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I. LISTENINGPART 1: Questions 11Questions Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR NUMBER for each answer.STUDENT EMPLOYMENT BUREAUSTUDENT REGISTRATION FORMFaculty:Given name:Surname:Address:Telephone numbers:Home:Mobile:Number of hours preferred:Employment experience: Science EXAMPLECharlotte(1)…………………….(2)…………………….Hearthfield St, MarylandN/A(3)…………………….(4)…………………….(5)…………………….Questions Circle the correct letter 6. What time should Annetta finish work in the hamburger shop?A. 7.00 pm B. 3.00 am C. 11.00 pm7. What is the problem with Annetta’s pay at the hamburger shop?A. the pay is too much B. the pay is late C. the pay isn’t correct8. How many children will Annetta have to look after?A. two boys and girl B. two boys and two girls C. two girls and boyQuestions 11 Label the map, choosing your answers from the list below. Write the correct letters A– on the map.1PART 2: Questions 12 20 For each question, there are three pictures and one short recording. Choose the correct picture and put tick (√) in the box below it.Example: How did the woman get to work?12. What regular exercise does David do at the moment?213. What should Suzie take to Emma’s house?14. Which kind of T-shirt did the boy choose?15. What frightened the man?16. Where is the woman calling from?317. How did the woman spend her last holiday?18. Where is the girl’s purse?19. What is the man’s job now?20. Which calendar will the boy buy?4II. PRONUNCATIONCircle the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1. A. lphin B. nest C. st D. ccasion 2. A. work B. stay C. discover D. ban 3. A. photogra ph B. ph obia C. Ste ph en D. Ph ilippines4. A. mi ss ing B. sci ss ors C. me ss enger D. ma ss age5. A. establish ed B. recogniz ed C. orphan ed D. endanger edIII. LEXICO-GRAMMARExercise 1: Choose the most suitable option to fill in the blank.1. When was Cuc Phuong forest _________Cuc Phuong National Park? A. built B. named C. born D. developed2. Unfortunately, about 5000 species of plants and animals are already being ________each year.A. eliminated B. developed C. visited D. found3. Without plants, water would run off and take away________ soil.A. poisonous B. bad C. forest D. valuable4. __________ of our poor condition, we tried to cure the injured dolphin.A. Despite B. Because C. In spite D. Although5. Look at that girl swimming ___________ the sea.A. on B. under C. across D. in 6. -A: ______________________. -B: I'd be glad to.A. Would you like to drive me to class today? My car doesn’t start.B. Would you please drive me to class today? My car doesn’t start.C. Why don't you drive me to class today? My car doesn’t start.5D. What about driving me to class today? My car doesn't start.7. __________ is chemical used for killing weeds.A. Pesticide B. Herbicide C. Fertilizer D. Antibiotic8. We all enjoyed the waters of Timor Sea and the coral reefs that lie __________.A. under B. behind C. beneath D. beside9. Sperm whales are __________, which means they eat meat.A. herbivores B. carnivores C. omnivores D. mammals 10. You are _________ to clean the bathroom.A. declared B. imagined C. supposed D. spoken11. There’s _________ look on his face. I’m _________ of him indeed.A. frightening/scared B. frightening/scaringC. frightened/ scaring D. frightened/scared12. _________ Vietnamese are patriotic. Many were _________ heroes in the wars against foreign invaders.A. x/x B. The/the C. x/the D. The/x13. “What would you like for your birthday?” “________ will do.” A. Anything B. None C. Something D. Somebody14. We have run out of water. Really? Give me the bucket and _______ some.A. will fetch B. am going to fetch C. can fetch D. am fetching15. The band has gone on tour to ________ their new album.A. increase B. strengthen C. promote D. spread16. have monthly bank _________ sent to me, so that know how much there is in my account.A. balance B. overdraft C. statement D. cheque17. The marshes provide rich ___________ for water plants.A. habitant B. inhabitant C. habitat D. habitation18. It upset him that nobody had __________ to tell him about it.A. bothered B. even C. minded D. cared for19. Many children are being taught in __________ classes.A. oversize B. oversized C. size over D. sized over20. The temperature has ________ by five degrees.6A. rose B. raised C. arose D. risenExercise 2: Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English and CORRECT them.1. Because the expense of )traditional fuels, many countries C)have been investigating alternative (D)sources of power.2. Sharks A) can detect minute B) electrica discharges C) come from D) their prey. 3. The A) oceans contain many B) forms of life that C) has not D) yet been discovered. 4. (A) The song to B) that we C) listened last night D) was beautiful.5. (A) ot only my teacher B) but also my close friend C) are D) here Exercise 3: Read the passage below and put the words in capitals into the correct forms to complete the passage.The FIFA World Cup often (1)_________ the World Cup isan international association football competition (2)_________by the senior men's national teams of the members of FédérationInternationale de Football Association FIFA ), the sport's global(3)_________ body. The championship has been awarded everyfour years since the inaugural tournament in 1930 except in1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the SecondWorld War The current champions are Spain who won the 2010tournament in South Africa .The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams(4)_________ for the title at venues within the host nation(s)over period of about month; this phase is often calledthe World Cup Finals (5)_________ phase which currentlytakes place over the preceding three years, is used to determinewhich teams qualify for the tournament together with the hostnation(s).The 19 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight different(6)_________teams. Brazil have won five times, and they are theonly team to have played in every tournament. The other WorldCup (7)_________ are Italy with four titles; West Germany ,with three titles; Argentina and inaugural winners Uruguay withtwo titles each; and England France and Spain with one titleeach.The World Cup is among the world's most (8)_________ viewedsporting events; an (9)_________ 715.1 million people watched SIMPLECONTESTANTGOVERNMENTCOMPETITIONDISQUALIFYNATIONWINWIDTHESTIMATE7the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany The next three World Cups will be (10)_________by Brazil in 2014 Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022 .HOSTExercise 4: Choose the option that has the same meaning as the underlined word/phrase above.1. Try to eliminate fatty foods from your diet.A. limit B. prevent C. get rid of D. add2. The cattle drank from river polluted with toxic chemicals.A. waste B. colorless C. odorless D. poisonous3. Whales feed on krill.A. tiny shellfish B. small animals C. sea plants D. small fish 4. Sperm whale populations are at risk due to hunting.A. in extinction B. in danger C. on the decrease D. in fewness5. We had an accidental meeting with an old friend at the party last night. A. unpleasant B. unexpected C. unacceptable D. unlucky IV. READING COMPREHENSIONExercise 1: The people below all want to find radio programme they could enjoy listening to this week. Decide which programme would be the most suitable for the following people by marking the correct letter (A-H) next to the number (1-5) on your answer sheet. Note that there are more radio programmes than needed. 1. Roberta and Alice are interested in pop music. They want to listen to liveperformance, and would also enjoy hearing interviews with some of the performers.2. Paul enjoys listening to good modern drama. He works long hours during the weekso he can only listen to the radio at weekends.3. Sven teaches history and likes listening to experts talking about his subject.However, he hates shows which invite listeners to phone in.4. Al writes poetry, and enjoys hearing other writers read their poems on the radio. Hewants to have the opportunity to give his own opinions live on the programme.5. Kim and Yannis are interested in finding out about the latest international events.They want to listen to programme that is on every day.8RADIO PROGRAMME WE RECOMMEND THIS WEEKA. Before Our TimeOn Saturday, this weekly programme includes the first part of documentary series about the discovery of the site of a15 th-century village. Professor John Frostand his team will talk about what life was like for the villagers.C. Good MorningThis programme has regular reports on current affairs and news stories as they happen at home and abroad, plus discussions every morning about the background to world news. All this week, the programme features interviewswith ordinary people around the world who talk about the recent history of theircountry.E. SpotlightThis Thursday, writer Kate Dyer talks about the relationship between her poetry and her work as history teacher. Kate will perform her latest poem, ‘Sunshine’. Listeners can then phone in and talk to Kate about her work. Dramatist David Fry will also talk about his latest book on historical drama from the 19 th century.G. Out and AboutHear all the latest in the world of pop and rock, including week of major concerts as they happen every evening, coming direct from Birmingham. After each concert, listeners can also hear members of the band answering questions about their music. B. Pop ReviewThis Saturday’s programme discusses the very latest CD releases, so there will be great mix of music from all over the world. This week’s special report comes from Senegal.D. History TeamThis Wednesday, local team tries to prove that people lived in the rocky hills of their area thousands of years ago. Specialist presenter Dr Clive Sparky describes what they find. Listeners can ring in and ask him questions, and discuss their own interests and local discoveries.F. OpinionFind out about the news on this regular Wednesday morning programme, with team of journalists discussing the major events of the week around the world. this week, the programme also visits the new National Library’s collection of original documents from the world of literature, including internationally famous drama and poetry, with readings of some of the poems.H. ShowtimeThis is perfect programme for lovers of new plays, music and poetry. On Saturday, listeners have the chance to hear the prize-winning play ‘Machines’. Poet Roger Brookes will also read from his new collection ‘Rainbow’ and composer Jack Williams will play his latest piece for classical guitar.Exercise 2: Read the text and choose the best answer.9Although both Luther Burbank and George Washington Carver drasticallychanged American agriculture and were close friends besides, their methods ofworking could hardly have been more dissimilar. Burbank’s formal education endedwith high school, but he was inspired by the works of Charles Darwin. In 1872, on hisfarm near Lunenberg, Massachusetts, he produced his first “plant creation” asuperior potato developed from the Early Rose variety. It still bears his name. Aftermoving to Santa Rosa, California, in 1875, Burbank created stream of creations,earning the nickname “the plant wizard.” He developed new varieties of fruits,vegetables, flowers, and other plants, many of which are still economically important.He began his work some thirty years before the rediscovery of Gregor Mendel’s workon heredity, and while he did not participate in the developing science of plantgenetics, his work opened the country’s eyes to the productive possibilities of plantbreeding. However, the value of his contributions was diminished by his methods. Herelied on his keen memory and powers of observation and kept records only for hisown use. He thus thwarted attempts by other scientists to study his achievements. Carver, on the other hand, was careful researcher who took thorough notes.Born slave, he attended high school in Kansas, Simpson College in Iowa, and IowaState College, which awarded him master’s degree. When the eminent black educatorBooker T. Washington offered him position at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, heaccepted. While Burbank concentrated on developing new plants, Carver found newuses for existing ones. He produced hundreds of synthetic products made from thesoybean, the sweet potato, and especially the peanut, helping to free Southernagriculture from the tyranny of cotton.1. What is the author’s main purpose in writing the passage? (A) To compare the products created by two agricultural scientists (B) To demonstrate how Carver and Burbank influenced American agriculture (C) To contrast the careers and methods of two scientists (D) To explain how Charles Darwin inspired both Carver and Burbank 2. The word drastically in bold is closest in meaning to (A) dramatically (B) initially (C) unintentionally (D) potentially 3. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the relationship between Burbank and Carver? (A) They were competitors. (B) Carver was one of Burbank’s teachers. (C) Burbank invited Carver to work with him. (D) They were personal friends. 10