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Grade:10 UNIT 6: AN EXCURSION THE FIRST SEMESTERChoose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part. 1. A. range B. day C. ccasion D. mplain2. A. er mission B. bett er C. pref er D. warm er3. A. ur vive B. ur niture C. exc ur sion D. ch ur chChoose the word with the different stress pattern.4. A. location B. inventor C. confident D. important5. A. botanic B. together C. pagoda D. cinemaChoose one word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence. 6. The students decided to go _____________ an excursion to relax after the final exam. A. in B. on C. at D. with7. We are going on _____________ to Da Lat next week. A. three day trip B. three-days trip C. three-day trip D. three days trip8. I’m afraid my parents do not allow me ____________ on long journey. A. to go B. going C. will go D. to going9. We are going to ____________ good weather with lots of sunshine. A. enjoy B. play C. like D. delight10. Please share your fruit and cakes ____________ others. A. to B. with C. for D. among11. When there ____________ full moon, the ocean tides will be higher. A. have been B. will be C. is D. would be12. ___________ is an activity in which people live outdoors temporarily. A. Camping B. Working C. Jogging D. Drawing13. decision on where to camp depends ____________ personal preference. A. to B. about C. in D. on14. _______participate in fishing, swimming, wildlife watching, plant study, and nature photography. A. Campers B. Cookers C. Computers D. Recorders15. ____________ planning can help campers avoid trouble. A. Careless B. Careful C. Carefully D. Carelessly 16. Before go to England next year, _____________ some English. A. have been learn B. learnt C. am going to learn D. had learnt 17. We _____________ have picnic on Saturday. Would you like to join us? A. are going to B. are C. want D. were 18. We were enjoying dancing and singing around the ____________ when it began to rain. A. camping B. campsite C. camper D. campfire19. Thank you very much for your _____________. A. invitation B. invite C. invited D. inviter 20. Please be quiet while the teacher _______________ the lesson. A. explains B. was explaining C. explained D. is explaining21. The students are busy _______________ their assignments. A. in B. at C. with D. about22. He is seldom late _______________ work. A. to B. for C. in D. at23. Hung: “Thank you very much for lovely party.” Hoa: “________________.” A. You’re welcome B. Thanks C. Have good day. D. Cheers24. Glass is usually ______________ sand. A. made from B. made of C. made in D. made by 25. Up to now, ______________ lot of information about her. A. would learn B. have learnt C. will learn D. learntIdentify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect.26. 51. People throughout the world enjoy to hike to wilderness campsites. THE FIRST SEMESTER Page 1Grade:10 UNIT 6: AN EXCURSION THE FIRST SEMESTER27. The children are so exciting about the field trip tomorrow that they can’t sleep. D28. We all prefer spend our holiday in the countryside. 29. spend most of my free time to read books. 30. It’s time you begin to study seriously DRead the following passage and choose the best answer. Camping is an activity (61) ________people live temporarily in the outdoors. Campers (62)________ fishing, hunting, swimming, plant study, wildlife watching, and nature photography. It provides physical benefits when it (63) ________hiking to, from, and around the campsite, and many people believe that camping (64) _________ youngsters feel more (65) ________. 31. A. in which B. in where C. at which D. on which32. A. take part B. participate in C. take place D. enter33. A. contains B. consists C. involves includes34. A. enables B. allows C. causes D. makes35. A. confident B. sad C. bored D. shy Read the passage and make the correct choice. Alaska, which became the forty-ninth state of the United States in 1959, was bought from Russia in 1867. The price paid to the Russian government for this huge piece of land was 7,200,000. Secretary of State Seward arranged the treaty and the purchase. Because people in the United States at that time knew little About Alaska, many of them did not approve of purchasing it. Some jokingly called Alaska ”Seward’s Folly.”. However, Alaska proved to be wonderful buy. Over $450,000,000 in gold has been taken from Alaska since it was bought. Alaska streams and rivers are rich in fish, and so many salmon arecaught each year in Alaska that it has developed the largest salmon canning industry in the world. Alaska hills have thousands of acres valuable timber. In addition, the area has many fur-bearing animals, such as seals, sea otters, minks, foxes, and beavers. If Mr. Seward were alive today, he would be proud of his purchase. 1. treaty (n) hi c, th thu /6. timber (n) gệ ướ ỗ2. purchase (n) mua/ 7. seal (n) uự ẩ3. approve (v) tán thành, ng ý/ 8. sea otters (n) rái cáồ 4. prove(v) ch ng /9. minks (n) ch 5. salmon (n) cá /10. beavers (n) lyồ ả36. While not stated in the article, you can tell that A. People know little about Alaska. B. Alaska was always state. C. Alaska still has unused wealth. D. Mr. Seward was very proud of his purchase. 37. This article as whole is about A. $7,200,000 B. The U.S and Russia C. Alaska D. secretary of State. 38. Which of the following is Not True? A. Alaska has valuable timber. B. Alaska was good buy. C. Seward worked in government. D. Alaska became state in 1867. 39. Some people jokingly called Alaska “Seward’s Folly” because A. they did not approve of purchasing it.B. they wanted someone else to arrange the treaty and the purchase. C. they thought the price was too high. D. they thought Alaska was too cold. 40. Alaska proved to be wonderful buy because A. the U.S resold it for $450,000,000.B. it has the largest salmon canning industry in the world. C. it is rich in natural resources.D. its timber is of very good quality. ------THE END------THE FIRST SEMESTER Page