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ĐỀ CƯƠNG MÔN TIẾNG ANH HỌC KÌ II NĂM HỌC 2015-2016Grammar: Patterns about age, height and weight. Past simple, present simple, future simple. So,too,either,neither. Suggestions: Why don’t…?/ What about…?/Let’s… Like/prefer +to-inf/Ving Adjective,Adverbs. Wh question. Modal verbs: can,must,should,ought to… Prepositions Vocabularies from Unit to Unit 15Excerses:I. Choose the word that has different pronounced from the other:1. A. beaut B. countr C.tr D.luck y2. A. ver B. ch cken C. cr ket D.detect ve3. A. need ed Bwant ed C.play ed D.Collect ed4. A.Wr te B. ce C.l ve D.f nd5. A.b B. C.s gar D.bl e6. A.g B. nd C.w ll D.pr tty7. A.sk ll B. nventor C.r ch D. dec de8. A. electr B. ght C. nally D. somet mes9. ea ea ea app ea r10. kn wII. Choose the correct answer.1. How_____is he? He’s 45 kilos.A. TallB. HeavyC. HeightD. Weight 2. You ought _____teeth regularly.A. To brushB. BrushC. BrushingD. Brushed 3. Let’s _____to the museum.A. GoB. GoingC. WentD. Goes 4. don’t like apples and ______.A. So does heB. He,tooC. Neither is heD. He doesn’t, either.5. Were you absent _____school last semester?A. AtB. On C. InD. From 6. Did he _____out meeting last Sunday?A. rememberB. rememberedC. remembersD. to remember7. Many people yake part _____”Walking For Fun” club.A. InB. On C. AtD. Of8. Would you ____me to stay?A. LikesB. LikeC. LikedD. To like9. Cows give us diary_____.A. MilkB. ProductC. CerealsD. Food10. In hot weather, children often eat _____although it isn’t good for their health.A. Ice-creamB. Hot milkC. CakeD. coffee11. What about_____to Ha Long bay?A. GoB. To goC. GoesD. Going 12. She is _____teacher.A. SkillsB. SkillC. SkillfullyD. Skillful 13. think you_____tell her the truth.A. CanB. MustC. ShouldD. Ought to 14. Are you free_____ Thursday? –Yes, am.A. InB. OnC. AtD. From15. How often do you go the movies?A. Once and twice monthB. Once or twice monthC. Once and two times monthD. One or two times month16. Is it expensive or cheap?A. Yes,it isB. No,it isn’tC. It’s notD. Not very expensiveIII. Order the words to make meaning ful sentences:1. school/you/go/why/to/didn’t/yesterday/?2. many/have/today/families/set/TV/a/.3. i/to/your/need/height/know/.4. like/what/for/you/would/dinner/?5. drink/did/you/yesterday/eat/what/and/?6. like/I’d/some/potatoes/carrots/and/some7. good/she/English/is/learner/a/.8. like/and/do/he/potatoes/doesn’t/I/neither9. I/to/listening/prefer/video games/to music/playing10. Own/clothes/Mai/and/ washes and irons/do/I/het/tooIV. Supply the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.1. It’s my birthday next Sunday. ….. some friends to my house for dinner. (invite)2. Hoa ….. out last night because she had to review the lessons.(not go)3. Minh usually …… his friends in the evening. (visit)4. Yesterday, the weather …..very hot.(be)5. (study)….. French next month.6. Lan(buy)…..a lot of souvenirs of her parents yesterday.7. They (do)…..morning exercise every day.8. My parents hope……(visit) me in Ha Noi this summer vacation.9. Last night, they (invite)…..Hoa to eat dinner with their family.10. Ypu should try…..(not/forget) to brush your teeth before bedtime.11. Nam and his friends(go)…..fishing last Sunday.12. I…..(not see) him at school yesterday.13. Lan enjoys…..(read) books in her free time.14. They will get used to…..(live) in the USA.15. She usually(listen)…..to music in her free time.16. Yesterday, Minh (get up)…..at half past five in the morning.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.