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ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy AnH TH NG ANH NG QU VÀ BDVH HOUSTON123Ệ ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP TẾT.Giáo viên Nguy Bá Lê An Môn: Anh văn p: 1Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy AnI. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER6/ love this city The sights of it make deep _____ on me.a. impress b. impressed c. impressing d. impression7/ Miss Hoa is very ______. She goes to church every morning.a. religious b. religiously c. religion d. religioner8/ My pen-pal and have corresponded for over years and we really enjoy our______a. friend b. friendly c. friendship d. friendily9/ The ______ religion of Malaysia is Islam.a. office b. official c. officer d. offician10/ Like VietNam, Malaysia is _____country.a. tropical b. tropie c. tropies d. tropically11/ The Malaysia unit of currency is the______ .a. riel b. dollar c. ringgit d. pesco12/ We often have summer______ a. holiday b. vacation c. semester d. and are correct13/ You can take part in sports activities or not that depends on you. It’s _______a. optional b. forceful c. compulsory d. required14/ Mai is Buddhist. She often goes to ______to pray.a. church b. pagoda c. temple d. mosque15/ It’s very kind_____you to help us. Thanks lot a. for b. to c.with d. of16/ The hospital building is divided_____four sectionsa. in b. into c. to d. about17/ Did he ____ live in the country when he was young?a. use to b. used to c. get used to d. be used to 18/ Tam wishes his father____here now.a. is b. were c. will be d. would be19/ What is pity! Lan can’t come with us. We all wish she _____a. would b. should c. could d. can20/ wish _____get good marks for the coming exam.a. can b. could c. should d. will21/ When was child, my family______ go to Dalat for summer vacation.a. are used to b. get used to c. use to d.used to22/ He is small boy. He has to depend ______his parents.a. on b. to c. with d. for23/ Maryam was really impressed ______ the beauty of the city.a. of b. by c. with d. for24/ We were having dinner when the telephone______ .a. ring b. ringing c. rang d. was ringing 25/ wish were little taller. I______too short.a. am b. was c.were d. would be 26/ Tom wishes he could help his sister with her homework, but he______ a. could b. can c. couldn’t d. can’t27/ What do you do? ______a. have party b. am worker c. play tennis d. will go out28/ She arrived______ four o’clock ______ the afternoon.a. at on b. in in c. at in d. on in29/ He was tennis player when he was young. He_____tennis when he was younga. plays b. used to play c. has player d. likes to play 30/ My sister is studying hard______her exam.a. in b. for c. at d. to31/ used to go to school in the afternoon, but now _____any more.a. don’t b. do c. didn’t d. did32/ It rained heavily while I_____ last night.2Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy Ana. sleep b. slept c. sleeping d. was sleeping33/We wish he could go to the cinema with us. But he ____. What pity! a. can b. can’t c. could d. couldn’t34/ I_____school at the age of six in the countryside.a. start b. had started c. started d. starting35/ have studied English _____ more than three years.a. for b. in c. since d. at36/ Hurry up! We don’t have enough time. If only we______more time we could take some more photographs.a. had b. have c. had had d. would have.37/ _____ does it take to get to Liverpool from here?a. how high b. how long c. how much d. how often38/ have pet dog and my friend______too.a. have one b. has it c. has one d. have it39/ Every afternoon she ______for walk in the garden.a. will go b.is going c. goes d. have gone40/ Each of the football players ______ over 150 pounds.a. weigh b. weighs c. are weighing d. weights Find the one choice that best completes the sentences. Vocabulary6/ Lan likes fashion. She always wears ________ clothes a. fashionable b. new c. tend d. modal7/ The Ao dai is the ______ dress of Vietnamese women. a. workable b. fashionable c. traditional d. casual8/ For long time the Ao dai has been the ______ of songs poems and novels. a. words b. things c. object d. subject9/ Some designers have modernized the Ao dai by printing ______on it. a. lines of poetry b. words of poets c. pictures of poems d. poetry photos10/ Vietnamese women today often prefer to wear modern clothing at work because it is more______ a. careful b. easy c. expensive d. convenient11/In the 1960s lot of university and college ______ wore jeans a. pupils b. workers c. students d. goers12/ Designers made different______ jeans to match the 1960s fashions. a. form b. appearance c. module d. styles13/ saw Mary at the party last night. She ________a beautiful pink dress. a. worn b. was wearing c. had worn d. was worn14/ It seems very difficult to have trip abroad. a. that b. to me c. for me d. for I15/ Wearing helps students feel equal in many ways. a. clothes b. ties c. jackets d. uniforms.16/ My brothers are very wearing jeans. a. like b. love c. enjoy d. fond of Grammar structures 17/ Asian people eat rice. Rice_______in many parts in Asia. a. is grown b. are grown c. has grown d. have grown18/ Nowadays lot of dangerous work _____by robots. a. has been done b. have been done c. is done d. was done 19/ Who wrote the story Romeo and Juliet ”? It____ by Shakespeare, an English writer. a. is written b. was written c. have been written d. wrote20/ The package containing books and records _____ last week. a. is delivered b. are delivered c. was delivered d. were delivered21/ I______the letter from him yet. a.don’t receive b. didn’t receive c. haven’t received d. won’t receive22/ My father_____for the national bank from 1990 to 2003 3Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An a. works .working c. has worked d. worked23/ never go to any foreign country. ______abroad yet. a. don’t go b. didn’t go c. have gone d. haven’t gone24/ When______? In 1876. a. the telephone was invented b. was the telephone invented c. did the telephone invented .did the telephone invent25/ _________ uncle Ho’s Mausoleum? a. have you ever been b. are you ever visited c. have you ever visited d. did you ever visited26/ The music at the party was very loud and could_____ from far away. a. been heard b. heard c. be heard d. have heard27/ When _____ in New York last year. _____ lost of interesting places. a. am visited b. was visiting c. am visiting d. was visited28/ Most people now______ automatic washing machines for cleaning their clothes. a. has b. had c. have d. have had29/ Levi Strauss_____ jeans for workmen. a. has invented b. invented c. invents d. inventing30/ These shoes are made _____ good leather. They are very strong. a. from b. by .of d. with31/ They have changed the date of the meeting. The date of the meeting_____. a. was changed b. is changed c. has been changed d.changes32/ We couldn’t start our journey. All flights _____because of fog. a. are delayed b. delayed c. has been delayed d. were delayed 33/ The material, called jean, was named_____ sailors from Genoa. a. as b. after c. of d. out34/ People like wearing jeans because the material doesn’t wear _____easily. a.by b. away c. of d. out35/ will return your notes as soon as _____copying them. a. finished b. had finish c. finish d. will finish36/ English ______ all over the work. a. speaks b. is being spoken c. spoke d. is spoken37/ Jill came to the meeting but Charles______ a. isn’t b. hasn’t c. didn’t d. wasn’38/ Our flat is very small. We wish we ______ more rooms. a. had b. have c. have had d. will have39/ Tony now rides his bike to school instead of _______ by bus. a. travel b. travels c. to travel d. travelling 40/ Jeans have never been ___ fashion because lot of people are still fond of wearing them.1) …………………Saturday afternoon we usually play basketball. a/ In b/ On c/ At d/ With 2) He was born ………………………December 2nd 1975. a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ for 3) The Second World War happened ………………………1941. a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ for 4) often play soccer …………………..weekends. a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ at 5) Hoa worked hard, …………………she passed the exam. a/ because b/ so c/ if d/ however 6) Nam wishes his father…………………………………here to help him now. a/ is b/ were c/ will be d/ was 7) Lan can’t swim fast. She wishes she…………………………..faster. a/ can swim b/ couldn’t swim c/ could swim d/ can’t swim 8) Lan wishes she ………………………………..have to clean all the windows. a/ don’t b/ doesn’t c/ wasn’t d/ didn’t 4Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An9) wish ………………………………get good marks for the coming exam. a/ can b/ could c/ should d/ will 10) have studied English…………………………………………more than three years. a/ for b/ in c/ since d/ at 1. You can get fuel at the…………………………. a/ mosque b/ airport c/ parking lot d/ gas station 2. place where you can buy food or small things is a…………………. a/ bookstore b/ factory c/ grocery store d/ school 3. Yesterday we went on ……………………..to Cu Chi tunnel. a/ picnic b/ trip c/ sightsee d/ camping 4. The village lies near the …………………of mountain and by river. a/ feet b/ leg c/ shin d/ foot 5. There is big old banyan…………………….. at the entrance to the village. a/ plant b/ field c. grass d/ tree 6. have never had chance to see real green paddy………………. a/ plant b/ field c. grass d/ meadow 7. It took us two hours to………………the village by bus. a/ come b/ reach c/ get d/ arrive 8. Remember to take the camera. We’ll take……………to show the trip to our friends. a/ copies b/ pictures c/ photos d/ paintings 9. We had picnic on the river ………………..before going home late in the evening. a/ side b/ bank c/ part d/ place 10. He is …………………..student in the USA, he will study in the USA for two years. a/ change b/ learning c/ an exchange d/ changing 6/ My brother colleets stamps. He is stamp __________ a. collect b. collective c. collector d. collection7/ Vietnamese boy __________ Tam is living with the Browns family in Ohio. a. call b. name c. calling d. named8/ He is _______ student in the USA, he will study in the USA in two years a. change b. an exchange c. a. learning d. changing9/ Mr Brown does the farming work, while Mrs. Brown ______ part time in grocery store. a. does b. gets c. takes d. works10/ Peter is as old as Tam. They are at the same________ a. year b. old c. age d. time11/ In the afternoon, when Tam _______ his homework he helps Mr Brown on the farm. a. ends b. completes c. finishes d. both and c12/ He is giving food to the chickens. He is __________ the chickens a. fooding b.nursing c. feeding d. earing13/ Tam also helps _________ the chickens. He is __________ the chickens. a. collect b. gather c. pick d. take14/ Tam doesn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. He doesn’t go to school on _____ a. weekdays b. other days c. weekends d. any days15/ The Brown are _________ so Tam likes them very much. a. welcomed b. cold c. friendship d. nice16/ Tam likes the Brown, he enjoys being ______ of their family. a. past b. student c. member d. boy17/ was raining ___________ they cancelled the trip to the mountain. a. because b. when c. so d. though18/ haven’t seen her ______ she moved to Mew York. a. when b. as c. while d. since19/ The test was ______ easy that all the students got high score. a. such b. so c. as d. very20/ It was was ______ boring film that felt asleep. a. very b. very c. such d. so5Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An21/ The school bus always comes ___________ o’clock_______ the morning. a. on in b. in in c. at in d. to on22/ ________ Saturday afternoons we usually play basket ball. a. On b. In c. At d. To23/ He wishes he ________ younger. a. as b. was c. will be d. were24/ They first met __________ they were at high school. a. while b. since c. when d. where25/ The fire took place ________ o’clock___________ Sunday morning. a. in in b. at at c. at on d. in at26/ Tony was hard-working boy_________ he got the job easily a. so b. when c. because d. but27/ Everybody _________ present in the meeting hall now. a. are b. is c. being d. is being28/ My brother ________ playing basketball five years ago. a. starts b. started c. had started d. starting 29/ He wants to lose weight _______ he works out in the gym every day. a. but b. that c. so d. and 30/ There is shrine ________ the top of the mountain near the lake. a. in b. on c. at d. to 31/ _________ stamps for many years. Now have ten beautiful collections. a. collect b. colleced c. have collected d. had collected32/ We wish we _________ back to the village next year a. come b. could come c. came d. will come33/ His name is William, but he is usually__________ Bill. a. call b. calling c. called d. be called34/ Most of the money today is made ________ metal and paper. a. from b. of c. by d. in35/ They ________ when we _________ dinner last night. a. come are having b. come were having c. came were having d. came had36/ _______ swim when was eight and still _______ now a. can can b. could could c. can could d. could can37/ Bill isn’t at work today. He’s ________ holiday. a. on b. in c. to d. at38/ The children ________ tired today because they _________ to the party last night. a. were went b. are went c. were go d. are go 39/ __________ winter they go skiing ________ weekends. a. On on b. On in c. In on d. In to 40/ Since Van arrived, he ___________ lot about life on farm. a. was learning b. had learned c. has been learning d. learned 1. If she……………………….time, she will write to you. a/ have b/ has c/ will have d/ had 2. If you want to lose weight you ………………………go on strict diet. a/ can b/ could c/ should d/ may 3. If Mary doesn’t improve in English, we………………..have to find tutor for her. a/ will b/ can c/ should d/ would 4. You …………………..pass the driving test, if you follow the instructor’s advice. a/ must b/ can c/ could d/ shall 5. If you study hard, you…………………..the exam. a/ would b/ will c/ must d/ should 6. She asked me if ………………………………pop music. a/ liked b/ likes c/ like d/ has liked 7. She asked me ………………. a/ if am thirsty b/ If was thirsty c/ If were thirsty d/ If was thirsty 6Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An 8. The man asked me if ……………………….a student. a/ am b/ were c/ was d/ will be 9. He said he …………………to visit me the following day. a/ will come b/ would come c/ came d/ come 10. She asked him if he ……………………..play tennis. a/ can b/ will c/ would d/ must 11. His father asked him if he ……………………the exam. a/ pass b/ passed c/ will pass d/ passes 12. He asked me where ……………………. now a/ live b/ lived c/ would live d/ had lived 13. My father said ………………………learn hard. a/ have to b/ must c/ had to d/ can 14. She aksed me how many languages …………………….. a/ can speak b/ could speak c/ speak d/ will speak 15. asked his brother how he………………….to school. a/ goes go c/ will go d/ went 1) Besides in-class assignments, our teacher often gives some ………………….for us to do at home. a/ housework b/ homework c/ teamwork d/ class work 2) What………………….of learning English do you find most difficult pronunciation a/ section b/ aspect c/ area d/ hobby 3) Do we have to learn these new words ………………? a/ by heart b/ in mind c/ with heart d/ to mind 4) If you don’t know the meaning of word, you can look it up in……………… a/ book record c/ dictionary d/ diary 5) Do you …………………any foreign language a/ talk b/ say c/ speak d/ tell 6) Bill is good at mathematics. He wants …………………..a higher course of maths. a/ to go b/ to work c/ to visit d/ to attend 7) What time does your English class ………………..and end a/ start b/ open c/ leave d/ get 8) If you study at The Brighton Language center UK You can live in…………….on campus. a/ mobile room b/ dormitory c/ hotel d/ private room 9) can complete …………………….English test if you want. a/ speak b/ spoke speaking d/ spoken 10) We have well- ……………………….teachers. a/ qualifications b/ qualified c/ to qualify d/ quality 1. This year the only award for the ……….. student belongs to him.A. good B. well C. better D. best2. The restaurant has the ………. for serving some of the finest food.A. repute B. reputation C. reputed D. reputable3. ………… aspects of learning English do you find the most difficult?A. What B. Where C. When D. Why4. We think that with our solidarity we can ……….. this difficulty.A. overdo B. overgo C. overtake D. overcome5. They couldn’t pass the final ………….A. exam B. examine C. examining D. examination6. We have many well ……… teachers here.A. qualify B. quality C. qualified D. qualification7. This shirt costs …………… 88.000 VNDA. approximative B. approximation C. approximatelyD. approximate7Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An8. If you study at The Brighton Language Center-UK, you can live in ……..on campusA. dormitory B. mobibe room C. hotel D. private room9. saw your school’s ……… in today’s edition of the Vietnam News.A. advertise B. advertisement C. advertiser D. advertising10. can complete ……… English test if you want.A. speak B. spoke C. spoken D. speaking1. She said that she ………. Learning English with you.A. like B. liked C. liking D. to like2. The government supplied the victims …………. food and water.A. to B. with C. on D. for3. She asked me where ………….. from. A. come B. came C. to come D. coming4. What aspect of ………… English do you find difficult?A. study B. studied C. learnt D. learning5. If you want to attend the course, you …………. pass the examination.A. have to B. has to C. had to D. could6. She …………. me whether liked classical music or not.A. ask B. asks C. asked D. asking7. He asked me who the editor of this book …………….?A. is B. are C. was D. were8. He told me he ………….. leave the city the following day.A. will have to B. would have to C. has to D. had to9. He wants to know whether ……… back tomorrow.A. come B. will come C. would come D. came10. wonder why he ……….. love his family.A. doesn’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. hasn’t6/ Town______used to go through city streets, shouting about the things they wanted to sell. a. shouters b. criers c. singers d. dancers 7/ Messages that person receives or send on the computer are______. a. data b. information c. e-mail d. texts 8/ Hoa Hoc Tro is one of the most______magazines for teenagers. a. like b. dislike c. know d. popular 9/ Living in far-away town can’t get______to the Net easily. a. access b. work c. connect d. relation10/ My parents always think that chatting on the internet is time -______;it ‘s waste of time. a. spending b. worling c. consuming d. getting 11/ Without a_____,you can not access to the internet. a. machine b. television c. computer d. translator 12/ The next stage of the______of Television is interactive TV a. revolution b. resolution c. development d. invention 13/ Thanks to television we can enjoy various international programs on different _____ a. channels b. ways c. forms d. parts 14/ Television______can enjoy various interesting programs by selecting the right channels a. lookers b. watchers c. viewers d. seers 15/ Throught television we can see and learn about people, places and things in _____ lands a. near b. next to c. faraway d. distance16/ TV brings______and sound from around the world into millions of homes a. pictures b. images c. visages d. portraits 17/ There are lot of people here,______? a. are they b. are there c. aren’t there d. aren’t they 18/ They had to go home,______? a. hadn’t they b. didn’t they c. had they d. did they 19/ We should avoid_____our environment.8Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An a. to pollute b. polluting c. polluted d. pollute 20/ He apologized for_______me______so long. a. keeping/ waiting b. keep/ wait c. keeping/ to wait d. to keep/ waiting 21/ It ‘s too hot now. Why don’t we go_____? a. to swim b. swimming c. swim d. to have swim 22/ Is it possible______you_____your office? a. to see/ at b. to see/ for c. seeing/ at d. seeing/ for 23/ It takes me about two hours______to Vung Tau a. ride b. riding c. to ride d. rode 24/ Do you think should buy this suit?” “______my opinion, it ‘s too expensive” a. In b. To c. From d. For 25/ The neighbors complained______the noise. a. for b. to c. about d. with26/ Would you mind______me how to use this machine? a. to show b. showing c. show d. to have shown 27/ Let ‘s go to the cinema tonight,______? a. don’t we b. let we c. shan’t we d. shall we 28/ This book isn’t very interesting,______? a. isn’t it b. is it c. is this d. isn’t this 29/ Tom has never written to you,______? a. hasn’t he b. has he c. hasn’t Tom d. has Tom30/ Mr. Brown needs to leave right now,______? a. needn’t he b. doesn’t he c. need he d. does he 31/ Everything is all right,______? a. isn’t every thing b. is every thing c. is it d. isn’t it 32/ He refused______with me. a. go b. to go c. going d. having gone 33/ He offered______me his notebook. a. lend b. lending c. to lend d. having lend 34/ John, stop______at those magazines and pay attention. a. look b. to look c. looking d. to having looked35/ Have you even thought_____moving to another town? a. from b. of c. at d. by36/ ‘ll do the cooking when have finished______the floor. a. clean b. cleaning c. to cleaned d. cleaned 37/ The nurse suggested_____two aspirins. a. to take b. take c. taking d. being taken 38/ We can’t depend______his help. We have to do the work______ourselves a. on/ by b. on/ with c. by/ with d. with/ by39/ How much time do you spend______a web day? a. to surf b. surfing c. surf d. to have surfed 40/ Listen to what Iam saying,______? a. don’t you b. do you c. will you d. can you 1. They shouted and looked ________at me when broke the vase. A. angry B. angrier C. angrily D. anger2. He is tired, ________he stayed up late watching TV. A. so B. because C. but D. and3. We are talking about the preservation of ________resources. A. natural B. naturally C. nature D. naturalize4. Is he really ________that you can’t come there? A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointing D. to disappointing9Đ ươ ng anh Gv: Nguy An5. It is our policy to ________forest and increase forestation. A. protect B. protecting C. to protect D. protected6. suggest ________to the movies. A. go B. to go C. going D. went7. They made their living by ________fish in the ocean every day. A. catch B. catching C. to catch D. caught8. will be ________if she manages to sell that motorbike at high price.A. surprise B. surprised C. suprising D. to surprise9. If you know where she lives, please let me ________. A. know B. knew C. known D. to know10. If you live in this small town, you ________earn much money. A. aren’t B. couldn’t C. can’t D. didn’t11. Unless you understand, ________explain it again to you.A. am B. was C. will D. would12. If he ________a student, he will get discount. A. is B. was C. were D. will be13. Because plastic bags are very hard to ________, they will cause pollution.A. dissolve B. wrap C. tear D. collect14. These materials can be ________into other packaging products. A. reused B. reduced C. removed D. recycled15. If people ________public transport, there will be less pollution. A. use B. will use C. can use D. used16. Minh’s English is excellent. He speaks ________. A. perfectly English B. English perfectly C. in perfect English D. English perfect17. If you go ________doing that, you’ll end ________ in serious trouble. A. up/ with B. on/ up C. off/ with D. out/ up18. Crops are sprayed with ________to kill insects. A. fertilizer B. manune C. dung D. pesticide19. What about ________used paper, bottles, and cans every day?A. collect B. collecting C. to collect D. to collecting20. If the sea water continue to be polluted, many fish species ________extinct. A. became B. will become C. would become D. become1. Can you turn ________the light? -It’s too dark. A. on B. off C. in D. for2. suggest ________showers instead of taking bath. A. take B. taking C. to take D. to taking3. What are you looking ________? My picture book. I’ve lost it. A. on B. off C. in D. for4. new air-conditioner will be ________tomorrow morning. 10

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