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GIÁO VÀ ĐÀO OỞ Ạ.....................Đ THI CHÍNH TH CỀ KỲ THI CH SINH GI VĂN HÓA NHỌ ỈNĂM 2016 2017ỌMôn thi: Ti ng Anh; p: Ph thôngế ổNgày thi: 30 tháng năm 2017Th gian làm bài 150 phút, không th gian giao đờ ềĐI MỂBÀI THI ng :ằ ốB ng ch ................................ Ch ký giám kh 1: ..............................................................Ch ký giám kh 2: ...............................................................L ÝƯ thi 05 trang, thí sinh làm bài tr ti vào thi.ề ề- Thí sinh không đư ng tài li nào đi n.ợ ểCHÀO CÁC QUÍ TH CÔ. Mùa thi đang các th cô đang các đẦ ềôn luy cho HSG Các bài luy năng nghe hi Xin gi thi các th côệ ầ“B ÔN LUY HSG TI NG ANH THCS 6-9”. Th cô nào xin vui lòngỘ ầliên mình theo ch giangty81@gmail.com ĐT: 0963226296 nh tàiể ậli nhé. Chúc các th cô mùa thi thành công.ệ ầLink mp3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18ux_-VMyAB_JotEuneYbAUHtAGV8RueRI. ListeningPart You will hear conversation twice. For questions 1-5, put tick next to the right answer. pts )1. In addition to paper books, what did the little girl make with paper at school?A. an animal B. person C. building2. What thing did she NOT talk about when making the object in Question 1?A. paper B. glue C. scissors3. What did the girl do after school?A. She rode her bicycle. B. She watched television. C. She went to the store.4. Who did she meet and play with at the junior high school?A. her teacher B. her cousins C. her father5. Where does this conversation most probably take place? A. at house B. at school C. at parkPart You will hear tour guide talking about day trip. Listen and complete questions -10. You will hear the information twice. pts )TRIP TO CHESTERCoach leaves:9.15 a.mArrives Chester:(1)Morning visit:(2)Price of family ticket:(3) £Lunch in:(4)Afternoon visit:(5)Part 3. Listen to Patrick talking to his mother about photo of his old school friends. What is eachperson wearing? For questions 11-15, write letter A-H next to each person. You will hear theconversation twice. pts )Example: Peter ___D___People Their clothes1. Martin ______ A. coatTrang /5S pháchố..........................2. Joanna ______ B. dress3. Amy ______ C. hat4. James ______ D. jacket5. Robert ______ E. jeansF. shirtG. sweaterH. trousersII. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others by circling A, B, or D. pts )1. A. perform B. campus C. mountain D. equal2. A. distinguish B. appliance C. opinion D. politics3. A. cover B. although C. freedom D. ancient4. A. experience B. encourage C. mystery D. convenient5. A. efficiency B. communicate C. territory D. environment III. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences by circling A, B, or D. 10 pts )1. “Would you like to have noodles, spaghetti or something different?” “______.”A. Anything will do B. Yes, pleaseC. Never mind D. don’t mind2. If ______ be somebody else, ______ to be film star.A. could would B. can would like C. could would like D. can like3. Opposite our house there is large park, ______ there are beautiful trees and flowers. A. where B. in that C. which D. that4. We have done lot of work on tenses lately and we now ______ most of the rules.A. were understanding B. are understandingC. understand D. will understand5. “Your hairstyle looks terrific, John!” ______.”A. I’m glad you like it B. don’t knowC. No, you are wrong D. Excuse me6. We delayed our departure ______ the weather condition.A. in spite of B. on account of C. instead of D. on behalf of7. During the rush hour the traffic ______ in the city centre is terrible.A. condensation B. accumulation C. concentration D. congestion8. If bomb goes off, it ______.A. fails B. explodes C. strikes D. misses its objects9. Mike is not feeling well so we gave him ______ to do than you.A. fewer B. little work C. less work D. least works10. Our friends won big prize when he took part in the ______ on TV last week.A. game show B. news C. music program D. weather forecastIV. Rearrange these following sentences to make complete conversation. pts )A And we shouldn’t cut many trees or burn too much coal or gas. We should recycle things, savepower and water.B Yes, you’re right.C see. So now we keep the paper in our bag.D Look! There’s lot of waste paper on the floor.E What should we do to prevent pollution now?F That’s good. Do you know anything about pollution?G Yes, do. Pollution is very harmful to our Earth.H Let’s pick up and put it into the trash can.I That’s good idea.J Why don’t we recycle it? We can save lot of it and we don’t pollute the environment.Your answers: 1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. ________ 6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______ V. Fill in each blank with suitable preposition. (5 pts)1. asked him to put ________ the lights if he was the last to leave the room.2. The village has changed lot thanks ________ the knowledge the children brought home.Trang /53. The boys got ________ the garden by climbing ________ the fence.4. turned ________ the job because it was badly paid.5. My grandparents live ________ 34 Hai Ba Trung Road, in flat ________ the top floor.6. What do you buy these eggs ________?7. Look after the baby while am ________.8. She wanted to know what aspect ________ learning English found most difficult.VI. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in capital letters. pts )1. Earth Hour is __________________ event organized to raise people’s awareness about the needto take action on climate change. (WORLD)2. Solar energy, wind power and water power are __________________ sources of energy.(ALTERNATE)3. The Internet is used for many purposes: education, communication, entertainment and____________________. (COMMERCIAL)4. In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries but __________________.(NECESSARY)5. Some designers have modernized the Ao dai, the traditional dress of Vietnamese women, byprinting lines of _________________ on them. (POETIC)VII. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences. pts )1. Don’t be surprised when you see how thin Matin is. He be extremely ill. 1. _______________2. The ideas present in this book are not really interesting. 2. _______________3. Scarcely she leave the office when they arrived. 3. _______________4. Should you agree to help us with the housework, we finish everything on Saturday. 4. _______________5. “I left cookie on the table but now it’s gone. What happened to it?” “I don’t know. One of the children eat it.” 5. _______________VIII. Each of the following sentences contains ONE error. Underline and correct it. (5 pts) 1. It has been suggested that he saves money for his study tour abroad. _____________________2. The next important question we have to decide is when do we haveto submit the proposal. _____________________3. Although she smoked, drank and never took exercise, but she lived to be 100. _____________________4. The receptionist said me that the hotel had been fully booked. _____________________5. lunch of soup and sandwiches do not make me interested. _____________________IX. Fill in each numbered space with ONE appropriate word. (10 pts)Another strong earthquake shook Bac Tra My District in Quang Nam Province at 1.34 p.m onThursday, September 27 th, 2012. Over 200 houses faced cracks (1) ______ the quake. Financial aid (2)______ provided to families whose houses faced cracks. (3) ______ the earthquake was strong, it wasstill milder than the 4.1 magnitude quake on September 23 rd. On Thursday, delegation from the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention andControl was sent (4) ______ survey the earthquake belt in Bac Tra My District. The delegation (5)______ houses and schools in the area affected by the quakes, inspected the Song Tranh HydropowerPlant and met with authorities in Bac Tra My District.Frequently recurring earthquakes spread panic among people in Bac Tra My District, many of(6) ______ are from ethnic minority groups living in resettlement areas around Song Tranh 2Hydropower Plant. Several households abandoned (7) ______ homes and set up temporary campselsewhere in fear.A press conference was (8) ______ on September 28 th at the People’s Committee office inQuang Nam Province to reassure the (9) ______ on the safety of the Song Tranh Hydropower Plant.The district authorities have now organized three courses to raise awareness and knowledge of(10) ______ best to cope with earthquakes.Your answers: 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. _________ 6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________ X. Read the passage below and then choose the correct answer A, B, or D. (10 pts)SPRING FESTIVALTrang /5From (1) ______ times people have celebrated the end of winter and the new life that springbrings. One of the most important Christian festivals is Easter, (2) ______ Christians remember thedeath and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Easter, however, is not the (3) ______ spring festival. In Sweden, people celebrate the end ofthe winter by making (4) ______ bonfires. Fire also plays an important part in the Hindu festival ofHoli. In some villages children are (5) ______ round bonfires by their mothers to protect them (6)______ danger in the coming year. Buddhists in Thailand soak (7) ______ in water when celebratingtheir New Year, which (8) ______ in the middle of April. In Antigua in Guatemala they carpet thestreets with flowers. Chinese spring parades are (9) ______ colourful, but (10) ______ flowers theyhave large dragon puppets which dance in the streets. 1. A. earliest B. latest C. previous D. old2. A. which B. when C. because D. by then3. A. single B. one C. only D. lonely4. A. giant B. tremendous C. extreme D. huge5. A. gone B. carried C. brought D. run6. A. in B. out of C. against D. from7. A. through B. one other C. each other D. mutually8. A. falls B. appears C. happens D. occurs9. A. the same B. as C. not less D. equally10. A. instead of B. on behalf of C. in spite of D. place ofYour answers: 1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. ________ 6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______ XI. ou go to ad le abo aili oo su table adi fr mt li or pa agraph from of Th are two headingsw ou do ot to us There has been an example for you. (5 pts) EX: Paragraph 0: DA he on qu nc of po performance Be ng om the po natureB An un xp ly ing of life oop ing to ome po natureC. olut on ee ms to work G. not wh ople thinkD. The terrible consequences of making mistake No out if ou don ike itPa agraph 0: ine or om t, nding ni ht on of ac ing roughly wok int he pit nd on ec ou will tot udd nl in tw You wi be ing he me wi 14 ot op or whole ea Yours ac h, not ff by ss will hit by the ti on and ou st li ts ll po opl You il obl to on ce nt te tho The ight es lo ff us om ir life.Pa agraph 1: or ight king in ou th wo ld ac hting this been ly es th in ths o. ng 50 000 ki om of th ya oon hom us wo d, pt, hol crews have da nd ni ht ft ni ht, in ea ond tions th would any hum ist ea lity cea ya ht ac wh bears ttle mbl to popul iling equi int ound ke before ning ho or nd bath.Pa agraph 2: ing 20 hts ound wo is to of un ing wo k, pushing ou se lfto the li its ndu ut is of the as es nd uty the ea of seeing unr nd on hund ds of es te ho on nd of the up me sa on of arriving om eknowing th wind lone ou there.Pa agraph 3: Unlike the ca in ho ess io lo rs he ws ll on of amateur olun ee swho ly id or il king ea om wo nd ndu ng th edi ondit on On ondon ht the om 21 or the youngest mb ,S sa ut nt both ng nd the Be ing ble to hTrang /5y ou rs to ou hu of saysPa agraph 4: Je rr ng di to ound il ng ng om selfishind idu of bu es thou he or di t, the of longdi ng not he nt nd Pr ix hou af ootb 90 nu but we ing or 11 month his is ing didn reallya pp ec start.”Pa agraph 5: th ion kind ho hoo to in races ke st nd to oti nd on ll d. nts bout things kec ng in yg ople no ow on bo mu be dd es di lop, On ondon ht th ve do th by av am ee ting bl ca di nd es by oo on is the nde ne ve ir sa ondon is one the ts ev lo ny crew lyb of rs on li clash.Your answers: 1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. ________ XII. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the first one, beginningwith the given words (10 pts)1. Children learn lot about how to behave in situation like this. Only __________________________________________________________________________.2. You can use it as long as you like, and it will not wear out. No matter _____________________________________________________________________.3. You needn’t make an appointment to see the personnel manager. There’s _______________________________________________________________________.4. The train journey from London to Bristol takes two hours. It is _________________________________________________________________________.5. If you don’t believe in it, you will never be able to do it. Believe _______________________________________________________________________.6. The patient recovered more rapidly than expected. The patient made _______________________________________________________________.7. You practice lot, and you will play well. The more______________________________________________________________________.8. The Prime Minister resigned because of his sudden illness. The Prime Minister’s _____________________________________________________________.9. Be sure to say goodbye to your grandmother before you leave. Be sure not ____________________________________________________________________.10. Your car might break down on the rough mountain road, so take plenty of spare parts. In case ________________________________________________________________________.XIII. Use the given word to write the second sentence in such way that it is as similar as possiblein meaning to the original sentence. Do not change the form of the given word. (5 pts)1. I’d love to be really intelligent! wish) ______________________________________________________________________________.2. The police have found the stolen money in the park. (by) ______________________________________________________________________________.3. Sudden fires often cause serious damage. (that) ______________________________________________________________________________.4. There’s hardly anything he doesn’t know about whales. (knows) ______________________________________________________________________________.5. He enjoys walking in the rain. (pleasure) ______________________________________________________________________________.XIV. Use the given suggestions to complete sentences. pts )Trang /51. Many visitors country/ impress beauty Hanoi. ______________________________________________________________________________.2. Wear uniforms encourage students be proud be students their school. ______________________________________________________________________________.3. Learners learn how spell pronounce words use them writing speaking. ______________________________________________________________________________.4. Malaysian unit currency ringgit consist 100 sen . ______________________________________________________________________________.5. Tom hear pen pal since move another city? ______________________________________________________________________________?- THE END –H NG CH MƯỚ ẤBÀI THI CH SINH GI VĂN HÓA NHỌ ỈNGÀY THI MÔN THI: TI NG ANH P: PH THÔNG ỔB ng ch có 02 trangả ướ ấ(T ng đi m: 100 đi m)ổ ểI. 15pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ểPart 11. A. an animal 2. C. scissors 3. A. She rode her bicycle.4. B. her cousins 5. A. at housePart 21. 10.45/ quarter to eleven 2. castle 3. 8(.00)4. park 5. (walk to/round the old) market(s)Part 31. 2. 3. 4. 5. HII. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. A. perform 2. D. politics 3. B. although 4. C. mystery 5.C.territoryIII. 10 pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A6. 7. 8. 9. 10. AIV. pts (M câu đúng 0,5 đi m)ỗ ể1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E6. 7. 8. 9. 10. IV. pts (M gi đúng 0,5 đi m)ỗ ể1. out 2. to 3. into over 4. down5. at on 6. for 7. out 8. ofVI. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ểTrang /51. worldwide 2. alternative 3. commerce 4. necessities 5.poetryVII. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. has been 2. presented 3. had she left4. will finish 5. may might have eatenVIII. pts (M câu đúng đi m; tìm 0.5, 0.5)ỗ ượ ượ ỗ1. saves => (should) save 4. said => said to told2. do we have => we have 5. do => does3. but she => she (ho although she => she)ặIX. 10 pts: (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. after 2. was 3. Though/ Although 4. to 5. visited6. whom 7. their 8. held/organized 9. people 10. howX. 10 pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. A. earliest 2. B. when 3. C. only 4. D. huge 5. B. carried 6. D. from 7. C. each other 8. A. falls 9. D.equally 10. A. instead ofXI. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. 2. 3. 4. 5. CXII. 10 pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. Only in situation like this do children learn lot about how to behave.2. No matter how long you use it, it will not wear out.3. There’s no need to make an appointment to see the personnel manager.4. It is two-hour train journey from London to Bristol.5. Believe in it or/otherwise you’ll never be able to do it.6. The patient made more rapid recovery than expected.7. The more you practice, the better you (will) play. 8. The Prime Minister’s resignation resulted from his sudden illness. The Prime Minister’s sudden illness resulted in his resignation.9. Be sure not to leave without saying goodbye to your grandmother.10. In case your car breaks down on the rough mountain road, take plenty of spare parts.XIII. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. wish were really intelligent.2. The stolen money has been found in the park.3. The damage that sudden fires often cause is serious.4. He knows nearly/almost everything about whales.5. Walking in the rain gives him pleasure.Trang /5XIV. pts (M câu đúng đi m)ỗ ể1. Many visitors to our country are impressed by the beauty of Hanoi.2. Wearing uniforms encourages students to be proud of being students of their school.3. Learners learn how to spell and pronounce words in order to/ to so as to use them in(both) writing and speaking.4. The Malaysian unit of currency is the ringgit, consisting/ which consists of 100 sen.5. Has Tom heard from his pen pal since he moved to another city?- THE END -Trang /5