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Đề kiểm tra 15 phút môn tiếng anh lớp 12

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15 MINUTE TESTFull name: ____________________________ class: 12A___ CODE: 111Choose the best option A, B, C, or to complete each of the following sentences.1. My brother and ________ swimming almost every day last summer.A. went B. had been going C. were going D. had gone2. When Carol ________ last night, ________ my favorite show on television.A. was calling watched B. called have watchedC. called was watching D. had called watched3. They were too late The plane ________off ten minutes earlier.A. took B. has taken C. was taking D. had taken4. We _________ when someone knocked at the door.A. talked B. had talked C. were talking D. were talked5. ________ noon yesterday, they had finished their reports.A. At B. By C. In D. On6. When the robbery happened, the security guard ________!A. slept B. was sleeping C. had slept D. was slept7. He ook wo o.A. read B. has been reading C. was rea ing D. has read8. wanted to say goodbye to Jerry, but he ________.A. was already left B. had already been leavingC. already left D. had already left9. Denise ________ the song every day until she could sing it perfectly.A. practises B. was practising C. practised D. had practised10. ________ Maria for the first time at Ray’s birthday party.A. have seen B. see C. was seeing D. saw11. James ________ at the factory long when he was made manager.A. hadn’t been working B. wasn’t working C. didn’t work D. wasn’t worked12. When we were young, my brother ________ my toys. It’s so annoying!A. always borrows B. was always borrowingC. had always borrowed D. always borrowed
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