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Doc24.vnCác topic và bài viết thư mẫu tiếng Anh B1 châu ÂuTrong bài viết này, VnDoc xin gửi bạn 16 topic và bài viết thư mẫu tiếng Anh B1châu Âu dành cho các bạn tham khảo và ôn tập. Những topic VnDoc gửi tới bạndưới đây đều là các chủ đề vô cùng gần gũi và sát với đề thi B1. Với nội dung đầyđủ, bài viết sắc bén, hy vọng những bài viết này sẽ có ích cho bạn. Mời các bạn thamkhảo.Topic 1: I’ve just seen brilliant program about dolphins on television. Whichprogram have you enjoyed recently? How much television do you watch?Dear John,I’m very happy when received your letter. know you’ve just seen brilliant programabout dolphins on television. I’m writing this letter to tell you about program haveenjoyed recently. Among many programs and channels available on TV these days such as the current newsprograms, sport programs, entertaining programs, educational programs and movieprograms, etc., like the program “the World of Animals” most. This program is usuallyshown on DISCOVERY CHANNEL every day at o’clock in the evening on CHANNEL40 if you have payment television provided by VTV Cab. It’s also available on satellitedigital television like K+. It often lasts about 45 minutes. In this program, stories of thelife of many animals in the world are told in very lively way. For example, people canwatch films about monkeys, snakes, tigers, insects, birds, sea turtles, sharks,the worldunder water and even the penguins and the polar bears in the far North Sound Poles,etc. It’s really interesting and fascinating. absolutely admire the filmmakers, cameramenand their co -workers about what they did to bring us lively dangerous and spectacularscenes of wildlife. Sometimes, have to utter: “Oh My God”, “How could they film that?,“It’s unbelievable when they filmed hungry big white shark chasing prey or Kingcobra snake the world's longest venomous snake opening his mount to bit and sprayvenom to cameraman. That’s truly dangerous situation. think Vietnamese filmmakerscan’t ever do the same thing as they do. While watching these films, find the everydaylife activities and habits of these animals very interesting and full mysteries. In addition, Ialso learn that it is very important to protect these animals and their living environmentsbecause they are part of our valuable natural world. Watching this program makes meDoc24.vnvery well informed and relaxed after day of work. don’t spend much time watchingTV every day just want to watch Discovery Channel and News to get informationabout life, economic, politics, etc. Another time spend surfing web, reading books orgoing out with my friends. It’s much better than spend lot of time watching TV. That’s all for now. hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 2: My daily life is busy and has lot of fun. What about you? Please describeyour weekday. How do you deal with your work during the day? What are yourhobbies after working? Do you enjoy your life?Dear John,I’m very happy when received your letter. I’m writing this letter to tell you about mydaily life. It seems my life is always very full of activities and obligations so never havemuch time for myself. During the week I’m very busy. On weekdays, usually have toget up at half past six even though would really prefer to sleep much later. After get upI perform my morning routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. usually havebreakfast at quarter to seven in the morning. After getting dressed, drive to my officeand my workday starts at eight o'clock with plenty of work to deal with. Sometimes, itcauses my stress but love my job as civil engineer. have lunch at 12 o’clock, afterthat take nap in hour to refresh my mind. continue working until 5pm. get homeat o’clock and playing football is my favorite sport after work. It helps me healthy andkeep fit. have dinner with my parent at o’clock like watching TV or reading bookafter dinner. If go out to meet my friends or have dinner, etc, will come home by 11p.m because my parent don’t allow me to come home late. Checking mail or commentson my Facebook is the last thing do before going to bed. love my life and really enjoyit!That’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 3: I’ve just joined film club. I’ve already seen some fantastic films. Whatkind of films do you like watching?Dear John,Doc24.vnI’m very happy when received your letter. know you have just joined film club!That’s great. I’m writing this letter to tell you about my favorite kind of film likewatching. I’m very interested in Comedy films. As you know, There are many forms of expressioninside of everybody; however the most common form is laughter. The sound of laughtercan be heard all around the worlds every second, it helps us relieve stress and makes usfeel better about ourselves. Comedy films play such an important role in helping uslaugh. There are many forms of films out there today. In spite of the recent incline inaction and horror films today, comedy films has always been my number one choicebecause it gives people an opportunity to look at humor in life, it usually has pointless,useless moral that we can relate to, and it allows you to look at things in new light andpossibly expand your horizon to become more optimistic person. All comedies alwayshave one essential ingredient to make it great comedy, humor. All comedies give peoplean opportunity to look at humor in life and laugh at it. Comedies usually show hilariousscene for people to enjoy and laugh at. Many scenes which has outburst of crazy andridiculous moments will not usually happen in our daily life, but its fun to enjoy oftenwatch comedies when get upset, have stress because, laughing help me relax và bringbalance back to me. My favorite actors and actress are Xuan Hinh, Hoai Linh, Cam Van,Van Dung, etc. can’t help laughing when watch their comedies or hilarious sitcoms .It’s really fun and very helpful to relieve stress. That’s the reason why love watchingcomedy films.That’s all for now. hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 4: You went to party last weekend, didn’t you? Did you have good timethere? Tell me about that party?Dear John,I’m very happy when received your letter. I’m writing this letter to tell you about theparty went last week. That was my best friend birthday party. Huong is my close friend. She turned 25 recently and her parents held birthday party forher. was one of those invited. The party began at about three in the afternoon. Therewere about twenty guests gathered in her house. We were all dressed in our best clothes.Doc24.vnEveryone, especially Huong was very happy. We gave our presents to her and shehappily opened them. It must really be exciting to receive all those presents. After that hermother served us soft drinks and delicious titbits. We then played some games like“Musical Chairs” and “Treasure Hunt”. The winners were given prizes. At about four-thirty her father brought out the birthday cake. It was beautifully decorated with pink andwhite ice cream. 25 colorful candles sat in the middle of the cake. We all sang “HappyBirthday” to Huong after which she blew out the candles and cut the cake. Everyoneclapped out hands eagerly. We helped ourselves to slices of the delicious cake. Then wecontinued our games. Finally at about six in the evening the party came to an end. We were all tired but happy. Ihelped Huong and her parent clean up the mess we made. After that walked home with avery good feeling That’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 5: In your last letter, you said you had moved to new house in the city, whatdoes it look like? What kind of furniture have you got? Tell me about it.Dear John,I’m very glad when received your letter. I’m writing to you now to tell about my newhouse in Hanoi city. My house is on small and quiet street in Hai Ba Trung District andthe neighborhood is really nice. It takes about half an hour to go to the city center and 40minutes to drive to my office. There are some shopping centers, supermarkets near myhouse that’s the reasons why we bought this house. It isn’t big house was built yearsago and painted in yellow. There is also small garden where can grow vegetables andflowers. Next to the garden there is small yard where my children often play afterschool.There are floors and four main rooms in my house: living room, diningrooms, two bedrooms. Besides, we have kitchen, bathroom and toilet. like theliving room was painted in light green. In this room, we have tea table, sofa, atelevision and there are couple of oil paintings on the wall. After dinner, our familyoften spend time together talking to each other or watching our favorite TV program. Ilove my house. Every day, when come back home from work, have warm feeling ofbeing together with my whole family. Last week, decided to buy new shelf and sofaDoc24.vnat furniture shop. They were delivered to my house yesterday. put the shelf next to thetable on the left. The bright color of the shelf goes well with the color of the wall behindit. put the sofa in the right corner of the bed to sit on when want to watch TV or readbooks. Although it is quite far from my house to office, still like it because it’s veryquiet and comfortable. really like my new house!Well, that’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 6: I’m glad you like your job. In your next letter, tell me about it.Dear John,I’m very glad when received your letter. I’m writing to you to tell you about my job.I am now working as senior engineer for foreign company in Hanoi. My companyname is POSCO E&C. It’s very famous Korean company operating in construction field. have had this job for more than 2years. have to work from Monday to Saturday. Ioften drive to office at o’clock to start my daily work at o’clock until p.m. In myjob, am in charge of designing, estimating, setting up schedule, supervision on the sitesometimes. Besides, also need to coordinate my work with other departments in ourcompany in order to run the company’s business smoothly. To do this job besides myuniversity degree, have to do some training courses in construction project management,site supervision, designing etc. In addition, the other skills required for this job arecommunication, time management, teamwork and presentation skills, etc…I really likemy job because am able to apply the knowledge and skills of the field studied in mywork. In addition, have flexible working time, so can make full use of the time in theoffice and have time for research. Also, am lucky to work with very active andsupportive staff. One thing don’t like about this job is that often have to travel, so Isometimes don’t have time for my family. am planning to further my study to get adoctor degree.That’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 7: I’m glad you like learning English. Your teacher sounds really nice andyour friend do too. Tell me about your English classes.Dear John,Doc24.vnI am so happy to hear from you. As you know, have attended to an English class lately. Iam very interested in learning English because it is very useful for my job. My teacher isMrs. Yen who is very considerate and enthusiastic. She is 40 years old. She have goodknowledge of English and she shares her experience freely. She knows how to make thelesson interesting and has good method of teaching English.There are 30 student in my class with many different ages. In spite of our age distance,we still have ability to work harmoniously together. We usually play games aboutprevious lessons, so we have many chances to talk with each other in English, of course.I love my teacher and all the students in my English class. Sadly, we will not studytogether for long.That’s all for now. hope to see you soon.See you,Topic 8: I’ve always wanted to know more about your favorite sport. Tell me aboutit. Why do you like it.Dear friend,I’m so glad to receive your letter.My favorite sport is football- the most popular sport in the world, is well known as“King” sport. In America, people call it Soccer, but like to call it Football. idolizeBarcelona football club and Messi is my favorite football player. I’ve never missed anymatches of them although it’s always live at midnight. began to play football when Iwas years old. So far, have been playing football with my friends on the wide yardnear my house in free time after school or after work every day. It clearly that playingfootball make me fit, healthy, avoid some diseases. In addition, like the other sports,football help me make new friends when take part in some football team. meet manyyoung and elderly people playing football with me. They not only help me in every matchbut also share me everything in daily life and so on. Especially, football make me enjoymy life after stressful working hours. Therefore, like football the most due to severalreasons above.That’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.See you,Doc24.vnTopic 9: guess there are many traditional festival in your country. What is the mostimportant one? Why do people celebrate this festival?Dear friend,I’ve just received your email in which you asked me to tell you about the most importanttraditional festival in my country. There are number of festivals in VN but the mostimportant one is certainly TET. It is the time when family members come home from allparts of the country to have family reunion. It is often one week holiday. Before Tet,people often redecorate their houses by repainting walls, buying beautiful flowers,bonsai, food, drinks, cakes, candies, etc. During Tet, people visit their relatives, teachers,friends. People wish each other good luck, good health and good success. Tet is time foreach person come back home, meet again friends, relatives and has some great partiesafter busy year. They also go to temples, pagodas to pray the best luck for their families.Children are so happy because they are given new clothes and they receive lucky moneyin red envelops from adults. What about the most important holiday in your country? That’s all for now.Hope to hear from you soon.See you,Topic 10: In your next letter, could you give me some advice? Tell me how to keep fitand healthy!Dear John,I’m very happy when received your letter. If you want to have good health, you shouldfollow these pieces of advice:First, you should eat healthy food: lots of fruits, vegetable, fish and drink enough waterevery day to stay healthy. The Japanese eat lot of fish so they live very long. You shouldeat less meat and fat food because they may cause heart diseases and increase thecholesterol level in your blood. Fruits and vegetable no only bring you lots of vitaminsand minerals but also help you have better immune system.Second, you should exercise everyday by choosing suitable sport such as jogging,tennis, swimming, yoga, etc. They not only make you strong but help you relax as well.So, it helps you keep fit and stay healthy. If you don’t have much time, you just need todo morning exercises regularly.Doc24.vnFinally, you need to have regular health check up. If you have some problems with yourhealth, you should go to the doctor immediately before it gets more serious. You shouldvisit the doctor regularly in order to find out any diseases you may have, so that you havea better chance to get rid of it.In short, if you take this advice, you will have good health. That’s all for now.Hope to see you soon!See you,Topic 11: BuildingBitexco Financial Tower is skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, owned byBitexco Group, Vietnamese company. With 68 floors above ground and threebasements, the building has height of 262.5 metres. It’s the second tallest Building inVietnam after Hanoi Landmark Tower located in Pham Hung Street Hanoi City!Designed by New York Architect Carlos Zapata. His Design inspiration came from Lotusthe national flower of Vietnam. So, the building look like giant lotus stands brightly inthe business center of Ho Chi Minh City. The unique point of this building is heli-padon the 52 storey. He heli-pad extends 22 meters out from the main structure. It is strongenough to carry helicopter under tons of weight. These day it becomes symbol ofprosperous and development of modern City Ho Chi Minh.The building features 5-star hotel, offices, entertainment areas, retail spaces, clinics andconvention centers.Topic 12: SpringVietnam is in tropical climate and has seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.Autumn may be loved by many people because the weather is nice: cool and not strongsunshine. But Spring is the most meaningful and special, because it is not only beautiful,but also waiting by all of Vietnamese people. It is season of reunion, season of thecoming back to hometown of all daughters and sons even when they are no longer young.Spring normally start from Jan or Feb of the calendar year, and last for months. Theweather is often bit cold with small rain. That’s why in Spring all the tree sprout withthe new leaves and many kind of flowers bloom.In Vietnam, when Spring comes, also the Tet holiday. It is the biggest festival in Vietnam,with at least four public holidays (will becomes five from 2013) but normally, the holidayDoc24.vnoften last for at least week. It start when the Lunar year start. It is the first day of Lunarnew year. Everybody stop working, comeback to their hometown, and enjoy the timewith their family. The whole holiday is only for enjoying, no working. It is the time forfamily, friends, and neighborhood. Everybody wear the most beautiful clothes, visit eachother and say the best wishes. They also give each other the lucky money put in the redpocket. Spring in Vietnam really is the season of gather and reunion.Topic 13: FacebookIt seems everyone loves Facebook. Everywhere you go, you can see people logged in,updating their status. Whether they are at home, work or in the passenger seat of vehicleon their way to school, people of all ages are signing in to the most popular socialnetwork, Facebook. One reason, Facebook is so popular is that there is huge amount ofFacebook members. Sharing pictures, videos,and interests are some of the features manypeople enjoy on Facebook. Being able to connect with friends and family anytime, fromanywhere is another. Making connections with friends from the past is something elsethat Facebook makes possible. Facebook has tons of applications and games available onthe site also. Playing games with Facebook friends is great way to spend leisure time.People that have lot of time, for that sort of thing, really get into it. It is, as if, they arein their own little virtual world. Playing game alone, against the computer is somethingno one has to do any more.Topic 14: ClassThere were 52 member in my high school class: 30 boys and 22 girls. 52 uniqueindividuals made up our interesting class. They were all very friendly, open minded andtreated each other kindly! My close friend is Huong, She is very beautiful, sweet like acandy and very intelligent. She was always on top in every exams. She was really good atMath English and others but literature. absolutely admire her! The most respectedperson in our class was our monitor, Truong. He is helpful, friendly and responsible.Without him, our class would be in chaos. Teachers were very committed dedicated.They were very patient in explaining problems to us and always makes sure everyoneunderstands. am proud to belong to my class. love them all!Topic 15: The One Pillar PagodaDoc24.vnThe One Pillar Pagoda (Chùa Một Cột in Vietnamese) is Buddhist temple in the Ho ChiMinh Mausoleum complex near Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi. The Pagoda has uniquedesign that is meant to evoke lotus flower rising out of the water. On this flower sat thegoddess of mercy, who was seen by the Emperor Ly Thai Tong in dream handing thelatter baby boy. Afterwards, the Emperor married peasant girl, who bore him son.Overjoyed by his good fortune, the Emperor ordered the construction of the One PillarPagoda.Topic 16: Hanoi Opera HouseHanoi Opera House is an old theater with French architecture and typical Gothic andMosaic characters reflected on the door domes and the glassed room respectively. For along time, the Hanoi Opera House has been rendezvous for those who love theatricalperformance and traditional songs and music, symphonies, opera and classical opera. Itis also tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors. The original architecture of the 3-storey theater has remained. The Hanoi Opera House has also successfully organizedmany large-scale international concerts. The Hanoi Opera House is worthy artisticcenter and cultural and architectural relic of the capital Hanoi.Trên đây là 16 topic và các bài viết thư mẫu tiếng Anh B1 khung châu Âu VnDoc đã thuthập và tổng hợp để giới thiệu tới bạn với mong muốn giúp các bạn cải thiện kỹ năng viếtcủa mình. VnDoc chúc bạn học tiếng Anh hiệu quả!