanted to send their men to the sun.39. Because the sun is too hot for people to go to.40. They won’t go to the sun during the day. They’ll go there during the night.* Phnầ trả lời câu hiỏ đo nạ văn, hcọ sinh có thể trả lời theo gi ngố anọ văn.PAGE 2010-2011-B THE SECOND SEMESTER
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