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1ề THI TH TUY SINH 10 THPTỀ ỚNĂM C: 2018-2019ỌMÔN: TI NG ANHẾĐ 03 trang. Th gian làm bài: 60 phútề ờA. GRAMMAR-VOCABULARY- LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS.I. Choose the best option A,B,C or to complete each sentence (1,5 points)1. Last night ________finish my Physics exercises, so couldn’t go out A. must B. musn’t C. had to D. didn’t have to2. Everyone felt tired.________they took restA. because B. so C. although D. but3. Does she suggest _________some more butter?A. buying B. buys C. to buy D. bought.4. Internet users sometimes have to suffer various risks, ________?A. haven’t they B. aren’t they C. don’t they D. won’t they 5. This computer is too expensive. wish __________ enough money to buy it now.A. have B. had C. would have D. will have6. Do you often go out ________ Saturday evenings ?A. in B. at C. on D. for7. The internet is very fast and convinient way for people to________ information A. look B. get C. do D. make8. If you want to attend the course you ________pass the written examA. should B. must C. can D. might9. She asked me if __________ laptop computer the following day.A. did buy B. will buy C. bought D. would buy 10. Chrismast is joyful festival_________ is celebrated in most countries of the worldA. when B. whose C. which D. it11. If I_________ you wouldn’t buy this coat It don’t fit you at allA. am B. were C. be D. will be 12. My father asked us ___________ too much time playing computer games.A. not to spending B. did not spend C. to not spend D. not to spend13. My elder sister hasn’t worn the Ao Dai _________ 10 years. A. since B. for C. in D. by 14. ____________ love playing soccer when you were younger ?A. Did you used B. Didn’t you used to C. Did you use to D. Were you used to 15. The camera which you bought is very different ________ mine.A. than B. as C. to D. fromII. Supply the correct form of the word in brackets for each gap in the followingsentences. (1.0 point 1. The advantage of living in the countryside is that the air is ______. 2. We enjoyed the _________atmosphere in Ha Long Bay. 3. Mr.Thanh is _________ driver. He never causes the accident. 4. There are many __________ parks in Hanoi. 5. The Internet is wonderful ______________ of modern life POLLUTEPEACECAREBEAUTYINVENT1III. Match each sentence in column with its suitable response in column B. Each response is used once only. (1 point 1. What about collecting used paper? 2. What is your favorite type of clothing? 3. That's an excellent test! 4. If we pollute the water, 5. What do people do for living in yourvillage? A. Faded jeans.B. They plant rice and raise cattle.C. We will have no fresh water to use.D.That's good idea! Let's do that.E. Not at all.F. That's very kind of you.IV. Each sentence has one mistake, find and correct the mistakes (1 point) 1. She told me that she will go to Ha Noi the following day. D2. I’d like buying new dictionary but don’t have enough money D3. Although Mrs. Thoa was tired bu she helped Tuan with his homework. D4. new hospital has been building in my neighborhood recently D5. If am you, would take taxi to the airport. DB. READING: I. Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C, best fits each space. (1.0point)It is very important_________(31) water carefully. Here are some_________(32) you can use less water. First, you should be sure you turn_________(34) the faucets tightly. They should not drip in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Second, you should not keep the water on for along time. You should turn it off while you are doing something else. It should be off while youare shaving or_________(36) your teeth. It should also be off while you are washing the dishes. Finally,_________(37) the summer you should water your garden in the evening. That way you will not lose lot of water. During the day the sun dries up the earth too quickly.1. A. for using B. to use C. use D. using2. A. roads B. paths C. streets D. ways3. A. on B. right C. off D. left4. A. clean B. rubbing C. washing D. brushing5. A. on B. in C. at D. whenII. Read the passage and answer the questions below. (1.5points)Tet or Lunar New Year is the main holiday for Vietnamese people. It's the most importantcelebration in the year which falls sometimes between January 19 and February 20. Tet marksthe beginning of Spring and it's time for family members who live apart try to be together.The preparations used to be spread over months but nowadays the holiday is much shorter.However, there is great excitement building up well before Tet. Streets are decorated withcolored lights and red banners. Shops are full of goods. People are busy buying gifts, cleaningand decorating their house and cooking traditional foods. On the first days of Tet people try tobe nice to others. They visit their relatives and friends and exchange New Year's wishes.Children reveive the "Lucky money" inside red envelopes. Many people go to the pagoda topray for happy new year for themselves and their family. Tet is really time of fun andfestivals throughtout the country.21. Is Tet the most important celebration for vietnamese people?2. When does Tet happen in Viet Nam?3. What are streets decorated with?4. What do Vietnamese people often do to prepare for Tet?5. What do vietnamese people often do on the first days of Tet?C WRITING: I. Finish each of the following sentences in such way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it (1,5point).1. They said to us, We must finish this work now. ” They told_____________________________________________2. She was very tired so she went to bed. She went _____________________________________________3. She last watched TV five days ago. She hasn’t ____________________________________________4. The book is very interesting. have just read it. The book _____________________________________________5. They have built new bridge in this area. new bridge __________________________________________II. Imagine you are visiting Ha Long Bay, write letter to your parents, using the words given below. 1,5 points)Dear Mom and Dad,1. I/ arrive/ Ha Long City/ p.m.//Aunt Hoa/ meet/ me/ bus stop and/ take/ me/ home/ motorbike. 2. weather/ windy/ sunny. 3. I/ be/ impressed/ the friendliness/ the people here.4. Yesterday/ I/ go/ swim/ Aunt Hoa. Then/ we/ go shopping.5. I/ buy/ lot things/ you/ friends6. I/ arrive home/ 10 a.m/ next Sunday. Love,Quang....................... The end .......................H tên thí sinh.....................................................................S báo danh...................................ọ ốCh kí giám th …………………..………Ch kí giám th ……………………………ữ ị3UBND HUY KINH MÔNỆPHÒNG GIÁO VÀ ĐÀO OỤ ẠH NG CH ƯỚ ẤTHI TH TUY SINH 10 THPT NĂM C: 2015-2016ỌMÔN: TI NG ANHẾH ng ch 01 trangướ ồA. GRAMMAR-VOCABULARY- LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS.I. Choose the best option A,B,C or to complete each sentence (1,5 points)1C 2B 3A 4C 5B 6C 7B 8B9D 10C 11B 12D 13B 14C 15DII. Supply the correct form of the ................ (1.0 point) 1. unpolluted 2. peaceful 3. careful 4. beautiful 5. inventionIII. Match each sentence in column B. Each response is used once only. (1 point)1D 2A 3F 4C 5BIV. Each sentence has one mistake, find and correct the mistakes (1 point) 1C would 2A to buy 3B but 4B built 5B wereB. READING: I. Read the following passage and decide .......... (1.0 point)1B 2D 3C 4D 5BII. Read the passage and answer the questions below. (1.5points)1. Yes, It is.2. It happens sometimes between January 19 and February 20.3. They are decorated with colored lights and red banners.4. They often buy gifts clean and decorate their houses and cook traditional foods.5. They often visit their relatives and friends and exchange New Year's wishes. They goto the pagoda to pray for happy new year.C WRITING I. Finish each of the ................. (1,5point).1. They told us (that) they had to finish that work then2. She went to bed because/ since/ as she was tiredOr She went to bed because of/ owing to her tiredness3. She hasn’t watched TV for five days.4. The book which have just read is very interesting5. new bridge has been built in this area.II. Imagine you are visiting Ha ......................words given below. (1,5 points)Dear Mom and Dad,1. arrived in Ha Long City at p.m (0,1) Aunt Hoa met me at the bus stop and took me home by motorbike (0,2) 2. The weather has been windy and sunny (0,2) 3. am impressed by the friendliness of the people here (0,2) 4. Yesterday, went swimming with Aunt Hoa (0,2) Then we went shopping (0,2) 5. bought lot of things for you and my friends (0,2) 6. will arrive home at 10 a.m next Sunday (0,2) Love,4Quang5