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SỞ GD&ĐT VĨNH PHÚC ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 THPT CHUYÊNNĂM HỌC 2013-2014ĐỀ THI MÔN: TIẾNG ANHDành cho các thí sinh thi vào lớp chuyên Tiếng AnhThời gian làm bài 150 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề.GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARYI. Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct answer among four options(A, B, or D).1. All students went to the magic show, which we thought was really_ __________ .A. amused B. amusing C. amusingly D. amuse2. Don't speak so fast, please. cannot keep_ __________ with you.A. on B. away C. up D. out3. "Would you like to go to the movie downtown?" "Thanks, but I_ __________ .already."A. had seen B. was seeing C. have seen D. would see4. You can stay here_ __________ .you don't make bad noise.A. until B. unless C. so long as D. otherwise5. You might not get better but this medicine will do you no_ __________ .A. harm B. danger C. worse D. illness6. Whenever we meet, we stop_ __________ ..A. talking B. to talk C. to talking D. talk7. If had known how difficulty the job was, I_ __________ .it.A. won't have taken B. wouldn't take C. won't take D. wouldn't have taken8. My older brothers are 22, 20 and 18 years old_ __________ .A. respectively B. together C. reliable D. orderly9. She is one of the few people __________ .A. look up to them B. to whom look upC. to that look up D. to who look up10. Both my parents work in_ __________ .education, teaching at college.A. greater B. bigger C. higher D. longer11. The more he tried to help her, __________ she seemed to appreciate it.A. less B. the less C. lesser D. the lesser12. He is known_ __________ .a man who keeps his word.A. for B. in C. at D. asDoc24.vn13. She_ __________ .crying although he begged her to stop.A. paused B. insisted C. tried D. kept on14. Because of the rain, many people have called to ask_ __________ .canceled.A. that the parade was B. whether the parade wasC. if or not the parade was D. that the parade would be15. The prices at the garage use are very_ __________ .A. reasonable B. logical C. suitable D. RationalII. Find 10 UNNECESSARY words in the following passage. You should also write theline of these words.1 10 11 12 13 14 15 Dear Audrey, just have been to write and tell you about the new flat which George and Ihave just bought and where we are intend to live after retire next year. As youknow, have spent most of my childhood living in Scotland, and have alwaysdreamed of moving back there one day. Although George loves the place wherewe live now, however he is very fond of Edinburgh and he agreed to go and lookat some properties on the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, despite of the factthat houses are usually cheaper in Scotland, everything we like was too muchexpensive for us and after week of looking, we came up to the conclusion thatwe would have to think about living somewhere else. But then, on our last day inEdinburgh, while we were walking along Prince’s Street, we came across to an oldschool friend of mine, who told me that the school we were used to go had justbeen converted into flats. Naturally, was very curious about to see the oldbuilding, so George and went to have look. As soon as the salesman showed usthe first flat, we knew where we had to buy it that’s what we did. Now we arethe proud owners of the old gymnasium.Example:LineLine 1:…… Unnecessary wordbeen… .III. Write the correct form of the word to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.1. Tom spoke ________ because he was so excited. breathe) 2. The film is entertaining but full of historical ________ (accurate) 3. Mr. Henry is said to be weak and ________ man. (decide) Doc24.vn4. It is important to keep ourselves healthy so that we can always be vibrant and________.(energy) 5. A________ has been made in AIDS research. (break) 6. Her rudeness was most________. (regret) 7. The disappearance of the aircraft remains ________ (explain) 8. He told me________ that he's thinking of resigning next year. (confide) 9. They were totally ________ by the girl's disappearance. (mystery) 10. In ________ with the rules of the competition, the team was disqualified. (accord) PART 3. READING IV. (ID: 133203 )Read the following passage and choose the correct answer (A, B, orD) for the following questions. The Beatles became the most popular group in rock music history. This quartet ofextraordinary talented musicians generated phenomenal number of pieces that won goldrecords. They inspired frenzy that transcended countries and economic strata. While all ofthem sang, John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the majority of their songs. OriginallyLennon and five others formed group called the Quarrymen in 1956, with McCartneyjoining them later that year. George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, togetherwith Stuart Sutcliffe, who played the bass guitar and Pete best on the drums, performedtogether in several bands for few years, until they finally settle on the Silver Beatles in1960. American rock musicians, such as Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, influenced Lennon'sand McCartney's music, whose first hits consisted of simple tunes and lyrics about younglove, "Love Me Do" and "Please, Please me". The Beatles' US tour propelled them to stardomand led to two movies Hard Day's Night and Help!, filmed in 1964 and 1965. The so –called British invasion of the United States was in full swing when they took the top fivespots on the singles chart, followed by the release of their first film. During the 1960s, their music matured and acquired sense of melody. The lyrics oftheir songs became deeper and gained in both imagination and meaning. Their popularitycontinued to grow as the Beatles turned their attention to social problems and political issuesin "Nowhere Man" and "Eleanor Rigby". Loneliness and nostalgia come through in theirballads "Michelle" and "Yesterday" which fully displayed the group's professionaldevelopment and sophistication. Lennon's sardonic music with lyrics written in the firstperson, and McCartney's songs that created scenarios with off beat individuals, contributedto the character of the music produced by the group. In addition to their music, the Beatles seta social trend that popularized long hair, Indian music, and mod dress. Doc24.vnFor variety of reasons, the musicians began to drift apart, and their last concert tookplace in San Francisco in 1966. The newspapers and tabloids publicized their quarrels andlawsuits, and the much idolized group finally disbanded in 1970. However, their albums hadoutsold those of any other band in history. Although all of the Beatles continued to performsolo or form new rock groups, alone, none could achieve the recognition and success thatthey had been able to win together.1. What does the passage mainly discuss?A. The history and music of the BeatlesB. The history and milestones of rock music.C. The fashion and music popular in the 1960s.D. The creation and history of music group.2. According to the passage, which of the Beatles had the greatest musical talent?A. George Harrison and John Lennon.B. John Lennon and Paul McCartneyC. Stuart Sutcliffe and Elvis PresleyD. John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison3. The author of the passage implies that the Beatles ______________.A. competed with American musicians B. wrote their music as groupC. became popular relatively quickly D. were active in social movements4. According to the passage, the Beatles' fame grew as result of ______________.A. Chuck Berry's involvement B. their American tourC. two movies made in the US D. their first two hits5. The author of the passage implies that over time, the music and lyrics by the Beatles ________.A. declined in quality and political significanceB. became more complex than at the beginning of their careerC. were dedicated to women named Eleanor and MichelleD. made them the richest musicians in the world6. The word " acquired " in paragraph is closest in meaning to ______________.A. imparted B. attached C. attained D. imprinted7. According to the passage, when did the Beatles experience their greatest success?A. In the late 1950s B. After their break-up in 1970C. Through their lifetimes D. During the early and mid-1960s8. The word " scenarios " in paragraph is closest in meaning to ______________.A. situations B. sceneries C. life stories D. love themesDoc24.vn9. According to the passage, how did John Lennon and McCartney enhance the music of the group?A. They struggled to reach stardom in the United States.B. They composed lyrics to scornful songs and ballads.C. Their music added distinctiveness to the Beatle's repertoire.D. Their loneliness and sadness made their music popular.10. What does the word " disbanded " mean?A. separated B. slipped C. rebelled D. bondedV. Complete the following passage by choosing A, B, or to fill in each blank. Recent research has (1) ________ that third of people in Britain have not met their (2)________ neighbors, and those who know each other (3) ________ speak. Neighborsgossiping over garden fences and in the street was common (4) ________ in the 1950s,says Dr Carl Chinn, an expert on local communities. Now, however, longer hours spentworking at the office, together with the Internet and satellite television, are erodingneighborhood (5) ________. "Poor neighborhoods once had strong kinship, but nowprosperity buys privacy," said Chinn. Professor John Locke, social scientist at Cambridge University, has analyzed large (6)________ of surveys. He found that in America and Britain the amount of time spent insocial activity is decreasing. third of people said they never spoke to their neighbors at (7)________ Andrew Mayer, 25, strategy consultant, rents large apartment in WestLondon, with two flat mates, who work in commerce. "We have family of teachersupstairs and lawyers below, but our contact comes via letters (8) ________ to the communalfacilities or complaints that we've not put out our bin bags properly," said Mayer. The (9) ________ of communities can have serious effects. Concerned at the rise inburglaries and (10) ________ of vandalism, the police have relaunched crime preventionschemes such as Neighborhood Watch, call on people who live in the same are to keep an eyeon each others' houses and report everything they see which is unusual.1. A. exhibited B. conducted C. displayed D. revealed2. A. side-on B. next-door C. close-up D. nearside3. A. barely B. roughly C. nearly D. virtually4. A. outlook B. view C. vision D. sight5. A. ties B. joins C. strings D. laces6. A. deal B. amount C. number D. measure7. A. least B. once C. all D. most8. A. concerning B. regarding C. applying D. relating9. A. breakout B. breakup C. breakdown D. breakaway10. A. acts B. shows C. counts D. worksVI. (ID: 133225 )Complete the following passage by filling each blank with ONE word. Doc24.vnThe country is more beautiful than town and pleasant to live in. Many people thinkso, and go to the country (1) ________ the summer holidays though they cannot live (2)________ all the year round. Some have cottage built in village (3) ________ that theycan go there whenever they can find the time. English villages are not all alike, but (4) ________ some ways they are not verydifferent from each other. Almost every village has church, the round and square tower (5)________ can be seen from many miles around. Surrounding the church is the churchyard,(6) ________ people are buried. The village green is wide stretch of grass, and houses or cottages are (7) ________round it. Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages (8) ________ waterbrought through pipes into each (9) ________ Most villages are so close to some small towns that people can go there to buy (10)________ they can't find in the village shops. PART 4. WRITING VII. (ID: 133236 )Rewrite the following sentences so that it has similar meaning to theoriginal one. 1. We were very impressed by the new cinema but found it rather expensive. --> Impressed ______________________________________________________2. never intended to go to the meeting. --> never had _____________________________________________________3. While strongly disapprove of your behavior, will help you this time. --> Despite ________________________________________________________4. regret not paying much attention to the lecture.--> wish _________________________________________________________5. Without his help, we would all have died.--> If it ____________________________________________________________VIII. Writing task: Write about 200 300 words about the following topic: Computers can translate all kinds of languages well, so children don't need to learnmore languages in the future. Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons and examples for your answer.______________________ THE END _________________________Doc24.vnLời giải chi tiết đề thi vào lớp 10 THPT Chuyên Vĩnh Phúc 2013-2014Grammar and Vocabulary I) 1, Amusing(adj): gây thích thú Tính từ với đuôi –ed: chỉ cảm giác, trạng thái mang tính bị động) Tính từ với đuôi –ing chỉ tính chất mang tính chủ động) đây “amusing” dùng để chỉ “the magic show”). 2, Keep up with sb/st theo kịp Keep away để xa ra, cất đi Keep on+ Ving: tiếp tục làm gì Keep out: không đi vào, cấm vào. 3, Dùng ”already” trong thì hiện tai hoàn thành để diễn tả hành động xảy ra sớm hơn mong đợi. Thanks, but have seen already”: Cảm ơn nhưng tôi vừa đi xem rồi.( ta có thể nói havealready seen”). 4. So long as as long as provided that providing that: miễn là… Unless if …not…: nếu…không Otherwise: nếu không thì… 5, Do sb (no) harm: (không) làm hại ai 6, Stop Ving: dừng làm việc gì Stop to V: dừng lai để làm việc gì 7. Câu điều kiện loại 1( có thể xảy ra hiện tại hoặc tương lai): If S+V(s/es), S+ will/can/…+V Câu điều kiện loai 2( không thể xảy ra hiện tai): If S+V-ed, S+would /could/…+V Doc24.vnCâu điều kiện loại 3( không thể xảy ra quá khứ ): If S+had P2, S+ would/could/…have P2. 8, Respectively(adv): theo thứ tự Reliable(adj): đáng tin 9, Look up to sb: kinh trọng ai She is one of the few people (who/that) look up to đại từ quan hệ thay thế cho tân ngữ) She is one of the few people to whom look up Có thể dùng Giới từ (on,in,at,…)+ whom/ which làm đai từ quan hệ. 10. Higher education: giáo dục bậc đai học 11. The+ so sánh hơn…, the+ so sánh hơn …: càng…càng The more he tried to help her, the less she seemed to appreciate it.( Anh ấy cố gắng giúp đỡcô ấy càng nhiều, cô ấy càng tỏ ra ít coi trọng điều đó). Chú ý: Many/much more most Little les least Few fewer fewest 12, Known +as …: được coi như, được xem như Known +for…:nổi tiếng vì …Keep one’s word: giữ lời hứa 13, Keep on +Ving: liên tục làm gì Insist on St/Ving: khăng khăng đòi làm gì/ cái gì Pause( st): dừng lại, ngưng lại Try+ toV: cố gắng làm gì, Try +Ving: thử làm gì 14. Phân biệt If và Whether sau “whether” thường được dùng trong câu đề cập đến sự lựa chọnhoặc tình huống thay thế và có thể đi cùng với or not” to ask whether (or not) the parade would be canceled: hỏi xem buổi diễu hành có bị bỏ haykhông. 15, Reasonable(a): hơp lí, phái chăng thường được dùng nói về giá cả) Doc24.vnRational(a) có lý Logical(a): lô- gic, có lý II) 1. Line 2, are intend to V: có định làm gì) 2. Line 3, have hành động “spent most of my childhood living in Scotland” đã xảy ra và kếtthúc trong quá khứ ->chia thì quá khứ đơn) 3. Line 5, however mệnh đề trước có chứa “although” ->mệnh đề sau không cần thêm“however”) 4. Line 6, of In spite of= Despite the fact that…/N/Ving= although +mệnh đề mặc dù…) 5. Line 7,much chỉ dùng too much/too many với danh từ (be) too adj/adv to V: quá để… 6. Line 8, up come to the conclusion: đi đến kết luận…) 7. Line 10,to come across sb: tình cờ gặp ai) 8. Line 11,were Use(d) to V: đã từng, từng( diễn tả thói quen trong quá khứ, thường chỉ dùng trong thì quákhứ đơn) Be/get used to Ving/N: quen với, dần quen với việc gì/ cái gì 9. Line 12,about be+adj +to V: thấy như thế nào khi làm gì III) 1, breathlessly(adv): không kịp thở 2, accuracy(n): độ chính xác -> accuracies số nhiều) 3. indecisive(a) không quyết đoán >< decisive (a): quyết đoán 4, energetic (a):tràn đầy năng lượng; vibrant(a): sôi nổi, đầy hứng thú 5, breakthrough(n): bước đột phá 6, regretful(a): đáng tiếc, nuối tiếc most=very(adv): rất 7, unexplained(a): chưa đươc giải thích remain +adj: vẫn, duy trì như thế nào 8. confidentially(adv): một cách kín đáo 9. mystified (a): bối rối, hoang mang 10. in accordance with phù hợp với cái gì. Part 3: Reading IV) 1, làm câu này cuối cùng để xem chủ đề bài viết nói tới là gì) Doc24.vn2, “while all of them sang, John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the majority of theirsongs” -> 3, C, imply that: ngụ ý, chỉ ra rằng the Beatles became the most popular group in rock music history the Beatles’ US tour propelled them to stardom and led to two movies …filmed in 1964 and1965” chuyến lưu diễn Mỹ đã đẩy họ trở thành ngôi sao và cho ra bộ phim…sản xuấtvào năm 1964 và 1965)“ the so-called British invasion of the United Stated was in full swing when they took the topfive spots on the sigle chart…” 4, “the Beatles’ US tour propelled them to stardom and led to two movies …filmed in 1964and 1965” 5, ,“the lyrics of their songs became deeper and gained in both imagination and meaning”:lời bài hát của họ trở nên sâu sắc hơn đạt được cả sự sáng tạo và nghĩa. 6, acquire=attain: đat được Impart(v):truyền đạt Imprint(v): đóng dấu 7, two movies…filmed in 1964 and 1965” during the 1960s”; “in 1966…” 8,scenario=situation: kịch bản, tình huống 9, “Lennon’s sardonic music with lyrics ...mod dress” 10, disband=separate: tan rã; rebel:nổi loạn; bond:liên kết V) 1, reveal that: tìm ra rằng, tiết lô rằng 2, next-door neighbor: hàng xóm nhà bên Side-on: bên trên Close-up: khép lại Nearside(a) bên tay trái 3, barely=rarely :hiếm khi Virtually= almost 4, view(n): cảnh; outlook=vision(n): tầm nhìn; sight(n): quang cảnh 5, join(v):kết nối lại Lace(v): thắt, buộc 6, number of +N(số nhiều )-> chia số nhiều The number of (số nhiều) => chia số ít Doc24.vn