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Đề kiểm tra 15 phút môn tiếng anh lớp 10 học kỳ 2 năm 2019

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1. A. lf B. rface C. bmarine D. rrent2. A. oc ea B. unders ea C. ben ea th D. ee p3. A. ny B. dev ce C. kr ll D. grate4. She needs change. She ………… go away for few days A. may B. might C. should D. could 5. The sea is polluted, which ………………. sea plants and animals. A. endangers B. dangerous C. dangerously D. dangers 6. The life …………….. of sperm whale can be up to seventy years. A. period B. length C. distance D. span 7. You....................Mark. You know it's secret. A. should tell B. shouldn't tell C. couldn't tell D. might tell8. Some marine animals are dangerous to humans.A. living in the mountain B. living in the oceanC. living in the forest D. living in the house9. The floor was covered in tin pieces of paper.A. unimportant B. many C. very large D. extremely small10. Sperm whales and sharks are carnivores.A. animals that live in the sea B. animals that only eat plantsC. fish that aren't born from eggs D. animals that eat meat11. We enjoyed the warm water of the Gulf of Thailand.A. small sea B. large area of sea that is partly surrounded by landC. part of the sea enclosed by wide curve of the shoreD. large area of water surrounded by land12. You've been coughing lot lately. You___________ smoke so much.A. shouldn't B. can't C. should D. can13. What would Tom do if he ___________ the truth?A. would know B. has know C. knows D. knew14. If ___________ you, wouldn’t buy that coat.A. am B. was C. were D. would be 15. You ___________ Mark. You know it’s secret.A. should tell B. shouldn’t tell C. couldn’t tell D. might tell16. If Lien ___________ raincoat, she wouldn’t get cold.A. wears B. wore C. has worn D. had worn17. If pass this exam, would go to the university next September. D18. He left her house in hurry without to say goodbye to us 19. If had money will buy car. D20. Would you mind lend me your bike until next week