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Doc24.vnTest yourself 1: Units 6­7­8 ki tra 1: Bài 6­7­8ự ểT ng các bài trong ph Test yourself 1: Units 6­7­8 ki tra 1: Bài 6­7­8ổ ể1. Listen and mark (rising intonation) or (falling intonation).L ng nghe và đánh (tăng ng đi u) ho (gi ng đi u).ắ ệ1.How long have you been learning English?2. A: Rising temperatures could lead to the extinction of polar bears.B: The extinction of polar bears?3.Can you talk about the effects of climate change?4.Why do you want to study in the UK?5.A: Would you like to visit Ha Long Bay or Cue Phuong National Park?B: I'd like to visit Ha Long Bay.Đáp án: 2. Use the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.S ng đúng ng các trong ngo đn hoàn thành các câu.ử ể1. The lecture is about the ________ of world heritage sites, (preserve)2. He served in the army after ________ .(graduate)3. The rainforest gorillas are in danger of extinction because of ________ deforest)4. Scientists are looking for ways to slow down the rate of greenhouse gas ________ (emit)5. In the UK, A­levels are still the most common way of fulfilling the entry ________ for degreecourses, (require)Đáp án:1. preservation 2. graduation 3.deforestationDoc24.vn4. emissions 5. requirements3. Put the verbs in brackets into perfect gerunds or perfect participles.Đt các đng trong ngo vào đng danh hoàn thành hay phân hoàn thành.ặ ừ1. Three students were suspected of________ (cheat) during the examination.2. ________(fail) twice, Nam didn't want to try again.3. denied________(make) any private calls on the office phone, but my boss didn't believe me.4. He could not recall ________(see) the traffic accident.5. ________(read) the instructions carefully, he started to install the application.Đáp án:1 havingcheated 2. Having failed3. havingmade 4. having seen5. Having read 4. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence by circling A, B, C, or D.Ch câu tr nh hoàn thành câu ng cách khoanh tròn A, B, C, ho D.ọ Doc24.vnĐáp án:1.C 2. 4. C5.B 6.A 8. D5. Read and complete the text with the words from the box.Đc và hoàn thành văn ng nh ng trong p.ọ undergraduate overseas requirements qualifications vocationalOPEN UNIVERSITIES AUSTRALIAOpen Universities Australia, an online higher education organisation, is run by seven universities. Itoffers Australian and (1) ________students the opportunity to study academic subjects and (2)________ modules at their own pace, and in their own time. The units of study and the (3) ________students achieve are identical to those awarded to on­campus students. Open Universities Australiaoffers: bridging and short courses, vocational education and training modules and courses, university(4) ________ units, postgraduate units and courses, and library service. As Open UniversitiesAustralia has no entry (5) ________or limits on places, it offers students the flexibility to study at homein any or all of four study periods each year, starting in March, June, September, and December.Đáp án:1. overseas 2. vocational3.qualifications undergraduate5.requirements Read the text and complete the sentences below, using no more than four words.Đc văn và hoàn thành các câu đây, ng không quá .ọ ướ ừMelting of sea ice in the Arctic has reduced the population size of polar bears and threatens the specieswith extinction.Scientists say that the earlier annual break­up of sea ice caused by climate change is cutting short thehunting season for the bears, which depend on floating banks of ice to reach their prey.Lack of sea ice in spring and summer is forcing the hungry polar bears to spend longer on land. Thisgives false impression that their numbers are increasing as they encroach on human settlements tosearch for food.Doc24.vnFemale polar bears depend on the spring hunting season in order to build the fat reserves needed to seethem through the summer months. But the ice is disappearing, which means that the bears have not hadtime to build up normal levels of fat.Since female bears become thinner, they are easily affected by disease. Their ability to reproduce andthe survival chances of their cubs decline significantly.The sea ice provides polar bears with hunting ground, from which the bears can reach their prey wildseals and other marine mammals.Scientists are worried that if the sea ice season continues to get shorter, polar bears will not be able ::spend enough time on the ice to hunt and feed themselves.1. According to scientists, polar ice is melting because of..................................2. Polar bears are getting closer to where people live in order to ................................. .3. When female bears cannot build up fat reserves, they are ................................ .4. Polar bears need ............................to catch seals and other marine mammals for food.5 If the sea ice season ............................ polar bears will not have enough time for hunting andfeeding themselves.Đáp án:1. climatechange 2. search forfood 3. easily affected by disease4. hunting ground5. continues to get shorter7. Listen to the recording about Niagara Falls and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D.Nghe đo ghi âm Niagara Falls và ch đáp án đúng A, B, C, ho D.ạ ặ1. Which of the following is on the United States the border with Canada?A. Niagara RiverB. American FallsC. Niagara FallsDoc24.vnD. Horseshoes Falls2. It can be inferred that Horseshoes FallsA. lie in the state of New YorkB. are the most powerful of the three fallsC. are not impressiveD. attract 10 million visitors each year3. Tourists enjoy visiting the falls most inA. summerB. autumnC. winterD. spring 4. Where can tourists view the falls?A. From trains and hiking trailsB. From aeroplanesC. From boats or the surrounding parksD. From the surrounding mountains5. Which of the following attractions is not mention«A. Niagara Falls Botanical GardensB. Niagara Falls History MuseumC. Niagara Falls Farmers MarketD. Niagara Falls Butterfly ConservatoryĐáp án:1 2.B 4. 5. DAudio script:Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. It is located on the NiagaraRiver along the border between two countries: the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls actuallyconsists of three falls. The American Falls lie on the United States side of the border, in the state of NewYork. The Horseshoe Falls lie mainly on the Canadian side. The Bridal Veil Falls, which are thesmallest, are also on the American side. It is estimated that 85% of the water in Niagara River flowsover the Horseshoes Falls, which are the most impressive of the three waterfalls.Doc24.vnEach year about 10 million people visit the falls, mainly in the summer tourist season. Visitors can takea boat ride right up to the edge of the falls or view them from the parks on both sides of the river. Thereare many other attractions for visitors; they can enjoy the wildflowers and trees in the beautifulBotanical Gardens, visit the Niagara Falls Farmers Market or History Museum, or explore the lakes orhiking trails in the area.8. Write an email to Ms Wilson, an admission officer at Riverside Institute of Education inCalifornie USA, requesting more information about their computer science programme. You canask aboul entry requirements, accommodation and fees, using the following outline or your ownideas.Vi email cho Ms Wilson, nhân viên tuy sinh Riverside Institute of Education ởCalifornie USA, yêu thêm thông tin ch ng trình khoa máy tính .ầ ươ có thạ ểh yêu nh c, ch và phí, ng dàn sau đây ho ng riêng n.ỏ ưở ạOutlineIntroduction:(1 say why you are writing (to ask for information about the computer science programme)Body:(2) tell Ms Wilson about your plans and education background­ to study in the USA, improve your future job prospects; develop career in computer science aftergraduation­ your best subjects: maths, IT, and English(3) ask questions about entry requirements, entrance exams, and enrolment form(4) ask questions about accommodation and living costs(5) ask questions about the tuition feesConclusion:(6) include friendly ending and complimentary closeG đáp án:ợDear Ms Wilson,I am writing to ask for more information about the bachelor of computer science programme atRiverside Institute of Education.I am going to complete upper­secondary school this year and plan to pursue higher education in theUSA. think first degree from an American university will improve my future job prospects. Aftergraduation, would like to get job related to computer science and develop my career in this field.Actually, maths, IT, and English are my best subjects at school. Your institute offers the best curriculumDoc24.vnof computer science, and it is my first choice. Before submit my application, would like to ask you afew questions.First, what are the entry requirements for international students? Are there any entrance examinationsthat have to take? And what kind of enrolment form do have to complete?Second, what types of accommodation are available for international students at your institute? Couldyou also advise on the living costs?Finally, would like to know more about the tuition fees. How much do have to pay for my studies persemester or year?I look forward to hearing from you soon.Yours sincerely,HaThu Ha
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