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GD&ĐT THANH HÓAỞTR NG THPT TRI 4ƯỜ Ơ(Đ thi có 0ề trang)Mã 103ề THI KSCL NĂM 201Ọ 201 9Môn: TI NG ANHẾ 1ớ .Th gian: phút Không th gian giao để ề( Ngày thi: 03/11/2018 )PH A: NG ÂM (0.8 đi m)ểI. Ch có ph ch chân phát âm khác so các còn i. ượ (0.4 đi m)ểCâu 1: A. notic ed B. turn ed C. look ed D. help edCâu 2: A. heal th B. brea th C. benea th D. brea th eII. Ch có tr ng âm chính vào trí khác so các còn i. (0.4 đi m)ọ ểCâu 3: A. nervous B. semester C. relax D. opinionCâu 4: A. degree B. obtain C. background D. careerPH B: NG PHÁP VÀ NG (5.2 đi m)Ầ ểI. Ch đáp án đúng trong A, B, ho hoàn thành câu sau (3.4 đi m)ọ ểCâu 5: The man looked familiar. .......................... him somewhere before.A. saw B. have seenC. had seen D. seeCâu 6: If you study harder every day you ........................the examination.A. passing B. pass C. passed D. will passCâu 7: Duy Manh ................... to Ha Long Bay last week.A. visit B. have visited C. am visiting D. visitedCâu 8: When the manager of our company retires, the deputy manager will........................that position.A. catch on B. stand for C. take over D. hold onCâu 9: The.................of the Internet has played an important part in the development ofcommunication.A. occurrence B. invention C. research D. displayCâu 10: If had had enough money, ........................... around the world.A. would have gone B. would go C. would gone D. wentCâu 11: Bill is _________________.A. lazier and lazier B. lazier and more lazy C. more and more lazy D. more lazy and lazierCâu 12: The man ..........................lives next to my house is Mr Cuong.A. who B. which C. when D. whereCâu 13: She finds.......................... the guitar interesting.A. play B. playingC. to play D. that playingCâu 14: Last night tornado swept through Rockville. It ....................... everything in its path.A. had destroyed B. was destroyedC. has destroyed D. destroyedCâu 15: What would you do to help the environment if you ................................the president ?A. was B. have been C. were D. wouldCâu 16: He was happy because his poems had been translated ________several languages.A. over B. into C. for D. aboutCâu 17: In spite of......................, we decided to go out.A. feeling tired B. we felt very tiredC. all of us felt tired D. tiredCâu 18: Paul has just sold his.............................car and intends to buy new one.A. black old Japanese B. Japanese old black C. old black Japanese D. old Japanese blackCâu 19: ............................to be the richest man in the USA. Trang Mã thi 103ềA. Bill Gates is said B. Bill Gates is C. Bill Gates D. Bill Gates saysCâu 20: When we .......................... the bill, we left the restaurant.A. were paying B. had paidC. paid D. had been payingCâu 21: This morning bought newspaper and magazine. _____ newspaper is in my bag but don't knowwhere ___ magazine.A. The/the B. a/a C. A/ the D. The/ aII Ch đáp án đúng A, B, ho D) hoàn thành các câu giao ti sau: (0.4ọ đi mể )Câu 22: Linda: "Excuse me! Where’s the post office?" Maria: "______”.A. I'm afraid not B. Don’t worry C. Yes, think so D. It’s over thereCâu 23: Alice: "What shall we do this evening?" Carol: "______"A. Oh, that’s good! B. No problem.C. Let’s go out for dinner. D. went out for dinner.III. Ch ch chânọ (A, B, ho cặ D) ph trong các câu sau: (0.6ầ đi mể )Câu 24: Every morning, the sun shining in my bedroom window and wakes me up. DCâu 25: The police arrested the man while he is having dinner in restaurant. DCâu 26: My brother stopped smoking because of it is very harmful to his health. IV Ch đáp án A, B, hoọ cặ NG NGHĨA vỒ iớ /c tụ ch chân trong các câu sau:ạ(0.4 đi mể )Câu 27: She is trying her best to help the kids .A. students B. nephews C. child D. childrenCâu 28: They tried to find way of bettering their lives.A. moving B. changing C. improving D. achievingV Ch đáp án A, B, hoọ cặ TRÁI NGHĨA iớ tụ ch chân trong các câu sau: (0.4ạđi mể )Câu 29: Last year we had bumper crop of strawberries.A. early crop B. lately crop C. bad crop D. good cropCâu 30: Now can play few simple tunes.A. plain B. difficult C. complicated D. compoundPH C: HI (2.0 đi mể )I. Ch đáp án trong A, B, ho đi vào ch tr ng hoàn thành đo vănọ ạsau. đi mể )Class 10A1 had such terrible experience last month. One weekend, they decided to go for picnic inCuc Phuong National Park and all members were very excited. But everything was unexpectable.(31)_____ it started to rain cats and dogs. They had to wait (32)_____ their bus until it stopped raining.Then they got out of the bus for lunch because everyone was hungry. After lunch, they began to(33)_____ the park. The teacher devided the class into groups of four or five students. Unfortunately, itsoon began to rain again. Everybody got wet when (34)_____ to come back to their bus. Consequently,their form teacher suggested that they (35)_____ the park without watching anything!Câu 31: A. No sooner had they arrived that B. No sooner they had arrived thatC. No sooner they had arrived than D. No sooner had they arrived thanCâu 32: A. at B. in C. after D. forCâu 33: A. cross B. explore C. leave D. findCâu 34: A. trying B. to try C. had tried D. triedCâu 35: A. would leave B. left C. leave D. were leaving Trang Mã thi 103ềII đo văn và chọ câu tr đúng A, B, ho D) cho các câu sau: đi mể They call New York "the Big Apple". Maybe it's not exactly like an apple, but it's certainly verybig. There are too many people, that's the problem. The streets are always full of cars and trucks, and youcan never find place to park.If you have enough money, you can take taxi. New York cabs are yellow. They look all the same.But the drivers are very different. Some were born and raised in New York, but many are newcomers tothe United States. few drive slowly, but most go very, very fast. Cab drving is difficult job. It can bedangerous, too. Thieves often try to steal the drivers' money. Drivers sometimes get hurt.If you don't want to take taxi, you can go by bus or you can take the subway. The subway isquick, and it’s cheap, but parts of it are old and dirty. Lights don't always work and there are often fires onthe track One some subway lines, there are new, clean, silver trains. But you can't see the color of the oldtrain easily. There is too much dirt and too much graffiti, inside and outside. (Adapted from American on the move Elizabeth Laird)Câu 36: What is the problem of New York? A. it is too crowded A. It has too many apples C. it looks like an apple D. It is too bigCâu 37: What does "cab" mean?A. bus B. truck C. subway D. taxiCâu 38: Cab drivers in New York ________.A. can be attacked by thieves B. is hero, like Paul WatsonC. talks about protecting endangered species D. can be dangerousCâu 39: The word "track" can best be replaced by ________.A. train B. light bulb C. station D. roadwayCâu 40: Subways in New York ________.A. have no light B. are quick but dirty C. often cause fires D. are colorless----------- ----------Ế Trang Mã thi 103ề