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Bài THÀNH NG (Idioms):ậ ỮExercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.1. just took it _____ that he’d always be available.A. into consideration B. easy C. into account D. for granted2. accidentally _____Mike when was crossing street downtown yesterday.A. kept an eye on B. lost touch with C. paid attention to D. caught sight of3. was glad when he said that his car was ___________.A. for my use B. for me use C. at my use D. at my disposal.4. really must go and lie down for while; I’ve got ________ headache.A. cutting B. splitting C. ringing D. cracking5. Stop _____ about the bush, John! Just tell me exactly what the problem is.A. rushing B. hiding C. beating D. moving6. usually buy my clothes______. It’s cheaper than going to dress- maker.A. off the beg B. on the house C. in public D. on the shelf7. My father _______when he found out that I’d damaged the car.A. hit the roof B. saw pink elephants C. made my blood boil D. brought the house down.8. If you want flat in the centre of the city you have to pay through the ________ for it.A. teeth B. back of your head. C. nose D. arm9. caught the last bus by the skin of my ___.A. mouth B. leg C. neck D. teeth10. It was joke! was pulling your ________.A. thumb B. hair C. toe D. legExercise 2: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.1. always get _______ in my stomach before visiting the dentist.A. worms B. butterflies C. crabs D. hedgehogs2. Those smart phones are selling like_____. If you want one, you’d better buy one now before they’re all gone.A. shooting stars B. fresh bread C. hot cakes D. wild oats3. haven’t had an accident yet but I’ve had number of ______ shaves.A. narrow B. near C. close D. tiny4. My father refused to eat meat that had been fired. He had _______ in his bonnet about it causing cancer.A. bug B. bee C. bull D. an ant5. can’t stand Mr. Brian. He’s always blowing his own _______- telling everyone how good he is at everything.A. balloon B. breath C. mind D. trumpet6. The escaped prisoner fought ______ before he was finally overpowered.A. head over heels B. tooth and nail C. heart and soul D. foot and mouth.7. didn’t suspect anything at first, but when noticed her going through the office drawers began to smell______.A. rat B. pig C. thief D. culprit8. Peter was born and brought up in Hastings and knows it like the _____. A. nose on his face B. tip of the tongue C. back of his hand D. hair on his head9. was already fed up with the job, but when the boss walked into my office and told me he expected me to work overtime that was the ________. quit.A. final curtain B. last straw C. end of the line D. last waltz10. He has quick temper and easily _______ off the handle.A. leaps B. goes C. runs D. fliesExercise 3: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each od the following questions.1. Before she left for Australia she promised her parents that she would drop them _______ at least once month.A. note B. word C. the news D. line2. was all set to take the job in Tokyo, but at the last minute _____ an ddecied to stay in Britain.A. pulled my finger out B. got cold feet C. held my horses D. called it day.3. “What I’ve got to say to you now is strictly ___ and most certainly not for publication. said the government official to the reporter.A. beside the point B. for the time being C. by the way D. off the record.4. I’ve never enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they’re not really my ______.A. piece of cake B. chip off the old block C. biscuit D. cup of tea5. “What’s wrong with Tom today? He’s unusually quiet,” “He’s got something on his ______. expect”.A. brain B. mind C. thoughts D. brow6. He was wearing very shabby, dirty clothes and looked very _______.A. easy- going B. down to earth C. out of shape D. down at heel7. Since he started his own business he has been making money hand over ________.A. fist B. heel C. head D. palm8. can’t see us beating them at tennis this year- we’re so out of ______.A. step B. practice C. fitness D. breath9. I’m not surprised that Tom is ill. He’s beeen _____ for long time. It was bound to affect his health sooner or later.A. having his cake and eating it B. burning the candle at both ends C. playing with fire D. going to town 10. just couldn’t remember her name even though it was on the ______ of my tongue.A. edge B. tip C. top D. frontExercise 4: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions .1. That’s exactly what mean, Tom. You’ve _______!A. put your foot in it B. killed two birds with one stone C. put two and two together D. hit the nail on the head2. “I’m going for an interview for job this afternoon.” “Good luck! I’ll keep my _____crossed for you”A. legs B. fingers C. arms D. hands3. “If only hadn’t lent him that money!” “Well, you did, so it’s no good crying over ________ milk.A. split B. wasted C. sour D. goat’s 4. The car swerved to avoid cyclist and just missed hitting passer- by by ______.A. slight edge B. narrow escape C. close thing D. hair’s breath5. Well, well, if it isn’t Kathy Lewis! You’re sight for _______eyes!A. old B. blue C. sore D. crocodile6. You know times have been bad lately, Peter, but keep your _______up; things are bound to get better soon.A. chin B. head C. socks D. mind7. He may be shy now, but he’ll soon come out of his ______ when he meets the right girl.A. shoe B. shell C. shed D. hole8. I’am afraid you’ve caught me on the ______. wasn’t expecting you until this afternoon.A. stove B. grapevine C. spot D. hop9. Nagging Susan to stop smoking has no effect on her. It’s like water off ________.A. windmill B. duck’s back C. dripping tap D. an umbrella10. Have you seen the new boss? She’s the _____image of Marilyn Monroe.A. live B. true C. spitting D. sameExercise 5: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions:1. Writng rhymes for birthday cards is really easy. It’s money for old ________.A. rags B. bread C. rope D. rubbish2. Of course you won’t become more intelligent if you eat lit of fish that’s just an old _____tale.A. maids’ B. ladies’ C. mothers’ D. wives’3. agree that this is bit of _____ shot, but we’re desperate- we have to do something to try to save the company.A. hot B. long C. wild D. high 4. like my new job, the only fly in the ______ is the fact that have to work every other weekend.A. fat B. porridge C. soup D. ointment5. It’s __________shame that so little is done nowadays to help the homeless in our large cities.A. sweeping B. crying C. dying D. pitying6. My aunt is bit of wet _____. She’s always spoiling everyone’s funA. rag B. sheep C. rat D. blanket.7. We looked in every ______and cranny for the missing ring, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.A. nook B. gap C. hole D. niche8. Everyone bosses me about at work, I’m nothing but __________.A. lame duck B. general dogsbody C. blue- eye boy D. marked man9. He had soft _____ for his granddaughter and thoroughly spoilt her.A. heart B. way C. smile D. spot10. He just wanted one ______ before setting down and getting married.A. final fling B. last leap C. happy hop D. joyful jumpExercise 6: Mark the letter A, B, C, or to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.1. Ask David to give you hand moving the furniture. He’s as strong as _______.A. an elephant B. mountain C. gorilla D. horse2. You’re not getting enough to eat, Jane! Look at you! You’re as thin as _________.A. stick unsect B. rake C. finger D. wire.3. We can’t eat this meat it’s as tough as ________!A. canvas B. old boots C. rubber D. stale bread4. You shouldn’t have frightened her like that, Poor thing! She went as white as _______!A. sheet B. snow C. milk D. whitewash5. Nothing ever seems to bother Colin. No matter what happens, he always seems to remain as cool as______.A. cool feet B. ice- cream C. cucumber D. as Eskimo6. You’ll have to shout, I’m afraid. My father’s as deaf as ________.A. leaf B. post C. politician D. stone7. It’s hard to believe Brian and Stephen are brothers, isn’t it? They’re as different as _______.A. Mars from Jupiter B. milk from honey C. chalk from cheese D. margarine from butter.8. Ever since I’ve given up smoking feel as fit as _______!A. fighter B. fiddle C. frog D. an athlete9. Our dog looks very ferocious, but don’t worry, Liz. It’s gengtle like ________.A. pony B. snowflakes C. lamp D. washing-ip liquid.10. “I hope the children didn’t play you up, Doris?” “No, not at all, Mrs Gardener. They’ve been as good as ___”.A. religion B. gold C. God D. brass
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