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Đề cương ôn thi HK2 lớp 6 môn tiếng anh (6)

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KI TRA KỲ NĂM 2010 2011Ể MÔN: TI NG ANH (Th gian: 60 phút)Ế ờI/ Circle the word whose underlined, bold part is pronounced differently from the others (1pt)1. A. ve B. ne C. ne D. ch ldren2. A. th is B. th at C. th anks D. th ose 3. A. rk B. C. rd D. r4. A. ou ntry B. ou nd C. ar ou nd D. ou seII/ Circle the best words or phrases to complete the sentences (2pts)5. This is my father. ……. name is Ha.A/ My B. His C. Her D. Your6. …. breakfast at six o’clock ?A/ go B. play C. have D. get7. My house is next …. bookstore.A/ at B. for C. to D. by8. How many …… are there in the classroom?A/ table B. board C. benches D. teacher9. ……………..is your school?A/ Which B. When C. What D. Where 10. Her apartment is on the ……………. floor.A/ five B. four C. fifth D. six11. go to the ……………… to send letter for Huong.A/ post office B. theater C. police station D. supermarket12. That is her sister. ……………..is doctor.A/ He B. She C. It D. HerIII/ Use the correct form or tense of the verb in each bracket (1pt)13. Lan (be) student.14. They (not, have) English on Monday and Friday.15. Mai (watch) TV after school.16. Lan (play) badminton every afternoon.Teacher: Le thị Thanh Truc Page 1IV/ Complete the passage. Then answer the questions (3pts)Nam is student. He (17) up at half past five. He (18) shower and gets dressed. He (19) his breakfast then leaves the house at quarter past six. The school is (20) his house, so he walks. Classes start at seven and (21) at half past eleven. He walks (22) and has lunch at twelve o’clock. Answer the questions:23. Does Nam get up at 5.30?24. How does Nam go to school?25. What time do classes start?V/ Rearrange the words into the meaningful sentences (1pt)26. Thu’s is/ small/ school/ ?27. there tall/ are/ the/ behind/ trees/ house VI/ Write passage about yourself by answering these questions (2pts)28. How old are you?29. Which grade are you in?30. What time do you go to school?31. How many students are there in your class?32. When do you have English?33. What time do your classes end?34. When do you do your homework?35. What time do you go to bed?Teacher: Le thị Thanh Truc Page takes home gets has nearANSWER KEY (KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ NĂM HỌC 2010 2011)1. D2. C3. B4. A5. B6. C7. C8. C9. D10. C11. A12. B13. is14. don’t have15. watches16. plays17. gets18. takes19. has20. near21. end22. home23. Yes, he does.24. He walks to school.25. They start at seven.26. Is Thu’s school small?27. There are tall trees behind the house.28. am eleven. am in grade 6. go to school at six fifteen. There are 40 students in my class. have English on Monday and Wednesday. Classes end at eleven. do my homework at seven p.m go to bed at nine. Teacher: Le thị Thanh Truc Page
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