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GIAO VA ĐAO KY THI TUY SINH 10 THPT CHUYÊNÊ ƠH PHONGA Năm 2018o 2019 THI MÔN: TI NG ANH (Chuyên)Ê ÊTh gian lam bai: 150 phut (không th gian giao )ê Ý:Ư Thi sinh lam bai vao phi tr i. thi không thu i. thi trang. ng đi m: 100 ê- Thi sinh không ng tai li gi.ươ êPART ONE: PHONOLOGY I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group. (5 pts)1. A. ba B. tha C. sert D. complai n2. A. welc me B. hands me C. mpany D. mpare3. A. relea ses B. promi ses C. advi ses D. decrea ses4. A. ea sure B. dr ea dful C. tr ea sure D. br ea the5. A. slic ed B. hatr ed C. wretch ed D. wick ed6. A. whis le B. cos ly C. balle D. depo t7. A. nor th ern B. wi th in C. th orough D. al th ough8. A. er vice B. comm er ce C. det er mine D. er suade9. A. adequ ate B. associ ate C. don ate D. fascin ate10. A. qu ota B. con qu er C. qu alitative D. qu estionableII. Choose the word whose main stress position is placed differently from that of the others in each group. (5 pts)1. A. parade B. apply C. business D. career2. A. backwards B. sideways C. indoors D. forwards3. A. infamous B. sensitive C. courageous D. probable4. A. occupation B. vegetarian C. generosity D. interpreter5. A. industrial B. disappointed C. preservative D. statistical6. A. admirable B. desirable C. believable D. hospitable7. A. magnificent B. oceanic C. mechanical D. miraculous8. A. overtax B. overcoat C. overcome D. overnight9. A. prerequisite B. academy C. certificate D. kindergarten10. A. unofficially B. absolutely C. individually D. advantageouslyPART TWO: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMARI. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each of the following sentences (10 pts) 1. Mr. Parker hit the golf club so powerfully that he broke the ______.A. spear B. handle C. racket D. trough2. In recent years, ready-made meals have ______ Britain’s eating habits. A. amended B. adjusted C. transferred D. transformed3. We were ______ astonished to find the temple still in its original condition.A. highly B. totally C. absolutely D. extremely4. few hours after the injection, the feeling of numbness in your arms will ______ .A. wear off B. fade out C. drop down D. fall through5. Reports say the animals in that region apparently died from starvation, and the live ones were just ______. A. cats and dogs B. thick and fast C. chalk and cheese D. skin and bones6. It is ______ today as it was yesterday. A. nowhere like as hot B. hardly hot like C. any hotter D. nothing like as hot7. ______, stayed with my roommate's family during one spring break.A. For being away in college B. When had been away in collegeC. While away in college D. Be away in college8. When you meet him, just take ______ with pinch of salt. He tends to exaggerate everything.A. what does he say to you B. that everything he says to youC. that he says to you D. whatever he says to you9. John’s score on the test is the highest. He ______ .A. should have studied very hard B. ought to have studied wellC. must have studied very hard D. need have studied well 10. Ross: “Jacob, could you handle this suitcase too?” Jacob: “______”A. Ok, I’ll help her with hand. B. How many hands do you think have? C. Really? Why not you do it? D. Please look at me. will show you.11. Mrs. Miller: “______” Mrs. Nelson: “Thank you. We are proud of him.”A. Your child is just adorable! B. Can we ask your child to take photo?C. Your kid is naughty! D. can give your kid lift to school.Đ CHÍNH TH CÊ ỨPage of 412. What chemical is this? It’s ______ horrible smell.A. giving over B. giving off C. giving down D. giving up13. felt bit ______ and seemed to have more aches and pains than usual.A. on the mend B. out of sorts C. over the worst D. under the fevers14. David spent part of ______ afternoon telling them the news he couldn’t tell them on ______ phone.A. the the B. an C. an the D. the Ø15. Where’s that ______ dress that your grandma gave you? A. lovely pink long silk B. lovely long pink silk C. lovely pink silk long D. lovely silk long pink 16. thought you said she was going away the next Sunday, ______ ?A. wasn’t she B. didn’t you C. didn’t D. wasn’t itChoose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.17. The medicine was strong and fast acting so became well very quickly.A. normal B. shallow C. weak D. potent 18. When she took her sweater out of the washing machine, it had become smaller .A. shrunk B. unified C. retreated D. dividedChoose the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.19. After many months of grueling work and painful injuries to her shoulder and back, Nicole realized that her dream of swimmingthe English Channel was unattainable .A. bizarre B. accomplished C. realistic D. confusing20. Experts often forecast an upswing in an economy after protracted slowdown.A. reform B. fluctuation C. decline D. an improvementII. Give the correct form of the words in brackets to complete each of the following sentences. (10 pts)1. The crowd showed their APPROVE by shouting insults at the players.2. As way to avoid traffic jam, widening roads seems PRODUCT ), as it may just encourage more people to drive.3. The failure of the campaign is almost GO conclusion as they have no mastermind.4. Our group was defeated because we were NUMBER ).5. Mind your language, you guys. It is EXCUSE rude.6. She never gets anywhere on time. She’s hopelessly ORGANIZE ). 7. To be successful, an artist must show great ORIGIN ).8. The authors believe that the application of new technologies can play role in MINIMAL future food shortages. 9. Harry spoke BREATHE because he was so excited about the exam result.10. Her resignation was just an unfortunate OCCUR ).III. Fill each blank with suitable preposition or adverb particle to complete each of the following sentences. (10 pts)1. Malcom was under arrest ______ suspicion ______ murder. 2. The police are looking for man ______ his early twenties, ______ average height, and with full beard. 3. new satellite has been put ______ orbit ______ the earth. 4. They can only cure him ______ his illness if they operate ______ him.5. was furious ______ my sister ______ her always borrowing my clothes without my permission. 6. They wanted to put an end ______ these bad rumors once and ______ all.7. asked Ronny which team should try ______ for, but he doesn’t even know tennis ball ______ basket ball.8. He was deaf ______ my requests ______ help.9. I’m afraid will be ______ debt soon because I’m extremely pressed ______ money these days.10. Don’t waste your time talking Ethan ______ moving abroad. It’s like water ______ duck’s back with him.IV. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets to complete each of the following sentences (10 pts)1. On tell he had won the lottery, he jump for joy. 2. No sooner the burglar, leave the building than somesone ring the alarm.3. She describe the accident as if she witness it yesterday.4. My children enjoy allow to watch films on TV and at this time tonight they watch an interesting film on TV.5. The judge insisted that the boy punish and that he pay for the damage.6. “Why you, play computer games? Aren’t you supposed cut the grass in the garden now, Carl?” Mom said in anger.7. plane carry 15 members of the government to Moscow is reported experience small fire earlier this morning.8. think they finish building the house by the time the winter come and then we will move in in the New Year.9. I’ve made up my mind. sit at the table recommend by one of the waitresses.10. Gary: “How do you know that Roger took your money?”Kyle: “Because catch him red-handed. When came to the room, saw him hold my purse.”V. Identify one of the underlined parts that is not correct in each of the following sentences and then get it right. Number is an example. (10 pts)0. Grasses form substantial partly of the diet of many animals. Answer: partPage of 4A 1. Such clever student he was that he was given four scholarships. D2. The purpose of traveller’s checks is to protect travellers from theft and accidential lost of money. D3. Jodie, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are planning to attend the festivities. 4. The giraffe’s long neck and legs are the most obvious features that make them different from all other animals. D5. Though once perceiving as luxuries, cell phones have become common possession over the last ten years or so D6. Although doctor may be able to diagnose problem perfectly he still may not be able to find drug which the patient Dwill respond.7. Chefs and alike home cooks have been rubbing steaks with cocoa powder and adding pieces of chocolate to meat stews Dto make different flavour.8. farmer’s tractor is like powerful horse, as it plows field pulls trailers, and moves heavy loads. D9. Lightning is rush of electrical current from cloud to the ground or from one cloud to other D10. In the exception of Lorraine, the students handed in their assignment on time DPART THREE: READINGI. Read the passage below and choose the correct answer to each of the question (5 pt s) machine is something we use to help us do work. With any machine, the user must apply force to move an object. This force iscalled “effort”. The object being moved also has force, called “resistance”. To move the object, the effort must be greater thanthe resistance Simple machines can multiply the force put on them and change the direction of that force to easily move objects.Two common simple machines are levers and inclined planes. lever is bar. To do work with lever, one end of the bar is placed against or under an object. The user then applies force at theother end of the bar. The force can be exerted by pushing downward or lifting upward. Between the two positions is the “fulcrum”.This is the place where the force on the lever is multiplied to lift, pivot, or turn. Among other purposes, we use levers to open bottles,pump water, remove nails, and crack open nuts. Inclined planes are angled ramps used to push heavy objects to higher places. The angle of the ramp lessens the force causedby gravity and changes the direction of the force applied to an object on it. For example, it might be necessary to lift 200-kilogramstone into the back of truck. To directly lift this large mass, it might take five strong men. In contrast, one man could push the stoneinto the truck by rolling it along 5-meter ramp.1. Which of the following best states the main idea of the passage?A. Machines are not very useful. B. Simple machines help us work more easily and quickly.C. There are two kinds of simple machines. D. Simple machines require lot of effort.2. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word " force " as used in paragraph 1?A. energy B. muscle C. hands D. intelligence3. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the underlined sentence in the passage? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.A. To move an object, the force applied must be less than the resisting force.B. The applied force must be greater than the resisting force in order to move an object.C. The force applied to the object is always greater than the resistance.D. The resistance on the object must be greater than the force applied to it.4. From paragraph 2, we can infer that ______.A. levers change the direction of the effort B. there are many different kinds of leversC. levers are the best kind of simple machine D. the fulcrum is stronger than the lever5. In paragraph 3, the author explains the concept of inclined planes by ______.A. including picture B. telling personal story C. listing facts D. using an exampleII. Read the following passage and fill each of the numbered blanks with ONE suitable word. (10 pts) To many people, the idea of graffiti has negative images and responses. If the drawings are done on the surfaces withoutpermission, it is thought of (1) _____ vandalism; and in many instances, crime. In most countries of the world, graffiti not only hasnegative connotations but it is also (2) _____ as illegal. One of the reasons is that graffiti is placed on buildings and property (3) _____Page of 4owned by the painter. And where it is applied without authorization, it is usually done quickly with products such as permanent markersand spray paint. (4) _____ though, graffiti was important to (5) _____ Romans because it was way of expressing the knowledge they had as apeople as well as way of expressing (6) _____ appreciation of beauty of number of subjects. Today, tourists can see forthemselves examples of ancient graffiti when they visit Rome or Pompeii. Modern graffiti is considered an art form but it is one whichis greatly misunderstood by most people. In the 1970s when the punk rock movement was big, many of the anti-establishmentgroups wrote and drew on walls and other surfaces to draw (7) _____ to their cause, group, or agenda. lot of bands also usedgraffiti to (8) _____ recognition and notoriety. For about quarter of century, from the mid 1960s to the late 1980s, graffiti wasconsidered (9) _____ its prime as an art form. In urban areas, graffiti could be seen on the walls of vacant buildings, on subwaystation walls, and on the subway cars themselves. Political activists used the medium to transmit their messages (10) _____ it wasan easy and inexpensive way to do so.III. Read the passage below and choose the correct word or phrase to complete each of the blanks. (5 pts)CAN COMPUTER MEASURE HAPPINESS?In fascinating study, researchers asked volunteers to rate words in the English language from one to nine on “scale ofhappiness”. Words associated with feeling good (1) ______ scored highly: “laughter”, for example, received score of 8.5 on thescale, (2) ______ words connected with sadness didn’t score well at all.Using this (3) ______, the researchers developed computer program which analysed millions of messages posted by users ofsocial networking sites, (4) ______ their happiness according to the words they used in their on-screen messages. They found thathappiness (5) ______ to reach high point during weekends, and drop again when people return to work after (6) ______. Theyalso discovered that, on an (7) ______ day, people feel happier in the morning and less (8) ______ as the day wears on.Whether the results are an accurate evaluation of how happy people are (9) ______ unclear. Can computer program reallyunderstand the message (10) ______ the words? Probably not.1. A. absolutely B. predictably C. probably D. automatically2. A. yet B. whereby C. nevertheless D. whereas3. A. document B. proof C. information D. fact4. A. assessing B. advising C. inspecting D. choosing5. A. aimed B. went C. moved D. tended6. A. break B. gap C. stop D. pause7. A. original B. average C. obvious D. alternate8. A. so B. such C. much D. do 9. A. maintains B. keeps C. remains D. goes10. A. underneath B. below C. over D. behindPART FOUR: WRITINGI. Finish the second sentence in such way that its meaning is similar to that of the original one. (10 pts) 1. “Shall carry the suitcase for you now, Grace?” said Joe. Joe offered ...........................2. I’m sure that he missed the eleven o’clock train. He can’t possibly ..................3. Alice didn’t follow the doctor’s advice last night, so she is in danger now. Had Alice ..............................4. George is the most generous person have ever met. I've yet .................................5. Everyone was taken by surprise by what Brandon said. It was what ...........................6. It was wrong of them not to give the newcomers any instructions to do their tasks. The newcomers ...................7. It is impossible to expect me to have supper ready by o’clock. It is out ................................8. She just came to see me when she had nothing to do. Only when ............................9. didn’t realize how much he was influenced by his brother. didn’t realize the extent ......10. Don’t ask him how to get there because he won’t know. He won’t have the ................II. Rewrite each of the sentences below in such way that its meaning is similar to that of the original one, using the word given in brackets. Do not change this word in any way. (10 pts) 1. Kyoko prefers speaking English to writing it. (RATHER) ..............................................2. Apparently, Sheila wasn’t listening to me. (APPEAR) ..............................................3. can’t put up with your rudeness any longer. (ENOUGH) ..............................................4. Whatever happens, we won’t change our mind. (MATTER) ..............................................5. Polly went to see the bank manager about getting loan. (VIEW) ..............................................6. Having explained things five times already, the lecturer’s patience was exhausted. (RAN) .............................................7. Many popular writers gradually developed their reputations during the war. (BUILT) .............................................8. Grace couldn’t believe it when her dream of meeting Adele came true after so long. (REALITY) .............................................9. Your attitude will have to change if you want to succeed. (LEAF) ..............................................10. Throughout her speech, the boys were deeply attentive. (EARS) ..............................................THE ENDPage of 4Họ và tên thí sinh: .....................................Số báo danh: ............................................. Giám thị 1: .......................................................Giám thị 2: .......................................................Page of